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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,333
    I tend to look at the long term effects of "cost per mile" I also look at vehicles in terms of 100,000 miles, and multiples thereafter. If the cost per mile is comparable, it is up to your fickleness at the moment. For me, long ago I was shocked that the cost to run a TLC was slightly less than the cost to run a camry (neigborhood of .22 to .23 cents a mile, plus I still have the TLC and had to sell the Camry (unscheduled maintenance dog) I would not get a 4 wheel drive car wagon, they dont even approach the durability and reliabily of the TLC.
  • I have been reading these posts for awhile, as I need to select a new car shortly (97 acura rl lease ends early april). I have decided to go w/ 4 wheel for snow driving and storage capacity. This car will be used to haul around my 19 month old and second baby due in May. Only hesitation w/ LC is various complaints on this post re: stereo problems. Is this just an inherent issue w/ 01 tlc? Is it bad enough to reconsider this car? Also, any recent purchaser's willing to share their purchase or lease price? Thanks for the help?
  • If it ain't broke don't fix it!

    if you like the LC why change? You will just wind up hating yourself in the long run.

    My .02

  • re:#425

    We just bought a 2000 TLC this weekend. Originally were looking at the Sequoia and MDX. After a few rides in the MDX, wasn't happy with the noise level, torque steer under accel, and four month waiting list at MSRP. The Sequoia rode great, quieter than the TLC, but really too big (long) for my tastes.

    The dealer had a 2000 TLC in the showroom, which was way too expensive at 57K sticker. When I expressed interest, he said it could be had at ~$50K (only $5k more than the Sequoia). Final negotiations came out at ~$47K. More than I wanted to pay, but we got the #1 SUV out there, IMO. TLC had less than 100 miles, never titled. I read some info about 2001 stereo problem, this unit sounds great.

    Sold my 95 Explorer to my sister to purchase this. Can't wait for some snow or mud to test out the 4wd.

  • nota4renota4re Posts: 54
    Bwrsro- Can you e-mail me with the e-mail address you used to address Toyota regarding the heat shields? I too have a '98 TLC and I eventually removed the heat shields after the dealer refused to cover them under warranty. It's a little discouaging as each of the 4 smaller shields are torn in the exact same place. Clearly a design issue. I occasionally off-road the TLC and I don't want to start any fires. I would like to see if I can get Toyota to consider my case. Thanks for the info.
  • I got my '98 heat shield rattle repaired on Saturday. 46,000 miles and they covered it under warranty. However, I did complain of the problem when it was under warranty, but there was no solution at the time.

    San Diego
  • Great purchase. Nice deal too. LC's the finest SUV out there, by far. I keep having folks try to compare the SEQ and LC and you only have to drive one to see the difference.
  • I am having the same thought process you did about the TLC vs. Seq. I just found out that I would have to get a LTD SEQ in order to get heated seats thus narowing the price differential even further. Can you please post what options your 2000 TLC came with and perhaps the dealer to help me in negotiating down the price of the 2000 TLC I have found at my dealer? Please include color and all options at your earliest convenience. Thanks in advance for your response. You can e-mail me at if you prefer.
  • Thanks dianne, I need that backup about a good deal. Buyer's remorse and all that! I drive the TLC from NNJ to Boston tomorrow, can't wait to give it a spin.

    Took out the third row seats tonite, it'll be easier the next time. I found that you must fold down the second row to remove third row, but didn't see that in the instructions.

    freebird3, I bought from a dealer in NNJ. Options include third row, preferred equip (rack, run boards, rear deflect, etc.), mats, list was $57K and change. Color is white, interior "oak". It was the only one they had, 2000 or 2001, build date was 3/2000. I don't know how long it was sitting on the floor.

    If you want more info, send email to
  • zuma13zuma13 Posts: 35
    I purchased my 2001 TLC on November 27th and to date I have not had to return to the dealer for ANY kind of unscheduled maintenance or problems. Not a rattle, buzz, creak, nor wind noise to interrupt the sheer enjoyment driving this vehicle evokes.

