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Dodge Avenger Starting and Stalling Problems



  • jamie47jamie47 Posts: 7
    hello, i also have a 2008, i had the exact same problem, eventually it will let u sit! i took mine to dodge and and they replaced the fule pump and modules, i complained to the chrysler corporation and they paidover 1000. to fix it. if we all get together and complain maybe something will be done, im contacting the attorney general, this is only 2 of SEVERAL problems with this car. if we all get together maybe something will be done because i see all these reviews with same problems i have i had the modulereplacedin janand itlet me sait again! same module burnt again!
  • jamie47jamie47 Posts: 7
    same exact thing i had. it was fule pump and modules, contact chrysler! they paid over 1000. to fix mine.
  • jamie47jamie47 Posts: 7
    i do! mine was the fuel pump and modules, then the alternator. chrysler paid over 1000. to fix the fule pump and modules. the module was replace in jan and burnt out again!
  • jamie47jamie47 Posts: 7
    mine was the fuel pump and modules. did the exact same thing o and also changed the alternator
  • Hi . My 19 year old son is having the same stalling problems when coming to a stop or when stopped. Called Chrysler Canada and told me to take it to dealership, they did the scope said nothing wrong and sent him on his way, other than trying to get him to do a tune up and air induction service. Took the car to my machanic and had a tune up and throttle body cleaning altho was told that would not fix the problem. It didn't. Called Car help Canada and they said if was a safety issue and to call Transport Canada defect investigation department. They made a report but had no answers. Called Crysler Canada again this afternoon and got no help whatso ever again. When there are no codes showing how can my son get them to check these things you are speaking of or replace them without it costing him alot of money. He drives every day on the highway to get to college and of course with toronto traffic he has to come to stops that then make his car stall. It is quite worrisome knowing someone could rear end him pretty badly. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks kindly
  • mdguy27mdguy27 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Avenger i didnt even have it for a month yet and just like you's my car did the exact same thing.... like today i took it to my second inspection and i got to the place the guy hopes in and it doesn't start up.....i go over and hop in and it seems to me like it took 15 minutes to get it started...then after my inspection was done it shut off on me on one of the busiest highways, thank god it only took a couple of seconds to get it re-start.....then it does it again goin down the interstate i put the car in Neutral turn the key and it fires back up......what is a person to do when he is on a budget?
  • lucky71lucky71 Posts: 4
    I changed the crank shaft position sensor and did NOT notice any difference. I changed the ASD relay with the fuel pump relay thinking if it was the relay there would be a change in symptoms. For a few days after it ran fine and did not quit, then it started again however its not as predominant as before. I run with the idea that I dont give up on my car, it gives up on me. Not knowing when that is I dont sink much $ into it. I would suggest replacing the ASD relay its like $20-$30 for a new one, I saw someplace that you can get the same type of relay from Radioshack cheaper you just have to mount it yourself. Good Luck
  • jamie47jamie47 Posts: 7
    get rid of it!! im not even kidding! they kept telling me there were no codes coming up on mine either. it let me sit like 10x in 4mos! in and out of chrysler. i finally traded that junk in!!!!
  • I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger my fuel pump went out in June paid over 1200 for it and it just went out today. Obviously something is wrong and there needs to be a recall cause these idiots did something wrong
  • My son's 1995 dodge avenger would run perfectly fine for roughly 20 mins. and stall out without warning at a stop light or sign. Motor will crank with lots of power, but no fire. Let the car sit for 1 to 2 hours and the car starts fine, until you drive it for the 20 mins. or so. Took car to the dealership and they changed the computer and so far no stalling out. (computer $400 + labour)
  • My 97 Avenger had been stalling at idle for over a year. Then it was stalling and not starting back up. I had the crank sensor replaced and it seemed to put an end the stalling. But it still won't start most of the time until I tap on the Auto Shutdown Relay.

