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Caravan/Voyager Electrical Issues



  • I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan. Everything works EXCEPT the turn signals and emergency flashers. I've replaced every fuse - replaced the flasher relay - and replaced the multi-function turn signal switch. I took it to a dodge dealer to have it checked out and they said there was an open in circuit L9 18 BL/WT between fuse 10 in P.D.C. and pin 1 of the combination flasher (don't really knows what that means). I am currently out of work because of health reasons and unable to afford a costly repair. Can some one out there point me in the right direction in how I might fix this problem ???? Is there anywhere on the net I can get step by step instructions and illustrations on how to proceed from here ?
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    It sounds like the dealer has done much of the troubleshooting for you. Your local library may have a copy of the Mitchell's book for your year. It won't tell you how to further troubleshoot your problem but it will have the wiring diagram that you can follow. You may have a loose connector or a pinched/broken wire somewhere.
  • I have two problems that look similar to some that I've read about, but not exactly. My van's wipers work whenever they want. Sometimes they will turn on at a constant rate (not intermittent) regardless of the setting, but mostly they don't work. Another, new problem, involves the door locks, gas gauge, and rear wiper. They stopped working a couple days ago, but sometimes will start working for a few seconds while I'm driving. The rear wiper seems to wipe once every time I start the engine, I press the on button to turn it off. If I try to unlock the doors with the electrical switch, they all lock (opposite of what it should do). I think its probably some kind of fuse/relay, but I have no idea where to begin. Please respond if you have any suggestions. Thanks!
  • otis9otis9 Posts: 8
    My 91 completely shut down.
    I haven't had the same type of problems you are. Judging by the way things are acting, I'd guess the problem my be in The Body Control Modual (BCM)?
    The only intermitent problem is my speedometer. Some times it will not work when you start it up and drive down the road. All of a sudden I here a ding & it it'll start working. The needle might stick at 10 to 35 mph at a stand still.
    Maybe you can get some info from a local Chrysler dealer's service manager (but don't hold your breath).
  • have Plymouth Grand Voyager 1999. I notice intermediate many electrical problem

    1. My passenger side window regular stop working

    2. Bigger problem is my lift gate lock remins in lock position not able to open i.e. can not close

    Any advice ?

  • If anyone has an explanation or easy fix please let me know. Our 2006 chry. van will go into door ajar / locks and interior lights flashing on and off while we are driving. Sometimes slamming the passenger side sliding door solves it but lately that seems not to be working. Dealer thought expensive diagnostics might locate problem.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    Quite often the rubber stop develops a dimple, leading to incomplete inactivation of the switch.
  • My speedometer & tachometer gauges just stopped working & they peg out when I start the car; I have checked all the fuses I can see & none were blown; everything else works fine. Have to correct for xmas trip, back home, out of state.
    Any thoughts?
  • I'm having the same problem with the both gauges but no other problems noted; good luck
  • cckittens & response by Jim Imandy; Now that I looked at my speed/tach gauges I see they have spun around & are being held down by the pin. Any thougths on how to correct this or access the gauges?
    Mark K
  • Problem found and fixed.

    It was the cam sensor. It went bad. Replaced it and the stalling problem completely went away.
  • Hello.

    Open the driver's door, look for the door latch and there's a black button under it. That's the switch. Use a Torx screwdriver to remove the screw and lift the plastic tabs for removing the terminal. Should be less than US$ 3 bucks :)
  • Check:

    1) The Ignition Switch
    2) Any alarm module installed in the car
    3) The Automatic Shutdown (ASD) relay on the relay box

    Hope you can fix your car :)
  • [quote]
    Every once in a while the car will start, but as soon as you let the key go to the “run” position, it will die.[/quote]

    Check the Ignition Switch.
    If you aren't getting the digital gauges, it's the switch.
  • For those with haunted Caravans, check where you put the alarm controls. If they are being chewed by a dog or played with by a children, remove and clean. If you have the alarm/remote in your hands, remove it from the Voyager/Caravan's range (about 20 meters) to check if problem is fixed (you might need a new control or to clean it). :P

    If this does not work, try checking the alarm module at your dealer. :blush:
  • I see they have spun around & are being held down by the pin. Any thougths on how to correct this or access the gauges? ...

    You might need to disassembly the dash. Look for a connector in the back of the gauge panel. This connector carries the CCD bus which has all the data needed for the gauges to run, it might went flaky and the readouts are bad. If this doesn't works, buy the Voyager Haynes manual and look for electrical diagrams, from the engine computer to the gauges there must be some color-coded cables that might be fried and need some TLC.

    Hope you can fix your vehicle :shades:
  • Hi, I have not power in neither 12v outlets in my Chrysler Voyager 2000. No info about in Haynes Manual, I don´t have owners one. Any help?, There is a fuse?, where?. Any wiring diagram?
  • chedinchedin Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Grand Caravan, my daughter has a 2001. About 2 months ago, within a week of each other, our Electric windows stopped working. After about a week or so they started working again. I suspected it was a grounding problem, but can't find any manuals that will help me. They work fine now, but I am afraid of intermittant problems. Any suggestions?
  • My brake lights were stuck on one night, so I pulled the fuse for the brake lights so the battery would not go down before I had a chance to trouble shoot. In the process of pulling the fuse, I created a short on the fuse panel. The next day, I checked fuses in that area and all are good. The brake light fuse had continuity, so I put it back and the brake lights work fine-not sticking. There was a smell of burnt insulation.

