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Toyota Sienna Warning Lights & Problem Codes



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I always thought a solid light was a warning, a blinking light was something more serious and you should not drive it.

    As to whether the warranty covers it - it depends on what caused it.

    Look at my case above - chipmunks chewed up my wiring harness. This is very clearly not covered by warranty, even though I thought it would be (before I knew the cause).

    So I guess the answer is a big "that depends". If it's caused by a failure that is covered by warranty, then it should be free.

    If my chipmunks moved to your car, and started a buffet in your wiring harness, then no, it's definitely not covered.

    Having said that, the airbags are definitely under warranty, so as long as the problem is limited to that part of your vehicle, I think it should be free.
  • I bought an OBD2 scanner and it told me nothing. No codes present. I then read somewhere about a reset procedure. I figured if the problem is real the light will reappear. Thus I reset the warning light and it has been a week with no reoccurance. With all the electronics in these vehicles these days there are bound to be small glitches and the computers will always latch on and hold them even though they are not problems with the vehicle.

    Just saved myself $100+ and who knows how much more potentially and most of all, all the hassle and aggravation to/from and at the dealer. :shades:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Good for you. The scanner already paid for itself.
  • Robs sienna, would you tell me which OBD2 scanner you bought? Thanks.

    I have the similarly problem. After I reset the tire pressure light, the SRS warning went on, intermittently. Too bad, my warranty expired last month.

    Based on manual, it is the problem of side/curtain airbag. But I really feel it is a computer glitch. I am thinking of reset the light and go to the dealer if the SRS warning comes back.
  • I got thesame problem as yours my friend. Engine light / VSC / Trac off lights suddenly came on on my toyota sienna 07 LE. So if your dealership figure out whats wrong, Can you email it to me so i can do the fixing myself. cause I think my dealership don't have any idea whats wrong with the van, i might as well follow your lead.
  • What did you end up doing with the SRS warning light? Mine flashes as well and I am just not convinced that their is an issue. I am out of warranty due to mileage, but I take great care of the car and I find it hard to beleive that the airbag would malfunction after only three years (no accidents and no use). Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.
  • This reply is a little late, but my 2004 has the same problem-no speedo ,no odo, and check engne lite-they say it's the abs actuator assembly-something like 2 thousand ++ for the part. My sienna only has 26,000 miles. Needless to say, I'm pretty disappointed and will write a letter to Toyota. Maybe it's not such a rare problem?
  • szsrwsszsrws Posts: 1
    I just got a 09 sienna LE. Within 800 miles the 3 lights turned on. They said it was the oxegyn sensor. 2500 miles later same thing happened again. This time they say its the other oxegyn sensor. Has anyone had these types of problems on a brand new Seinna?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yes, but it turned out to be some rodents that had chewed up my wiring harness!

    I hope you don't have the same problem.

    Come to think of it, my problem was with a knock sensors, but that was just a strange symptom, the actual problem was a chip munk. :mad:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Anyone know what that warning light is for?

    My van is working fine, but when I lock my doors I get an occasional blink from that red light in the dash (shaped like the van, but with a key in the middle of it).

    Any clue what that is? Has it always been there, only I never noticed it until now?

    This is a 2007 LE with package 3. I made sure all doors were closed properly. Reinserting the key made no change.
  • Hi been following this discussion closely. Our Sienna has just started having these three light solidly on all the time. Check engine, VSC, Trac off as wellI it has 39k on it for mileage. All fluid levels are fine, must be a gas cap or similar sensor reading gone whacky. So what is the brand of scanners people have purchased to do the ox sensor reset. Little freaked out at the suggestions of the 3000. bills to repair/replace items that are really a false code. What do you all suggest as the starting point.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    An ODBII scanner is worth the money. I paid $99 for mine, and have used it about 6 times, a few times on friends' cars.

    Mine is an Actron. It can read and reset codes but it's pretty basic.

    I would start there. Reset the warning and see if they just go away.
  • I have just had this problem occur at 100,484 miles. The dealer said it was the ABS actuator assembly -- $2000 to repair. I called my former mechanic (who I would trust with my life) and he confirmed that this might be the problem...but he also said that he has NEVER seen this EXCEPT when a dumb tire store messed up a tire install. Not the case with me as I've not had new tires in over a year.

