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Volkswagen Eos Water Leaks



  • :lemon: Good afternoon. I owe a 2008 EOS and have had all kinds of problems, from transmission hasitation, roof leaking, window motors replaced, oil consuption, breaks squeeking and now headliner or something wrattling at the very back on the drivers side andnone of the Techs at Momentum VW in Jersey Villaje had figure out where the problem is. My car has been in the shop over 12 times in the past year and I am about to file a Lemon complaint with the BBB. Has anyone done this and be successfull? Can anyone give me tips to make VW of America to replace my car? I have a case open with tons of complains with them and they jost tell me how sorry they are and do absolutelly nothing, so the BBB is my next option.
  • I have a 2008 EOS thats has been at the shop at Momentum Jersey Village in Texas about 12-15 times in the last year and they have never been able to completelly and efectivly repair problems with my vehicle. I am about to start a case with the BBB and I will also send a letter to the CEO of VW of America Mr. Joshua Browning and would like to gather comments and other opinions that other consumers like me have gone throug dealing with Momentum and their Service Sales/Techs Reps and the frustration of not getting the car's issues resolved. If you have been in my position, I would appreciate the feedback. Also, my car has a rattling noise coming from the very back in the drivers side that no one has been able to figure out. Anyone with the same problem? Thanks
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    Skip the Corp red tape. Go directly to BBB (success with VW & T-mobile disputes). Document every repair including how many days you are without your car. I live in NJ, read TX BBB rules on claim, may be different. Your time limit may be an issue. My 2008 Turbo Eos was purchased end of March 2008, by June, leak caused oder even after repair & carpet replacement. By filing my complaint, being presistent, I eventually got a new 2009 Comfort in Nov. 2008.
    I got a better car since they no longer make Turbo. I worked a deal where I even got upgraded wheels!
    Feel free to contact me again. Someone on this site was very supportive for me. I hope I can help another Eos lover. Btw, 2009 is fine so far.
  • Just bought a 2008 preowned EOS with 4032 actual miles have not driven the car as yet but looked in the trunk and it was filled with water I believe the warranty is over. any suggestions
  • Are you buying it from a VW dealer? If so, have the dealer pre-certify it and pay the difference for the extended warranty.

    If you are not getting it at a VW dealer, call your local VW dealer and ask them what options they can provide and check to make sure the car is absolutely out of warranty. Give them the VIN number and ask them to look it up. They should be able to do this.

    If it is still covered bring it in immediately and have them check, lubricate and replace any damaged seals. Have them replace all liner materials in the trunk. Also have them do what I describe numbered below.

    With the EOS the goal is not to make it water tight but rather to "manage" the water. (That is a direct quote from a VW regional service rep.) IF the above are not options then I would highly suggest you reneg on the purchase. If that is not an option and you have to go through with the purchase, take the car in to VW and have them go over it with a fine tooth comb. Make sure to check the following...

    1) Under mats and carpets for moisture.
    If it is dry, you're good. If it is damp then have them check and clean out the "A" pillars and their drains. These are the front columns between the doors and windshield. They have drains at the base that allow water to pass through. If they are clogged, which is very possible as dirt and debris can get in over time, have them cleared out.

    2) Rubber strip at base of rear window between glass and trunk lid. This is designed to move water away from the trunk. It can sometimes come loos and slide from side to side leaving one side or the other exposed.

    3) All windows as they are closed to make sure they are creating a water tight seal.

    4) Check behind the rear seat back and below the rear seat bottom for water, moisture or staining as proof of previous water intrusion.

    IF THERE IS A FOUL ODOR IN THE CAR DO NOT BUY THIS VEHICLE!!! You will NEVER get rid of the odor. It comes from the the break down and off gassing of the foam used in the seats and sound dampening within the car's cavities. Once wet the foam begins to breakdown and the odor becomes more and more pronounced. Aside from ridding the car of all damaged foam and replacing it, which is next to impossible because VW does NOT offer the foam as replacement items, you will never be able to get the car to an acceptable state.