    Yes, the audio system is an absolute "downer". On the other hand, however, the navigation system is simple to use and extremely accurate in getting you to where you want to go.

    I had only one occasion thus far to use the anti-skid system, though unwittingly. Two weekends ago we had a good accumulation of snow in the Southern California foothills not too far from Santa Barbara where we live. I decided to pack-up the two german sheperds, the wife and the mother-in-law (not necessarily in that order) and put the Cruiser through its paces in the snow.

    The trip was uneventful but for one unforeseen potentially terrorfying moment. I was travelling about 50 mph on dry pavement. I came over a rise where the road veered to the left. No problem but for the fact there had been a substantial mud-flow across the road which I hit at about 45 mph. Keep in mind I was already in a left directional turn when I hit this mud which was about axle deep.

    When I hit the mud the vehicle started to float and I first thought the rear end was going to come around on my right. Before I could react buzzers were sounding and lights on the dash were flashing indicative of the anti skid system kicking in. The cruiser never lost its composure and continued in the direction I pointed the steering wheel. I was able to steer and drive my way out of the quagmire and onto dry pavement. What a ride, what an adrenaline rush, what a superlative vehicle.

    Knowing now what I know about the audio system would not deter my enthusiasm for this vehicle. Toyota says they intend to fix it and I'm taking them at their word.
  • lc2000lc2000 Posts: 33
    HUH? You do not have to fold down the second row seats in order to remove the third row seats. The trick is, after you unlatch a third row seat, lift it up (side closest to the latch first)and out. Don't try to slide it out, because it won't slide. To replace the seat, reverse the process. Set the front of the seat on the hook (bar) then lower the side closest to the latch down and lock it. And you're right, it is easier the second time you do it :-)
  • kumikumi Posts: 1
    I,ve begun my search for a 2001 Vehicle. My preferences are the TLC, ML320 and the X5. Frankly my hearst prefers the TLC but my head wants to make sure I get the best vehicle for my money. Some of the negative comments about TLC's JBL system scares me a little. I normally keep my cars 10+ years and good and dependable sound system is as important as the ride. Somebody please reassure me or discourage me. Secondly, what is the best price I can expect to pay (I'm in CT) for the 2001TLC with the Nav system,3rd Seat and the C9 package(includes running boards, Rear deflector, roof rack)and gold package? Is the LS470 really worth 8-10K extra over the LC?should ITLC. You can email the info to me via Thanks. Kumi
  • Nothing will defer me from getting the 01 TLC. Even if it has the annoying stereo. Since from one of the post above- Toyota will have a fix pretty soon why worry. Only thing is, I should have waited for the 01 as they have the nav system. i have a 00 TLC and have talked to the dealership about the possibility of installing the nav on my LC but no can do. Remember you're getting the best SUV. IMHO Lexus is an expensive TLC. If i were you get the 01 TLC instead of the Lexus and keep the extra money.
  • Ptown, did you get any response to your inquiry? I too am wondering about the viability of a 97 TLC. The price premium on the 98+ is such that you want to consider a 96-97. I owned a wonderful 88 TLC that I finally sold mainly for the horrible gas mileage (12). I have heard the more round TLC's get better mileage and that the V8's do even better. Up to 17 or 18 if not driven too fast.

    I am again looking for a TLC and have driven both the V8 and the six. The six sounds exactly like my 88 but is has about 30 more HP. It seems to be more speedy than the earlier model but doesn't match the V8 at all. I'm spoiled after driving a 98 that I have almost totally dismissed the six as a dinosaur. Also, some of the amenities such as the cup holders and storage are not as convenient.

