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Uplander/Montana/Relay/Terraza TSBs and Problem Codes



  • I wish that someone would respond who actually did get help from GM and tell us what we should do. At this point I'd just be happy to have someone tell me a fix for the front end of my Uplander and what type of rotors and pad I should purchase other than GM!
  • Good morning gigi1957,

    I see that you've contacted us in the past - if you wanted to email us either your Service Request number (71-**********) or the last 8 digits of your VIN we could check into that further to see if there's anything further we can do. Our email is

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Sorry to hear of the problems with your GM vehicles. I own a 2007 Uplander and it has been less problematic than your vehicle. The brake problems on the early models like yours (2005 was the first year for the Uplander) has a lot to do with the oversized wheels (17 in. rims) and only 5 lugnuts per wheel. GM added an extra lugnut per wheel with the later models which reduces some of the brake problems. I find the brake pads wear quickly (20k to 30k miles) but I haven't had any other issues with the brakes. Aftermarket ceramic brake pads will help, but the number of lugnuts is a design issue which can not be fixed on your vehicle. Also, the later models got GM's 3900 V6 which is a big improvement over the 3500 found in your vehicle. You're probably better off trading in the Uplander and getting something else that better suits your needs and is more reliable. Good luck.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    I can't help you with your front end but I can tell you that I replaced the poor GM front brake pads and rotors with replacement parts made by Raybestos. Problem solved for 40,000+ miles...
  • So Sarah has time to request more VINs but does not have time to tell us why we should provide them. This could be as little as one well-phrased, B.S.-free sentence.

    EXCELLENT customer service. Truly. It has made me a GM customer for LIFE . . .

    . . . not. Way to go Sarah, you are making your company look worse than it already did!
  • Serviceless Sarah is not trying to help you. I know someone in GM's Risk Management group and they talk about the "social media multiplier" to risk (i.e. that a failure goes "viral") What she's trying to do is to negate the effect of this blog so that if potential new car buyers search here, they'll think GM "Cares." If anyone on this message board has actually gotten assistance from GM, I'd like to hear what worked (so far nothing does for me). I took GM's advice, spent a day at a dealer for an intermittent check engine light (under warranty) and was told their best guess is to tear the engine apart at a cost of $1400 (not covered by warranty even though car is still within warranty period and mileage). What's the point of buying a new car from GM when they refuse to honor their warranty? They know they have more lawyers than we can ever afford, and their bullying way of dealing with problems doesn't get them fixed, but it does save GM money and allow them to avoid their obligation to the customers.

    Here's what I suggest (won't get your car fixed but it'll make you happier and might get Serviceless Sarah's attention) -

    Post negative reviews on every website and blog that you can find. Keep it factual but be sure to use lots of keywords - mention every current model that GM makes (even if it's not yours), so that when someone is looking to buy a new car and do research, your review will be near the top of the search list. When you post something on this site, be sure to check the box that says Share on Facebook to spread its reach. At some point Sarah won't be able to keep up (though I doubt her real name is Sarah, there's probably a hundred just like her who all use the same name, even the guys).

    I dont have the time to do this but I've seen it work before - stick some lemons on the side of the car and then drive around in front of the local dealers. Be sure to have someone there with a video camera, and be sure to get the name of the dealership in the shot. Then, post to Youtube and wait for the fun to begin. Be sure to send the link to every media outlet in your area. Instant viral video.

    Sarah (or George, or whatever your name is) what empowerment do you have to fix any of this? If your only authority is to ask for VIN numbers, YOU"RE NOT HELPING. Get someone from GM on this blog who is empowered to make a decision to help us and GET OUT OF THE WAY!
  • I don't know if anyone has actually been helped here or not. I do know that after I posted on here about my 2 GM vehicles there was a woman in our area driving home from church in her 2004 Malibu and the steering locked up causing her to lose control of her car and hit a utility pole. She survive, but her car is totaled. The vehicle had been to the local dealership about 4 times and supposedly they couldn't find the problem. I own a 1984 Chevrolet Corvette that's in better shape than either of my 2005 vehicles.
  • Hello dkstocker,

    Sorry I had missed your follow-up message! Sometimes the search tool we use does not flag all responses, and again I apologize for that.

