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Pontiac Montana Electrical Issues



  • rochellecrochellec Posts: 1

    We have a 2004 Montana EXT. We noticed that that when braking or using the turn signals.. That the radio and over head display would flicker. A few days ago all of the display lighting and the radio display no longer work. The instruments and radio work, we just have no lighting or display on the radio. I also noticed that when I get out of the van that I get a light 'shock' touching the door to shut it. I have seen in other posts that there is something to do with a rear harness? I would love to hear if anyone else has had this problem and if they were able to fix the problem. I do love my Montana.. Just really irritated that I can not see the display at night or see what channel is on the radio. note I have noticed that if the sun hits the radio display just right.. you can see the display. So, I know it is working.. just not illuminated.

  • We removed the fuse for the high speed blower because it was going on even when the key was out. Since then our power windows and power door locks won't work. We put the fuse back and it doesn't help. The high speed setting on the blower works again but the windows and locks are still not operating!
  • ksix said:

    This is my first time posting a message. Sorry I forget to give the make & model. 1999 Chevy Venture LS with 150 miles

  • I've got a 2001 Montana and I've got a few problems with it my 1st problem when I turn it off the running lights and tail lights are staying on. It was occasionally but tonight I couldn't get them to go off at all.and the dash lights also stay on. My 2nd problem is since I bought it a few months ago the gas gauge has read full so I've been going by the mimileage.I seen some answers in other peoples remarks that might be helpful to me but I just want to make sure that I have the same problem the ABS and the tra ton control active light comes on occasionally also. 3rd and final problem ill bother you guys with is my automatic sliding door has a mind of its own and sometimes it opens with the button and other times it doesn't and we just have to pull it really hard to open it. If anyone can give me any advice on what to do is really appreciate it. Thank you so very much
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