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Infiniti G35 vs BMW 3-Series



  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    I agree a stick shift gives you more control of the car. I'd love to drive a manual on an empty two lane twisty all day, but unfortunately I also have practical consideration like the city traffic and a spouse that only drives automatic. That's why I had to buy auto in both cars.

    I disagree that, just because I bought an automatic, I am not qualified to comment on a car's performance. To me, performance is not just about drifting through corners or screaming to redline in every gear. Even in my mundane daily cruising, I can still feel and appreciate things like powerful brakes, linear steering, and a balanced chasis, regardless of what the transmission is. These are just some of the areas that I feel my 06 G is lagging behind the 330.

    Of course, as another poster pointed out, it's not a true apple-to-apple comparison between the G35 sedan with the standard suspension and the 330Ci with the sports pkg. I was just verbalizing my opinions after owning both cars. Though I know they are not in the same category, I can't help comparing the two when I get behind the wheel of the G (and drooling at every 335i that I see). Maybe I just need to readjust my expectations.
  • Good article. And you're right, most people can't let go of their preference. After all, you spend $35-$40k on your vehicle, of course its easy to want to promote it and justify why you bought it. I myself have the G35 Sport 07 but would have purchased the 335i had it been a comparable cost. So I'd like those here in this forum their opinion (hopefully, those who answer have test driven both cars, or own one or the other): If the 335i were say only a few grand higher than the G35 Sport with comparable features, would it then take the G35 out of contention completely in deciding which to buy? Is it a no-brainer that with both cars at close to same cost, the BMW then becomes by far the only choice. And if you still opted for the G35S, with cost not being an issue, why?
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    I think you answered your own question. Other think the level of difference between the 2 is worth going a different way.

  • yukityukit Posts: 7
    Luckily, I was able to test drive both cars in both auto & manual :D last weekend. This was the first time I have driven a recent model of either cars, so I just wanted to get a good feel for a regular driving experience. I will probably go back for a 2nd test drive.

    I really liked both cars. I figure I cannot go wrong with either choice. Is the price difference worth it to choose the 335i? I admit the snob-appeal of the BMW badge is pretty strong. Leasing (or even ED) does make the deal closer, but I would have to be prepared & comfortable to be able to walk away at the end of the leasing period (effectively renting the car).

    I also have to evaluate these cars (among other ELLPS) for practical everyday driving. I want good navigation (really like Acura) & sound system (ipod integration is a bonus). I care about trunk space (can I fit a bicycle) & cupholders (large stainless bottle). If I have to compromise too much, then these cars are not for me.

    So these cars are still on my short list, but I have yet to check out TL-S & IS250 6MT. It turns out that more challenging to find these cars in manual to test drive.
  • Actually no. Reliability is very important. I would consider the pricier IS350 over the Bimmer.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    IMO, that is why the oriental cars get the business. Actual and then perceived reliability over many years of proving this to get customer loyalty.

    That is why Toyota/Lexus beats everyone hands down when it comes to this part of the value proposition. Honda next, Infinity (not Nissan yet), Subaru and now Kia.

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,055
    Keep us posted as you proceed. The bicycle thing is especially interesting to me -- I don't think the G can do it. Even the coupe, with the fold-down seats, has a smallish triangular hole to put the fork & handlebars through.

    The BMW 3 with fold-down seats is certainly better, but perhaps not better enough. My ultimate fallback is the 3 sports wagon.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your search, and even more the car that it reveals.
  • yukityukit Posts: 7
    Although the total capacity is large, the trunk opening is quite narrow, especially if you get the navi option because the CD-changer is mounted on the top side of the rear deck blocking the opening partially.

    I cannot use my bike/ski rack that mounts on the trunk either since I will lose the trunk access completely (no folding rear seat)

    Another little quirk I discovered is the keyless entry system unlocks the driver's side door, but you need to press a little button in the door handle to open the passenger & rear doors.

