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Caravan/Voyager Electrical Issues



  • kenzafankenzafan Posts: 3
    a very similar event happened to me on my 99 Dodge Grand Caravan. Off & on over many months my gauges would go to zero or bounce & lights would come & go including ABS & check engine lights. I found a wire going from the alternator to the fuse/relay block was hanging on the back side of the engine, below the exhaust manifold & the ties broke allowing the wire to be touching hot parts. It finally burned the fuselink. After replacing it my problems as described earlier have not returned. It has now been about six or seven weeks..........good luck...Ken.
  • amazonamazon Posts: 293
    I'm trying to find the relay for the head light high beams. I can't find it, even after looking in my Haynes bible... The vehicle: '94 Plymouth Voyager 3.0. Do you have any tips?
  • bestindybestindy Posts: 1
    My 98 Plymouth Grand Voyager has all lights come on and go off automatically even when engine / ignition and all switches are off. Mechanic could not find anything wrong (billed me $100 just to take a look). What could be the problem?
  • anne16anne16 Posts: 1
    Our problem is the sliding side door on the van. Something triggers the opening mechanism when we are nowhere near the vehicle. WHAT could make the door open? This has happened twice, and we guess it's someone passing by who has a signal similar to our remote door opener signal. Any ideas?
  • I don't know what is causing your particular problem but neither does Chrysler. I saw a segment on the news last week about that very problem and the NTSC is considering a recall for that. Check with Chrysler or the National Traffic Safety Commission for updates.
    Good Luck
  • scalceusscalceus Posts: 1
    Have you had any luck with this? I'm having the exact same problem. It's become so bad that I have to disconnect the battery at night so it doesn't drain.
  • witsend2witsend2 Posts: 1
    We have had the exact same problems with our 96 Ply Voyager. I have had clock spring,(one I paid for and another was factory recall) 02 sensors, ac compressor, 1st tranny (4 yrs ago), 2nd tranny (1 yr in August) Now, when I take off, the speedometer is sticking causing the transmission to jerk into gear. I feel this is the transmission, but the company that replaced the tranny says that it is not and it is electrical. We, only have 83,000 miles on this van and like you, I do not feel good about selling it to anyone
  • Don't have an owner's manual, so don't know what light this is...but it's the 3rd light from the left, brake light, oil light, then this stays on. Please let me know what this is and means asap! Thanks doberkidsmom
  • kellie29kellie29 Posts: 3
    After our lights were flashing my husband drove the car home and disconnected the battery also. In the morning the problem stopped. This was several weeks ago with no reoccurance. Try taking it to AutoZone or Advance Auto, they can diagnose cars (with codes) at no cost. Hope this was helpful.
  • pneuguypneuguy Posts: 2
    The turn signals on my 2002 Grand Caravan won't turn off after a turn. For a while, this was intermittent, and happened only on one side. It got steadily worse, until I now have to manually shut them off every time I make a turn.

    Has anyone heard of this problem? Unfortunately, I have a feeling the only way to fix this is to remove the steering wheel (something I don't plan to attempt myself).
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 13,369
    Often times the turn signal stalks have plastic "bumpers" in there that are turned off when pins in the steering column strike them after a turn. They can break or bend over time, which may be your van's problem.

    I am not certain that this is how the modern Caravan's are set up, but a look in a Hayne's manual (or similar) would probably clear that up.
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • pneuguypneuguy Posts: 2
    Thanks. I'll check out Haynes.
  • Hi- I have purchased a used BCM for my '98 Gr Caravan Sport 3.3L for $75. I would like to install it myself and was wondering if anyone could offer any assistance or a link(s) to information?
    Van symptoms:
    >Instrument Gauges intermittently fail
    >Wipers will not easily turn off once turned on.

