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Toyota Sienna Warning Lights & Problem Codes



  • 2001 Sienna - my Tire Pressure light came on and off - without explanation - for several years.. the first time the dealer told me it was because the shop who did an emergency repair (replaced my wheel) most not have transferred the sensor to the new wheel. Then the light went off... now reason, then back on...Dealer said it was the sensor - I had it replaced, a few weeks - back on... this has gone on for years... it is currently in the "off" position...We just keep checking the air pressure in the tieres... Looks like in 6 years - they haven't fixed the tire pressure sensor issue!
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    Yeah had tire pressure sensor on for years. Finally just reset it and it took the last time. Most of time the reset was ignored by the computer. More of those dumb sensors. Really scares me that they put all this traction control, abs, stability control airbags all over the place. All of which have sensors. I tend to think the actual parts aren't bad and it is the sensors that go bad. They also usually put the sensor in place where you cant get at it without a lift. I've even read that the sensor they put in the seat to tell you to put on your seat belt fails. What other junk will they add to these autos.

    Glad to hear you can replace the door handle on your own. You saved boco bucks. Mine is still the orginal.

    Also don't just take your car to the dealership for second opinions. Try a local shop as well. The dealership uses a rate book that is basically the same at all dealerships. Also if you want to buy a part try to get a non oem as they are cheaper and work just as good. I have also called dealerships for dealer only parts and have gotten as much as a 30% difference in price for the same part.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You can blame the government for trying to protect us from ourselves - TPMS is now required on every car.

    So it's not just Toyota. At least for 2007 on the vans they went to an actual sensor in the wheel, rather than just relying on the ABS sensors.
  • I picked up my car from my dealr the very same day I posted my message, 11/1. Let me correct the codes that I posted in my previous message. The codes are p0441 & p0446. According to the dealer's recommendations, the dealer wants to change the following parts ($cost of the parts): canister ($553.00) and Duty Valve ($185.00). Please note that these are just the cost of the parts not including labor. I turned down the offer and drove my car away.

    On 11/3 (Sat), all three MIL (malfunction indicator lights) went away.

    As of today, the warning lights remain off.. I have been asking around, some repair shops claimed that the lights that went on the second time might caused by a loose gas cap valve. It might take couple of "running cycles" for the computer to reset.

    Now, I am very frustrated. Was the service that performed by dealer on 9/21 necessary? That might caused by a loose gas cap also??

    I learned my lessons this time. I am not going back to my dealer anymore.

  • Yes... my son saved me a lot of $. He's a Honda & Subaru fan.. a "Tuner" learn alot by reading Chilton's manual and just trying... unfortunately, (or fortunately) he's away at college now so I need to wait for his trips home to help out. Current project a new radiator for his sisters 96 Accord...purchased part "on line" for about $50...will install Thanksgiving....saved us at least $350! I think I'll treat him to something nice!:)
  • I tried the link for NHTSA above - but got an error page>?? I also went on the web site directly - without success. Is ther an actual recall happening w/sensors? I'm the only owner of this car and never received any information in the mail fro Toyota!
  • Have any of you had this problem? After 3 days the light went out. Thanks
  • The airbag light is just about the only light that hasn't given me a problem, although my purse does activate it!
  • there is no actual recall yet...they issued the TSB because they are aware of the issue....

    I will try to get the link to work...but try to search by the TSB number when u are in the site...