    5) Inside the door panels as the doors can also hold water and have drains in them at their bases.

    While all the above sounds dire, I can tell you from experience that it can all work out well in the end. I have had my pre-owned 08 EOS for about a year now. My first one was so water damaged that the dealer took it back after a few weeks and put me in a new one. The one I have now also had water leakage issues but the dealer took care of the seals and it has been trouble free since. I LOVE the car and would absolutely buy another one.

    Good luck and let me know if I can be of any further help!
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    I agree with the other very detailed reply. Just want to add the possibility of water damage causing electrical malfunction or rust.
    I too had a 2008 Eos, the water damage was so bad with mildew problem, eventually VW also took it back and gave me a 2009 Eos as well. However, I was away for 72 hrs, and NJ had 7" rain, so I came home with my trunk wet, including the spare tire area. VW gave me a rental yesterday to trouble shoot this problem. I picked up my car this afternoon, they said it's now dry and said some plug was missing from factory which caused this leak.
    When I got home, I notice the spare tired is still damp, but the bigger problem is that mildew was already there under the back side of the carpet cover panel. I took the whole thing out and cleaned it with bathroom mildew stuff, bad memories are coming back! I think there are now 4 weep holes on my trunk seal which there were not there before. I think that is their way to "correct" the problem.
    Please verify this with me... Does anyone have holes on their seal around the rim above the bummer?
    Due to fear of leak, after I wash my car, I am constantly wiping down edge and seals to eliminate any possibility of debris or clogs. Yet, the Dealer said there was nothing I can do to prevent this!
    What ever you do, do not put up with any mildew smell and water problems.
    I think VW dealers know about all these problems, so try to bring it in to see if they will honor free repairs.
  • Hi, I have a 2009 Eos that I have had for 22 months. The day I went to pick up the car, there was a recall issued on it and I waited 2 weeks for delivery because they couldn't get the part. I took possession on 10/3 and had the car in the shop on 10/22 bc the windows would go up and down all by themselves - they replaced the starter. A few months later I had no power on acceleration - they had to replace the part they initially put in for the recall. I have had window leaks on the rear driver side, front driver side window and front passenger window. Major "air" leaks that is extremely annoying. They fixed one air leak problem and created another. I have been told this is normal for convertibles which is ludicrous! I rode in my friends used BMW soft top convertible and no rushing air noise whatsoever. I was told by the VW dealership that they can do nothing more for me on the window issue. That was last year - they never called me to let me know that a "fix" had been provided but I learned about it and took it in to have it looked at again; they supplied the "fix" but it still leaks air. And, I just got the car back from service after having a new battery installed! After only 22 months! And I'm told this is normal! I have lived in Florida for 21 years and have NEVER replaced a battery in a vehicle. I have had this car in the shop 6 times in 22 months. I am disgusted and have researched the Florida Lemon Law and intend to follow up on it. I even mentioned this to the service rep when I picked the car up and I was encouraged to do so. First step is a registered letter to the manufacturer and another VW employee strongly urged me to contact the manufacturer saying, "They do not want you to be unhappy". Both VW personnel indicated that they know that VW has replaced cars for people who have been unhappy. I have had the "rolling" problem someone else described and also the transmission hesitation. I too love the car but it has become more trouble than it is worth. Luckily I purchased an extended warranty when I bought the car because I just new that last year of my lease I would have problems with the convertible top and from everything I have read on this forum I'm glad I did!
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    FYI: VW replacing a car isn't due to a customer being "unhappy". In the view of Lemon Law, customer must allow the dealer to correct the problem(s), a few attempts if necessary, but there is a limit to this madness. So document all in details & dates, research how many days in total of out of use of cars, etc.
    My 2009 is not noisy, that is a lame excuse but harder to proof verse a new battery replaced already.
    Once you file complaint with BBB, company head quarters gets it, you then will get contacted from them directly, you may then communicate with a regional manager which will over see your next step at the dealer.
