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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    There's some rumors going on over in the Future Vehicles board. I don't remember seeing any TLC talk but there are some active future Lexus discussions, and I think I saw something about keeping the LX 470 around to compete against the Sequoia (I was passing through looking for something else and didn't pay a lot of attention - maybe a search will help). And there's 2009 RX drawings out on Inside Line today.
  • Steel - I now see that 2007s are becoming available in early September in Southeast. I called a couple of dealerships and they said it has not changed except for a few options (upgraded NAV). One of the dealers also thought a redesigned LC one is around the corner and would include many of the Tundra concept cues - he sent me a link to the widely-circulated Australian 4x4 article from last year. Does your dealer/tech guy have any more insight as to 2008 or when the new model will arrive. If the tech guy has seen it and can confirm it is indeed Tundra concept based, that would be good to know because I will just go ahead with the 2007. Please let me know if you hear of anything else. Thanks in advance.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Seems like the redesign will be 08. I am sure the bean counters at Toyota would want to economise on the platform. I suspect it will be a shared chasis set up like the Armada, Pathfinder and new Xterra.
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    hi everyone....i really dont understand all of the tech talk around the TLC 2006, 2007 nor the 2008 models, but would you tell me if i made a mistake buying the 2006 model??? and how is the platform on this model 2006???

    thank you...

  • No mistake there - you have the best SUV on the road. You have the latest and greatest platform, which is proven to be rock solid. No changes for 2007. 2008 may bring something different, but who knows.
  • I have a 1997 Land cruiser. I've had it for a year now. It's easily the best vehicle I've ever owned. My question: how deep the water that I can safely drive it through? Recently I was on very rough jeep trail in a remote part of eastern Oregon, and I came to water across the trail. I waded it easily, and it never reached the bottom of my hips and was usually just a few inched above my knees (I'm 6'1"), however there were a few holes maybe another 6 or 8 inches deep. The water was about 20' to cross. It was not flowing.I was ready to go for it, but my remoteness stopped me. There was little propspect of help if I got stuck. So what's the capacity of a 97 LC to go through water? Thanks.
  • FF4L- I sure will. That shared platform ala Nissan/Armada/Titan thing has been a big concern of mine ever since I heard about it. It's come up more than once in discussions with these various folks over the past few months.

    All that I'm saying now is pure speculation on my part, but.....I think we're all pretty sure that there will be a new Landcruiser to replace the 100 series, but what we're really wondering is what the US market will get? If Toy goes the Tundra/Sequoia route how will they make them different? Maybe they could do a Suburban/Tahoe type model--short wheel base/ long wheel base.

    One thing that was rumored long ago was no more LC sold by Toy dealers as they had gotten so expensive and that they were going to be sold by Lexus. So, how about this--Lexus sells it as the Landcruiser and they have an "LX" version? Hard to imagine Toy giving up the luxury SUV segment of their lineup to RR.

    Since there are so many LCs throughout the world and so many different ones, anticiapating a replacement for the 100 that isn't a Tundra/Seqouia seems reasonable enough--no? Of course the issue here, perhaps is that as the LC has evolved into a luxury SUV, many potential buyers only see the size difference between the Seqouia and the LC and the price difference too and decide they don't need the LC.

    My preference would be to see the current set up---LC/LX on its own platform. Now if, they'll just call me and ask me how to handle all of this for them :)

    The intro of an '07 is consistent with what the area tech rep told me. A few months back (thought I had posted this) he said an '06 and an '07 with no changes--he has only recentlcy mentioned seeing the new LC, but he wouldn't tell me any more. This ultra secrecy makes me think that this new one must be a very significant change to warrant all the secrecy and that it's going to be so different that demand will be very high? My hunch is hybrid--maybe standard--with more power and torque and about 20% or more better mileage.

    My gut feeling is hold off if you can, as there will no doubt be some nice 100s available even after the new one is announced.