    Latest update, check engine light, VSC and Trac lights went back on again after they were off for 1 wk.... :(
  • If it wasn't such a pain to worry about...this would be comical! My husb. & I laugh at the new commercial for the car w/all the sensors plus 6 sensors to monitor the sensors!!!
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    The canister for my sienna 2001 at one dealer here is $275.00 shop around.
  • I just had this problem on my 03 Camry. I see more people with the trucks have this problem, can't find Camry owners complaining of it. The song and dance I got from the dealer is the Traction control computer needs replacing for a mere $1,780+ dollars. haha. I'm not that crazy. :confuse:
  • I have the same problem with my 02 Sienna xle with 62,000 miles. Is the O2 sensors covered by an enhanced warranty? What was your solution.
  • To be honest...I've had SO MANY codes & sensor's go bad.. I'd need to do a anaylsis of all the statements over the past 5 years to figure out what solved which problem! NOTHING was covered by ANY warranty! We paid to replace the sensors. As you've probably read in this thread... I am just "milking" the last few months from this car before I need to re-register in 9/08....won't pass NYS inspection with a check engine light - and with 140,000 plus miles - I am not about to spend close to the $5,000 they say is needed to pass...some items I normally would do (brakes - working fine, but they suggest they they get replaced )... but most expenses are sensor failure and a claim that the "sensor says" the catlytic converter is shot. I could first replace the sensor to see if it clears the codes.(not cheap)..but if not, I'm in for the big bucks.... time to trade it it! Sorry - no mechanical answers from me.. I really am venting to let other's know of the issues I've had so when they are choosing which vehicle to purchase themselves, (new or used) they are aware of this issue. Consumer reports, who we always consult prior to purchasing a car, has never mentioned sensor problems... a great disservice in my opinion, since I am clearly not alone with this problem! Maybe Toyota will step up and do something about this issue (pay for repair?) before they has a mass exodus of customers.
  • mpokeompokeo Posts: 8
    Have an 02 sienna with same sensor problem it says bank 1 catylst not up to specification. Replaced 02 sensor , replaced catylitic converter, replaced plugs,replaced timing belt, $2000 later are still having the same problem. Now toyota is saying the y pipe with the 2 small cats is bad and it cost another $1400 to fix. Basically toyota doesn't have a clue whats wrong with it and they are trying to bilk me for everything they can. I will junk it before i put another $1400 into it also i will never buy another toyota again.
  • mpokeompokeo Posts: 8
    Have an 02 sienna with same sensor problem it says bank 1 catylst not up to specification. Replaced 02 sensor , replaced catylitic converter, replaced plugs,replaced timing belt, $2000 later are still having the same problem. Now toyota is saying the y pipe with the 2 small cats is bad and it cost another $1400 to fix. Basically toyota doesn't have a clue whats wrong with it and they are trying to bilk me for everything they can. I will junk it before i put another $1400 into it also i will never buy another toyota again.
  • mpokeompokeo Posts: 8
    Bank 1 is cylinder 1 which is the side of the engine facing the firewall
  • I recently changed my timing belt on my 01 Toyota Sienna, 104k. After driving for a while the Check Engine Light illuminated. A diagnostic check revealed code P1346. which defines the problem as VVT Sensor/Camshaft Position sensor circuit, fault Bank 1. Could this sensor become defective by changing the belt? Its location is not in the vicinity of the belt that it could be damaged during repairs. This sensor appears to be difficult to get to as its not easy visible. Whats your suggestion for a DIYer.
  • I purchased 2008 Sienna LE couple of weeks back and when I was driving it back after my purchase engine indicator and VSC/Tracktion off lights came on. I took it to the dealership they ran it through some checks and then said that indicator is malfunctioning. They replaced the indicator and then after driving for another day all of sudden when I was driving on highway the lights are back again. Now I am taking it back to dealer service. It is frustrating, has anyone else experienced same issue?
  • My piece-of-junk 2007 Toyote Sienna with <17K miles has done this on 4 trips now:
    -Check Engine light comes on
    -Begins to lose power
    -Starts "hunting" a gear it can sustain in. Back & forth, back & forth
    -Starts acting like it's running on 3-4 cylinders
    -Starts bucking
    -Won't go over 50 mph uphill.
    2 dealers say they can't find anything wrong. They tell me it must be gas. What a crock! Stopped at WalMart and put in a 20-oz Fuel System Cleaner plus a full bottls of octane booster. I have a 2000 Odyssey with 193K, runs like a dream. I'll never drive this piece-of-junk Toyota on the road again. Only 4.5 more years of payments. Drove 250 miles like that last night, have 400 more miles this morning. I hate this Toyota. Anyone have any ideas? The experts don't.
  • Hey Happy Messed Up Friday! I was planning a road trip this morning all excited about going down south to spend time with my valentine. Well that all fell thru because I left work this morning after working graveyard shift and I have a 45 min ride home well I didn't make far from my job and these lights all popped on early within my ride home. I just bought the 2007 Sienna in July and it quite frustrating to see your new vehicle going berserk. If you get anymore valuable information please share with me. I can't see the dealer until feb. 20 just destroyed my Valentine Weekend Travel. :confuse: Thanks Good Luck
  • Spent the afternoon that day in a Toyota dealer, limped it in with the Check Engine light flashing and 2 cyliinders misfiring. Hooked it up to the Tech's laptop, read all the codes. All they could see were misfires. They wanted to drive it, so I encouraged them to not clear the ECM (computer) which they did anyway. Drove it about 30 miles up and down a steep pass twice and it wouldn't replicate. The Tech asked me if I put oversized tires on it, that OS tires could make it misfire. I said no, but I had just rotated the tires the day before, front to back. We returned to the dealer and I paid them to balance and rotate the tires again. The tire technician said he noticed what appeared to be an out-of-round tire that came off the left front and is now on the left rear - - could it be a broken belt in one of those Dunlop tires? No more problems for the next 1000 miles. Got back home last Thursday evening, took it to the dealer this a.m. They can't find anything. I asked them to look at the tires, still haven't heard back. The technician and I on Friday the 15th in that rural Toyota dealership discussed whether a broken steel belt could set up enough vibration to cause the engine control system to misfire. If so, this is my very last Toyota. We'll see what happens today. Everyone I've taken this to has looked at me like I'm crazy. But, I owned a full-service station in the '70s, had a tire shop, a wrecker service, and series of dirt-track stock cars, and built a few hot rods as well as maintaining all my own vehicles. So, even if they think I'm crazy I know better.
  • Have a 2004 Sienna XLE AWD with 81K miles, yesterday the VSC light came on followed by Engine light a few minutes later. Stayed on most of the day then went off.
    Back on this morning, so off to Toyota Dealer for service and check.
    They checked codes and said C1246 meant need to change ABS actuator $3,000!!!
    Also code P0037 - B1 S2 - another $300. Thats nearly 10% of what I paid for the vehicle.
    Needless to say I'm getting another opinion before I splash the cash.
    Any idea :( s?
  • ronster1ronster1 Posts: 1
    I had the same thing today. The speedometer stopped working on my 2004 Sienna with 57,000 miles. The VSC, tire pressure, brake, and ABS warning lights are on. Dealer says it's rare, but the ABS actuator assembly needs to be replaced. The part is $2,815 and with labor it will be $3,280.