    With your VIN, we're able to search our records to get a good idea of your history with the vehicle, as well as gives us the ability for us to provide you with any pertinent information we can find about the given situation (relevant recalls, special coverages, warranty information, etc.). We use it to build a Service Request, through which we do interact with the dealership to learn more about what's going on with the vehicle after a diagnosis and to see what we can do in the situation.

    Additionally, if we build this Service Request, it is logged in our database and can be accessed by different departments within GM (including brand quality).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Okay, so I send you my VIN. You get one more tick in your database saying 'this car has problems' and you run a search and find that X work was or was not done. It still doesn't fix my car, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't even get me a free code-reading on a Tech II scanner at my local dealership - MUCH less a free repair on an old car. I'm not really interested in populating a GM database, but I AM somewhat interested in having my car working 100%.

    Pertinent information - apparently there are several insouluble mystery problems or there would be answers on all these threads about how people came away with FIXED cars.
    Recalls - wouldn't that be nice!
    Special coverages - apparently not even STANDARD coverage, see post #99 above
    Warranty information - at 7 years and 75,000 miles, not on a GM

    Color me still unconvinced, skeptical of GM's commitment even to FIX problems, much less genuine Customer Service, and yes even a bit hostile toward the uncaring attitude I find here and elsewhere.

    Here is what a world-class giant car company does, that CARES about their products, CARES about their customers, and CARES that their customers come get more of their products in the future: When there is a known problem with lots of potentially-fatal events caused by the problem being posted all over the internet, they assign some people to find the owners of potentially-affected vehicles and FIX the problem. This is not the same as hope the owners come in, charge them $$$$ and let them drive away with cars still broken in potentially-lethal ways.

    If a scam/fake/worthless aftermarket warranty company can figure out how to send me a postcard asking for my business, how is it General Motors can't? How is this even a question? :(
  • brown1315brown1315 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 chevy Uplander and the service ABS and Traction Control and Service Stability System warnings light have started to come on but not with any regularity. The van only has 108,942 km on it i have read that there are alot of people having these issues. The last 4 digit of vin are 0131. is there actually a fix for this or is it a money pit
  • susanssv6susanssv6 Posts: 2
    Money pit!!

    Mine just came on AGAIN. I've had it fixed 4 times now. I think the repairs have only lasted a year or less.

    I paid $1200 the first time and lucked into the shop fixing it under warranty the last 3 times. They did tell me though that if it happened again they would not repair it for free again. They have seen and repaired many of these. I really think it is a flaw in the design somewhere.

    I just paid my 2006 off (dealer driven and bought in 2007) so I'm going to keep it hopefully another year or so. I feel like if I sell it now I won't be able to get what it should be worth so I'm waiting so I can at least not loose money.

    Good luck. If you get it fixed keep track of your warranty and stay on top of the issue.
  • sutibunsutibun Posts: 1
    I drive a 2006 and had the harness replaced and still get the light.
  • redmen11redmen11 Posts: 1
    Wow, my wife has an 07 Uplander that just started to have this problem yesterday. I took it for a drive and did not find the issue. Low and behold I took it somewhere later and had the issue. No fix yet and I am going to take it to a GM dealer to be gouged on filling their pockets with money?! Yes GM customer service is a joke. Sarah huh? I can start another thread here with my first experience with her when the vehicle was still under warranty. Anybody else have a cracked high mount stop light on this series of vechiles? Bet some of you have. If not, when you walk a parking lot look at this body style and look at them. The dealer said it was not under warranty and somebody probably hit it with a baseball bat, yeh right. I thought "hey I have bought ten GM vehicles in a row and my father in law is a GM employee, so somebody should help me. The part was a little over $100 and is two screws. The dealer wants almost $50 to put it in. Sarah told me that since I was a valued loyal GM customer, they would help out with the $50 if I had the dealer fix it. I went to the junkyard for $10 and took one out of an 2001 Venture. It does not have the LED brightness that the original had, but who cares. Yep, have to consider another car company next vehicle.
  • susanssv6,

    What were the previous "fixes"? Did any of them involve the Electronic Brake Control Module, Steering Wheel Position Sensor or Vehicle Yaw and Vehicle Lateral Sensors?
  • Hi Susan,

    The diagnosis was a bad electronic brake control module, with a cost of $1200 at the dealer. I took it to a repair shop who made the same diagnosis and they replaced it for $400. Next day the light was on and it remains on now.

