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Honda Odyssey Heating/Cooling Problems



  • About a month ago my 2007 Odyssey suddenly release large amount of freeon while I was driving. The whole fogged up and I first thought it was smoke due to overheat. After pulling off the road and let down the window and shut off the engine. When I started the car again, it didn't happen again. I called Honda Corporate to report the problem and they told me to take it to the dealer which I did. Sadly, they dealer told me that they couldn't duplicate the problem and sent me home, but the service adviser did say that she has seen it happened to another car before. When I searched this problem online, I found out many odysseys have the same problem and mine is not the only one. Just two days ago, while driving on the freeway with a full van of food, the air conditioning suddenly shut down - even the fan. After seeing so many odyssey having the same problem, I called corporate again to find out whether there's a recall. They actually told me that there is no recall for this problem and I just need to take it to the dealer and pay for the repair myself.
    I began to think Honda is ripping its customers off by selling detective products. My Odyssey has not only air conditioning problem, but also transmission, steering pump and brake problem. My Odyssey is the most expensive and has most problems vehicle that I have ever own.
  • michael_fmichael_f Posts: 2
    I posted about my problem earlier. After finding I needed to replace the transmission, my AC stopped blowing. The AC turned out to be a symptom of a computer problem. After paying big bucks for new transmission I was faced with having to replace the computer for more big money. To save $$$ the computer shop did a Plan B for me and rerouted around faulty circuit to allow AC to blow (full blast only). 24 hrs later the fan went out... Time for a new vehicle!!!

    Must be either a creature of habit or like to subject myself to more hardship, but I actually like the Odyssey when it bought the 2011. At the dealership looking at their warranty, the sales rep warned about "ghosts in the machine" that should be tackled when first evident. Reminded me how the old van for months had issues like rear windows not responding, sliding doors opening on their own, the back light for the odometer not working... little things that I could deal with. Letting these things go without attention could perhaps result in the larger problems I faced later. Lesson learned for me. :sick:
  • car_buyer12car_buyer12 Posts: 6
    edited July 2012
    I bought 2012 ODY EX april(2012) ,I am closing 4000k looks like I have problem with the Third row window side cup holder area warming -up !!! you canot keep your hands on the passenger side third raw cupholder area,I dont see anything scraching there or any heat building up on the driver side third raw cup holder area....... any clue ?? I did not go to the dealer yet . l am just started enjoying it** looks I did a bad choice than Sienna...............any comments please, :confuse:
  • donethat_1donethat_1 Posts: 66
    not to metion the tranny issues. Get rid of the van ASAP......February 2012 Motor Trend Long Test Article 2011 Odyssey Touring Elite, 6 months old, 14999 miles "...we'll have the technicians look at the transmission as well. Over time, shifting has become rough, and occasionally upon acceleration between first and second gears, the transmission seems to be shuddering."
  • olivoliv Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm having the same issue. Could you please tell us how the problem was resolved for you?
  • ktnrktnr Posts: 255
    According to
    "Your compressor failed for a reason. The number 1 reason is contamination in the system. Cleaning out this contamination is crucial to ensuring that the new compressor is not also contaminated. Always flush and evacuate before changing parts. Always use A/C system flush solvent. If it is not perfectly clean after the flush and vacuum, we recommend re-flushing the system."

    My Atlanta Honda dealer botched my A/C system repair by initially just installing a new compressor and running the system to note poor performance. Only then did they inspect the accumulator/drier (replacement of this part is REQUIRED by every compressor manufacturer as part of the warranty) and noted it was leaking desiccant balls and other black junk into the system. THEN they decided to flush only the evaporator line and replace the clogged dryer and also the contaminated condensor (the A/C radiator at the front of the car, often difficult to flush). This is noted right on my invoice! The invoice doesn't mention cleaning or replacing the expansion valve nor purging the other line - things any half-trained A/C technician would have done. Obviously, my new compressor now has it's oil flooded with seven years of accumulated black crud. So I just paid $2,000 for a brand new compressor which WILL fail prematurely.

    I have a case open with Honda corporate to see what they can do given that the repair ddn't follow the Honda's - or anyone's - service procedures. You have to watch your dealer closely to ensure they perform the A/C repair correctly. The warranty on the repair will be only 90-days labor / 12 -months parts so, if the new compressor fails again within a year, you get to hassle with them all over again on the labor. After a year, you're just out another $1,500-$1,800.
  • ktnrktnr Posts: 255
    Honda responded to my complaint about my A/C system repair. I had faxed them Denso’s warranty on their compressors (requires system purging and dryer replacement or the warranty is immediately void) along with industry articles describing the importance of thoroughly cleaning A/C systems to avoid contaminating a new compressor. I faxed them a copy of the Honda Service Bulletin showing the easy and very inexpensive alternative to the dealer’s suggested $480 power steering pump rebuild to cure a minor noise issue. I explained how the Service Advisor switched from protesting AGAINST additional work that would be wise (but would have required him to come in on his day off OR split his commission with someone else) to pushing unnecessary and over-priced work the next day (once he was resigned to protecting his commission by coming in on his day off, the Service Advisor wanted to make it damned worth his while). I explained how the dealer tried to charge me 8.976111 shop hours (a plugged number they made up) before they backed off their “mistake” and cut the labor charge by 40%.

    Bottom line: Honda said repairing a contaminated A/C system just by replacing one part at a time was “proper”. The attempted over-charges and commission wrangling are solely between me and the dealership. Honda suggested I contact the dealership Service Manager again to see if he can explain what they had previously refused to explain. In a word, Honda offered me NOTHING.

    If you’re looking for Honda dealer service in downtown Atlanta, you’d be wise to go far North (Woodstock, Georgia) or far South (Morrow, Georgia) instead. Even then, ask in advance to insure that your Service Advisor will be working the next day too in case your car needs to stay overnight. If anyone quotes you a price over the phone, get their full name to avoid hassles over service prices and commissions. Better yet, find a small, local shop who works off their reputation and repeat customers instead.
  • I have a Honda Odyssey 2000 when turn on my a/c blow air but the the a/c button not turn on the compressor i thing is end freon but when i try put freon the compressor not activated and the freon not Go trouth i Check the fuse at front and inside and everything are good
  • SwippeSwippe VaPosts: 1
    I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey where the A/C compressor is staying running even though dash button says A/C Off ... I have pulled the pressure switch wire off .. says running only time it turns off is if I remove the Fuse or A/C compressor Relay ... anyone know what might be causing the problem ... I know the Dash part could be part of the problem but I hear the PCM/ECM has a relay built into it .. if someone knows of a known issue I could use some info so I don't spend money on parts I don't need
  • jaruga71jaruga71 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Honda Odyssey rear heating is good, but front heating quit working. Bought new Heater Valve Control
    and replaiced,still same problem.
    Any idea please?

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