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Hyundai Entourage Steering Vibration



  • NO! Hyundai never offered a replacement.
    We had a meeting with the Hyundai Regional Parts/Service Manger on 10/18/07 and all he wanted me to do is leave the car and he would have his Engineer check out the problem. When I asked what he was going to check he said that they were going to rebalance the tires and check the alignment.
    I informed him that this has been done on 3 occasions with 4 new tires and the vibration and pulling to the left is still there.
    The Representitive again said that I had to leave the car for them to check it themselves. I told him that they could check anything they wanted to check as long as the provide me with a 2007 Hyundai Entourage as a loaner/replacement car or we should talk other options. He replied that Hyundai could not do that and they have no other options to talk about.
    I am 71 years old and there is always room for other options except death and taxes.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think asking for an equivalent loaner is a very reasonable demand.

    Good luck in court, please keep us posted.
  • To answer your question, No all of the Hyundai Entourage's do not have this vibration problem. I don't know the percentage of the vehicles with the problem but I wish that they would come up with some good cause and corrective action.

    We love the car and would be willing to take a replacement if Hyundai could come up with a good one.
  • We went through arbitration with the Connecticut State Lemon Law and was awarded a Full Refund Of The Contract Price. The contract price was not reduced by the mileage on the vehicle.

    The arbitrator agreed that dispite a reasonable number of repair attempts the vibration still exist and the number of repair days (30 days) was a substantial impairment to the consumers expected use of the vehicle during the first three months of ownership.

    We now drive a 2008 Dodge GC.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, I guess. Glad to hear you won the lawsuit.
  • jcrogmanjcrogman Posts: 2
    I purchased an Entourage 2007 in January of this year and took it back to the dealers 4 x for the Shimming over 70mph and both sliding doors that will not open. I panicked, because I had my Grand babies in the back and they had to climb thru and come thru the front doors because the sliding doors will not open.
    I took it to the dealers, first the sales manager told me that it was not their problem that it was maintainance issue. I held my ground and told them he needs to take care of it.. They decided t replace the rotors. Next the wheels starts squeeking and the doors still will not open. Now they are saying my brake pads need changing and they will use silicone on the doors to help the doors from opening.
    I am now in a loaner car, becuase when I took it back for repair, I was told that the brake machine is broken.. WHAT' S NEXT.. I am ready to give them back the vehicle and take back my santa fe..PLease help me.. whats my next step..
    I have spoken to managers will no HELP ..
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Is there an 800 number for Hyundai corporate? I would plead with them for a regional tech to come help diagnose your van.
  • vankingsvankings Posts: 16
    Call the Hyundai Consumer Assistance Center, 1 (800) 633-5151. Report your problem and request a Case Number.
    Hyundai of America will take corrective action if they are aware of the problem. However, the dealer is not about to report your complaint to Hyundai. You have to report your complaint to Hyundai and demand that a Case Number be assigned. Without a case number there is no record of your complaint.
    If you write letters or Emails, keep a copy. Keep a record of all your dealings with the service department and Hyundai Representatives. Make sure that you get copies of all Work Orders from the service separtment. You will have to have this information if you go to arbritration or use your State's Lemon Law.
    If you are having a vibration problem, report it to Hyundai and get it on record. They are having a vibration problem with quite a few of their vehicles and will not admit to it.
  • jcrogmanjcrogman Posts: 2
    I will call corporate and see what happens..Thanks
  • rob22315rob22315 Posts: 31
    If you decide to pursue this under a lemon law, you will have to contact the Better Business Bureau. Hyundai uses the BBB to arbitrate lemon law cases. It is still worthwhile to open a case with Hyundai corporate. I went through this for major power steering issues and eventually got a new vehicle.
  • mrsdesmrsdes Posts: 1
    I purchased a used 2007 Entourage Ltd. last month with just a bit over 17k on it. I absolutely love it, but... I have put on maybe 1K, but noticed a little shimmy in the steering when braking. Had my DH check it out, and he felt the same. Just had it into the dealer and they had to cut the rotors. I cannot understand how a brand new vehicle with under 20K miles on it, needs to have rotors recut. This is a $30K vehicle. :confuse:

    My husband has 110K on his 2005 Corolla and just had to have new rotors put on (after just having a shimmy in the steering, and having the pads replaced.).

    Has anyone else had this issue?

    Any advice?
  • josm100josm100 Posts: 30
    There is a fix for this problem, look back through the threads about shimmies and you'll find the name of the machine thta needs to be used. I think it's brand name is a Hunter. Don't even bother doing anything else, just get the dealer ship where you bought the van to pay to have the work done if it is not covered by warrenty. Good luck.

    P.S. see entry #59 on page 4
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Keep in mind that van is a whole lot heavier than a Corolla, so the brakes have to absord tons more energy, literally.

    Still, rotors on a 2007 should have lasted longer.

    Next time, consider getting new, upgraded rotors. They're not that expensive really.
  • I am still baffled at how Hyundai as a company treated me as a customer. Had many same symptoms as others....pulls left, thunks as driven down road, esp. noticeable in rear, vibrations felt in steering and seat and floor, got worse as it was driven....that is new tires were OK, put a few hundred miles on them and it was hazardous.

    Hyundai treated us like criminals not customers. The best business school s in American should be studying them. We had more than a dozen tire replacements in 4 months!!! Hyundai insists its tires tires tires. Well it is defect defect defect. A 4 wheel alignment proved the front and rear were not aligned, and it could not be repaired. Yet in arbitration, the Hyundai personnel presented a lie to the arbitrator saying that Hunter, who makes the alignment equipment, changes alignment data on their machines from what the manufacturer specs say. A quick call to Hunter Engineering cleared that up. Unreal.

    We were awarded a refund less mileage of about 4500 miles. Drove the van for 5 troublesome months then had to wait forever for Hyundai to meet the requirements of the arbitration. They should be ashamed, embarrassed, investigated. BUYER BEWARE! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • I had a very similar experience and you will see some of my posts back in 2007. I bought my Entourage in January 2007 and reported a vibration issue within 3 weeks of owning the vehicle.

    Very long story short, in August 2008 (18 months after my purchase) I received a full refund for my Entourage. I had my vehicle in the shop 12 times, met with the regional Hyundai Representative 3 times, and opened a case with Hyundai Corporate in California. My process was painful to say the least and they have lost what was a loyal Hyundai customer. I was shocked by the unprofessionalism of Hyundai.

    My local dealer was very helpful and embarrassed the way Hyundai Corporate handled the issue. My opinion to anyone having this issue is to not back down and stand your ground.
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