1994 Lincoln Continental Suspension Air Bags

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1994 Lincoln Continental
Problem: The ride control light on the message center on the dash comes on shortly after starting to drive.

Description: I was having problems with the suspension air bags (air shocks) when the actually froze and did not function properly. Rather than spend an enormous amount of money to replace the air bags, I decided to replace the air bags with regular struts on all four wheels. The ride of the car is actually not much different currently with the struts as before with the air bag suspension.

I believe that the sensors are sending a signal to the computer that an air adjustment is necessary and causing the bell to sound for a couple seconds and the ride control light to turn on and remain on. This really doesn't hurt anything but it is a real nuisance.

Question: Does anyone have any idea how to somehow disable the bell and the message center ride control light? This is really "driving" me crazy. Any help would be truly appreciated.


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    My 1993 rear suspension just blew out. I am from the boston, ma area. Any help or suggestions to replacing the suspension. i know I can get regular struts from a sable or possibly taurus.
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    You may want to read the "Lincoln Continental" under "sedan" topic, not #106. I brought the front air struts from Autozone which were about $220 ea. (1.5 year ago), the price is much higher now (>$300 ?)when I last check, the rear strut I brought from arnottindustries.com at $175 ea. plus $35 S&H. The fronts are life time war. and look like factory struts. The rears look rebuild, ugly, don't look to be last, with 1 year warr., just hope the rears will last as long as the fronts. Wish I had decided to replace the rears when the fronts were replaced.

    The fronts are fairly simple to install, however, the rears are very tricky due to the springs. When in doubt, let the professional install the rears.

    Arnottindustries.com has conversion kits too. You may want to visit their web site.

    Hope this help.
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    Thanks for the information. But has anyone had any experience with the computer that controls the message center on the dash. I want to disable the bell and the light from always coming on.

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