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Audi A6 Tires and Wheels

dbates1dbates1 Member Posts: 2
I recently purchased a '07 A6 and am loving it, but would like a little better "footprint". I am wondering if anyone knows if wheels and tires from a RS4 would fit. I like the larger 19" wheels and the width of the 255's, but want to be sure they will fit under the wheel wells. My dealer can't seem to confirm the offset of the bigger wheel will fit for sure. Their suggestion is to have one installed and see if it fits


  • kgarykgary Member Posts: 180

    I have an 05 4.2 with 18" wheels and have 255s. So they fit.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    You CAN "plus size."

    You do not need to go to a 19" wheel/tire combo. Of course you may go to that if you like. Be certain you understand the effects in terms of ride, sound and weight. Also be certain you understand what tire makes and models are offered in the new size as well as the availability of purpose driven tires (summer only, winter, all-season, speed ratings, etc.)

    I have read that 265 wide tires will fit. An apparently benign upgrade on the factory 18" wheels is 255 x 40(%).

    The 19" upgrade typically seems to drop the sidewall to 35 -- which may or may not yield the results you are seeking.

    The 18" 255 (40 series) will change the circumference a small amount (a bit bigger.) Since folks are doing it and the cars continue to run fine and the speedos apparently are not adversely effected, well that would seem a good compromise. Might be more tires to choose from in 18" size too.

    Don't forget things like "offset" if you do use different wheels.

    I put RS6 wheels on my allroad and had to use what are called spacers since the wheels were not a perfect match to the allroad factory wheels.

    I went from factory 17"s to RS6 replicas w/spacers and 245 x 45 x 18" tires (up from 225 x 55 x 17".)

    Never looked back.

    Personal pref -- I don't want to go lower than a 40 series, for despite the improvements that can come with lower and wider, there are often one or two (or more) negs that creep up:

    - bent wheels are more likely
    - tires are noisier and generally more expensive
    - ride harshness may increase
    - tires may need to be changed more often due to shorter treadlife of these typically highest performance tires in these sizes

    There are many other pos reasons that may offset these negs for some folks not for others. After driving the new Q7 with the optional wheels, I found it quite convincing to consider 20" wheels to no longer have the negs I used to associate with them (other than the fact that they look cool.) :surprise:

    I found Audi (of AMERICA?) perhaps like all Euro cars imported stateside equips their cars with compromise tires (the S and RS cars may be the exception) because Americans seem to get steamed if they have to change their tires for summer and winter duty AND Americans, even when purchasing $50K cars seem to "resent" buying new tires annually or every 18 months.
  • dennis27dennis27 Member Posts: 6
    OKee.. realy nice thnx for the lovely post markcincinnati !!!!!
  • dbates1dbates1 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for informative reply!!! Lots to consider!
  • aveghteaveghte Member Posts: 68
    Is the upgrade to the 255 x 40 18 inch wheels worth the extra $900 or are you trading slightly better handling for a slightly rougher ride with faster wearing tires?

    My wife is not a sports car driver - right now she is driving a Jaguar S-type which is near the end of the lease (and which has been pretty good to us with only minor issues) but we are thinking about changing to an Audi A6.
  • ndaudindaudi Member Posts: 2
    I purchased an 07 A6 4.2 S-line last month and my wife is having issues with the suspension----basically she dislikes the harshness of the ride. She has been a trooper about the ride but I can tell that it bothers her...and I want to try to make her more comfortable. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on softening the ride a little?

    I called both my local dealership and Audi USA to see if they could tell me what suspension components I had on the car so that I could see if I could modify it for a some-what softer ride. (The dealership suggested that I purchase regular springs for the A6 but I did not want to do that.) I was wondering if anyone out there knew who makes s-line suspension components so that I could contact the makers (Eibach, H&R, Koni, Bilstein?) directly to see what they have as an alternative component that would allow my car to still have an aggressive look and a somewhat softer ride...I didn't want to just purchase something from Koni, etc...and end up with the same ride (most of the after-market items seem to be marketed to those who wish to stiffen their vehicle).

    Thanks for any advice,
  • kgarykgary Member Posts: 180
    Plus 1 the tires.
  • ndaudindaudi Member Posts: 2
    Thanks KGary!

    It turns out that the dealer neglected to remove the shipping blocks/stops from the springs and struts during dealer prep. Once they were removed, the ride was smoother...
  • bossfiftybossfifty Member Posts: 3
    RUN .... RUN.... from any A6 Quattro with 16 inch wheels and tires. I found out to late there is a very good reason Audi does not spec this size any longer on the 4.2 .......... simply, the tire and wheel are not sufficiently load rated for the weight of this vehicle. Audi is ducking any responsibility for this design failure.
    If you buy one, expect alignment and balance problems...($300 to align and rotate every 5-6000 miles).... serious cupping of the shoulders of the tires, eventual rounding of the shoulders and exposing of the belts and replacement every 15-18,000 miles. At a cost of $1300 to $1500.
    In fact, Dunlop does not make this tire any longer and Audi WILL NOT give you a recommended alternate. My research shows that only two Mfrs even make this size any longer.
    SORRY AUDI... fool me once shame on you... let you do me again and shame on me. No wonder Audi finished dead last this last year in customer satisfaction!!!! :lemon:
    Anyone else out there with a similar story to share?
  • chelle26chelle26 Member Posts: 8
    that's cool...they are certain, it should be installed to see it that fits to your '07 A6...i have my 2001 audi and had fuel injector installation last month..it's better and high quality Audi A6 parts..
  • visoviso Member Posts: 14
    This post maybe very late, but I just added 19" rims to my 05 A6 4.2 S-line Sports. They look amazing on the car and give it that extra beef. I choose the 5 double-spoke Audi rims. 19" fit easily. I want to know if 20" rims would fit the new S6 as that is my next project for my 07 S6.
  • flattire4flattire4 Member Posts: 2
    Any truth to a tire dealers Mantra that replacing only one tire on an AWD A6 will damage the car in some way? This seems like such a scam. But from what I've read (forgive me --I'm far from knowledgable) it shouldn't matter much if the new tire is the same size and the tread on the old tires hasn't worn down to Abe Lincols's head?

