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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    steelcruiser, thank you for the reply and directions in your previous messages/posts. They surely explained to me on what to do, and will do so this weekend. Thanks!!!
  • Hopefully those references addressed your questions. Again, please be careful when lubing the fittings to the t/case.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Just a quick follow-up on the "Thumping" noise....
    Bottom line, thank you steelcruiser for the info!!!
    The torque on all the U-Joints seemed to be perfect, in synch with the specs.
    Its incredible, what a few squeezes of grease can do... The "thumbing" sound is gone. I guess I have been forgetting to grease the yokes in the last couple of grease jobs, only the U-Joints got the attention. I watched the Yokes while I was pumping the grease, Yap, they do get pushed out. Cool! Learned something new everyday. Thanks again steelcruiser !! I hope the other 2000 TLC owner is with the same problem and can get fixed with just a good grease job... Good Luck bullethead!!
  • I bought an 05 Accord......
    So now that I'm going to be storing my LC for several long months :cry: , is there any precautions I should take? (ie fuel stabilizers, battery tender, etc) The longest I've gone with out driving my LC has been a week, so I'm not sure if there is anything I need to do besides just leaving it in park.
  • Great job, Steelcruiser! I was surprised that no one suggested that a vacuum hose might have come off, but I guess the "coming on gradually" was the clue that it wasn't that.

    Only questions left: Is the O2 sensor the same as the lambda sesnsor, and where is the pesky little thing located?
  • Assuming you drive 12,000 miles a year thats equivalent to 1,000 gallons on the LC. Your Honda will use say @ 24 mpg or 500 gallons so the extra gas cost of using the LC will be say $1.750 at a price of $3.50/g depending on your location. I would guess that the annual cost (including depreciation) of your Honda will be at least $4,000 - plus the insurance and depreciation on your bricked up LC..... :mad: :
  • The lambda (O2) sensors are located just aft of the cats. The connectors for the sensors are on the rear of the Tcase.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Over the labor day weekend, we drove up to New Hampshire from New Jersey. I checked the milage mostly highway driving with three people and luggage at about 60 to 70 miles per hour with moderate traffic. I averaged 18 miles per gallon on my 2002 TLC. This is farily accurate as I tested with two full tanks of gass and over 600 miles.
  • I drove from CA to VA and back in the fall of '03 in my '02 LC and got 20+ mpgs a couple of times. Straight hwy driving with cruise control. This was using 93 and 94 octane. Never have gotten that good here with 91, though I've hit 19 a couple of times. (This is really impressive as I have a lift and oversize tires on it)
  • yea, but i feel better not paying $70+ at each fill up every 2 weeks.
  • Getting around 18 is not at all unusual for me, either (2000, 73k). I saw it drop for a while, and soon afterwards the check engine light came on (defective O2 sensor), and since replacing it, I'm back to about 15 around town and 18-19 for highway driving. Seems like the LC likes highways (not freeways) with constant speeds between 45-60 the best. Freeway at 70+ seems to bring gas mileage down to around 16. Must be the not so optimal aerodynamics.
  • For a car that is otherwise so smooth it was definately disconcerting to have a loud thumping occur at high speeds-- I remover the aftermarket roof windguard and the thumping stoped.
  • My husband and I just bought a 2001 LC with 95,000 miles. We also own a 2002 Tundra. From what we can tell, they have almost the same engine. We are wondering if anyone can explain why 91 octane is strongly recommended for the LC.

    So far, we love the car and love the reliability reputation. This car feels smooth and safe and is....a tank.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Anyone have any suggestions on where to look for one of those bolt-on bar/tube things to protect the front of the car...I forget what they are called...Brushguard, maybe?

    I have an 05 TLC. Also, any downside to having one?

  • Depending on state, you may not pass inspection....obstruction to your headlights. i failed with my 97 TLC with brushbar. I just had to remove it. I also think the weight gain would bring down fuel economy given today's gas prices....every little bit counts I guess.
  • Most are simply bling and actually cause more front-end damage in a frontal impact. You might try TJM.
  • I have had the front end of my Fj80 crushed twice - the second time I had dropped compreghensive insurance and wasnt about to pay $3,000- $4,000 out of my own pocket for the numerous front "assembly" of crap Toyota plastic bumpers parts etc.. For a few hundred bucks I installed a solid ABS Bull Bar - not the cosmetic crap like "grill guards" you see on so many wanna-be SUVs. And there is no problem wiith lights as lights are fitted on the bars - so you end of with two sets including the original.
  • The airbag light came on in my Landcruiser recently (90k). Is there a sensor or switch or is this telling me I must replace the airbag?

