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Dodge Sprinter Electrical Problems



  • Ignition won't turn so no crank or start. Tried:removed battery & charged it. Boosted @ jump post & @ battery. tried turn harder, foot on brake & e-brake on, use spare key & invert it. tried different battery. Only once was able to get out of park & put in neutral, put back in park but won't come out as key locked in off position. Ripped off driveshaft & dragged into garage from frigid outdoors-steering locked also. haedlights are bright & when hooked on a new battery, a fair amount of sparking is present @ neg cable hookup. Any Help ?? :lemon:
  • thanks for the advice...I wired my new horn just as you describe and I can now hold up my head with the big boys. The factory one was a wus.
  • hi , did you ever get the problem figured out? my POS 2003 is doing the same thing. When its cold it wont start. when i get it jumped if i race the motor up to between 3 and 4 k rpm . i hear a click and the fan turns up the lights get brighter and the error lights go out. didnt happen all summer. batteries less than a year old. im thinking the cold is seizing up some relay and draining my battery. any advice would be MUCH appreciated. thanks
  • You can manually unlock your automatic transmission. So you can put transmission into neutral for moving, remove key, turn stearing wheel. My manual says to insert a (thin) pen (or nail) into the plastic cover to the left of the "D" position of the transmission shifter.
  • My mauel say you can disengauge the automatic transmission, manually. So you can shift gears (for pushing, towing, turn stearing wheel, remove key. Insert a thin pen (rod, nail, etc) into the plastic door to the left of the "D" indicator on the tansmission shifter.
  • when headlights switched from high to low, dash lights go out.
    can get them on by pushing +/- buttons that increase/decrease brightness....also goes dark when turn signal used.
    HELP! Freightliner just changed out alternator and installed new battery yesterday...didn't do this before service. They want to charge another arm/leg to investigate "short circuit that has nothing to do with yesterday's service".
  • lonaldlonald Posts: 6
    My truck is dead, i tried to jump start it but the truck is totally locked down, cant turn the key or anything. The battery is charged and ready to go!
    Does anyone have any ideas on what i need to do?!?!
    I must get to work ASAP and my dealer is closed!
  • fhr57fhr57 Posts: 4
    Have 06 2500. On 3rd set of low beam headlight since June 2010. Does anyone else have this problem. Is there a better headlight bulb out there? Or is it some sort of electrical problem?
  • Hi, I think the sprinter runs slightly higher float voltage than most, add that to the daytime running lights (and warmer temp in the daytime) and combine that with the super bright lamps that everyone pushes now days ends with lamp problems. The brighter the bulb the shorter the life. I got some volvo long life lamps on ebay for dirt cheap (no one wants just plain old lamps ) They work fine and my failure rate went from 8 months to two years (aprox)
    good luck
  • License plate light was out so I replaced it. Broke the plastic bracket for that bulb and it shorted to ground, and now does not work as well as the dash lights. Checked all fuses and they test okay. Is there a fuse link somewhere in the system, and if so, where would I find it to check it out? Any other possible suggestions to check?
  • We experienced this same problem six weeks ago. Key would not turn. The van has been at a Freightliner dealer ever since. The dealer can't figure out the problem. They have replaced the steering column, the ignition switch, a bunch of modules & one of the wiring harness & it still will not start. When they run the diagnostic computer on it it says that everything is good & that it should start but it doesn't. They even had a Mercedes-Benz technician come out to look at it recently. He spend a day & a half trying to figure it out but he couldn't figure out what the problem was either. HAS ANYONE ELSE EVER HAD THIS PROBLEM & IF SO WHAT WAS THE SOLUTION? PLEASE HELP!!
  • SELL the Sprinter before it gets WORSE.
    Mercedes Benz knows they have tech problems, computer problems, and THEY DO NOT CARE. After new switch/removal of steering column, new wiring mine still won't work and yes computer says it's fine!
    Computer also said the fuel injectors were FINE, even after I took van to dealer 10 times complaining about how it ran, how mileage dropped to 16-18 vs 24-18mpg, how doggie van was....BUT THE COMPUTER SAID IT WAS FINE!

    Then when it started running on 3 cylinders and blowing black smoke with no power to get over Donner Pass on I80 one COLD SNOWY EVE, Mercedes had to REBUILD THE ENGINE because two of the INJECTORS WERE basically melted into the Head! Blow-by, carbon everywhere...and the lid had never been removed by service techs to check the fuel injectors BECAUSE THE COMPUTER SAID THEY WERE FINE! They were likely never programmed when installed, as was the case with the TRANSMISSION.....after the over-haul (8,000 bucks later) the transmission shifted totally differently, the mpg went back to 24-28, and the engine no longer sounded like a farm tractor.

    HELL NO Mercedes would NOT stand by their problems, even tho I had documentation back to first time I took van back to dealer with less than 100 miles on it, and ALL invoices for all the issues.........Official review at Ivory Tower Headquarters of US Mercedes-Benz in Maryland: "Too many miles on it to help you out with repairs."

    M-B SERVICE IS A WORLD CLASS Misrepresentation.
  • ikatkooikatkoo Posts: 1
    does anyone know why my sprinter loses power after 8-10 miles after driving like itll pull and go nice and good but then as soon as it hits around 8-10 miles it loses power and wont pull...and then if i turn the car off after this happens and try to start it back up again it wont start unless i wait a good 15-20min. all the injectors are brand i really dont know whats going on i went to the dealership they looked and couldnt figure out what the problem is.. so if anyone could help that would be great.
  • Dodge Sprinter ECU control units are actually a Mercedes Benz part. The most common ecu part number is A6471532879 . When the ecu quits working the vehicle may not start or the glow plugs may not work properly. For more information go to When replacing an ecu the new part will have to be programmed to the ignition key.
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