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Chevrolet Corvette Tires and Wheels

I just traded my 1991 Vette for a 2002 Vette and the thing I have noticed is a lot of road noise with this car. I was just wondering if the run flat tires are the reason for the sound. All of the C5 cars that I drove had the same sound. Is there a tire to replace the ones on my car with that are not so loud?


  • arizona99arizona99 Posts: 3
    It's not so much a sound but a pulsating in the pedal when I apply the brakes. Thanks for your input.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I'm going to give you the C5 common wisdom without any technical data, which I don't have. The run-flats are felt by most people to be too noisy, I switched to Michelin from the stock GY's and they are just a bit quieter. Then again when I drive around CA most tires seem noisy but when I cross the border into NV and am not on really new concrete everything is quieter too. Seems the roads make a big difference. I also run a set of Z06 wheels with non-RF Kumho's on my coupe for track days and they are not as noisy as the GY's but probably no better than the Michelin's. Having riden in several C5's, to tell the truth, the more people spend on tries the quieter they seem to feel they are, but I'm not sure there is a lot of difference. Also, since I'm lazy and don't like putting the cargo panels back into the rear of the coupe I drive with them out and that makes for lots of noise, they do help. There is a sound deadening material that I've read about that some use to good effect, and I'm betting just a pad/blanket in the rear would help as well.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Interesting thing about brake pulsating, read a technical article, don't know where, that rotors don't warp. The gist of the issue was that pads put down uneven material layers on the rotor which you feel as pulses. The reasons can be as varied as setting the parking brake when the rotors are hot, like at a track day, to even leaving a washed car to sit a couple days and having the pad deposit some material due to moisture. If you search on some of the bigger brake company sites for info you might find more, like Brembo, or Stop Tech, etc.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I've got Michelin PS@'s on my C5, noise levels aren't too bad.
    Of course, I don't remember my C4 as being all that quiet either!
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    Boy, the "pulsating" you refer to sure sounds like warped rotors. Believe you indicated earlier that the rotors were replaced...both front and rear?
    Only other thing I can think of because of the "pulsating" issue is an ABS problem. Have never heard of anyone having a problem with the ABS module but???
    I take it you feel nothing thru the steering wheel?
    Guess if I were you, I'd do a couple hard stops wherein you activate the ABS. Cannot offer you any technical reasons why I would do this except frustration and the possibility that the ABS sensor would "re-set" itself.
    Did this "pulsating" per chance begin after you had to make a hard stop and the ABS was activated?
    Can't remember from your original post but did you replace the pads along with the rotors?
    Also, I believe you indicated the rotors were new. Were they possibly turned and reinstalled? Manufacturors have specs for minimal thickness of rotors and they can usually survive being turned once.
    Post answers to above and I'll check with some Vette gurus and get their input.
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I just bought a 2002 Vette with 29k miles on it and it needs rear tires. I have looked at many kinds of tires with run flat and non run flat brands. I really do not like Goodyear brand but if I just replace the rear I think I need to keep the same brand on the back as the front. What about putting non run flats on, has anyone out there had much trouble by going that way. There seems to be more brands to choose from in non run flat than run flat.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I have a set of Michelin run-flats that I run when not on track and a set of Z06 wheels with Kumho MX Hi-Performance non-run-flats that I use driving to and from events as well as on track. I like the Kumho's enough that I run with them between events if I have less than about 3 weeks to the next one. That resulted in my running the Kumho's from late December until a week after Memorial Day since I did so many on track events. I have had nails in the Kumho's on 3 occasions as well and all three were very slow leaks, I check the pressure a lot since the Z06 wheels do not have pressure sensors and caught it quickly in all cases, I've never been stranded, yet. Kind of depends on where you drive, if you get into less traveled parking lots, etc., I'd stick to run-flats but if you can keep it on a main route to a freeway and then not get off the beaten path, the non-rf's seem to be pretty good.
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I only drive the car on weekends and on major roads. I worry about getting on the interstate 300k from home and having a flat with non run flat tires. I have found out that you can buy 4 run flat Kumhos for the price of 2 Goodyears. The front tires have a lot of life left on them so I might just buy 2 Goodyears for the rear.
  • russo_zrusso_z Posts: 1
    If you're looking for safety go with the run flats, if you want performance go with the good year's. The run flats tend to me a much a harder rubber then the non run flats resulting in less performance.
  • I had A pulsating problem. with my 97 vette, i changed out all four rotors and replaced with the acdelco drilled slotted dura stop rotors and brake pads, it was gone, but it squeaked alot! so i got the Hawk HPS pads, steel brake lines, and it stop on a dime with change! is it both sides?
    maybe you need new calipers? check out Ebay pick up the zo6 caliperss they work great, but i think there the same, just red.
    good luck,
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Just bought an 01 "loaded" black coupe with only 13,644 miles---it is "showroom" new. And, ss a "1st" time Vette owner, I was wondering what replacement tires are being used in lieu of the Goodyear Run Flats? The Goodyear's are both very noisy and expensive. I have about 75% tread left; however, the tires are going on 7 years old and I worry about deterioration. I've heard about folks using high performance non-run flats--but--I worry about having a flat in some remote place. Guess there's always a couple of cans of Fix-A-Flat! Appreciate any input and there's nothing like the shear exhilaration of WYAIF--wrapping your a-- in fiberglass!
