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Honda Odyssey Heating/Cooling Problems



  • dl6401dl6401 Posts: 1
    My 2000 Odyssey is not blowing cold air. When I turn the a/c on it is blowing, but not getting cold. It has been checked for freon and I have been told that there is no leak. I recently took it to Pep Boys and was told it was the compressor along with hoses,etc,etc. When I asked the guy about the fan not moving he didn't even know what I was talking about, so how do I know he's telling the truth. I know the fan doesn't move when I turn the air on and I don't want to pay$1000 to get this fixed.

    Please help!!!
  • snobbensnobben Posts: 2
    Our AC compressor died today at 77,000 miles, we just replaced the power steering pump 3,000 miles ago!
    Honda needs to "beef up" their warranty or people will start looking elsewhere!
  • jim384jim384 Posts: 1
    The A/C blows warm air only, and only when fan is on max. Dealer first replaced a $160 A/C "switch". Dealer said this worked 30 seconds, then failed. Dealer now says I need $540 Climate Control unit.

    I'm hugely disappointed in Honda. What is next to go wrong? I have purchased Hondas for the past 20-30 years because of their quality. I'm not sure if my next vehicle will be a Honda.
  • chop889chop889 Posts: 9
    I need to remove an air vent for the ceiling interior. One of my kids was plaing with the louvers that direct the air and unsnapped the plastic louvers from the piece they snap into. It can be put back togther if I could figure out how to remove that trim piece from the ceiling. Anyone ever do that?? Thanks
  • tim1996tim1996 Posts: 1
    Dealer is probably clueless... look at forum for replacing the blower motor resistor (transistor assembly) part number 79330-S84-A41... I have a 2004 Odyssey too... with the same symptoms...(The A/C blows warm air only, and only when fan is on max.)

    I bought the part at the dealer today for $75 and replaced it myself... A/C is up and running and fan works at all speeds again.
  • mattpangmattpang Posts: 1
    My AC has stopped working on my 2010 Odyssey that I purchased 1 month ago. It only has 1400 miles on the car. They are diagnosing the problem but said they can tell the compressor is not engaging. Has anyone else had a problem this early on - I'm very concerned about what this holds for the future.
  • uvasaguvasag Posts: 1
    My honda air conditioning had stopped working last year and this year finally we got around to taking it to the dealer. I was shocked too at the cost of replacing the compressor. I have been reading the posts and looks like it's a common problem but Honda is not acknowledging it. Should I bother calling them at all or just bite the bullet and get the repairs done ? I'm not a very confrontational person so don't want to call up the dealer or Honda CS and argue about it if there is no luck. Any help will be appreciated.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Do you have a good relationship with the service dept - meaning are you a regular customer and give them high scores on surveys? If so, ask the service advisor to contact Honda on your behalf for a good will gesture - that you've heard there have been issues with the A/C. No need to be confrontational - just ask. The worst they will say is no.

    If you don't have that relationship - you're probably out of luck.

    Most dealerships have "silver bullets" they can use for good customers. I know I could go to my dealership with my 2000 Ody with 105K if the tranny went and they'd find a way to help me out. I do all my service there and give them high scores. They like me since I'm a profitable customer and they are willing to go the extra mile. Too many folks forget that.
  • desertkevdesertkev Posts: 76
    edited July 2010
    I am having similar a/c problem - but the defrost won't engage, and can't change the blower location (where the air blows out from) - none of the lights on the a/c dash work, but the fan blows at different speeds (hot air, not cooled). I am thinking maybe it's the transistor based on posts. I found this online and it may help people. Hopefully it's okay to post the video, it's not great quality, but shows you the location of the transistor 79330-s84-A41 Honda, or JA1428 Autozone. Good luck and hopefully this works for me. :sick: I checked all fuses first, and pressure seems okay, actually a bit high. but that shouldn't affect if the a/c blows and the lights, only the compressor I would think.
  • You'd be crazy to try to strike up a "good" relationship with a Honda service department. I mean would you try to strike up a good relationship with the IRS just in case you ever need their? No. When the time comes they will dig through your wallet no matter what you say about them. Just ask how much it costs to replace a cabin air filter on a >05 and after Odyssey, if its anything more than the price of one at autozone (like $10 or $20) then you're paying too much.

