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Infiniti G35 Audio Questions



  • tolumtxtolumtx Posts: 3
    I got a 1 month G35 and just received a letter from XM radio to extend the services.. It is quite expensive.. does anyone received a special price for both services??? Thanks..
  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 95
    Yes, either go to the website and see what deals there are or cancel the service and they'll send you a snailmail with a better deal.
  • sharkman78sharkman78 Posts: 10
    I have the 08 G35Xs nav, prem, sport with a 6 cd changer in the trunk. I know that it does not play MP3's and I know that my in dash player does play MP3's on a CD. So the question is will the in dash player play MP3's that I put on a DVD? And will the music box store MP3's?


  • shov8shov8 Posts: 87
    Unfortunately, no and no. It won't play DVDs of any kind and the Music Box will only store music ripped from the CD player in the dash (no copying of MP3s from CD or CF).

  • chill8chill8 Posts: 2
    Does anybody know if the ipod integration (not the AUX cable) only comes with the 2008, and if so, can it be installed in the 2007? Has anyone done it?

    Thanks a ton.
  • shov8shov8 Posts: 87
    MY2008 was the first with the iPod integration. I doubt it could be retrofitted on a 2007 - both because of the missing cable and the stereo software/firmware to handle the iPod.

  • chill8chill8 Posts: 2
    I spoke to an Infiniti service rep and he told me that it is true, you can't retrofit the 2007 to have the ipod integration similar to the 2008. However, he said you could do it after market. So I spoke to someone at Al and Ed's Autosound and they told me it would be around $350 for the part and installation. It would be controlled through the cd player controls, but I'm not sure how much "information" would be translated to the screen??

    Here's the link:

    Has anyone out there attempted this yet??

  • For those who've run into iPod problems, I just thought I'd toss out what I've learned with my 08 G35x w/Nav. My 8Gb 3G Nano had problems right from the start - battery drain with the car turned off and it would lock up when I disconnected it. So, I upgrade it to 1.1.3. That didn't help at all.

    I also have an 160Gb Classic. With 1.0.3 on it, it works perfectly. I can leave it connected overnight without any battery drain. In fact, I haven't had any problems with it. I'm leary of putting 1.1.3 on it, so I'll probably hold off as long as I can on that.

    I was kind of bummed about the Nano not working, as I was planning on keeping it in the car.
  • Just an update...

    This morning, I drove in to work with my Nano in use. When I parked, I switched to the radio, turned the radio off, then turned the car off. After unplugging the nano, it appeared to be locked up (connected screen), as usual. I tossed it in my my bag and went on in to work. After an hour, I remembered that I needed to reset the Nano. At first, the screen still said conneected, but as soon as I pressed the center of the wheel, the now playing screen displayed. It had been playing the whole time. Apparently, the Nano isn't receiving a signal to stop/pause, so it was still doing it's thing. It looks like that is the cause of the battery drain when it is left connected. But I can't think of a way to diagnose whether the stop/pause signal is not being sent or if it's the Nano that is simply not recognizing the signal. I suspect that it is the Nano, though, as my Classic has never had a problem. I always make sure that both "locks" engage on the cable, so I know that isn't the problem, and the Nano's port is clean.

    I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I have the premium package, so I'm using the dedicated iPod port/cable.
  • alang4alang4 Posts: 40
    I've read here that you're supposed to be able to watch DVD's on the in-dash NAV/GPS in park, parking brake engaged. I'm not having any luck with this, does anyone have a suggestion?

    I have an '08 G35x, with Premium and NAV.

  • I dont think you can watch DVD's in the dash....but you can watch movies stored on your ipod or any portable DVD player by connecting the Yellow, Red, White cables in the center arm rest...
  • Hello all. I have an '07 G35 Journey Sedan. I noticed the 2008 models come with a better ipod integration where you can control the ipod via the touchscreen and steering wheel controls. Since it is essentially the same user interface on the touchscreen; is there any way to add the same Apple 30 pin connector integration that the 2008 model has, to my 2007 model? If not, is there any aftermarket solution which will allow to control the ipod through my touchscreen? Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • capopx3capopx3 Posts: 1
    The A/V display on my 2008 Infiniti G35X fails to display on occasion when I start the car. The radio, A/C-Heater, and other accessories work, but the screen does not display. I must stop the engine and restart the car (sometimes more than once) to get it to come on. The dealer has replaced the A/V unit twice and the problem still persists. Has anyone had the same problem?
  • lralra Posts: 13
    "The car must be in park with the E-Brake set for video to appear." Thanks to this post I was able to get the videos on my iPod Nano to play but this has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Who is going to sit in their car with the motor running, the car in park and the E-Brake engaged just to play a video on their Nano. Infiniti might as well have left this ability out if this is what it takes to play it.
  • lralra Posts: 13
    "I've read here that you're supposed to be able to watch DVD's on the in-dash NAV/GPS in park, parking brake engaged" Alang4 I want you to think about what you just posted and ask yourself. Why are you in a car, parked with the parking brake engaged trying to watch a DVD?
  • silica1silica1 Posts: 23
    Does anyone know if the new iPod Nano 4th generation is compatible with a 2008 G35? The new Nano was released last month (September), and I'm thinking of buying one primarily for use in my G35. I called Inifiniti and they didn't have any specific information on compatibility testing for the new iPod model.
  • silica1silica1 Posts: 23
    I found some information over on g35driver that indicates that the new 4th generation iPod Nano will work with the 2008 G35 iPod interface, but it will not charge the device. An adapter from a couple sources are in development to address this interface change (independent of the G35). Evidently, the iPhone 3G has the same issue.