  • rosa4rosa4 Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem. gauge and wipers. I was going to have the instrument cluster rebuilt. Were you able to replace the BCM?
  • Hello,
    Goodness, goodness has this been a lot of trouble for just some blinking lights from changing a battery. Well I have the hookup on what to do, so do not fret anymore. I got it from another site and it only too 6 min. to complete:
    "All you need to do is start your van. Slide your temp lever all the to the right (full cold)-mine was to the left. Turn Mode Control to 'panel' (the one that sends air to your face only). Turn the 'blower switch' to all the way to full. Now go to the left most three buttons. Simultaneously press and hold two buttons, the top one (rear wiper) and the bottom one (rear washer fluid). Hold these two for a few seconds. Once the lights come on solid and begin to flash, you can let go. A microprocessor will now take a few minutes to orchestrate the calibration of the air conditioning system. You will feel the air blow out of all the different zones at different intervals and see lights come on and go off. This means the AC computer has completed it's re-calibration cycle. Pressing the last (slow) flashing button complete the process. Turn off the ignition and restart the van. A successful calibration is indicated by the absence of blinking lights" OK this does work, but you need to watch the lights, because it start all over again if you miss the slow blinking light (top-left). Good Luck, Amanda
  • Im reding the forums here and do not find any answers to my problems. First this winter, my rear wiper stopped functiong, and the Air bag light lit up. Wiper doesnt work still, and the air bag light is still on. Next, just a while ago, I found my left head light on all the time, on high beam. The only way to stop it was to remvoe the fuse under the hood. With this happening, I have no more radio, no more running light, and no more interior lights. I have spent good money to recondition this mini van, and now find myself faced with another huge expense to repair this. Im told by an electrical specialist it can be fixed a t a cost of about $1,000.00, and its not the first one they fix one.
    Can anybody clarify any of this, or all of it. Any suggestion or experts in Montreal that can help me?
    Thanks, anything helpful would be greatly appreciated.
  • rmanzrmanz Posts: 2
    I came across this forum which discussed the BCM replacement. It doesn't sound too tough.

    I am in need of a BCM for my 1996 Grand Voyager - where did you get one for $75? Are they hard to find? I had my BCM replaced by the dealer three years ago for the same wiper symptoms you describe. Now my power locks lock and unlock randomly and the dealer says it is the BCM again (only $1000 to replace!) Needless to say, a DIY fix for < $100 would be great.
  • pgkpgk Posts: 1
    This worked like a charm! Thanks for the post! Great information!

  • hleggehlegge Posts: 1
    Dodgeman3, did you get an answer to your question about your headlight problem. I have exactly the same issue.
  • All we did was disconnect the battery overnight. The problem hasn't returned since. Hope this was helpful.
  • kimbo1kimbo1 Posts: 8
    I have a 1998, same issue. There was a TSB on this, the dealer should replace the relay at no charge. You can find this information at Good luck, they've replaced mine six, yes, that's 6 times, 2 different Dodge dealerships and one independent mechanic review, in the 2 years that I have had this 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan! The relay keeps keeps shorting out, which overheats the van very, very quickly, last time I had to pay for the wiring plug that the recalled relay shorted out, and yes, you guessed it, my van sits at the Dodge dealership today, waiting, waiting, same problem. The last replacement was Nov. 2006, ten months ago.
  • I have a 2002 voyager minivan the fuel pump fuse keeps blowing out,when replaced it works for about 24 hrs and blows out again.
    I checked the pump relay in fuse box and seems to be fine also replaced the 20 amp fuse with a 25 amp fuse for testing and it went out, also used lucas fuel inyector cleaner two times and problem continues.

    any ideas what may be the problem?

  • My 90 caravan has a light instead of a gauge for engine temp. When I turn ignition to start position I get no light. Isnt it suppost to check itself every time The ignition is turned and then go out, unless an over temp exists? When I gruond the circuit , I get A light. Does this year caravan even have the circuit to test the over temp circuit before start up? I have replaced sending unit and thermo switch for rad. fan. But I have no way of knowing if my engine is over heating unless that light comes on. With out a test crcuit, It makes me very nervous. Any help out there?
  • aedaed Posts: 8
    The dimmer switch in my '98 GC Sport has essentially lost its rangeability to adjust inside and dash lights. I haven't bought a replacement yet because I cannot figure out to access it in the dash and remove it. Can anyone explain how to get to it and remove it?
  • I have a 98 plymouth expresso and the heater control ac, rear wiper/washer are all dead no lights or anything. Basicly everything in the control modul don't work except the fan speed switch. Fuses are ok and it looks like this module recieves power from the fan switch and it has power. I tryed the reset and nothing happens ,any ideas .
    thanks inadvance
    Allan :sick:
  • I have a 98 plymouth espresso about a year ago headlighs started acting up . Turn headlights on and nothing ,put highbeams on and vola you have lights. The only way to have headlights turn on or off was with the dimmer switch. parklights worked normaly through the lightswitch. Daytime running lights not work either. I have tried swapping headlight switch, dimmer switch, daytime running light module every relay and nothing. problem may be at the bcm or the fuse box under the hood. what I did to temporly fix it so I have high/low beams is ran a jumper wire. I would like to fix this properly . If anyone had this same problem and found a souliton I would apprecate it
    Thanks inadvance
    Allan :sick:
  • My 98 Caravan wipers are acting crazy. Coming on for no reason and sometinmes conking out in the rain, wrong delay speed etc etc. I had the turn signal switch replaced and its still doing the same thing. Any suggestions?
  • cranercraner Posts: 2
  • cranercraner Posts: 2
    My instrument panel works intermittently. The car runs ok. Also the buttons for the heater and Ac controls blink constantly and the check engine light goes on when this happens with the panel. It is a 1998 power windows..I have read all sorts of solutions but if someone can give me a really simple thing to try would greatly appreciate it!!!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    "When I stop, turn off the engine and turn off the headlights the low beam stay on. I have to turn the ignition switch on (do not have to start engine), turn on and off the light switch again and they go off."