    I'll keep trying to dig up whatever I can as I'm in the market for a new one too!
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    steelcruiser, please keep us updated. I have been waiting for the new one to. I bought a used one in 2005 as I certain they where going to put the VVTI in the 06 model now I don't want to trade my used one and get a new one, until I know what the future plans are.
  • Just got this from the Autoweek web site via their advanced search feature.

    Land Cruiser: The icon of the truck lineup soldiers on. Markets outside the United States and Canada are to receive the re-engineered vehicle in 2007; the vehicle bows in both countries a year later.

    Based on this, we should be seeing something in auto pubs soon? And I think we who are waiting are in the same boat as you are. Probably a short run of 07s?

    I may be reading a bit much into this sliver of AutoWeek info, but with everyplace but the US and Canada getting something in '07, that leads me to believe that the NA version will be hybrid?
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    With all these talk about the new TLC coming out....i am starting to think i wasted $63,000 buying a new 2006 !!!

    Does anyone think i did something wasteful? should i have just waited for the 2007 ???

  • hi there, des anyone know if there is a difference between the 2006 and 07 TLC model? not sure which model i want to get..i have a great 2003..craving that new defiently a TLC addict...
  • You're kidding, right? You already own the best SUV on the planet, and you seem to be whining about not owning an upgraded 2007? Givemeafreakin break! BTW, did you know the 2008 models will be even better than the 2007 models????
  • k mdsd.. no need for sarcastic remarks!!! amd i'm not whining...did'nt u read my posting, i know i own the best!!! as i said " i just wanting the feeling of a new car" this is my 3rd TLC..had a 92, 2000 n now 03.....
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291

    If it makes you feel any better, I know someone who will be interested in buying your 06 if you plan to upgrade to an 07 or later.
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    sorry everyone...i didnt mean to offend you with my previous question....i was really concern and sincere about if i did the right thing buying the 2006....i was not being sarcastic...i just really dont know about all the tech things on this SUVs....i am new to them and the 2006 is my first.....again sorry if i offended anyone....but yes i feel better now that i own the best suv on the planet, thanks for all your infos...

    sincerely mdsd
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    thanks trina....i will keep that in mind...just in case i sell :)
  • afraid that is not my LC..i have a 03..upgrading ot an 07.....waiting for it now...
  • AFAIK, the '07 will be like the '06s. Undoubtedly a minor tweak here or there. And, no you didn't make a mistake buying an '06. You might feel a bit better if you check out used car ads in your area and see how many LCs you see advertised and how long they stay unsold. Then look at the new ones at dealers and how long they are on the lot before they sell. Finally, note how much advertising Toy does for the LC. Also, check out the depreciation hit for other SUVs--especially RR. I think you'll feel much better. Just enjoy your current LC, hang in until the new version comes out, then decide when or if you want to replace your current vehicle.

    Finally, no matter what year you buy, it will always depreciate some. But what won't change is you've got a LC :)

    Don't see how you offended anyone--you just asked a question. What's wrong with that?
  • Toyota has updated their website with the '07 LC. They are stating it has 265 horsepower. Didn't the 06 tlc have 275???
  • Steel - have a chance to pick up a new '06 at 2,500 under invoice - around $52K - (has nav, airbags and roof rack/running board pkgs). In your opinion (or anybody else), is it worth waiting for the 2007 from a fair value perspective and to get the generation 5 navigation. Probably could pick up an similarly equipped 07 for another 4K I would say. Relly hate to make a decision based on electronics, but it does play a small factor. Actually I wish I could find one without navigation b/c I just see it being a very dated and expensive to repair computer 5-7 years from now. But a special order or finding one without nav is virtually impossible given the limited volume of LC production. That (upgraded nav unit) and the fair value hit I will take on the 2006 are my only real concerns. I suppose I could also find a 07 with AVS, but not sure I need or want that option either ($$$ to fix down the road if the system fails). Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Since the 2007 is not really very different from the 2006, It's probably not worth paying 4K more for the 2007. I have a 2002 TLC with the original GPS Mapping DVD. It works well for the most part. There are some newer residential developments and new highways that are not on my map, but i could buy the upgraded DVD if I wanted. Other than that the routing and re-routing works fine. Never had a problem. The unit finds picks up the sattellite signals pretty fast.