    The lights have now gone off (after the dealer said they would stay on and the cruise control wouldn't function -- which it does). I'm going for a second opinion.
  • Hi all, I am updating the status of the check engine warning light issue..Please see my original postings back in Nov 07 (posting # 30). Here is a short recap: Dealership charged me $800 to fix the check engine light issues back in Sept 07. A month later, the same check engine lights came back on again. At that time, they told me another issues w/ another set of codes. They suggested they can fix it for me for another $700. I didn't let them fix it. Instead, I asked my local guy to reset the car after I put in a brand new gas cap. Now, it's a year and a half later, as of today, the check engine light never came back after I put in more than 15,000 miles. The gas cap only cost me $20.00.
    Why couldn't the dealership detect the issues as malfunction of the gas cap? Instead, they would throw out a bunch of warning codes and demand $$$ to repair it for u...
    If you have the "check engine light" problems and the car still drives fine, try to replace the gas cap first...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'd be looking for another dealer...
  • 03sienna03sienna Posts: 2
    140,000 miles - car passes emmissions test levels but fails because of these codes and misfire codes. The CEL is on, and from other post, I checked the following:
    1) the gas-cap- it whooshes when I open the tank after being parked for 1 hour.
    2) removed the canister - it's lightweight and dry, and does not appear to be cracked, but it had heavy gas fumes. Hoses look new and are tight.
    3) solenoid valve at canister - tested fine. Connections are good.
    4) upper solenoid valve at air filter - tested fine. Connections are good.
    5) upper hose at air filter - looks good.
    What's next to check? Any advice?
  • jcz65jcz65 Posts: 2
    No advice but the same issue, replaced o2 sensors the last 2 years but not sure what to do this year. Just had van inspected and same errors po 420,440,441 and 446. Will try the gas cap as this seems the easiest and cheapest thing to try. 2 more payments and Im done but the level of frustration from dealing with this the last 3 years will probably make me trade it in.
  • ecelisecelis Posts: 1
    My Sienna 98 Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) came on today. Gas cap was on tight. Two days ago the driver side power window would not work, but after a few hrs it did come back. Are these 2 issues related? Owner's manual says MIL can be either gas problem or electrical problem...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Do you have an OBDII scanner? Or can a local parts supply shop let you borrow one? The code helps troubleshoot.
  • Did you ever get an answer to your question bout the blinking red light with key? I'm getting the same warning light and have no idea what it means. I don't have a manual for the 2007 Sienna that I just purchased. I would appreciate any wisdom you could give on this matter! Thanks!
  • Any idea on how to reset the airbag flashing light? I reset the tire pressure monitor and mine has come on now for almost a week. Is there a way to reset this with a switch under the steering?

    Appreciate a response ....Thanks
  • After an oil change should not the check engine light go off? How can it be reset?
  • jprocjproc Posts: 135
    check engine light and oil changes have nothing to do with each other.I don't think you can reset the engine light either
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Do you mean "Service Engine Soon" instead?

    I think you set the odometer to the total mileage, turn it off, then hold the button while turning the key to the On position. Something like that.
  • You are right. I meant the "Maintenance Reqd" light, not "Check Engine". I'll try to turn it out.
  • You said: "Under the instrument deck, there is a fuse box. Remove the one labelled "EFI" for 30 seconds. That's it."

    Where exactly is the instrument deck located?

  • Has anyone experience the check engine light problem with the Sienas, mine is a 2001 LE
    I been having this problem for a few years and had it cycle on and off a few times --But always a potiential problem when it's time for emissions .
    I had it scanned a few time and it's the ( O441/.0446 code)I was told it could be the Charcoal Canister that on top of the gas tank.
  • I like to know how many Sienna owners have the same problem I do
    My check engine light has come on and been reset several times
    my codes (0041/0046)
    I was told it's the Evap control system
    It could be the charcoal canister that mounted to the top of the gas tank which it's quite costly to repair
  • Whoever said it. My gas cap was loose.. It was not even turned.. Just put on.

    I will let it reset by itself after some trips.

    Hope both of them go off soon,

    Thanks for a good forum
  • Have the same problem with 04 sienna. It seems to come on if I run errands getting in and out the car starting and restarting say more than 5 times in an 2hr period. At that point it begins to ride sluggish. Not sure dealer unable to diagnose problem
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