    The Dodge dealership wants $60 for one! I ordered one online for $10. It's an exact replacement of what's in there already, which is not a dealer part ...... this must have happened before with the previous owner. The ASD relay is a Zettler AZ973-1C-12DC1R1.
  • I've got the same problem with my car stalling, I haven't narrowed it down to anything specific when I'm driving other than it occasionally shifts hard between 2nd and 3rd (its an automatic). Usually it happens when I'm on the freeway and I've just been putting it into neutral and then turning off the ignition and restarting it. Kinda freaky when your driving at 70mph. Anyways, I've done some digging and it sounds like a lot of vehicles are having this problem ... Avenger engines are mitsubishi made and a lot of foregone cars are stalling out too. It sounds like the crankshaft position sensor is the culprit with mine at least. We have plugged it into a scanner and it didn't throw any codes either. I'll have the sensor changed this week and update you guys on the progress.
  • I have a 99 Dodge avenger sport v6. It will crank but has a rough idle and if I turn on the AC it boogs down and jerks. If you feather the gas pedal it will idle up but if you press it to hard it bogs down all the way and wants to die. It started doing the rough idle while I was at Mcdonalds drive through it through a check engine light but then it goes off. I'm scared to drive it because of having to pull out on a hwy because it won't go unless you hit the gas just right. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • miamattmiamatt Posts: 1
    Did you ever get the problem fixed? My 2008 Dodge Avenger is doing the same thing and i was just wondering before i take it in to the shop.
  • Im a mechanic for over 25 yrs. and I have nevr experienced a poor engineer design as the avenger with the conventional distributor. meaning your cam sensor and your coils are all built inside this distributor, unexchangeable. you have to replace the entire distributor. also the way the distributor is mounted, at bottom of block sideways. a perfect culprit for moister and rain to get inside that dist. cap and short out the sensor and coils, plus causing the onboard pc to tell the asd relay and fuel relay to shut down. I have replaced my daughters distributor 3 times now due to this poor design. but yes I read all these articles on the same problem with these avengers and it most always lies between replacing the whole distributor and or asd, fuel relays. at least now I can order her distributor off ebay for only $85.00. the relays are 20.00 at advance auto. :D
  • bee80bee80 Posts: 3
    Mine just started, I went to pull out of a parking lot and the rpm's dropped to zero and would not start back up, radio still going, so not battery. Called a tow truck and then it started up. Mechanic had it for a week and no act ups, and no reading when he hooked up the computer. Went to my daughters about a mile away and got there, but would not start up 45 minutes later when I went to leave. Got it back home and sat in it and keep a steady foot, as if driving down highway...sure enough in 2 minutes it died & would not restart. I love my avenger but I have to drive 40 highway miles a day to work. My mechanic is thinking cam / crank sensor
  • haubelshaubels Posts: 2
    My '95 Avenger has the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?
  • Mine ended up being my O2 sensor. I had replaced MANY parts, and spent a lot of money on parts that didn't fix my problem! After I replaced it, it was like a new car and gave me absolutely no problems! Hope this helps!!
  • bee80bee80 Posts: 3
    not yet. I am going to replace the distributor and start there
  • bee80bee80 Posts: 3
    thank you. did you change it or paid someone?
  • ian_amparadoian_amparado Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    Hi! I'm new to this forum. I have a 97 Avenger that a friend gave me. I installed a new ECM and started runing again but with a few new problems.

    1. Stalls when on stoplight.
    2. vibrating hard when on drive
    3. Lagging on acceleration. Feels really heavy.

    Heres what ive done so far,


    1. Crankshaft pos sensor
    2. Camshaft pos sensor
    3. Fuel relay
    4. ASD relay

    Completed/ Replaced

    1. Fuel relay
    2. Full Tune up
    3. Crank pos sensor

    Please Help! What should I check next?
  • I've read that it could be the idle sensor. I have the same prob. but haven't tried the sensor yet.
    Let me know if it works for you.
  • Thanks for the suggestion haubels!

    I'm gonna check that out and I'll let you know...
  • dpb5dpb5 Posts: 1
    I just want to chime in about my 1995 Avenger. I bought it as a dealer model back in 95. Best car I have ever owned! 110,000 miles to date.! I just had the rocker panels replaced and put a new tailpipe on, only the second time in it's life that I needed to do that! And I live in ERIE PA! In it's 18 year life I've had to do the of course routine maintenance, but even with all that I haven't spent more than $4000 on maintenance in all her 18 years. Just had a small amount of surface body work done and soon will get her repainted for the first time ever! She's my BABY... what can I say? If you want to know more feel free to email me at or simply reply to this post ... Dave
  • tman652tman652 Posts: 2
    I own 2011 Dodge Avenger V6 3.5 the vehicle has 140 000 KM on it the vehicle lost power and shut down. Check engine light came on code was reading cylinder # 1 misfire changed all the spark   plugs  and the #1 boot. The problem went away. Then it came back again. This time code was general misfire. When I checked oil it was down 1L. Topped up checked the pressure.  on all the pistons the are holding good. Did oil change cleanded the valves make sure their is no carbon on them still same problem.   Took the car to dodge did computer update no error codes seams fine drove for 100 km  seems to be ok.
    Then I started the car 3 hous later same problem stalling rpm jumping from 500 to 1000 running rough please help. 
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