    You need to read the manual, they're supposed to do that. If you turn the lights off before you turn off the engine, then they'll go off, however, if you turn the engine off first then the light switch, the lights are supposed to stay on for something like a minute. To cancel this one minute lighting event, simply turn the lights on and off again.

    "But this morning the car was just sitting with no one near it and the low beams came on by themselves."

    Granted it's been nine years since I read the Owner's Manual to our 1998 DGC, however, IIRC the manual states that if you simply leave the headlights on when you turn the engine off and then don't enable the one minute feature by then turning off the switch, the headlights will "time out" just like the interior lights will if a door is left open. Then as soon as you start the van back up, the lights will come on.

    Best Regards,
  • shark4shark4 Posts: 3
    I have a 99 caravan with the same problem. I changed the wiper control arm/blinker arm, and that did not fix the problem. I changed the wiper motor and the problem was fixed.
  • shark4shark4 Posts: 3
    My 99 caravan ignition switch was replaced 3 years ago. 40, 000 miles later it is not working properly and needs replacement again. The warranty is only one year on this part. Anybody else have problems with this??
  • I am well aware of the one minute timeout for the headlights as we have owned the Voyager since buying it new in 1998. Up until the new battery was installed that headlight feature worked great. But now the low beams stay on for hours. I have to then go back out to the van, put the key in the ignition, turn it on and then turn the headlights on and off again. The headlights then turn off and stay least I thought so...but both my wife and I saw the lights just come on by themselves after sitting for hours completely off. I then had to repeat the procedure with the ignition and this time they stayed off. Very wierd. It is now at the dealership that replace the battery and did some other work so maybe they can figure it out. I just thought maybe others had experienced these types of gremlins. Thanks
  • Just in case you haven't solved it yet. I've had the same thing happen to my '97 Grand Caravan. The fix was different from the other replies here so I thought I'd add mine. It's really simple - the main bus socket at the back of the instrument cluster had cold solder joiints. Just re-touching each pad on the circuit board with a hot soldering iron fixed the problem - cost = $0.00. Hope that helps.
  • I have owned my 2000 Grand Voyager for about 6 months. In the last few weeks, the e-brake light started coming on on the control panel whenever I made what I will call a "violent" left turn (i.e. 270' to get on the on-ramp to the interstate at a respectable speed). Now it comes on any time I turn left (i.e. from a complete stop, going slowly).

    I should also mention that this vehicle has a salvaged title, as the previous owner was in some type of accident that involved the front end. As far as I know, though, all necessary repairs were made following that accident.

    Has anyone had this happen before and/or could you give me suggestions of what to check out? I have done some searching on the internet, but keep coming up with nothing.

    Thank you!
  • tel1tel1 Posts: 2
    My alarm system seems to have put my starting/ignition system into permanent shutdown.All other electrics work fine but when I turn key to start position.... nothing.The lights on the dash all light up but the "Alarm Set" light blinks for a few seconds and then stays on. Is there a way to reset the alarm to unlock the shutdown mode.I have tried disconnecting the battery for a few minutes but to no avail.
  • jclmjljclmjl Posts: 1
    Did you get anywhere with this question? I have the same problem of flashing climate panel lights, but no Check Engine light issue. Car starts up just fine though.

    Flashing climate light issue started when I disabled after market car alarm.

    Any ideas yet?
  • flavifeflavife Posts: 20
    Any chance you are low on brake fluid in the master brake reservoir?

    99 DGC Sport
    07 T&C SWB
  • tel1tel1 Posts: 2
    Since I left question about my 1998 Chrysler Voyager I have had the RAC (A UK motoring recovery organisation that I belong to)check it out with their scanner and was told that it had to go to a Chrysler dealer. I had the vehicle taken to the dealers on the back of a flat bed lorry and waited to hear that they had cured it. Unfortunately three days later they told me that they had traced faults in the "serial link" and "PCM" status failure. They offered to change the "PCM" for £1000.00+ (about $2000.00) but could not guarantee that this would cure the problem and further investigation may be needed
    Needless to say that the vehicle is now back home without a cure. I'm sorry to waffle on about my woes but no I haven't had any further ideas.
  • Anyone had a problems with the driver's side window on a Dodge Grand Caravan (2002)? I am handy, but would welcome others' imput and suggestions.
    PS Sorry if this is off topic.. but I cannot find POST NEW on here ANYWHERE!
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Is it not going up or down at certain times? I have a 1999 Dodge vehicle (not a minivan) with a similar problem. I was told that the section of wire harness between the door and body can fail due to repeated flex from opening and closing the door.

