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Dodge Sprinter Starting/Stalling Issues



  • I have a 2004 Dodge Sprinter. It is at the dealership for the third time this year with stalling issues. My van will be running fine but when I push the gas pedal too hard to go up a hill or pass someone, the engine would cut off and I would have to pull over to the side of the highway, wait a few minutes, then restart the engine.

    The first time the the dealer changed out the module fuel tank, filter, and fuel hose and with labor the repairs came to $1116.00. The second time I took it in for the same issues, they replaced other things and the bill came to $1600.00. Now it is in the garage the third time, but this time the engine died when I turned a corner at 5 mph and I restarted it, but it would not go, as soon as I pressed the gas pedal, it would die. It would, however, go in reverse, so I backed up out of the way of traffic.

    Are there any suggestions on what I should do? My warranty was over at 85,000 miles and the van is at 89,000 miles now. Should I tell the dealership that they should have fixed it right the first time and demand they fix it for free? Or should I just go to a Mercedes dealer? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • I had the similar problem upon hard acceleration the engine shut off abruptly I would have to coast to the roadside and restart. After almost two weeks in the shop with no resolution they found that all 5 injectors had been contaminated with a fine dirt that the filter had missed. They all were replaced and the problem was never seen again. Watch where
    you buy your fuel. They also dropped the tank and flushed the system. They had tried the fuel rail and everything else even the wireing harness before they finally found the problem. Fuel starvation due to clogged injectors.
  • Thank you so much for your reply. I will ask about this and also watch where I fill the tank.
  • Did the truck die completely or did it exhibit a power loss without the ability to accelerate?
  • Have you noticed this problem with the cruise control on?
  • My problem started with an abrupt cut off like you had switched the ignition off. You had to coast to a stop to restart it then it would start immediately. The first thing in the morning it seems to run ok unless you floor it. then it starts dieing upon any thing other than very slight accelerator pressure. It took me 4 hours to make a 100 mile trip. The techs at the dealer replaced everything they could think of the wiring harness the fuel rail sensors they finally replaced all 5 injectors and that solved the problem It took them two weeks to finally solve it. I had bought fuel at a truck stop but I used the car diesel pump. Apparently it was contaminated with a very fine trash dirt or residue from a rusty tank.
  • I recently had a problem with my 2500. 2004 model 207000 miles It would start normally and run fine but if I stopped to get fuel or a cold drink about 10 minutes it would not restart it would spin and try to ignite but I had to wait about 10 more minutes or more to get a restart. Dealer changed the crank sensor first same problem. Then they changed the cam sensor problem solved. PS I paid full price for the crank sensor!!Yikes! The cam sensor the dealer had a hard time finding. It was over $400 I bought it from Europarts in California for $30 Check out their prices they are great fast delivery!!
  • It has never happened to me with cruise control on.
  • I got my Sprinter back from the dealer this past Saturday. The mechanic changed out the computer control module. At first they said they couldn't find the problem, then called a few days later and told me what they needed to replace. The good thing is I still had an extended warranty with just 1100 miles left on it and it was covered. I was very glad of that.
  • My Sprinter died completely after trying to accelerate. I could put it in drive, put on the gas, then it would die. It would restart each time though.
  • My sprinter starts momentarily, reaches 500 RPM, then dies. After a few seconds, try again, and same thing happens. Someone told me the computer needs to be re-programmed? Would appreciate some advice, before taking it to a service shop.
  • My Sprinter is stalling in the morning when I put my foot on the brake pedal.
    Did the instrument cluster FIX the problem?
  • I disconnected the CAN lines at the cluster.
    DIDN'T fix the problem.
    Tested terminal 15 at Cluster.
    When it stalls it loses power at 15 at the cluster.
    Need to trace 15 from the cluster and find its cause for loss.
  • I have a 2004, 2500 Sprinter. At first I would occasionally have a problem with it going into limp home mode. Shut it down, wait a few minutes and start back up and it was fine. I took it to a mechanic who scanned it and told me the turo resonator was the issue. I replaced it. Was fine for about 4 months. After a few hours of trouble free driving I made a stop. Upon getting back in it would not start. Eventually started, ran rough and stayed in limp home mode. Back to the mechanic, was told it was the Mass Airflow Sensor. Replaced that.. still cannot get it to run. In fact, I can get it started if I unplug the MAF sensor. It runs rough and spews lots of black smoke. I am at my wits end. Can anyone help me? What's left? the o2 sensor, the air intake sensor? PLEASE HELP.
  • I have almost 300,000 miles on my 2003 Sprinter, I drove on the highway and the engine instantly stopped. Then I was trying to cranking and the engine looked as if it was trying to start, but couldn't. Then I was waited for a tow truck. After about 15-20 minutes I was trying to start again and it starts normally, it brought me home about 120 miles almost like nothing happened.

