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Honda CR-V Dealerships



  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I'd definitely look into other dealerships before buying from a dealership you don't feel comfortable with. As for service that shouldn't make any difference where you bought it from and can have the service done at the dealership closest to you.
  • If hte sales departent is poor, then it's liekly the service department is just as badly managed. Thsi is the case with our local nissan dealer. The closest dealer is 40 miels away, but we've had such bad expereinces we actually go to the nextclosest dealer 100 miles away. But for a reasonable price, they have a pick/drop-off and loaner service. I do most of the basic maintenance myself, but for the major service intervals, I use that service.

    Fortunately for my CR-V, the cleast Hodna dealer so far seems pretty good and that's where I purchased it from. I didn't get the best price, but I'd rather pay an extra $500 to establish a good reputation and saved a 200 miles rounds the nearest dealer had what I wanted in stock.
  • Hi,

    We just picked a new Honda Cr-v Ex-l 2013. We checked everything out before signing the contract but I did not notice there were small pieces of broken glass making noise when turning. Service guys said the rear window was broken before delivery to a dealer and somebody did not mention that in the papers. There were also some scratches on the rear wiper. We are getting a new wiper and glass is going to get cleaned up at the service free of charge. We also asked to check for structural damage and they said there was none - I noticed some sloppy welding in the rear when you open a hatch.

    They gave us a thorough report. I am going back to the dealer to complain again. Should I ask for a discount or a new car? We know the general manager quite well and it is the 3rd car we bought from them. It was a smooth ride before until now.

    I am bit disappointed that something like happened and has not been disclosed. I am fully aware that cars do get damaged before delivery and most of us will never know but this time they did not even bother to clean it up so they got caught red handed.
  • pompompompom Posts: 4
    I found damage to a Nissan that I had purchased as new from a dealer. Back then I found out that if the cost to replace/repair is over a certain thresh hold they have to not only disclose it to you but can not sell as new. I contacted the Nissan headquarters who sent out a person to check on this (it was body damage that had been repaired unknown to me). I would ask for a new car but good luck with that. I am currently a Honda owner and received my car in very unsatisfactory condition. My first and last Honda!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    The threshold for disclosure varies quite a bit depending on what state you are in. Here's one example in NC - 5% of the retail value is the threshold.

    I think most states require the dealer to disclose any repairs if you ask but who thinks to ask?

    That link has some suggestions about what you can do.
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