    I have found 2 97's that are in incredible shape with low miles and will sell for about 13000 less than one that is one year newer, but when I think of not being able to pass an RV up a long hill, I think I'll stay on the hunt for a good, affordable 98 or newer. Bob Forman
  • ptownptown Posts: 9
    Yes, i got response to my inquiries (thanks cliffy1, joeeblow1, jwricha, et al) that helped lead to my purchase of a 97 LC a few days ago. I got a certified limited edition that rolled off the line in 12/97 with a 6 year/100k warranty (expires 12/03) with 43,000 miles on it. Power sunroof, privacy glass, desert dune color, sparkling inside and out, with just about all extras except locking diff (it even had retractable cup holder above CD player), for $28,500 from dealer in San Francisco bay area.

    I'm not going to do any towing or extensive off-roading (mostly family trips to Tahoe, camping weekends and hunting at Colorado ranch) so I couldn't justify the extra expense for V8 (nor could I afford it). After just a few days behind the wheel, quality of this rig is so much superior to my old Explorer- no comparison. I'm not counting on great mileage (12-15 mpg) but hope to make up for it in fewer unscheduled maintenance costs.

    So far, I couldn't be happier- no buyer's remorse here. I have yet to try to pass an RV on I-80 to Tahoe yet, but I'm heading up the hill in a few weeks and will report back if I have any problems.
  • Ptown, Best of Luck. I don't think you ever go wrong buying quality, that the TLC represents. There is a beautiful Collectors edition (which means nothing to this buyer) at the dealer in Bellevue that is tempting, but it's sitting next to a 98. Life shouldn't be this tough.

    I'll look forward to hearing how your rig handles. Bob
  • Kumi- Toyota just responded to my lawsuit finaly and they said that the only thing wrong is a loose speaker in the door. As my attorney states "this is a company that has no intentions on a fix for this." Feel free to email me at .. and I will fill you in on the details of what Toyota has drug myself and many others through regarding the stereo blues. Would I purchase this SUV with what I know now?? Toyotas lies continue.. shame on Toyota!
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    [i]So far, I couldn't be happier- no buyer's remorse here. I have yet to try to pass an RV on I-80 to Tahoe yet, but I'm heading up the hill in a few weeks and will report back if I have any problems.[/i]

    You may want to consider the TRD supercharger in the future.
  • ptownptown Posts: 9
    bobforman- you're right about buying quality. And you bring up another question I forgot to ask about the "Collector's Edition" LC. What exactly does that mean? It didn't mean much to me either, but now that you mention it, I'm curious. Anybody know?

    Thanks for the supercharger input, joeeblow1. How much power does it add, and how much to install?
  • The collector's edition was put out in '97, and I believe it was a dealer added option. The 40th anniv edition was from factory, but again I'm not 100% sure. If you're unaware, toyota has been producing the TLC since 1953, and it was first imported to US in '58 (fj25 model). I've got a '60 hardtop model fj25 and a '93 fzj80.

    The TRD supercharger costs between $2800 and $3500, and it's set up to be installed by the user. The dealer will install it, of course, for an extra fee. The Safari charger is a unit from Oz, and I believe it's a turbocharger. It costs more and has to be installed by a Safari dealer, which right now is Man-A-Fre (for US). See the Kazuma website for more info on the TRD supercharger or Christo Slee's site (
  • Had the "beast" in for it's 30,000 service. Love this vehicle. Had annoying rattle which started about 25k. Dealership acknowledged problem and has ordered parts for correction.

    Also, transmission is a little jerky when moving back from passing gear @ 60mph or above. Not frequently, but sporadically. Dealership claims that with transmission fluid change they see no problem. Haven't had a chance to test yet. Anyone else aware of this?
  • I am new to this and have been looking for a SUV to replace my Bronco and the TLC seems great but expensive.

    I am looking at a 2001 LC with the third seat and about $4200 of options. What would one expect to have to pay for it at this point in time? Are thereany special dealers in the contry to get an exceptional on one? Also any comment about the dealer saying that he couldn't find one w/o a 3rd row seat.

    Thanks for any input provided.

  • Have been reading this message board for some time and enjoy staying current with the Cruiser news.

