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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager Electrical Problems



  • Thanks, I'll give that a try and see how it goes.
  • Hi...I am very new to this forum ..Thanks you for important tips and sharing info.
    I have a Nissan Quest 94 regularly maintained ...Battery is just 2 yrs old , shows 12 volts..
    I came home yesterday (outside temp was 65 )...I put van in Park and Suddenly all the lights gone.
    When i open the door , door lights didnt turn ON...Usually the seat belt comes off by itself once i open door. It didnt
    So i tried to start Van..No sound No clicking nothing...Wht might be wrong..?? is there any kill switch or something...??

    All I know was brake fluid had gone below min level and brake light was ON...
    I drove like that for 6 miles...during that once ABS sign also lit up; just for 2 seconds. Then its gone. To be specific I happen to drive almost 4 miles after that ABS light disappeared...Thank god the van reached home But Now its not starting at ll..Wht could be the proble....?? pls help
    Appreciate your tips...
  • I have a 2004 quest that I have been haviung problems with. It started a few months ago where the radio would go on and off as driving. Power was on but audio went out. It was iintermittent so the dealer could not locate problem. Soon after that, my airbag light came on and now flashes constantly.. Also, my cruise control does not work. All of this is leading me to believe an electrical problem... Any ideas on what all of these have in common???
  • pluiplui Posts: 5
    I requested the same problems to my villager,99.
    After I ran it more than five miles when the engine was cold, it started hesitated, idle dropped, and died on signal light.
    I had 3 mechanics to work on my vehicle, and replaced fuel pump, fuel gasket, spark plug, distributor cap and rotor. Also, the intake manifold was clean.
    I met someone last week who worked on his 94 villager and recommended to replace the modual on the distributor.
    I wish to have your opinion soon.

    Kindly Regards,

  • I used to have a '91 Ford Escort whose radio was dead for 3 years. Once I couldn't start my car and changed the ignition lock cylinder, the radio was back to live. You may have similar cause.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Check your ECM. It's located under the hood on the passenger side jsut underneath the plastic sill. THis model year has issues with the ECM rusting. It's not well protected from the rain and can rust out.
  • My battery was dead we recharged it and now the auto windows and door locks don't work. We checked the fuse and took the cables off the battery for a few hours and still don't work. Is there a reset button ?
  • i have a 96 nissan quest and my husband is trying to fix it but we have no clue how to test the TPS and if there is any way to bench test it. what it is suppose to be and all the mechanical mumbo jumbo.
    is there any advice i can get??
  • we need help on my van i need to know how to test the TPS sensor. does any one know how to do so. we burn through a lot more gas then when we bought this van.. please we really need help..
  • I have a 99 Quest, so I can't help you. Try this other forum for some help: villagerquest.
  • After not being able to locate replacement bulbs for the EATC on my '99 Villager, I found that the bulbs can be removed from the plastic socket and replaced with Radio Shack #7219 Micro Lamps (272-1092 12 Volts 60ma Wire terminal base). My dealer doesn't carry a replacement, or even knows where to find any.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited January 2013
    Are those wedge based bulbs? I had a note lying around about some part number for the bulbs in the instrument cluster on my '99 - a 194 miniature.

    194 is also the part number (per RockAuto) of the license plate light and that doesn't sound right to me. But it's too cold to mess around in my unheated garage to take the hour to pull the cluster to get to the bulbs anyway.
  • These bulbs aren't wedge shaped, and they have 2 long wires. I haven't pulled apart the dash yet, though there is at least one bulb out. I read that 2 different size bulbs are used in the dash. One is a 194 the other I can't remember. The very small bulbs that light up the heater control buttons aren't available at any auto parts store that I looked at. They are T-1 size (1/8"). I bought 12 Volt bulbs, but my Electrician friend said that I should have used 14 Volt bulbs since the voltage can get that high. With the dimmer, I don't think they get to 12 volts anyway.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Thanks. I keep pushing the bulbs off to the (warm) summer, and then I rarely wind up driving in the dark so the lack of light on my fuel gauge doesn't bug me. Until it gets too dark and cold to mess with it. :shades:

    I had the cluster out a few years ago to mess with a sticky tach and it's not that bad of a job all in all.
  • opantojaopantoja Posts: 1
    You can test a TPS with a multimeter or with a scanner in datastream mode. As you move the TPS you should notice the resistance changing on your meter.
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