  • Welcome to the world of obsessed Corvette owners! I have an 02 ZO6 with 15000 miles and run Kumho Estasa non run flats. The ZO6 does not come with run flats from GM but rather a tire sealant and little compressor. Also no pressure sensors because the sealant will ruin them. If you don't care about the pressure monitors fix a flat works fine. A pluging kit and compressor won't ruin your sensors and may be the best way to go. Keep in mind any plug or fix a flat is only a tempory repair and the tire needs to be repaired by a tire shop. Not every tire shop will have a machine to mount run flats as the sidewalls are extremely stiff in order to support the car without any air. There are other brands of run flats a little less expensive than Goodyears and non run flats are pretty pricey as well. I guess the best thing would be to leave the traction control "on" all the time and conserve the rubber but lets face it, we just can't keep our foot outta the throttle! Anyway, have fun with your Vette and be sure to wave at every one of us you see!Joe.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Joe-thanks for the info. I've read about Kumho's and I can buy the ECSTA MX XRP's (run flats) for about $750--Goodyear's are over $1,500!! From what I've read, the Kumho's are quieter,ride better and offer about the same tread life. Don't want to be "cheap"--but---at 1/2 price I can have 2 sets of Kumho's for every set of Goodyear's. Michelin's are about $1,200. I only believe in one "pressure monitor" and that's manually checking the tire pressure (cold) at least once a month. I've thought about non-run flats and tire sealant--I didn't know it ruined the sensors. I'll have to re-think that one. But, how often do you get a flat? I wondering if maybe the best bet isn't to use non-run flats and carry a couple of cans of Fix A Flat? I have some time to think about that as the tires are still about 70%. I haven't turned off the Trac Control--yet--getting uded to the "rocket!" I had a 55 Chrysler 300---it would fly after ya got it rolling and a 66 Buick GS--that was a mover---but--the Vette--what a machine--I just turned 63--who says mid-life crisis--what mid-life crisis--I'm like a teenager the car is so much fun and really draws the looks. the wife loves the car also and is anxious to give her a try! WYAIF--the ONLY way to go!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    My 2002 coupe has two sets of wheels, one with Michelin Run
    Flats and the other set, Z06 size has Kumho MX tires for the
    track. I say that the Kumho's are supposed to come off when
    I'm not going to be on track for a few weeks but it goes
    much longer than that at times. I've had a few nails and
    been very lucky that it became a slow leak and I check
    pressures a lot so I caught it each time without getting
    stopped on the road. Either approach works but some day I
    may be waiting for AAA to get me to a tire shop. If I did
    not run track and used the car for touring I would keep the
    run flats all the time.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Thanks Randy. I'd thought about getting a spare set of rims front & rear rims and mounting the current Goodyear's and then switch them I want to go out to play! You're probably right, better safe with run flats than waiting for my roadside service,
  • Bob: I too just purchased a perfect 2001 loaded and with the original tires. The tread is fine but the noise is awful. I am cheap otherwise I would have bought a C-6 (which was easily affordable but this C-5 is great) so naturally I explored all tire options. Tire sensors are only $40 but the safety factor is important so it looks like I am going to go with the KUMHO ECSTA MX XRP, but I did just learn that Yokohama came out with a run-flat the AVS Sport. I have not yet priced them. Based on all my research unless the Yokohama offers better pricing it will be the KUMHO. Other than Tire Rack the best price I found was @ Discount Tire. Anyone else have any thoughts? Rob
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Thanks Rob: My tread is about 70-75%--so i have a while before buying replacements. I can't see spending big $$$ for Goodyear's when I can buy the Kumho's for 1/2 the price and the reviews all say the Kumho's are just as good as the Goodyear's and quieter. One reviewer had over 25,000 miles on his Kumho's--not sure how much tread was left as he didn't say--but--25-30K seems like the normal life expectancy. I got a local price here at Lake of the Ozarks of $162 for the 245/45ZR/17's and $205 for the 275/40ZR/18's. Price at TireRack was $142 and $236 respectively--so its a wash and I have a local dealer if something goes wrong. You can read the reviews at Tire Rack. One guy said he'd be damned if he'll put Korean tires on his Vette---mmmmmmm seems like we were saying a few years ago--- "I'll be damned if I'll have a Japanese car!!" Let us know how the Kumho's work out!
  • what is your average gas mil. on you Vette out there? (manual or auto.) please advise. On paper, it says 28 hgway, but i highly doubt it. This means that the Vette is more gas-efficient than the Z or even the new 07 G35 sedan. :confuse: Please advise. thanks
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    richf2: Bought my 01 Coupe in January and drove it back from Chicago to Missouri, just over 425 miles. Stayed at 70 MPH on I55 and there were very strong and gusting southwesterly winds that day. Computer said I got 25.8, calculator said 25.3--I was pleased as I certainly didn't buy the Vette for gas mileage! Next phase of the trip, 2 lane roads, mainly 65 MPH, and, of course as many " exhilaration" 20-70" runs as safely possible. Hey, I was like a "kid in a candy store"--what a machine!! I still managed over 24 MPG. I've heard of 28-30 MPG--but--I suspect that's few and far between. I'll take 24+ MPG anytime and still know I have a "rocket" anytime I need it! Wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited "struggles" to get 20 MPG higway and that's with a 4 liter straight 6! No, I'm very happy and I imagine with "careful" driving--you could get 26+MPG--but--what sense does it make to have a Vette and expect it act like a Corolla? With all the fun the Vette provides---heck--I'd be happy with 15 MPG+! Remember--WYAIF--Wrap Your A-- In Fiberglass---nothing is more fun!!
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Sorry--forgot to say mine is an "auto--uggh"--only because the wife refuses to drive a stick.
  • At 75 MPH I am turning just over 1400 RPM in 6th gear and getting about 34 MPG. In town I average just over 20 (provided Ikeep my foot out of it which isnt easy) and on the highway just about 31. And this is actual not what the mileage computer says. however the mileage computer on the Corvette is the best of any of 4 other vehicles I own. That said, I didnt buy it for mileage. try an k& N air filter, it upped my mileage about 2 on the C-5, about 4 on my Infiniti I-35 and nothing on my Durango Hemi.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    My C5 Z51 6sp is doing just 68/69 at 1500 rpms and if I keep it below that close to the speed limit it gets over 30mpg, about 31.5. But it takes long trips at that steady state to over come any romps on the gas or road side stops and getting back up to speed. It is an amazing touring car as I've now driven with my wife back from picking up two Vettes in Laurel, MT (01 and 04) doing an easy 1400 miles in three or four days. Great way to break in a new car.
  • 2infiniti2infiniti Posts: 13
    OK: I have decided to go with Run-flats. I was going to go with Michelin Pilot Sport AS/ZP but some have said their gas mileage dropped dramatically. Has anyone out there had any experience with the Michelins on a C-5 vs OEM Goodyears?