    I can't find any fuses that do not work, but these functions do not work: remote control, remote door locks, remote mirror control, ammeter gauge, ceiling lights, radio. The tailgate release button only works now when the key is on, whereas it normally works either way.

    I can't see any burnt wires or fuses. The Owner's Manual speaks of a "circuit breaker" behind the console somewhere, but does not give specifics. Could that be the problem? If so, exactly where is it and is it something I can fix or replace?

    Thank you for your guidance.
  • put alot of money into this van in the last year. We replaced the AC compressor, struts, brake pads, rotors, light switch, and I'm sure some other things. We were trying to keep the car in good running condition so we could keep it. We replaced the transmission four years ago and now it's acting up. I had the transmission fluid changed thinking that would fix the problem, but it's not fixed. The car will run fine and then I feel it lose power and in a few minutes, it will hang up in 2nd gear, around 20-30 mph. I cannot get it to go faster than that so I stop the car, cut it off and start up again. That'll work for a few miles and then it does it again. Mechanic is pulling up code #1722 and 1728, but his book doesn't go that far so he is only guessing at what needs to be done. I have 163,000 miles on it, transmission was replaced around 100,000 miles. Do you know what those codes mean and what would you do with the car? I don't feel good about selling it to someone, but we probably won't get $1000 for the trade in. We can't decide if it better to trade it in or sell it outright with the car in this condition.

    Thanks for reading and responding!
  • I went in to get my oil changed on Friday and the place recommened I do a transmission fluid service. So I did, when I picked up my car, I found that my headlights don't work anymore??? The high beams work but the normal lights don't work. The mechanic insisted that he did not do anything, but why would a perfectly working car going in, come out with two headlights not working anymore. They just don't turn on. Anyone have any ideas? In order to do the transmissions service the mechanic mentioned that he connected so wires to my batteries, could that have shorted out anything? I am just so angry. :mad:
  • Can anyone tell me how to disconnect the security system. I checked with the dealer, they ran the vin# and it can be don without recourse. I have an electrical problem,
    Replaced BCM & TCM, Starter, Ignition switch etc. This has been going on over 1 year. Car will not stay running. Got Code that the TCM wasn't sending information.
    When you go to start the vehicle and turn the key to forward auxiliary and it the gear indicator light is on, the van starts and runs fine. But if there is no light, you can start the van, it will run for 5 seconds or so then shuts off. I have talked to different dealers and service people. Been told that maybe the security system is interfearing with things. It can be disconnected or buy a Key Bob which I have never had or needed. I to have phantom wipers. For no reason they will come on then go off a little later. Can anyone offer any other information or suggestions. Don't want to put a lot of money in this, but when it runs, the motor and transmission are fine.

  • Recently had our 2001 Chrysler Voyager Malfunction Indicator light come on and 1 mile later car turned off while driving. Could not restart car and battery was fine. All panel lights and indicators fine, car will just not turn over. Car had been fine up to that point and car was taken to shop. Diagnosis was a failed solenoid on the leak detection pump. Would this have caused the car to shut down and be unable to be restarted?
  • :sick: My 98 Grand Caravan has an intermittent electrical problem. Occassionally, the instrument guages cease to work, the gear shift position indicator and odometer go blank, the ABS light comes on, and the automatic door lock feature (locking the doors when the car hits about 15 mph) ceases to function. After a varying period of time the dead instrument panel suddenly comes back to life as if nothing was wrong. During these events the ABS system works fine (despite the indicator light illumination) and the power door locks work just fine if you toggle the switch, so the ABS and lock systems are fundamentally sound. The dealer can find nothing wrong with the car after extensive searches. Any help?
  • Hi, everyone,

    I just met a serious problem that the rear-wiper and A/C light are always flashing when I jumpstarted the engine (it was dead suddenly). How could this problem be? Could it be radiator fuse relay or other electrial issues? Thanks!
  • :sick:
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    Don't sweat it, it's a simple computer reset that you need. The following is copied from another forum and while I understand the procedure works, I cannot personally testify to that fact.

    With engine on set blower motor to high, set mode position knob to panel (i.e. full left), open all A/C outlets, set temperature to cold (both levers if so equipped). Now press the wash and rear wiper buttons on the A/C panel simultaneously for 5 seconds (until all LED's light). This should get the test started. Assorted lights on this panel will flash as different tests are run. Eventually if the tests are passed the rear wiper LED should be the only light flashing. Push the rear wiper button to exit test mode and you should be home free.

    Let us know if this works.

    Best Regards,
  • Thanks so much for your suggestion! I will try to see if it works.

    Thanks again
  • What did you find out??? We have the same van and sounds like some of the same problems. It is at the transmission shop right now (2nd time in 3 weeks. It keeps throwing itself into 2nd gear, we just replaced the speed sensor and solenoid pack. Was working great and then... did it again. Just wondering what happen with your van.

  • 97xpresso97xpresso Posts: 249
    I doubt it. I had a torn diaphram on my LDP, and only set off a check engine light, with a trouble code of "large evaporative leak". Car started and ran normally.
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