    I have a 93 fzj80 with 138,000 miles and it still drives better than most new cars. In fact my wife liked it so much that when it was time to turn in our 98 Expedition she picked a 2000 TLC and she has been in heaven for the past month.It's her dream car and with 2 kids and 2 dogs it fullfills all our needs.

    I've owned 2 Jeeps and the Expedition and I still can not believe it took me this long to find the advantages of owning a TLC. You shop only price and you make poor decisions. The TLC is worth the money.

    Looked at the Sequioa and it's a nice SUV but someone else said it best, " It's not a Landcruiser.

    I hope this brief comment will help someone else make the right future SUV purchase.
  • I've just finished one week after trading my 740I in for the 2000 TLC. This was one of the harvest car decisions I've had to make.

    One thing for sure, the 740I is one of the best sedans on the road. Comfort, handling, pleasure of driving, etc.

    However, the more I'm in the LC, the more I like it. It undoubtably is the best riding SUV. I've driven them all and owned a few Suburbans.

    One good point is that I'm driving slower than with the BMW, so I'm sure that's a plus. I really like the versatility of the LC for every day use, etc.

    Thanks to all those who have posted in the past on their own experiences.

    ps. I also looked at the LX 470 and to tell you the truth I like having the Land Cruiser nameplate and all the money I saved.
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    Have you guys notice the change in the new

    Cruisers and LX470's. They are installing Plastic

    rear wind deflectors. What happen to the metal

    ones? Does anybody here knows why? (They look and

    feel really cheap.)


  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,333
    I am glad to hear that the switch from BMW 740i to TLC turned out nicely for you!
  • Here's a question that I hope someone with personal experience can give me an answer to.

    I'm considering buying an Escort Passport SR1 radar detector to be installed in my 2001 Lexus LX470. The SR1 is a model whose detector is concealed behind the front grille, with a separate display mounted in the passenger compartment.

    Having been told that the display would be mounted on the top of the steering column, just under my line of sight through the top of the steering wheel to the instrument panel, I can't help wondering how this actually works out for the driver.

    Does anyone have personal experience with such an installation in an LX470 or a Toyota Land Cruiser? If so, I'd certainly appreciate your comments on how satisfactory such an installation has been for you.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I see that you have already posted your message in the Radar detectors discussion topic in the Aftermarket & Accessories message board. Hopefully someone can help you out in here or there.

    Vans and SUVs message boards
  • mghmgh Posts: 43

    For whatever is worth...

    I Don't know this particular set up, but if you want full protection for your LX470 I will strongly recommend you to buy the VALENTINE ONE RADAR DETECTOR. You can also add the remote feature so outside people don't see it at night when in alerting mode.

    THIS IS THE BEST PROTECTION MONEY CAN BUY 360 DEGREES.Plus you can always take it and use it in a high performance car remenber that the LX470?Land cruiser is electronically limited.

    Visit the web it even tells you where and how many are pointing at you. I had passports and a escorts since 1986 back then they where the best. But after the company split the partner with the brains open his own company and develop VALENTINE.

  • Well, got another rock star's Landcruiser trade here, this time a 2001 Thunder Cloud/gray leather with Nav, BG, CF, and C7, and 6k miles. Too darn big for the guy, so he swapped it for a Limited 4Runner last week.

    In regards to the 740 BMW trade, wow, 7 series are nice cars! Only fitting it ought to come in for our best as well.

    stevelr, the Landcruiser minimal extras here in CA are BG and FE. Yes, you will get a third rear seat and rear air at the very least. The "C7" is optional (roof rack, rear deflector, runn boards, rear mat) as are the actual floor mats. I know MSRP in Calif is $57600 for a car with C7 CF BG and FE... and losing the "C7" is a $1780 deduction. Meaning, the "basic" car with BG and FE stickers for $55820. I have sold cars like that for under $50000 in the past before the 11/1/00 pricing increased the 2001 models. That may be a good idea for you to price with BUT don't expect dealers across the USA to bow to pricing like that, as I am very aggressive for Landcruiser pricing where others smaller might not be. :D

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