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Volkswagen Eos Water Leaks



  • I had this similar problem with my 2008 Eos, a full cup of water would fall out of the car door when first open after rain or after I washed my car by hand. If you stand too close, you'd drench your shoes! I think my dealer put in weep holes (drilled through the rubber seals) and the problem went away. Don't believe them when they pretend it is a one rare problem. However, do be very concern when their reaction is NOT surprised at all.
    Later, I had a major leak from right corner roof front of passenger side. I cleaned and wipped off all seals every time I washed my car, it was parked indoor garage often too. Yet, they will claim the evil "leaf" which may cause the clog. My problem got so bad, that I eventully filed for lemon law and got the car replaced.
    Your car should still be under some type of warrantee, I hope. Be nice, but be presistant to VW.
  • jade13jade13 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the tips regarding my Waterfall. I emailed them a couple days ago and haven't heard a reply so it looks like I'll have to be persistent with this matter. Luckily the warranty is good until 2013!
  • Besides the obvious inconvinence dealing with the warranty, you should keep track of every phone calls, resolution, duration of car in service, etc. The big picture is, eventually you may need to deal with other issues, ALL addes up when it comes with the Lemon Law, should it ever gets that bad.
    I love this car, but as I read all the others' problems, I learned a lot, and got many ideas and suggestions which made me assertive of my rights.
    Best of luck. Read others input if you have time.
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  • After 24 different contacts with VW , 7 repairs and 2 major floods, I have now filed a complaint with Fair Trading. I sent the dealership on a letter of demand for a full refund after much to and fro they offered a refund of 10 K less than the purchase price. Totally dis satisfied. Can any one advise if they got a full refund. I have had two years of hell
  • JgJiffy at A O L
  • After four visits to the dealer with leaks I insisted that the car should be taken back and replaced with a different model. This they did without any complaints, as I presumed that VW were aware of the problems that could occur with this model. I now drive a VW Golf Estate Sportline with all the toys to bring the value up to the same price as the EOS. I have had this car now for 18months without any problems and with the panoramic roof is just as good in our climate.
  • I went through the process of Lemon Law. You must see your local law to see what fits, and document everything. Eventually, you will get want you want, NOT what they want.
    Minus $10K is not an option.
  • I totally agree!! I have a 2007 EOS and it's been in the shop many times for leaking roof problems as well as a couple of other issues. Each time it comes out they say it's fixed and then it rains and the water pours in. After about 4 times (and over 30 days) in the shop mine is finally not leaking (at the moment). It's really disappointing for a VW, that was not cheap, especially when it seems to be such a common problem amongst EOS owners (from what I can see online), that they were unable to take care of the issue quickly. It was really inconvenient to have to keep going back, every other week, getting a rental and waiting for them to try the latest fix on it, only to have to return it again. I would not buy another VW after this experience, which is a shame because I was happy with my last VW.
  • jimg602jimg602 Posts: 2
    I brought my eos to the dealer last year when the doors were filling with water. We checked other eos on the lot and found the same thing. We checked the trunk and found a lot of water around the spare tire. You have to take the cover (over the spare tire) off. I was told you have to live with the door problem. The technician said he put some sealant in different places and when tested, no water entered the trunk. I found water in the trunk today and brought the car in. It seems water is coming in the truck lid, probably through the lights, but can't get out so it winds up in the trunk. There are 2 holes, that may be drain holes, in the trunk lid but there are rubber grommets in them. I can't see how water can get out. I checked my toyota and found 2 holes for drainage in the lid. I am going back tomorrow to the dealer. At the dealer today he said there is a fix for the doors so check with your dealer.
  • Hi All,

    I need to Know firly quickly if there are any other leaking issues in Australia.

    I have a number who have come to me direct. VW Australia stand fast that there are no leaking EOS in Australia.