    You can test this when it is acting up by holding the switch down with the door open and wiggling the wire harness and see if the window starts working. It did in my case, although I haven't fixed the defective wiring yet.
  • I have a problem with my cluster not working in my 1998 voyager. I use to bang the dash to get it to work but that has stopped all together. I have replaced the cluster, I have replaced the ignition b/c when you turn the key a certain way, you see a jump in the gauges and the odometer comes on but turns off after 10 seconds. The cluster does have power and the lights work. The airbag light is on and the horn does not work, do not know if that has anything to do with it. Does anybody have any ideas?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    This seems to be a fairly common problem, and usually a few cents of solder will fix it. I don't have the details as our 1998 hasn't had the problem yet, but if you google it, you'll probably be able to come up with them.

    Best Regards,
  • sjasja Posts: 11
    Over the past year or two, we've had the same problem. I kept putting it off cause I don't drive our 99 Grand Caravan too much. This past month I had to get an exhaust system put on. It was a cold and rainy day and after I put the money in the toll basket, the window wouldn't go back up...

    I ripped apart the drivers side door and couldn't narrow it down to anything. Called the local NAPA store and they had replacement motors in stock for $57.00. So, I gave it a shot and replaced the window motor. It's been working ok since.

    Now, if only I can get the instrument panel lights and gages to stay on....

    This will be the last Chrysler product owned by us. Way too many problems with this vehicle since new in 99.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    Yup, I just had to put a new window regulator (lift mechanism and motor) in our 1998 this week. My question is, "So?" my car is nearly ten years old and yours is nearly nine, and things wear out, regardless of brand, model or age.

    Regarding your instrument panel problem, the U.S. Government mandated the reduction/elimination of lead in solder some time back, and every manufacturer from children's toys to high end muli-bazillion dollar satellites have been suffering from the formula change in solder. In the case of your instrument panel problem on your 1999 DGC, it is a fairly common failure and a very easy and cheap fix to resolder the failed connection.

    Tell you what, if you lose your attitude and give us a list of troubles that you've been having, we might be able to help you find solutions. FWIW, many of us believe (me included) that the Gen 3 vans are a very robust design good for many hundreds of thousands of miles with just normal maintenance and minimal cost repairs. Treat them well and they'll give you a long service life.

    FWIW, our 1998 DGC Sport has over 150,000 miles on it and it has been (in my opinion) the model of reliability.

    Best Regards,
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Over the past year or two, we've had the same problem. I kept putting it off cause I don't drive our 99 Grand Caravan too much. This past month I had to get an exhaust system put on. It was a cold and rainy day and after I put the money in the toll basket, the window wouldn't go back up...

    For what it's worth, the driver's side power window on my '99 Viper works intermittently. After a bit of online research I was informed that it is probably a bad wire in the wiring harness between the door and body. Lots of flex there with the door opening and closing.

    It hasn't annoyed me enough to fix it yet but if I wiggle the wires in that area when it acts up the window switch works again. You might check that area in your '99 GC if the problem returns.
  • our 2002 chrysler voyager van had 2 bulbs out in the dash for backlighting the temp gauge, and the fuel gauge. I replaced the bulbs and all was fine. Then out of nowhere, after a week or so, I lost all the dash lights as well as the backlighting on the A/C control panel. I have checked the fuses and they are all good, unless there is a fuse panel other than the one I checked. The only one I can find is the one under the hood. This is frustrating. This vehicle is gradually turning into a lemon. Any ideas? Thanks, JB
  • sjasja Posts: 11
    Thanks for the advice. I just ripped apart the instrument cluster and it all looks brand new, no obvious solder problems. I stopped by a couple of Dodge dealers to see if they've seen this problem; never heard of it was their reply.

    Sounds to me like you got one of the better vehicles. No attitude here, it's just when things add up to big bucks for stupid stuff. The spare tire holder, of all things, had to be unbolted and completely disassembled to use it to change a flat. I have had just too many problems with this vehicle to give it any praise.

    All gages are currently flat line, however the lights still work. In addition, the ABS and Service Engine Soon Light remains on. The rear windshield wiper is inoperative also. All fuses are good, inside and out under the hood. :lemon:

    Next trip is to the garage, or a Ford dealer to trade it in, broke.
  • I just to bougth a caravan 96SE front wippers only worked at hi speed, I check for fuse on the hook and find two relays damages, I replaced for new ones, but now wippers only works at washing mode!, I check fuses at interior place and find two relay out!, how can I know if relays must to be placed???
  • I have noticed that the lights on my van are slightly flickering. What might be the cause of this?
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