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Volkswagen Eos Water Leaks



  • First of all the hydraulics died and east coast said I had to pay for the part I filed the bbb when I contacted VW of America and they agreed with east coast so I had two bbb complaints one against east coast and VW of America mind you the car is under warranty (16,811 miles - 18 months old) so the arbitrator agreed with me and VW fixed the hydraulics under warranty. If the leak happens again I am protected under lemon law and can file for a new car I will NEVER go to east coast ever again glad You like the one in Fair Lawn I was thinking about there for servicing so it's food to hear a positive review thanks for the info!
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    I'm glad someone finally filed a complaint on East Coast, they are THE worst. Doesn't hurt that I ALWAYS bring cookies to the Fair Lawn Dealer when I have service need. :~) I believe in being good and polite to them, show my appreciation from the start.
    Just keep good documentations on your repairs and discontenment of the car. Just in case...
  • After test driving a few Eos' I decided that it was the car for me. One of the cars I located locally here in the Charlotte area was one I wanted to make an offer on. Problem was that it leaked and dripped on me during the test drive so I nixed it. I ended up taking a trip from NC to FL and got a great deal on a 2008 Lux. I had seen the car on the web, spoke with the dealer, Gunther VW - who I had bought 2 cars from in the past, did my homework on this specific vehicle and made the trip down. When I got there to drive and take delivery of the car it was raining one of those really intense Florida storms. I took the car out and what do you know... it leaked! It also smelled intensely of "new car smell deodorizer", the stuff they use when cleaning and detailing a car to put it on the lot. I figured the car must have been detailed by an over zealous tech. Because I had flown down to get the car and because I planned on driving it back, and because I was sort of in a "spot" I decided to speak with the service manager about the issue to see what they could tell me. She explained that most all the cars leaked. It is a known issue due to a process during manufacturing that does not always work as designed and so does not effectively seal the roof. However, once in to repair the problem it would not leak again. The fix was and is effective so even though it was leaking, once they took it in to service she said it would be corrected once and for all and I would never have to worry about it again. Now this may or may not be true, I do not know. What I do know is that I decided to take the car. It is such a sweet ride and the black exterior and beige interior really got to me. So... I drive the car back to NC, 12 hours straight through and by the time I get home I am feeling sick, shaky, light headed, dizzy and weak. The new car deodorizer smell is worn away and a funky, harsh stink, sort of like cat piss and mold is now present. I park the car in my garage and by the next morning my garage is wreaking of the stink too. This is not good. I call the dealer and he tells me to take it to my local dealer. I call VW customer care and they document the issue and promise to have a regional rep contact me no later than this Monday. They also tell me to take it to the dealer here in Charlotte. I do two things... I call an environmental safety engineer who sends a licensed, certified Industrial Hygienist to my house to run an air sample test inside the vehicle (results pending and should be available on Monday) to determine the cause of the odor (mold? phthalate hydrolysis? dangerous to my health or just a pain in the neck to deal with?). He also uses a moisture meter and points out that the entire floor of the car is SOAKED! The car came with Monster Mats and I was blissfully unaware of what was going on underneath as they are great at obscuring the carpet below them. And then I take it to the dealer. The service manager, when listing to me explain my plight simply waited patiently and calmly for me to finish speaking. He then stated in a matter of fact manner that they would have to pull out all the carpet, padding and coverings in the car and replace them. He knew immediately what needed to be done. Obviously (duh) this is an issue he has seen before. He promised me that they would take care of it, do the right thing as far as the depth and scope of the work to be done and would give me a loaner the entire time the car was in for repair. SO, we shall see what will be the end result.
    DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY POINTERS when talking to the service manager about this situation? Is there anything I should be aware of? I am going to ask that the carpets and padding be replaced as well as the seats and parts of the A/C as they are all saturated with this horrible stink. Any advice you can supply would be greatly appreciated.
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    edited September 2010
    I have ONE* advice for you. I had a '08 Eos, see if you can look up my posting first to read up. But even AFTER they replaced whole carpet and insulation, gave me new sets of monster mats, used special light thing to remove smell, I couldn't get rid of the mildew smell for months. The dealer asked me to try air it out by cracking windows, left in sun, I detailed the whole interior MYSELF with bathroom mildew cleaner, then more stuff to mask the smell... nothing helped.
    The problem doesn't lay directly in the floor! You must consider the seats may be wet too, which you will never get that smell out unless they were too replaced. Something else you really should seriously consider, how long did the previous owner had this problem? Were there rust on electrical wires? What if you have other malfunction later on (when the rust finally eats through), your warranty may be expired, you will have to pay for that repair. What about an unexpected short circuit that safety may be an issue? This is now a time bomb, $ and life.
    The only advice I will give you is, return it*. Don't bother jump through hoops like I did. My dealer was very nice, so I gave them the time & effort to try it out. But eventually, I had to file a lemon claim against VW, and they gave me a new Eos.
    I understand your disappointment, my eyes water up (not from sadness) just remembering the smell! You made one mistake by accepting the car, you can stop while you are ahead! Please don't go on and waste time, you will regret it even more. Feel free to reply.
  • Thanks cadd2233. I appreciate your letting me know about the potential issues I never even considered. I am going to ask that they replace the carpet, padding, seats, AC evaporator (as per the industrial hygienist's suggestion) and to also extend the warranty another 2 years/24K miles. I anticipate that the dealer will comply with whatever VW corporate agrees to. Hopefully I will be speaking with a regional rep no later than Monday afternoon and that person will be reasonable and accommodating. I will post the results.