    Fighting hard here !!
  • moonpie1moonpie1 Posts: 3
    Did you obtain a lemon law attorney. If so did they file under your state's lemon law or the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty act. I contacted a lemon law attorney when VW denied my request for replacement and offered a small cash settlement. The attorney said they did not use the lemon law but used the Magnusn Moss act. This requires my paying court costs and inspection fees even though the attorney is supposed to be paid by the manufacturer. I am leary of using them. Am wondering if I should handle myself and go to arbitration
  • moonpie1moonpie1 Posts: 3
    would like to know more about your lemon law case
  • ralph001ralph001 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2010 EOS - Line in teh NorthEast. I have a strong mildew smell after a couple of days of heavy rain and wind. Could water have leaked in causing this odor? What should I be looking for? thanks
  • jimg602jimg602 Posts: 2
    Check the trunk. Remove the cover over the spare tire. Water may be accumulating there. Also when you open the trunk, check the trunk lid itself. Water may be getting in through the trunk latch. There are 2 rubber plugs in the bottom of the trunk lid. If water is in the trunk lid, removing the plugs will let it out. My toyota has 2 holes there for but no plugs. It makes sense. The VW's have plugs here which does not make sense. If there is water in the trunk, don't remove it. Bring it to the dealer so they can see it and document it. Then check the lemon law in your state. Good luck!
  • camie00camie00 Posts: 1
    I've been dealing with condensation and water leaks for over 6 months. After 5 attempts by VW to fix the leaks, 2 carpet replacements, 3 months without my car, many trips back and forth to the dealer to show them the condensation because somehow they couldn't see it on their own, the service manager telling me my car was leaking like a strainer and more recently 2" of water in my trunk, mold on the tire cover and a lovely smell I kicked up when we lifted that cover, I've written an 8 page letter documenting each fix attempt, the symptoms :sick: and photographs of the condensation (which one night froze on the inside) requesting they take my lease back and reimburse for the 3 months I didn't have it. Today I received a written response requesting all the service records (can't they get that?). I'm getting those all together along with the lease information they requested. Does anyone have any tips/warnings to help me get this resolved quickly?
  • I HAD (now gone), the exact same problem...

    The dealer (alexandria VW, alexandria, va) finally called in the VW HQ factory techs...

    they took apart the roof...

    It turned out the roof was MISSING an INTERNAL part in the roof....apparently it was not installed at the factory during manufacture...this part channels water to various outtakes....

    they installed it, reassembled the roof, been dry as a bone since...

    Since this was the first year of production (1997), maybe the folks in Portugal (where the EOS is made), did not understand the German assembly directions, or something lost in translation?
  • I have a 2008 Eos... Love it, but...
    @ the 20,000 mile service, I mentioned to the dealer that there is a minor leak at the junction of the top to passenger side windshield... Long story short, they have had the car on and off over 2 months. Now the car has multiple leaks all over. VW gave me their official statement of "Your car will not leak if it rains on it vertically. But if water hits it in a horizontal angle, it will leak, and that is normal for all Eos's"
    Is this true with your cars? I do not know how your experiences have been, but my dealer has been great. The last loaner I had was an Audi Q7, that I had for close to 3 weeks. VW corporate has been very rude to me.
  • I have a 2008 Eos... Love it, but...
    the 20,000 mile service, I mentioned to the dealer that there is a minor leak at the junction of the top to passenger side windshield... Long story short, they have had the car on and off over 2 months. Now the car has multiple leaks all over. VW gave me their official statement of "Your car will not leak if it rains on it vertically. But if water hits it in a horizontal angle, it will leak, and that is normal for all Eos's"
    Is this true with your cars? I do not know how your experiences have been, but my dealer has been great. The last loaner I had was an Audi Q7, that I had for close to 3 weeks. VW corporate has been very rude to me.
  • eosgrleosgrl Posts: 1
    There is a technical bulletin that addresses this issue. I don't want to scare you but I've brought my car back to the dealer at least 5 times trying solve the leak and this last time I called VW's customer service number and they ended up sending and EOS expert to the shop to fix it. I'm still not sure it's fixed but I'm hopeful. You should also check out this site It's a good resource to help find technical bulletins and such. Pitch a fit and make them change the carpet or your car will smell awful when it's hot outside. Good Luck!
  • eossuxeossux Posts: 1
    Hey Koolkat,