    You may want to ask them to reimburse your cost of extended warranty as well since they apparently know about some recall problems and not proactively solve these first!
    What about the rest of us who didn't get this coverage!?!
  • Thanks for the reply, the car smells brand new the owners kept it in a garage with all of there other cars. We had massive rains this weekend and water came into the spare tire area and also dripped right above the drivers door/side panel were the roof meets.
    I purchased an extended warranty for the vehicle 5yr/60k miles.
  • OK, sounds like this was the first time the car was exposed to the elements (rain) and water got in, so... keep it garaged or under a cover and get it to the VW dealer ASAP for a good going over of the seals. VW makes a special lubricant to keep the seals functioning properly and you MUST get it from the dealer and apply it to all seals at roof, trunk, sun roof, etc.
  • Whilst picking up my son from local VW service dept. I wandered into showroom and liked the EOS. Came home and proceeded to research a little. Whoa! what I have read so far is shocking. Though these appear to be older models, from what I gather 2009-2011 is same engine/transmission type with same ongoing problems. The leaks, the seals, the oil, the water, odor, rattles etc.
    I would very much like to hear from msbannett, should I continue looking or turn and run? I am a fanatic when it comes to care of auto, follow maintenance schedule, always extended warranty, always dealership service even after warranty out. I keep records of everything and make sure all items are documented, even if service manager huffs and puffs. After all it's my car, my time and after warranty my money.
    Appreciate all feedback.
  • cadd2233cadd2233 Posts: 36
    2 weeks ago, I took my car in for leak in the trunk. Today, I have the same leak. Read my past postings for the full stories: I had a 2008 Eos, then 2009 Eos... a squirrel also ate my 2009 Eos anti-freeze hose, was later told the material they use had starch, which attracted them. What? I had to pay for that repair out of my own pocket, the remaining leaks are still covered, so far. Your comment about "older models". First Eos came out 2007, how old can it be to have this much problems!? I never believe in Extended warranty, but if you decide to get this car, I highly sugguest it! I have a 1993 Honda Accord with over 240K miles, if the A/C worked, I probably would rather drive that car! Yes, I still love my Eos, living dangeously?
  • Thank you for taking the time to respond. Will read your previous posts. "Older Models" is purely personal, come by it honestly. I sell or trade every two years, we all have our vices. First EOS came out in 07, generally 1st year maybe two and kinks are resolved, food for thought on this model. Again hanks for your input. Loved my Honda LX 1978! not to mention my S2k. Always living dangerously! We only come this way once concously!
  • ok, hank= thanks and consously= conscientiously- please forgive.
  • I bought the 2008 Lux Eos. I enjoyed driving my car for about three years until I started having rook leaking issues. At that time I started to deal with the dealer on a consistent basis and have never have such poor service with a car company before. I brought in my car a total of 4 times and i still had issues with leaking after that. I couldnt believe a 3 year old car would be so difficult for the dealer to fix. Additionally their corporate representatives were miserable to work with. They were not courteous or willing to help beyond telling me to continually bring my car back to the dealer. Its unfortunate that I spent so much on a vehicle and was treated so poorly. I had heard bad things about VWs in the past. I thought I would take c achance. I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING A VW.
  • I had the same problem with car leaking in both, the driver and passenger side, but after 16 visits to the dealer, a letter to the VP of VW of America and a complain with the bbb, they finally took my problem serious and fixed it in the 17th visit. VW Has a leakeage solution for all EOS now. 2007 & 2008 EOS are the ones with the most issues, not just leaking, I had to replace the window motors in my cat twice, the breaks squeek terribly, I had a problem with the functilnality of the roof, it squeeks and makes a lot of what the dealer calls "body flex noises" inside, my battery died after 3 years and so on. I think EOS is a great looking vehicle, and fun at a fair price, but it lacks manufacturing detail and comes with tons of issues. In my case, I was lucky to get all problems fixed before the warranty expired. 2010 to date do not have all those issues, that's why you don't see a lot of them for sale out there. VW has learn of past mistakes with the 2001 & 2008.
  • DUDE, thats mean!
    Since VW replaced my car, this one has not leaked at all! It's a keeper!
  • I've had my EOS for 4 years, and have not had one single leak. I love Candy (candy-apple-red)!