  • The water leaked from my right front corner down into the speakers, I had 6" waves inside my car when I brake driving to the dealer! As good gesture, I guess you can go through the steps, but please reconsider! My boyfriend used to work for Servpro in his younger days. One sniff, he warned me it will never come out, he was right. He said insurance company (in this case, car) will try to get you to shampoo, etc., before they replace. You really should replace the car, period. The time you spend with sleepless nights, will make your one way flight cost seems so irrelevant. Do you have # of days to return the car that they may try to get you miss that date? Also, keep good documentation, # of days in shop (without car), type of repair, because you may need it later for the Lemon Law. See your local rules.
  • There is no lemon law for a used/pre-owned vehicle!
  • In that case, then you really should consider the possibility of returning it. Of course, the dealer down south will tell you ANYTHING to get rid of it out of their lot. I don't know if you have any leverage anymore, is there any # of days to test it/return?
    I do love my 2nd Eos, I hardly drive it, no leak yet in 10 months. I don't know what sucker got my 1st Eos, I hate to see someone like you get stuck with it, filled with empty promises, and do be aware of electrical problems which may occur down the line. What if it's an airbag? Would you want to risk that?
  • OK, now your freaking me out... I had not thought about that. Airbag deployment for no good reason can be deadly! I will give the local dealer a chance to fix and will also keep the dealership that sold it to me in the loop. If it cannot be resolved in a reasonable time frame I will go to plan B. What plan B is, I have not quite figured out. I hate to think that it will come to that. Fingers crossed.
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    edited September 2010
    I'm sorry. I was trying to put it to you gently at first, but I see you weren't getting my hint. Actually, I was more thinking of it being rusted, NOT deploy when needed. Better SAFE than sorry!? One can always use SAFETY as a legit reason to be concern, they can't deny you of that! Or, you can still "document it" as any "promises" they give you, so IF you ever need to sue them for injuries, not inconvinence (such as if the sound systems get fade out), you want them to put EVERYTHING in writing.
    You asked for advice, I give you the big picture, so you are more prepare to face the battle. Know when to retreat, and when to fight "to the death"? Sorry, but better to freak you out now than seeing you with worse posting.
  • Well, here is an update... All is well with the Eos!
    VW authorized the dealer to pull out the interior and replace the carpets and padding. The interior will be cleaned and put back together. The mold test I had done by a third party industrial hygienist came back clean, so no mold. The smell, according to him, is from the deterioration of the rubber carpet padding which has been breaking down from prolonged exposure to moisture. It gives off a foul odor when doing this. Apparently this is not an uncommon problem for rubber padding or rubber backed carpets when exposed to long term moisture. He said it happens a lot on cement slab floors that take on moisture. He recognized the odor when he came to examine the car. The seals in the car have been replaced with new, redesigned seals and they all assure me the new design does not leak. The car has been water tested and is tight and dry. Going forward VW stated that should this not resolve the issue of the odor they would take the next step which would be to replace the seats as well as trunk liner, etc. So, for the moment all is OK. The car has been at the dealer since Monday and should be back tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
  • If the Lemon Law applies, by keeping track of # of days in shop will give you leverage. Perhaps still document everything, make them put things in writing whenever possible. Negotiate FREE extended warranty including rust protection with the Regional Manager. Glad you are making progress, just want to make sure it's not 2 steps forward 3 steps back... bad mileage this way! ;)
    Best of luck to you. I do love this car, but never stop fearing the worst.
  • After 4 days in the shop and all carpet and padding replaced the cat-urine-like odor is still there. It is now fairly apparent that the smell is coming from the rear of the car. The trunk stinks and so does the space underneath the rear deck cover when the top is down. With the car parked on the drive way, top down you can smell it wafting out as you approach it. It also noticed that the rubber flap attached to the chrome trim at the base of the rear window is loose and was slid all the way over to the drivers side, leaving a large gap on the passenger side. There are water marks on the trunk hinge lifts and on some of the exposed metal parts within the trunk. ANY ONE HAVE ANY INFO based on their experiences with this sort of thing? THANKS!
  • Better late than never. I finally have an update on the car smell issue... After all this time the problem with the stinking Eos is OVER! The dealer here in Charlotte tore the car apart and discovered extensive water damage throughout the interior. It was more like a case of leaving the top down in a torrential downpour (common in South Florida) as opposed to a leaky top. They did their best and replaced carpet, padding, seats, interior sound proofing foam and still the smell would not go away. It did get better to a degree but it was not at all acceptable. So... I drove the car back to Florida and returned it to the dealer. They took it back, made me whole on the transaction and I got into a new Eos that does not smell and has 24K fewer miles than the last one! It is the same year (08), same color (black w/ beige leather), same trim level (Lux) and has brand new tires and brakes! It pays to be persistent! I drove the 11 hours back to Charlotte and the car was perfect. Now I just have to wait for the first rain storm and see if the sucker leaks. I don't think it will. I ran it through the car wash and not a drop of water was seen, so I think things will be OK.
  • So glad you got to exchange the car and got a better deal. Yes, being persistant is the only way to your voice and concern heard.
    As for car wash, I do it myself by hand. My dealer said they replace seals on many Eos and improved the conditions, but he has never smell anything as bad as mine.
    Hope you still have some kind of warranty. Best of luck.
  • Yes, I've had all of the same issue with the roof being replaced as well. I have continued to experience leaks.