    Can you email me your attorney info? I am in Atlanta and need help with our 2008 EOS.. wxcast at

  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    My 2008 Eos leaked in the same spot, see my previous posts of inches of interior flood and smell. Go see your local Lemon Law, determine how many days and attempts of repairs you need to qualify to file for this process. I eventually got a new 2009 (in Nov.) from being persistant with the VWof America. With the help of this website, the support and suggestions, I was able to know my rights.
    If you accept the excuse of "vertical rain only", I feel sorry for you. Don't take this laying down... horizontally!
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    What ever your problem may be, couldn't you save the $ from Attorney if you look into the Lemon Law?
    I did, other suggested. I got a new car as replacement... eventually.
  • jnfr2424jnfr2424 Posts: 4
    Please let me know how this turns out for you
    I own a 2008 Eos and right now my car is at the dealership with the same exact issue. If I have to keep returning the car I might as well go right ahead a contact VW HQ to get this straighten out.
  • wetfeetwetfeet Posts: 1
    My 2007 Eos has been leaking for some time , after many attempts to clean out the channels. Pine straw accumulates quickly and causes trapped water to spill out from the floor or doors. Carpets destroyed, terrible smell and even has found it's way into the glove box. All papers are moldy and wet. How can this be NOT a design flaw! I am told that I must pay for all repairs and charge my insurance company for new carpets! I cannot afford legal assistance. Has anyone else been told it is a "maintenance" issue, not a warranty one.
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    It IS a design flaw, VW is not going to admit it easily because it cost them $. They are aware of it, mine leaked in the right corner (sound like the same area as yours since you mention the glove box). Mildew smell cannot be removed EVER. After repair & replacement of pad & carpet, unbearable smell still existed. They asked me to drive it for a while see if it will fade, I did as good faith but eventually they gave me a new car after I kept pressure using the Lemon Law. Keep good records of your repair and every conversation. Review your rights in your own state Lemon Law. Good luck.
  • jnfr2424jnfr2424 Posts: 4
    I am about to go to arbitration with VW for water in the trunk. The hydraulic in the trunk failed so badly that the top is stuck down and I am being told that the part is not covered under warranty ( I have a 2008 with 16,811 miles). I live in Northern New Jersey the dealer is worse than Satan himself - holding my car hostage stating they are the "only ones" that will be able to repair my car.
    For all those arguing - keep arguing until you get what is rightfully yours
    This needs to be a class action suit against VW - too many people are having water leak issues. No wonder the car is not advertised!
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    I also live in North Jersey, but decided NOT to deal with East Coast VW (in Englewood Cliffs) because they are so bad. Is that who you are referring to? Anyway, I searched inventories of every dealership from Boston to Maryland, eventually picked my 2008 up from Atlantic City. Returned to VW in Nov. 2009 for a new Eos due to leak and supported by Lemon Law.
    So, look up BBB rules, and document everything. If you need additional help, feel free to me. My 2009 is fine so far, but I hardly drive it, only 4,500 miles.
  • Yep that's the same dealer I did file bbb auto line arbitration and won my case even though vw tried to argue that forums like this one is irreverent
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    First, it's sad that I guessed the dealership correctly. I live next town to them but drove 3.5 hrs one way to pick up my Eos!
    I'm confused, does that mean VW is willing to give you a new car or not? You should stop dealing with the local dealer and communicate only to VW of America. I use the Fairlawn dealer off Rt. 208, they are pretty helpful. If there is more you need, feel free to reply.
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