    I have a 2005 EX Odyssey that is having consistent A/C problems. Had a relay replaced and it ran well for 2 months and then stopped. There is no leak, ac refrigerant is well above min and below max, new filters, there is a road guard on it to protect the compressor, and fuses all check. The belts seem fine, I will take another look to make sure. The compressor seems to be engaging but no cold air, just hot. Fan is fine, loud but fine. Any thoughts? Alternator? Belts? Clutch? Transistor?

    I have a good napa shop I can take it too, once fixed my ac on an F150 for 1 hour shop labor because the clutch wasn't fully engaging. A washer did the trick. I'm sure the dealer would've replaced the entire thing for $1500. So I trust this shop but if I can try a simple fix today that'd be fantastic.

    BTW, worked for a GMC dealer for 2 years. I have my reasons for not trusting dealers. If you feel as if you can trust a dealer when you buy a car to have shown you the best price on the sticker then you can pay for the dealers maintenance I guess, otherwise, run.
  • Just had my Odyssey repaired due to a stone hitting the condenser. Total cost $781.05.
    I just spoke with Honda Factory Rep, no help there. I just wish they notified me about the problem, I would have gladly paid to have the protective screen around it before the rock incident happened. My vehicle has only 27965 miles on it. I am not very pleased with Honda at this time, I have to wonder what other time bombs they are not telling anyone about. My first experience with Honda and probably my last. So much for listening to Consumer Reports.
    We have a 99 Mountaineer that has never had the A/C even topped off and you can hang meat in it on a hot Summer day.
  • I have the exact same problem on our 09 Odyssey. The AC stopped working twice on two different road trips. Did you get it resolved? I'm taking my car to the dealership in a couple days for them top look at it again because they couldn't figure it out last time.
  • Much the issue here, started out with the front fan not working but rear fan does but not cold air. Now nothing works, not even the LCD display. All fuses are fine but unsure of the relays. I have noticed however that besides the AC issue that the heated seats don't work and the adjustable mirrors don't work. Related? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • My Honda Odyssey 2005 has developed the following problem. We normally set the temperature control on 72 and on AUTO, and it has worked fine for 5 years for both heating and cooling. This past summer the air from the front vents started coming out warm. We had to keep turning the temp down to get cold air out the front vents. Now it has to be about 64 before we get cold air do not get warm air in the front vents. The rear vents all blow cold air. All fan speeds and other controls work properly The problem is that the front air is having warm mixed with the cold at to high a temp. So it appears that some temp sensor is not functioning properly in the front. The compressor has been checked and is fine. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks
  • 43434343 Posts: 8
    I had the exact same symptoms. I bought the part for about $40 from a Honda Dealer at, watched the video listed in the #72 reply in this string a couple of times, swapped the new part for the old part in about 15 minutes, and works just like new ! The biggest challenges were finding a Phillips screwdriver short enough to manuever around between the floor of the van and the transistor, and contorting myself into the right position to reach the screws. Otherwise it was a breeze.
  • If I am not mistaken, the problem you have has a recall. I have progressive insurance and there listed with info about my van is recall information as they come up and the wireing harness has been a hot issue with these vans. I'm not that technical so I could also be incorrect, but worth a look into.
  • when the temp is set at between 70.....80 the air out of the vent starts out nice and warm but then after a while cold air starts coming out of the vents which would sort of be ok if it was July and 100 degrees outside! Im wondering if anyone else is having issues like this with their 2011 TIA
  • To: grdanes, Have you checked the temp coming out the front vents and also the rear top vents at the same time. With my temp control set on 72, and it is 90+ outside, my the front vent air temp will be warm while the back top vents will be cold. This indicates that there is a mixing of warm with cold out the front vent. My fan speeds all work properly, front & back.

    The part listed above that some have replaced will fix a fan speed problem, but apparently not a temp control problem. There is a thermister located elsewhere that is hard to get to that may be the problem I have. Your & my problem appear to be the same and different to most of the others mention in this list. :confuse:
  • I'm being driven insane by's 43 windows open, temp set at 75 I've got cold air blowing on me.......pos van :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • azkid2azkid2 Posts: 47
    Sounds like you solved that problem. This may not apply, but if an owner hasn't changed the in cabin air filter in a looooong time it can affect the performance of ac/heating, as I know it did on mine.
  • michael_fmichael_f Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    As I took the vehicle in to get transmission replaced the AC went out. The front and back fans were blowing, but it was warm/hot. After paying $$$$ for transmission, went to my regular mechanic about the AC. He tested it and found it was an "electrical" issue and must see a specialist. Then the specialist took more than a week to determine the computer was going bad and must be replaced. Feeling my pain and understanding I was out $$$$ for the transmission he proposed a Plan B, which was to replace the evaporator temp sensor and rewiring AC to engage when ignition was on and bypassing the faulty circuit. After $$$ paid the AC now starts about two seconds after I turn it on, but the front fan works only at full blast and will not automatically adjust to cabin temperature....