    As I explained to the dealer and the repair shop, the ABS light never came on. The EBCM and wheel sensors are common to both systems, so logically that was not the problem.

    If it's just the traction/stability control light then it's likely the yaw and lateral sensor (or something else). I've heard of electrical problems with these vehicles that come from water intrusion. I've had constant problems with rain leaking into the vehicle since purchase.

    BTW for anyone who's interested, I've complained about a check engine light since the car was new and suspected contamination of the fuel system. Today (five years later) I got a recall letter for a possible crack in the fuel pump. Only way Chevrolet does anything is to be forced to by the government.

    On a positive note, I'm picking up my new Explorer tomorrow. Considered a Traverse but with all the problems I've had with this one never a GM product again. Their loss.
  • Im a retired tech with 35 years experience.My wife's 06 Uplander LT had same issues with ABS,TC, and Stability lights coming on.I found some minimal wear in right front hub and bearing assy, after replacing no more problems.Replace gas cap issues are in the Emission system mounted above fuel tank.Need to replace Evap purge solenoid,canister vent valve and a replace hose with a piece of 5/8 hose.All parts can be purchased at for a fraction of the cost anywhere else.Hope this helps anyone having problems.
  • Hey All,

    Just thought I would toss my two cents in here on all the Uplander issues. We have owned an Uplander since 2009, and for the first 100,000 kms of ownership it was not a bad van. Other than a rear wiper motor needing replacement, all was well. The van only had 90,000 kms on it when we bought it for just under $12,000 Canadian. However, when the van reached 200,000 kms, everything seemed to go down hill fast. Every sensor in the front end of the vehicle has needed replacement. Left wheel sensor, right wheel sensor, master electrical sensor, wiring harness, and the ABS/Traction Control/Stability Control lights still appear after nearly $3000 worth of repairs. The van also eats brake rotors like nothing, and is rusting in many places even after extensive painting and rust proofing. After the van decided to blow a front stability rod, and the ABS has proceeded to come on repeatedly in DRY road conditions with minimal, there is little chance of us keeping it. And then, last week, the van began to experience worrying transmission slip problems. Now, at 238,000 kms, the van is no longer safe. After having several GM vehicles that have done 300,000+ kms without issue, this van has been a massive let down. It will be sold for scrap this month, and a lovely, well equipped RELIABLE Honda CRV is being purchased. GM really dropped the ball on this one, very disappointed. This will be the last GM product we purchase. Terrible service, vehicles with appalling quality control, and ridiculous sticker prices. No wonder GM went bankrupt. They should have stayed that way.

  • rich_dadrich_dad Posts: 1

    I'll continue this thread. I have a 2005 Terraza and have many of the same issues that have been outlined here. I went to the dealer until the dealer's work didn't fix the problem. GM dropped the ball on what could have really been a great van. Ours has run well but these error codes for the ABS, TC, and Anti lock are un acceptable. Here are things I have done (myself) that have helped to problem at different points in time.

    • replaced wheel hubs
    • redid wiring between wheel hum and car
    • cleaned the steering control sensor thing (I am not a mechanic but have been servicing my own vehicles for 25 I won't act like a mechanic)
    • removed, cleaned, and reattached each ground I can find on the car (I suspect the voltage drops are related to some of the sensor problems in this vehicle)
    • replace the drive axles (crazy aweful vibration)

    Oh and the rotor issue is related to hand torquing the tires. If they are put on with an air gun and a torque stick you'll have warped rotors in a few days of driving. I put mine on with an air rachet to 40 ft/lbs then I hand torque to 70, 80, then 90 foot/lbs in a star pattern you'll be OK. Also, when you stop at a light, stop about 10 feet early and slowly roll forward. That will keep brake pad debris from building on your rotors.

    Van has great specs and GM dropped the ball. I'd like to buy American but it is unAmerican to buy an inferior product that a company doesn't stand behind. See ya GM, we now have a ford that works well.

  • Not sure if I'm in the right discussion, but j have a 2007 uplander and the brake lights went out and it says service abs system now. What do I do? What would the cost be. The fuses are good and the brake light bulbs are still good. I know it's electrical but does it have anything to do with the abs system?
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