  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The only difference to make to the mpg is with the right
    foot. I have Michelin run-flats on my C5, when I take off
    the track tires and I get the same mileage as my OEM GYs. As
    a matter of fact, my Michelins are quieter than the OEM GYs
    on the wifes C5, look better and I like the grip better. Running
    my Z06 size wheels with 275/295s really spoils me
    for going back to stock C5 size tires. That is unless you
    want to drift some and enjoy the oversteer :).
  • 2infiniti2infiniti Posts: 13
    I bought the Michelin AS Pilot sport. Discount Tire even beat Costco on price. They are much better than the original Eagles. No gas mileage difference between the Michelins and the Good Years. They are much quieter, rides smoother and hooks-up as opposed as going sideways when you stand on it with the traction control off. These are so much nicer that they were worth the cost even if they wear no better than the Eagles. :)
  • If you don't mind, where and how much did you spend to get the Kumho's in the sizes that fit a C5 Z06? I can't find any more selection than OEM Goodyear's, Michelin's, or Firestone's.

    Mine is a 2004 and I believe the sizes are P265/40ZR17 front and P295/35ZR18 rear (both non-run flats).....
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The Kumho MX tires I run are 275/17 fronts and 295/18 rears
    they don't have a 265/17. I price them at Tire Rack and
    then go to America's Tire/Discount Tire store locally and
    they match the price. Since it used to be about $10 per
    tire to ship from Tire Rack, they add that to the price and
    then charge for installation. Very good deal.

    Those are on 9.5 front and 10.5 rear wheels. I'm also aware
    of guys that run 295 tires on stock 9.5/18 wheels.
  • I just visited the Kumho site and, yea, I can't find a 265/17 either.

    Sounds like you have the stock-size Z06 C5 wheels. Do you notice any problems running the 275's on the front around town (I know you like these on the track...)?

    Any drawbacks you would like to comment?
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I have no issues with the non-run-flat Kumho's for daily
    driving. Matter of fact my run-flat Michelin's have been
    in the garage for over 6 months, sitting. After running a
    wider tire you get spoiled with the grip, I've even had the
    Active Handling come on in the wife's C5 coupe on stock
    tires a couple times, expecting more grip than the stock
    size tire provides. Running the Z06 wheels on a coupe is
    also very nice.
  • Nice analysis and comments. My fear is that the 275's will rub somewhere they are not supposed to, thus increasing their issues with this? How about reduced turning radius?
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