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Porsche 911 Tires and Wheels



  • I own a 2004 Cab C4S, and the finish is coming off the wheels, of course the dealer says they can't do anything about it, it only has 22000 miles on it. They also claim that the previous owner had the wheels reworked because of curb rub. I was fine with that until I read an article in Auto Week that claims the dust from the brakes cause this to happen, anyone know anything about this?
  • ffongffong Posts: 2
    I just purchased my first 911 4S Cabriolet.My wife is driving it now she found the rear tire had a nail in it. When my wife took the car to the local Porsche dealer, the service manager, told my wife that Porsche will not fix a simple nail in the tire because of liabilities. She needs to buy a new tire and replace it. They send my wife to a tire shop to do the repair, anyone out there had the same experienced?
    My personal opinion is that they may hold more liabilities turning my wife away, knowingly that she drives with a nail in the tire.........not a very considerate in more ways than one, safety, customer service, and liabilities. please give me your feed back......

  • Although this advice is self-serving and expensive, it is not unusual. I suggest you try a local tire shop that handles the Michelin or Pirelli's that your car wears. They will most likely repair your tire or offer to replace it if there is any warranty left on it. If you think a new tire is expensive, you can imagine the outrage I felt when a dealer strongly recommended replacing both rear tires on my Porsche when only one had a flat...
  • ffongffong Posts: 2
    Thank you for your input.
  • When I had my Boxster the thing seemed to attract nails into the right rear tire. Called my Porsche service manager and he gave me the same story. His explanation was that the tires were a certain speed rating and once repaired they were no longer certified at that speed rating. A liability thing. Made sense to me.

    Took the car to my local wrench who serviced my beater and my wife's car and he put a plug in the tire. Plug held up until I turned the car in at the end of the lease. I could no longer drive it at 120 mph but I never did that anyway.
  • nova1969nova1969 Posts: 1

    I also have a Porsche 911S, How are those new tires holding up, i am curently looking for a set and I am beginning to conclude I might be better off spending more for a good set of Michelins and Pirellis. I currently have 18600 miles on the car and the tread is good for another 3000 miles.

    How is your 911 holding up assuming you still have it. I see you last post was 2008,
  • Hi,
    I'm a newbie to this forum. I have a 1986 911 Targa that need tires. Tire Rack was suggested as a source. Seems their highest rated tire (I only do summer driving, no racing) is the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 (Extreme Performance Summer). The tread design is "different" and i was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with this tire. All comments and suggestions are welcome.
  • jerseyguy1jerseyguy1 Posts: 54
    I have Continental Contact Sport 2 on my '04 911 Cab. Noise level is fine. Only disappointment is the wear. Had to replace the rear tires at 10,000 miles. Fronts are fine, should easily last another 10,000 until it is time to replace the rear tires again. I do not drive the car all that hard. Was hoping to get at least 15,000out of the rears. Not to be the case.

    as an aside,, I just put a set of Continental DWS (dry, wet, snow) tires on my wife's Lincoln LS. They have about 3,000 miles on them. So far, very impressed.
  • fishmrfishmr Posts: 1
  • walterd1walterd1 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    I've a 2001 C2 with a Turbo configuration (295 30 18) on the rear, would like to think out of the box and try Redestein Sessanta but they do not make that size, they make 295 35 18. Does any one know if I can change to that size on the rear?

    There are all type of good comments and reviews about those tires
  • Greetings! I was interested if changing to a nonapprove tire will it void any warranties. I have 09 c2s. any thoughts on the hankook tires. it was recently review quite high. thanks
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 859
    Yes, using non-OE tires can void those portions of the warranty that are related to tires - suspension, ride, handling issues and the like.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    I'm looking at a preowned 2007 base 911 coupe, 11000 miles, which has 19" wheels but no PASM.

    About how much would it cost to switch out the 19" wheels for 18" wheels?
  • What type of 19" wheels are on the 07?
    Just bought a 09 with factory 18" and looking for a set of 19"
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    edited March 2011
    It's okay. I bought a CPO 2007 911 with 16,000 miles. It has 19" wheels/Pirelli Zeros. I find the ride perfectly okay. Don't believe everything you read. You don't need PASM with 19" wheels.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222


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  • jken_edmundsjken_edmunds Orange County, CAPosts: 1

    I switched from the Pilot Sport 2's to the Michelin Super Sports, and have at least 75% tread after 10k miles. Make sure to get an alignment when putting on your new wheels. I even have the car lowered on Eibach's and am pleasantly surprised with the longevity of these tires. PSS are a new favorite!

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