    Please help me save $300
  • kgarykgary Member Posts: 180
    I answered your question in the A6 forum.
  • doctorrobdoctorrob Member Posts: 2
    Will 275/40/17 tires fit on a 2004 A6 4.2? or will they rub?
    I found a set of 4 for $455 brand new and I would like to buy them but. . .
  • yaphetyaphet Member Posts: 1
    I am thinking of buying a 2k5 A6 Quattro 3.2. It has the 16" tires. Does your post apply to this version of the A6.

    Thank you,
  • hungryfordhungryford Member Posts: 1
    Audi 2002 A6 4.2 sports suspension, 17 inch rims. 6 hours ago, I replaced my semi-bald standard 255 Z 40 tires with 4 new 235 Y 45 tires from Bridgestone (their rain racing tires, I am told--I live in rain country). I took these brand new tires immediately up to freeway speeds and felt a lot of sway and oversteer that me feel unsafe. I am ready to go back and replace them with the 40 series, if performance doesn't improve after I check to be sure air pressure is up near tire rating and put a few miles of run in them. The tire direction indicators are correct. However, they had all 4 rims off at once and may have replaced them haphazardly as to side. I do not see how this matters with brand new tires. Also could there be any ESP or other Audi computer cornering settings that I have messed up? Has anyone got an explanation other than narrower tread, thicker tread and maybe under-inflation as a cause for such a dramatic change in handling. I have to make this decision tomorrow (Sunday), as I am on the road, far from home.
  • quicka6quicka6 Member Posts: 1
    They will definitely rub unless you run spacers. So far H&R has the only spacers I could find for our cars. Also since the will weigh far more than stockers you might need to run a beefier shock/spring and stronger brakes. IMO unless you want to dump a pile of $ in it to do it all correctly you can just run a stickier stock tire or upgrade to an 18-20 if you are going for looks over performance.

    For example I'm running 235/40/18 Nitto 555 extremes on my 02 4.2 and notice no drop in performance but I get a bump in fuel economy. The Nittos are a very sticky tire. I'll probably go to Michelin Pilots next with 255/35/18's. But I'm also running EBC drilled/slotted brakes with red pads and Koni fully adjustable shocks to account for the wt diff.

    Good luck \m/
  • nslevinenslevine Member Posts: 2
    Am new to the forum and wondering what the best tires are for the Audi A6? Any help would be appreciated
  • capriracercapriracer Member Posts: 907
    Best tires? How about telling us what you want in a tire? Treadwear, grip, fuel economy, handling, ride? Many of these properties are in opposition to each other so you need to determine what set of compromises will work for you.
  • nslevinenslevine Member Posts: 2
    handling comfort and maximum mileage are probably the highest priority. Northern California climate. thanks
  • capriracercapriracer Member Posts: 907
    First, handling and comfort are in conflict. If you want more of one, you have to give up on the other.

    Also, mileage (meaning wear) is in direct opposition for traction (especially wet traction) and fuel economy.

    So now that you know how this works, you should be able to explain to a local dealer what level of compromise works for you and they can show you what's avaliable in your area.

    If you want to do research before going to the loacl dealer. Tire Rack is an excellent resource.
  • doddjododdjo Member Posts: 1
    I currently run 19" rims with 245 35 zr19 tires, to points made earlier they aren't the quietest things on earth but definitely provide the performance I'm looking for and a step up from the 225 whatever whatever 16"s that came with it....I really wanted 255's for the 19" rims, we tried (dealer brought them in for me) and they definitely do more than rub....they get stuck.

    A comment was made about using spacers, I current use them on my mustang and love them but wonder do they impact the quattro feature? Audi puts a lot of emphasis on consistency with wheels/tires etc and leads me to wonder if they have a position on spacers. Also, can you use spacers on rear only or must you use the same for all 4? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  • cubartcubart Member Posts: 1

    I have a 2000 Audi A6 4.2L (same as S6) and would like to put 245/45 R17 tire on. Because 255/40 R 17 are stock configuration, I am a little worried that the
    245/45 R17 tire would rubbing the fender lip, when turning the wheels to maximum.
    Any problems with this issue?

  • jessiemjessiem Member Posts: 19
    Hi! I am considering adding on as a package the 20" Sport Package to a new vehicle I am looking to Lease. Planning to get the 2012 Audi A6 3.0 Prestige Package with Cold Weather, Audi Side Assist and considering the 20's.

    For anyone that has the 20's sport package from Audi, how is the ride? Is it harsh? Also would you suggest to not get the sport package and just buy the 20" rim/tires separately, so as I will still have the regular suspension.

    Thoughts/Comments would be appreciated.
  • jessiemjessiem Member Posts: 19
    Anyone can share their experience on this?
  • alznycalznyc Member Posts: 1
    2008 a6 s-line ...front tires 245/40/r18.., so now im seeing that im having rub marks on the outer and inner tires on both tires ...now im assuming that wen i make a k/u turn they seem to rub how is that possible wen they are the factory tires for the car
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