    The car went back today for them to take a look.

    I have filed a claim with VW corporate and will have an answer by Friday. As much as I love the car if they can't fix it, I'd like for them to take it off my hands :(
  • Check your mats. It is probably coming from them. VW replaced my whole interior
  • Does anyone have a better complaint phone number or address to contact VW? I have gotten no where with the published phone number.
  • Whats going on? Don't the canned response people at VW have a solution for your problem?
  • To everyone who owns an EOS, and you still have your warranty in place, PLEASE, if water is coming on on the sides of the car, or on the front of the car where the latches connect TAKE IT IN ASAP for them to replace the seals. My car was leaking and I took it in because it smelled like MOLD! VW refuses to take responsibility for this manufacturing problem which will cost 1,900 to replace the seal and another 1,200 or so to replace the carpet. My warranty expired on 11/15/10 and all they can do is give me a 1,000 as a good will, but this is not my fault, this is a manufacturing issue. If I would have known this car leaked, I would have never purchased it.
  • With the exception of the paint issue, I have had ALL of the same issues PLUS the latch to my door breaking, and now the seals to the car need to be replaced and the air bag issue persists.
  • Feel so sorry for you. Since VW took back my ''08 and gave me a new one, I have not have problems. Knock on wood! Unfortunately, even if YOU (or VW) pays for the carpet, mine (carpet & padding) was replaced, the mildew smell continued for months! It was so strong, Dealer could smell it before they were near my car!
    I wouldn't pay a dime for that repair, you have to be very preistant to get them to do the right thing. Best of luck to you.
    And Happy New Year (I''m currently in HKG, just celebrated 8 hrs ago).
  • marintmarint Posts: 3
    thank you, if you don't mind can you tell me if you got you car replaced before your warranty expired or after?
  • Thought I would chime in again on this issue in the hopes of being helpful.

    When I took the car in to the dealer to address the smell what we discovered was that the foam in the rear seats and in the side wells between the rear seat and the tire well was water damaged from what must have been the car being left out in the rain with the top down. It was a certified pre-owned car I bought from a VW dealer. When the foam gets wet and stays wet, it will "off-gas". Basically that means it starts to stink and give off odor as it breaks down. The smell that comes from the foam is unbearable. Sort of a cross between mold and cat urine. What needs to be done is to have the rear seat bottom and seat back replaced as well as the sound dampening foam in the rear well. The carpets and the padding also need replacing. This should address the smell but it does not address the leaking seals. The seals should not leak if properly cared for by keeping them lubricated. In the event that there is a leak, get it fixed immediately! The longer water is allowed to seep in the greater the chance of the carpet's foam padding getting wet and starting to smell. It is not necessarily a mold issue. My car was independently tested by an environmental engineer and there was ZERO mold. There was however the off-gassing of the water damaged foam.