    The next day in the morning it started normally and ran about 2 minutes and died. Now when I crank, I feel like it lost the cylinder compression. It looks like timing problem.

    Has anyone had a similar problem? Is it possible that this engine, with this mileage can get a problem with timing? Any suggestions? Desperate for help!!
  • fiteqprprfiteqprpr Posts: 12
    My 2004 would start and run fine but if it stalled or if I turned it off at operating temp it would not start till I let it cool down Cam and crank sensors both bad. Replaced them now no problems hot or cold.
  • odisgoodisgo Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Engine quit while driving then discovered a large coolant leak in reservoir. Had Sprinter towed to destination, now engine will not start. Solenoid does click, but starter will not turn the engine. Originally no codes, now MAF Sensor and a couple of others. Any help? At one point, however, I did remove one glow plug, and starter did turn engine, but would not crank.
  • This happened to me in N.Carolina and I managed to get it back to Michigan, and immediately my boss put our 2005 dodge in the local sprinter shop . Pete , our very expierienced mechanic picked up an engine wiring harness that he had taken out of another 2006 and showed me where the wires and the wire loom had melted, and said with surety upon listening to me as to what it was doing, that we probably needed a new engine wire harness that controls everything in the engine area. Well needless to say 4 hours later and $450.00 , and a melted wiring harness on the floor , My bosses beloved toy that he bought new was running without fail,and has been since

    So the problem, with 75% surety, is to get your sprinter to a certified sprinter shop and have them check the engine wiring harness


  • tnhvacrtnhvacr Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    :lemon: Sprinter quitting when driver. :confuse: Ck your power windows at same time if it stops to due to no power . Your try to start and you get- Note ( 1 click on a relay > motor Relay or starter Relay)< The ground to Motor is Bad a Open in the grounding. ( Check by placing hand on ground post see if HOT!!!! ) Oem has 2 cables grounds. 1 from battery to frame other frame to motor. To fix this is easy run a new ground cable from motor mount bolt back to the ground on the battery.
    You can test by jumper cable motor to Ground Post TOO. It will turn over but slow. ;)
  • tampeltampel Posts: 2
    Here is my problem...have an 97 Sprinter, converted to a mobile grooming Van..around 30K miles with lots of ideling of the van. No I do have the engine go into emergency mode...can get it out of the emergency mode by restarting.
    Mercedes Dealer tells me I should replace everything, starting the turbo and the EGR, another certified sprinter serice dealer tells, the main computer needs to be replaced (2300$)...not sure what to do now...any advise. Van has been serviced every 6 months and is in very good shape otherwise
  • tampeltampel Posts: 2
    07 sprinter, not 97
  • Hi All it's Funny i Have All of Those Problems and yes i will Be with you All For the Lawsuit , including the Dash ac Control i Changed 2 and need another one , and changed Transmission That Cost $7500 on 220,000mi Now My Motor Cutting Off ,Some Kind of Electric Problems ? and Changed the Harmanik Ballancer @ 95000mi , and 2 AC Compressors and 4 ac Lines,and All Turbo Rubber Houses 2 Times Have to By Pass the Ac Fan To Keep it Cool it Look Likes All Wiring All Messed up , Thanks For All of the Postings and Lets Find Solutions ?
  • I had a similar problem found the crank sensor and the cam sensor would get hot and stop working. 10 minutes later it would start and run fine. Just don't turn it off.
  • i Have the Same Problems , Now My Van in the Dealer, They Said Needs ignition Switch and Fuse Block and my Bill Going to Be around $700 Will see if That Fix it Tomorrow ?
  • Hi any more Problems ?
  • i Have Same Problems , Did you Fix it ?
  • i will Let you know What My Fix Later Okkkkk
  • Engine occasionally shuts down when starting out going through about 15 mph, after 2-3 seconds it takes off again. Never does this at higher speed. Always at low speed and low rpm. Acts like it just ran out of fuel. Replaced fuel filter - no change.
  • elvodelvod Posts: 1

    @valiant said:
    I disconnected the CAN lines at the cluster.
    DIDN'T fix the problem.
    Tested terminal 15 at Cluster.
    When it stalls it loses power at 15 at the cluster.
    Need to trace 15 from the cluster and find its cause for loss.

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