    This is my 7th Toyota and I can't believe they are serious. This is why I buy a Toyota, so I don't have these issues. What happened with yours? Anybody else?
  • robc4robc4 Posts: 1
    Just dropped off my 2002 Sienna after driving will all 3 warning lights on for a while. Lights on from 2 issues. First is Air Fuel Ratio Sensor, about $400. Secons is ABS Actuator Assembly, about $2000. I'll fix the first and hold off on the 2nd for now. We have never had problems will our Toyotas, although I'm hearing other family members with Siennas are now seeing the same issues once the car gets over 70,000 miles.
  • robkampenrobkampen Posts: 4
    Had the same problem. First Toyota agent diagnosed Oxygen Sensor problem and Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor - I too got told it would be over $3000 to repair.
    Having been assured that there was no safety issue driving with the warning lights, I departed and drove around for another few weeks. Then I went to Toyota agent number 2. They diagnosed differently - they did pick up on the Oxygen Sensor but came up with another item also. At that point I told them of my previous diagnosis and suggested that they actually have no idea what the problem really is and just want to replace components on my coin. They took exception to my allegations, and asked to keep the car for another hour (I stayed and waited the whole time - wanted to keep the pressure on) After 90 minutes they said their head mechanic was sure it was only the Oxygen Sensor and that this fault was creating the other error codes in the computer system. So they asked for permission to replace the sensor for approx $300.00 - I said go ahead. Sure enough, after another 80 minutes they came and said all was well!!
    Anytime a computer system fails and shows multiple errors at the same time, don't trust it.
    Hope this helps someone - it appears that this oxygen sensor is the real culprit, also I can now drive on 87 fuel without pinging again - don't know if its related, but after the first 30,000 miles my 2004 Sienna awd started pinging when cruising along a level road at 40 ~ 50 mph. Toyota agents were no help, solutions proposed varied from "induction service" to run 91 or 93 fuel. So for the last 50,000 miles I have paid the extra cost for 93 fuel, but no longer, I'm back to 87 and no apparent problems......
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Bummer, first problem with my 07. Code reader says it's a P0328 - Knock sensor 1 circuit high input bank 1 or 1 sensor.

    Bad knock sensor?

    It's going to the dealer tomorrow, but if anyone has seen this please chime in.
  • thanks in advance for answering.

    i have an 04 sienna.with 41 k miles.
    i have an eng lite came on.
    i relace the plugs and # pwr pack.
    still have problem.
    anyone one have simmliar or figure this out.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sorry, no.

    I didn't get an answer at all - but get turned out to be some animal chewing up my wiring harness! They found chewed up wires and acorns stuff all over the engine bay, and my van's only about a year old!

    $680 or so after I begged for a discount, and not covered by warranty. :cry:
  • In the past week my 2006 Sienna LE has the SRS (Airbag) Warning light on, intermittently. When it is on it seems to be on most of the time but occasionally turn off. It is almost in a timely manner but have noticed a somewhat random cycle. Should this light be a solid on or is it meant to flash? There has been the odd time that the light has not come on but it is not very often.

    I bought an OBD-II Scanner today and found there are no codes present and erasing the computer doesn't turn the light off. Is there any way of resetting the warning light or is there another scanner present to look into the system. Dealer told me they have to scan the van ($100) to determine what is wrong and then do whatever fix is necessary. My 3 year warrenty expires the end of the year. I don't think I should have to pay anything if it is under warrenty especially for something as dumb as these darn warning lights.

    Are there any known issues with this system and what has been the resulting problems?

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