    In the end, my car was taken back by the dealer for a full refund and I bought a different Eos. The car, thank goodness, has been trouble free, smell free and all around awesome! If you are still under warranty everything should be covered.

    Good luck and Happy New Year!
  • I agree..use your warrenty. I just turned in my leased 2008 EOS. thank goodness. That little beast is gone. For the past two summers the car was in the shop for initially a moldy smell. The first time all my carpets were replaced and was told the leak was fixed. Last summer I began smelling mold again and in the shop it went for 2-3 weeks more and this time seals in the roof required major surgery. I filed a complaint against VW. I love the car don't get me wrong. The convertible sunroof was awesome but there were problems. For having the car 3 years it was in the shop many times. I was very disappointed. I am glad the EOS was all under warrenty and I didn't owe much or anything for that matter.
  • sqdinksqdink Posts: 2
    I have 51,000 miles on my EOS, and have water on the floor in the rear passenger side. When I took my care in last week the dealer wanted over $100.00 just to look at it. Anyone else out of warranty with a similar problem and any suggestions that are not going to cost me an arm and a leg? I had water leaks in the roof fixed previously and have not had any other water problem in the last year.
  • msbannettmsbannett Posts: 13
    I do not know where you are located but I would call several different VW dealers to see what they would charge to look at the car and to do this. The cost is probably unavoidable. Being out of warranty on any car can end up being a costly issue.

    I would re-lubricate all the seals as a matter of routine maintenance. I would also check the seals specifically at the roof where the back of the sun roof portion meets the rear window section. Check to make sure the drains in the doors and pillars are clean and clear of debris and draining properly so that water is not building up and sloshing in. There is also a rubber flap that is located at the base of the rear window where it meets the opening at the back or of the trunk. Make sure it is not loose or able to be slid. It needs to be centered. It was loose in my last EOS. The other issue to check is to make sure the passenger side windows are not the source of the leak. Look inside your trunk. See if there is any sign of water, or dried spots where water had splashed in and dried. This would be at the sides, in and around where the hinges for the trunk lid sit. That could be a sign that water is entering via the trunk and running down into the rear. The rear seat back would be moist. The seat bottom would also have water below it, trapped on the metal frame directly underneath it.

    If this can't be resolved then you may be heading for a trade in! Ditch that thing before it becomes a stinky, unrepairable beast! Because if it starts smelling, there is no way in hell you will be able to fix the problem.

    Please let us know how this pans out.
    Best of luck!
  • dundupandudundupandu Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I live in Indiana and bought my 2007 EOS in Dec'07. After 1 year, started having water leaks when it rains. My local VW dealer "fixed" it twice by changing the deals, but the problem still exists. It has become worse since the last repair- now there is a rattling noise coming from where the water leaks, probably due to a poor seal. I also have the pool of water falling out from the foot of the door when I open it after the rain has stopped. Other issues I'm having: 1) flat tire on the front driver side every 8 months, 2) squeaky noise all over, every time the car goes over a rough road, 3) foggy windshields and windows under conditions that other cars don't fog up, 4) gas mileage has gone down by a hefty 20-25%

    I'm taking it in for the third and last time tomorrow to fix the water leak. I've complained to VW over the phone and they gave me a case number. This forum has been really helpful in understanding what fellow EOS owners have gone through and achieved by fighting with VW. I have a general idea of what I need to do, but since I have only 7 months of warranty left on my car, I'd like to know how to be best prepared to win my battle with VW.

    1. If the dealer fails to really fix the water leak, what do I do next?
    2. how do I document all the complaints in writing?
    3. Does my case qualify under the lemon law? I don't want another EOS. I prefer my cash back, but I will settle for another VW.
    4. who do i approach to fight on my behalf under the lemon law?

    Thank you so much for any advice that you can offer!
  • david198david198 Posts: 5
    Try putting the VW recommended 2x a year seal treatment on your car. It's in your manual along with the part number. Your seals will soften and expand after use and most likely your leaks will end.

    I have no leaks use the product twice a year as recommended. rstrip-with-DuPont-Krytox-Lubricant
  • sqdinksqdink Posts: 2
    Happy to report local dealer did the right thing. Water was coming in from pasenger door window not going up all the way. Dealer replaced window motor and all the carpeting in the car at no charge.
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