    So it may not be the most practical car, but I am sure most people will manage. OTOH, the car drives great, & navi is very good (though I don't like the crippled mode while driving that Lexus use)
  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    first drive? Anyone know when they would have it?

    BTW, please don't "hi-jack" others' thread by clicking reply and changing the subject. Post your own thread if you like. :)
  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    Does anyone know where I could find a comparison chart on all these cars' performance? 0-60, 60-0, etc...
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501 has finally added a Motorweek video for the 07 G
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I would have loved to have bought a bmw 330ci, but reliability is most important to me.
  • has a comparison feature and Road & Track mag also has a comparison chart (of most vehicles)-unfortunately, neither of these have been updated with the latest 07 models (edmunds shows both the 07 G35S and 335i as "being researched").
  • wbb56wbb56 Posts: 38
    I have a deal on the table for 07 G35 Sport with all of the goodies. Great car, good deal. But..I am having trouble pulling the trigger because of the 335i. I've owned 4 BMWs, never an Infiniti. 335i was a little more wonderful to drive than the G35. Dealer (although not a good one) is local--Infiniti dealer is 120 miles away. Price is the biggest issue--10k difference which translates into about $85/month lease payment. Don't know if it's worth it move up--pay the BMW price--or go ahead with the G35 purchase-save $3k?? As I said, a tough one--I can't buy them both! Any opinions from owners of either?? Thanks!!
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    I have a fully loaded G35S including 4WAS package and love it, however if the dealer for infiniti is 120 miles away then, even though I prefer the G over the BMW, I'd say in your case your better off with the 335i. I say that assuming $1000/year more is "easy" for you to digest? if that's stretching you a little thinner then you prefer to go, then get the G and do local oil changes, you'll never need to go to the deal except for possible recalls/TSB's and that might be never, the past generations had very little issues.

    To be honest, I'm not a big fan of leasing because it's a lose-lose decision for the customer. It's probably the same price to finance the G as it is to lease the BMW, except at the end of 3 years you fully paid off all interest and have a little equity in the car, the last 2 years of payments are all equity so at the end of 5 years you then have about $20,000 in value. Looking over the coarse of 5 years, although your payment is probably $750 month, it's really only costing you about $400 a month to drive the car while the other $350 goes into a savings via equity. then in 5 years you can trade the car in and get $15-20K down payment toward a new car.

    Infiniti's offering 5.9% financing which is excellent.
  • turborodturborod Posts: 4
    I just bought a G35 sport automatic with premium and Nav., white with spoiler (didn't really care about the spoiler but car came from the factory with it.) Take delivery this week. Test drove both G and BMW 335i. AS a 67 year old guy who raced GTO's for a dealer back in the sixties, owned 5 corvettes in the past and presently own a 10 second Buick Turbo Regal Limited and a 98 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP,I feel I know a little about performance cars. I offer you my reasons why I bought the G over the BMW.

    The BMWi with 300 ft. lbs of torque at 1400 RPM's is quicker espically on the bottom end. The ride was amazing with the run flat tires over rough roads, smoother than the G but not distracting enough to me to make a difference. Ride over rough roads in the BMW was even smoother than a new Avalon Limited I tested. My Pontiac GTP with 100,000 miles is really rough riding on patchy roads. The interior of the G is much nicer than the BMW with my first impression of the BMW interior as old style plain Jane with very flimsy looking cup holders. I am about 6 feet tall with a long torso, so I need plenty of head room on cars with a sun roof. The IS350 does not fit and while the BMW does offer just enough head room the car is smaller than the G and I sought of had to squeese into the bimmer. Cost is a factor but if the bimmer was as large as the G and had as nice interior, I would of paid the difference for the BMW. I came away thinking the BMW is a great car for a younger guy. (25-35). I also was impressed with the G's Bose stereo and Music Hard drive. I know we are going to just love the new G. Now if my wife can only keep away from getting speeding tickets. It took only a week for her to get one back in 1987 when I bought the turbo limited and this new G is as fast as the Buick when it was stock.
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