    Merry Christmas, Scrooge! :P
  • I don't. Believe for one minute your VW tech. If you are the your poor attitude and lack of technical knowledge is what causes these cars to fail. Any time a person brings a vehicle back 2,3 and 4 times to get fixed for the same thing is clearly a issue that techs play a role in. Learn to do your job well instead of jabbing the products and customers that pay the bills where you work.
    Merry Christmas
    2008 lux that NEVER leaked once due to Kryox applied per owners manual.
  • That is very true, as I mentioned earlier, my EOS has been in the Jersey Village Momentum VW 17 time for different reasons in the past 1 1/2 years and I trully agreed that the problem, is not just the vehicle but the bad mechanics at that place. Car has been taken to the shop for the leak problem 4 times and they finally figured something out. I did noticed that when it rains, theres oil resudue all over the front windows. My warranty is about to expire and I am affraid to death, plus extended warranty is over $3K. I really hope that VW has fixed att the problems with the new VW EOS, becasue is trully a nice vehicle and fun to drive. Happy New Year!
  • The oily residue is the Kryox seal conditioner that VW tells you to use per your owners manual two times a year. This conditioner will make your roof seals swell up and get somewhat grease looking. When it rains it will smear on glass and is a PIA to get off. But it is what keeps the water out. I read on this thread about so many people having leaks and no mention of using this product. Fact of the matter most VW dealers like mine don't have a clue about this stuff but it is right in the manual including the VW part number for this stuff. Replacing roof seals may not always be nessesary when seal conditioner has not been used first.
    Happy new year to all
  • That explains the fact that I have never had a leaking problem with the convertible top on my 2009 EOS Komfort (so far). Whether it is from it's my car-pool mates or people checking out my beautiful car, it also explains some greasy hand and finger prints that I see on my window every week. Hope you are enjoying your cars, y' all!

    from (today) rainy Los Angeles
  • My daughter loved the look of the Eos VW so we looked at 2, one yesterday and 1 today interestingly both times when we opened the doors water came pouring out. One car was 2007 and one was 2008. We asked at both dealerships if they were aware of any issue in terms of the hard top convertible and both seperate dealers denied knowing anything. We could clearly see from the condensation on the windows and the stream of water coming out of the open doors that there is an issue. She callled VW to report and they told her that there is no recall on these vehicles, seems ridiculous to me.
  • Water draining from door sill problely means roof drains are working correctly. Did you search for water in floor pans area? Some water leaks are due to owners failure to lubricate roof seals as per owners manual. I also have a 11 jetta that windows fog up after a good rain.
  • there is a fix for water leak gurnee vw said they wereu aware But Anderson in Crystal Lake said there is and our2009 doesn leak any more it is related to installing somekind of tube
  • there is also leakage in trunk when you open it that was fixed also
  • mmlpmmlp Posts: 1
    Did you ever find a solution for the chipping paint on the rear view mirrors?
  • twippichtwippich Posts: 1

    You have to regularly maintain (twice a year) the top seals only with VWs seal lubricant to prevent leaks. There's Utube videos on the net to show how to do this. I've gotten the VW seal lube from Amazon cheaper than from VW

  • Clearly the last post was left by someone unaware of the problem. Its an established fact that the 2008 hardtop models had systematic failures in the roof. I, myself, have had mine in several times and even allowed myself o be talked into replacing the entire head seal of the roof was was incredibly expensive. This did not stop the leak. I now travel with a towel in my lap and intend to dump this car asap.
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