    However, I agree with you that I would prefer it without a NAV unit if I was going to keep the truck for a very long time. It's going to be expensive to fix the main screen if it fails as it controlls pretty much all the functions, including the audo, climate control, Nav, etc. I might try to special order one without the nav and the fancy suspension which I guess will be costly to repair down the line.

    Just curious what the Generation 5 nav offers that is not on the 06.
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    thanks steelcruiser...i never regret buying my 06...i guess im not just TLC savvy and not really know anything about them...but to sum it up, IT IS THE BEST VEHICLE I HAVE EVER HAD !!!! and it is worth every penny...

    thanks everyone !
  • MDSD-the LC has a special and loyal following and will undoubtedly always be in demand by those that own or have owned them. Your owning one now, is showing you how smart you were to get one, right =)

    FF4L- the '06 seems like a good idea, in that they aren't different than the '06s? Do you really think the updated Nav is worth 4K? OTOH, I know you want to make sure you have the latest and or last MY of the 10 series if the new one isn't what you were expecting.

    Tough decision I know!

    Since I've got two other vehicles, I'm hanging with my low mileage '02 until I see the next gen LC. Like you, if it's a re-badged Seqouia, I'm going to jump on another 100 series
  • jaygjayg Posts: 6
    I have a 2000LC, bought it new and love the vehicle. I moved it from Ma. to FL last year. I have it started once a month but the battery has been dead twice in the last 6 months. Any idea what's draining the battery. Anybody else have this problem.

    I'm thinking I should just disconnect the battery when we're not in FL.

    Thanks for the help and advice,

  • Same thing happens to my 2000 LC. It's not a daily driver so, so it sits in the garage for weeks at a time. I try and drive a few miles every month, but sometimes I just don't get around to it, and after about 3-4 weeks, dead battery. After my 2nd recharge, I decided to buy a battery tender and just plug it in when I'm not planning on driving the vehicle for more then 2 weeks. Its fairly easy, the tender keeps the battery at the correct levels and doesn't overcharge so it doesn't damage the battery. I could have just disconnected the negative terminal of the battery like the manual says, but having to reset the radio presets everytime....

    This also happens on my aunts 94 LS400. Its not a daily driver either, so it sits there for weeks at a time. It's battery dies more often and so that car's on a battery tender now too.

    I think in both cases, it's caused by vehicle electronics??Alarms/anti-theft/other things that are on when the car's off??
  • A couple of things are (probably) going on. One, the battery is "old" based on your descriptions of them. And two, you're not driving often enough to keep it charged. You may want to consider getting a trickle charger as Another Person suggests.

    Since I drive my LC often, this is not an issue, but on my Porsche (2006) it is as there are "lots" of electronics that are constantly drawing current. I drive it every other week or so and hook it up to my trickle charger in between.

    Don't know what the consequences will be on my '07 Camry hybrid, but it too is driven quite often.
  • jaygjayg Posts: 6
    Thanks SteelCruiser and Another Person. Just ordered a Battery tender and I'll take it to FL in a couple weeks.

    Great advice, thanks,

  • Don't know your experience level with water crossings. There is a technique where you gather a little speed to create a bit of a "bow wave" in front of you which effectively lets you ford deeper water. I've been up to the bottom of my hood a couple of times without incident. I think you did the right thing by not taking a chance. If you'd been with someone else and had another vehicle to assist you that would have been a different story.

    Also, if you do get in to some deeper water that covers your differentials and transfer case, it's a good idea to clean out your breather tubes and change the fluids in them.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I have the same problem on my 02 if I don't use it for about 3 weeks in the winter. I found it quite strange as I never had this issue with my M-Class.
  • The owner's manual does not indicate the type of differentials 2006 Series 100 has? These are my assumption:
    1. Front - Open
    2. Center - Open
    3. Rear - Open

    Trasfer case - Chain driven or gear driven? Thank you.
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