    Although disappointing, charging shouldn't be a huge issue for me for a Nano.
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I have 08 G35XS with premium. I do like the IPOD interface and all, except, I cannot figure if there is a way to scroll through the songs faster. I have 1000+ songs. So when the system starts me at A-Songs and I want a song for example starting with letter M..using the Infiniti controller just takes forever to scroll through all the songs there anything that can be done??
  • The online scrollbar is faster sicne the up/down arrow does scrolls a page at a time instead of a song at a time, but with 4500+ songs, it's still too slow for me. My solution was to develop Smart playlists based on genre and ratings > 3 stars.
  • Hi. I just purchased my 08 G35 last month and have just gotten done ripping about 150 cds to the music box hard drive. When I hit menu to choose the cd I want to hear in the Music Box, about 50% of the time, if not more, the text of my menu options will turn from white to grey and I cannot make a selection. I'm literally stuck listening to a cd that I can't change. This can last for minutes at a time before the text will turn from grey back to white, and I can continue with my menu options.

    Has anybody else experienced this? Does the hard drive need to be replaced?



    Never mind. I found the answer to my question on another forum. For those experiencing the same problem, the vehicle must be stopped in order to access the music box menu options for safety reasons. Sort of silly really given that you can scroll and choose using the steering wheel buttons. Seems analogous to making somebody stop the car to change the radio station. Anyway, I was relieved to find the answer.
  • I bought the new nano that is released this september and i have attached it to my 08' g35xs and it doesn't work. it can't play and won't recognize from the device. anyway this can work out?, any new adaptors or something??
  • I've got the same problem on my '03 G35 sedan. Did you get an answer on how to fix this? other than going to the dealer. I got the same pricing - in the $500+ range...
  • I just posted this same question to someone else (#330); did you ever get an answer on how to fix this without going to the dealer? otherwise, I got an estimate at the dealer for $500+, and I think that pretty stiff...
  • launlaun Posts: 1
    1st day with the G35x. Super psyched! I loaded CD's into the Music Box but can't seem to sort conveniently by artist or by album. It seems that I need to scroll through entire collection to find artist or album that I want. Can this be possible? Am I missing something?
  • Hey has anyone tried or know if the compact flash will play videos on the nav screen?
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    any particular type
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    I wish they had put in a way to fast-forward within a song on CD, in Music-Box, or in Aux (i.e. , memory card). Sometimes I want to listen to a portion of a song over, and you have to play the whole song again. My older Jeep Grand Cherokee system allowed this.

    Also wish there was a way to scroll through the tracks display without changing the song playing. This situation occurs as the display show 6-songs, of which one is playing, and you want to see which track is your favorite song, that unfortunately is not one of the 6-showing on the display, therefore it is on the next page. Only way to get there is to scroll down, which ends the current song playback.

    And of course, not having the 'Select (Artist/Album)' menu disabled while the car is moving (apparently done for safety purposes). I have tried to convince myself of the safety factors, but find this disablement more of safety distractment than if it were available while moving. Why can't a passenger search for you, for instance? I actually look forward to 'red lights' at times because of this feature. But as luck would have it, I seem to always hit all the greens at those times. (Maybe this should become my secret for getting places quickly...just find a need to use 'Search'.)
  • I believe you can Fast forward on a song by the seek buttons..just like searching for a radio station. :) Hope this helps
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    > I believe you can Fast forward on a song by the seek buttons..just like searching for a radio station

    Yes. You're right. Thanks for the tip.
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    Yeah I HATE that you can't do anything really unless stopped. My passenger can do it in 95% of cars but not this one. NAV is crap too because of this, you have to pull over and stop to try to find a restaurant or gas station by searching. This is junk and to me makes the NAV and Music Box USELESS. They need some kinda feature where they unlock the block if a passenger is in the car, like what they do with airbags. Why can't they just have a warning about using while in motion and allow it? Hell ALL aftermarket NAVs let me access it while moving and so do most cars. If I had known this i would not have gotten the NAV, waste of $ now.
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