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Infiniti G35 Audio Questions



  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    It would be nice if you could choose the option of having the NAV/Musicbox enabled/disabled. They could record your response on the harddrive and then absolve themselves from responsibility.
  • I just noticed a weird thing happening the other day with the stereo in my '08 G35 Journey, Premium no Nav. It seems that when I start the car, no matter what music source I was listening to when I shut off the car (AM, FM or XM), upon starting the car, after a couple of seconds it switches over to the iPod source (though it doesn't start playing). That is to say, the iPod menu (songs, artists, playlists, albums, etc.) pops up on the display screen. It didn't do this the first couple of days that I had the car (I just bought it a week ago). Not that big of a deal, really, but it's annoying. Has anyone else encountered this? I tried shutting off the car and unplugging the iPod, and then when I restarted the car, it stayed with the radio station. But if the iPod is plugged in, it will switch over to the iPod.
  • Hi everyone, ive recently bought a g35, and im struggling to connect my ipod nano to it. i want to connect the ipod such that the control is through the car's console and not through the ipod. would that mean using the composite cable connection? what devices would i require?
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    The black cable that came in the car's glove box. If you have the premium package this should work like a charm. If not consult your dealer.
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    The only explanation I have is that your connection to the Ipod is loose? Cuz when you are listening to another source other that IPOD and then simply connect the Ipod, it automatically switches to the IPOD source. On my car, it starts at the last source I shut the car off with.
  • thanks guys for the valuable advice. ill look for the black cable in the glove box (funny how ive not yet opened it). i hope this works.. thanks again!
  • I think I figured it out. It will only do this when the iPod battery has run out. I still don't know WHY it does that (maybe to alert me to the fact?), but that's the only time it happens. It was through this that I discovered that the iPod itself doesn't shut off when you turn off the car. It stays on, though apparently without draining the car's battery (otherwise, the iPod would be getting recharged).
  • As someone else mentioned, the car should have come with a connecting cable. Mine was originally in the trunk (in a plastic bag) when I test drove the car; however, the salesman put it inside the center console (where it plugs in) as part of the final prep of the vehicle before handing over the keys. This is all that is necessary to work the iPod through the steering wheel and console controls. I'm surprised that your salesperson didn't go through all of these things with you; mine did (and would have set up the Bluetooth system as well, except for the fact that I do not yet have a Bluetooth phone).
  • After using my iPod Nano 4g for a few weeks, I admit it was a pain to recharge. I usually had to charge almost twice a week. I didn't notice any significant battery drain when the G35 was off.

    The solution was an iPod power adapter by Scosche for an iPhone 3G. It can be purchased from a well known, large internet retailer. It worked perfectly with my 4g Nano. Now I only remove the iPod when I load more content. It's as if the iPod is part of the car now, and I don't think about it much.
  • i have the same problem. not only did my salesperson not tell me about the cable or put it in the front, i don't have this connecting cable! :mad: though i would try to go back to the dealership and inquire, but can you please tell me what kinda cable is this? maybe i can look for it in some regular apple store (easier than going back to the dealership). for now i am using an AV cable to connect my ipod but i cant control the ipod through the car controls. Thanks!
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    I bought my G35X in November There was a blue bag in my center console with the cable. The bag is marked;

    NISSAN 284H2-1BA0B
    A2C53297014 Rev. 01
    Manufactured 10/07/08
    Made in China
    Plati 400 MM

    There is than a BAR CODE with this number above it 370171920229

    This is probably the nissan/Infiniti stock number

    If you have and iphone 3G or a new IPOD you may want to read this msg 347
  • I have a 2004 G35 sedan with Bose stereo. The radio works fine when I start the car, but, after a variable period of time the right side front and back speakers have no sound output. It remains this way until I restart the car, all speakers work and then the right side will go out again. Is it the circuit board? the radio itself?
  • If anyone has gotten the referral 150/500 promo, I am purchasing a new infiniti tomorrow and would like to go in it with someone. contact me at thx
  • scottwinscottwin Posts: 9
    I'm looking to get out of my lease of my '05 G35x and keep the same monthly payments. The only way I can do this is to get the G37x without the premium package (ie. "studio on wheels" audio system). Does anyone know how good/bad the standard audio system sounds? How does it compare with the standard system in the '05 G35x? I'm quite happy with my '05 audio which has plenty of clean highs and deep bass once speakers are broken in. I'm sure this has a lot to do with the sub-woofer in the '05 but I'm not sure if the standard system in the '07 comes with a sub, they only list it as a 6 speaker system (vs. 10 for the "studio on wheels" system). I'm not too concerned about the lack of the 6 disc changer, IPOD interface etc., I'm just concerned about the overall sound quality comparing listening to a CD between the 2 systems.

    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.
  • scottwinscottwin Posts: 9
    Oh yeah, I should mention that I was at my dealer yesterday and they don't have any G37's on the lot, nor any that come in, without the premium package. Otherwise I would have figured this out on my own and did my own sound testing.
  • I just purchased a 2007 G35. There is a cable in the glove box that my iPod connects to. It will charge the iPod but I cannot get it to play from the iPod. When I scroll through the "Radio" buttons, I get FM1, FM2, and AM but no satellite or auxilliary channels. What am I doing wrong? Is there further setup required to get my iPod to play through the car's audio system?
  • Does anyone out there have a solution to this error being displayed on the audio system of my G35 Infinity? It only occurs when I attempt to play a CD.
  • wenkwenk Posts: 2
    i same problem like that. does anybody know what is wrong with?
  • wenkwenk Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 G35 sedan with Bose stereo. The radio works fine when I start the car, but, after a variable period of time the right side front and back speakers have no sound output. It remains this way until I restart the car, all speakers work and then the right side will go out again. And this happen only on playing CD. Never happen when i am listening the radio.
  • Hello,

    I just encountered this problem with my G35 coupe today. My battery was dead and had to jump start it but while trying to jump start the cables were incorrectly connected. But later it was corrected and jump started and the car worked fine except that the console is not responsive and the AC is stuck at 75 with no controls responding. The windows and the door locks work and the keyless lock also works. Please let me know what you have done to get this resolved. My email is "". Thanks in advance

    Appreciate your help.

  • natrapsnatraps Posts: 1
    Our CD player runs like it is dirty; choppy or segmented sound, on all CD's. No matter what type of cd cleaner we use it does not solve the problem.

    Any thoughts on cleaning? Or perhaps a more serious issue. Dealer want $600+ to replace it. Any aftermarket unit that can be installed?
  • dseetdseet Posts: 2
    hi - I'm interested in a 2010 g37 but the only ones i can find are the base journey model without the premium package and bose stereo. how does the sound quality of the stock setup compare to the bose studio on wheels? I can live without all the other features in the premium package but I really care about having good sound. thoughts anyone?
  • I had a similar problem. If you have your manual, it will show you were the fuse is under the hood. I snapped it out and put it back in to reset the audio system. Worked like a charm.

    It's a shame, I drove around for 3 years not able to use my CD player. Found the answer on Youtube!

    I got a pair of tweezers to pull the fuse out. The fuse mechanism I purchased from AutoZone wouldn't grasp the fuse. Home remedies work everytime :-)
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