    Now two weeks later the front blow fan does not work at all, but cold air "seeps" slowly from the front vents. The back fan is fine. Specialist took a look and figured the fan motor was deteriorating. Tapping and wiggling it hard caused it to blow harder, but now it won't even respond to that. Specialist recommended replacing the unit, which I have done (thanx AutoZone)...but the new unit still will not engage. Suggestions?
  • I am having the same issues with my wifes 2008 Odyssey. AC randomly stops. Sometimes if we open all the windows and doors - it will again blow cold. Sometimes it will blow cold by starting and stopping; other times it works after turning the heat on for 1-2 minutes.

    Also, the defroster will not clear the windows. this is becoming a safety issue. :mad: :lemon:
  • phx70phx70 Posts: 3
    What ended up fixing the blowing hot problem? I've replaced my transistor assembly 2 times without fixing the problem. I need to turn mt temperature control down to 64 before I get cold air. If turn it up past that, it immediately blows hot air.
  • Update: I have not solved the problem. I just adjust the temp to get either hot or cold out of the front as needed. Usually in hot weather, I sent it at 68 or below to get cold. One like suggested it might be either:
    Part # 39794-S0K-A01 RELAY ASSY., POWER (4P) (MICRO ISO) (OMRON), or
    A diagram and pictures can be found at (If you put in your Honda Information): cgry1=ODYSSEY&catcgry2=2003&catcgry3=5DR+EXL+%28LEATHER+RES%29&catcgry4=KA5AT&ca- tcgry5=A%2FC+COOLING+UNIT

    The relay appears to control the fan, and not be this problem. So it may be the Thermistor? :confuse:
  • phx70phx70 Posts: 3
    Thanks for responding. The problem I was having was warm air would blow out of the dash, even with the temperature control off unless I lowered the temperature to 60 degrees. The recirculation light would then come on and finally blow cold. Unfortunately, it was either too hot or too cold. I did resolve the problem. It ended up being a disconnected diverter lever that connects to the air mix motor. The air mix motor is under the dash on the passenger side and to the left. Almost behind the center of the dash. It has a green wire connector attached to it. With the ignition key turned to the on position, I verfied the air mix motor was functioning while turning the temperature knob on the dash back and forth. I noticed a white plastic lever with a long slot in it behind the motor moving, but not moving much. I could manually move it much farther by hand. When I did this I could hear a door opening and closing. I moved the plastic lever all the way the other direction and managed to get it slid over a guide pin attached to the air mix motor. I see the guide pin is suppose to fit in the slot in the lever. After re-attaching, the air works as it should. Not too hot or too cold. I hope this helps anyone else experiencing the same symptoms.
  • Hi folks,
    My front heater and AC are not working. Don't want to spend an arm and a leg if there is something I can do on my own. I see many had this issue on different models. It's cold in winter and would be nice to have the front heater. I am overworking my rear heater (as it works) to heat the car before stepping into the car :-( Please help! Thanks much in advace and a Happy New Year!

  • phx70phx70 Posts: 3
    If your fan is not blowing, you will not feel any A.C. Or little heat. If your fan motor will not work on AUTO, but will turn on when maxing out the fan knob, it is most likely the transistor assembly. The part number is listed in these forums. If that is not the case, there are some fuses and relays located in the engine compartment...good luck!
  • Thanks Phx70 - the fan works fine and it blows pretty much outside air at that temperature. When I crank up the temperature, it does not heat up, when I lower it all the way to 60 (in auto mode) it does not kick in the AC. Would appreciate a link to any info.
  • update here - I took the plunge to change the transistor/resistor - cost was $70 and change. Unfortunately it did not appear to fix the issue. I checked out the resistor and transistor on the old one - they seem fine. The cap seems OK as well. So, I am stuck again without heater. Could someone help. BTW, the video in this discussion was extremely helpful to change the transistor/resistor. Trick I used, instead of the screw driver, you can also use a 9/16 hex nut which is much easier than the screwdriver. Anyway, look forward to hearing to some advise. Again, the fan blows fine, but both AC and heater is gone - could it be the thermostat? (also, dealer quote to change the resistor - $149 and he would not budge; I did it in under 35 minutes).

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