    Appreciate any insight here-

  • leerayleeray Posts: 1
    If you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay for this year with this much mileage. I am looking at buying one for my wife, but am not wanting to go much over $12K. Thanks!!
  • Thats because they (the dealer) gave you the wrong hardware. I had the same problem and found out that the clips that hold the roof windguard down were the wrong clips. Because they were the wrong clips it exposed a gap of 1 inch on the drivers side and when I would reach 50+MPH the roof would produce a thumping sound. One sound that I can not get rid of is the thumping caused by the rear tires. When the windows are up you can not hear the noise, but with one or both of the back windows down its unbearable, even at low speeds (under15)
  • peiomipeiomi Posts: 20
    I have an 04 LC with the Nav, has anyone done a direct connection of an Ipod or a sat radio. I have a SAT radio and tried the RF connection and it sounded horrible, the factory JBL system is bad enough. Any help is greatly appreciated as I would like to directly connect my Sat radio and Ipod using RCA cables or the like. Thanks in advance!
  • tseoshtseosh Posts: 26
    I have been watching prices, and I currently own a '95. If you are asking if you could get a 2001 model LC with under 100k miles for $12k, the answer is not one that's driveable. You could find a mint 1995-1997 80 series with under 100,000 miles for $12k or less. For prices look at some of the online classified sites and some of the other LC enthusiast sites- even Ebay.
  • Wow, finally a great TLC forum. I purchased a 99 TLC with 87,000m in April. I absolutely love it. I am just about to roll over 100,000 miles and have my first issue. The brake pedal sticks on occasion. Usually after driving in the rain or long periods of highway travel without braking. It can be lifted with my foot to remedy the problem, so I assume there is some sort of booster that needs work. The only other notable thing i have noticed with the brakes is that the pads click once when braking for the first time in each direction.

    Also, I am shopping for a new set of tires. I cannot find better reviews than the reviews for the tires that came on it. Michelin LTX/MS. Any suggestions or is it a go for a straight up replacement. I haul a lot of weight on flat highways with repetitive right hand turns most of the time.

    Thanks in Advance,

  • My 1991 Fj80 is valued (by my town - for personal asset tax purposes) at $9,000.......... :cry:
  • I am thinking about purchasing either a 2002, 2003 or 2004 TLC.

    It seems there were a few cosmetic and horse power differences amongst these years, but no major changes 03 to 04 (except addition of back-up sensor)...

    Do you think I should get an 03, over an 04? an 02 over an 03? I would save a fair amount of money (e.g. approx $4K-$10K on 03 versus 04). However, I want to keep this vehicle for a looong time (and who knows how the previous owner cared for it!?).

    Please advise as to your production year preferences (for the years listed above), the correct price to pay (e.g. I have one Toyota CPO price on a black 03 LC for $38K), and the best way to acquire these great machine (e.g. CPO versus private owner).

    Also, what color do you think is best for city and mountains? Do you think the black looks to agressive ("bling-bling")? I have yet to find a used one in silver...

    Thanks, this will be my second Land Cruiser (previously owned 86 LC wagon)!
  • Adding to that:

    Should I save money by instead purchasing a (newer) Sequoia??

    I am a singly guy, 32 years old, who during the week drives executive clients around LA, but weekends off-roads, skiis and/or rockclimbs...

    For the same price as an 03 LC I could get a newer Sequoia with more cargo space and better gas mileage.

    However, I would lose the (more) executive look and the (true) off-road burliness...

    Opinions? Does anyone know the Sequoia's TRUE off-road capabilities??
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    The 03 has a nicer dash board more like the GX470 and it also has a 5 Speed Automatic vs 4 speed automatic for the 02 model. This results in slightly smoother acceleration and a bit more milage. I found a really good 02 with 30K miles on it so I couldn't justify spending the extra $$ for an 03 even though I liked the dash better and really wanted the 5 speed auto. There is no difference between 03, 04, 05. The 06 models came out with a 280 bhp VVTI V8 and optional air suspension (same as in the LX470). This is what I will probably get next. Don't buy earlier than 02 because 02 is the first model to have the toyota 5 Star Safety system ie, (Skid Control, Traction Control, Brake Assist, etc etc..).

    Forget the Sequio mate. Leave that for the big family guy....
  • That one dealer just called back:

    They want to close the deal on that CPO, black 03 LC with 30k miles for approx US$36K + tax/fees.

    Any input?
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Does it have the NAV? Seems like a good deal if it does.
  • On our recent cross country trip to AZ we lost the bumper cap on the passenger side of our 1994 Land Cruiser. We are looking for advice as to where and how we might find a used one. We have already checked junk yard here in Mesa and have had no luck.
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