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Dodge,Ford,Chevy------who wins?



  • smsmith1smsmith1 Posts: 2
    I've been doing the "Truck Hunting" thing and bouncing back and forth between the Big 3. Chevy was a nice ride and had good pickup (no pun intended) but wouldn't deal less than 6% over invoice and wanted to make the difference up in trade allowance. Ford looks cool, but didn't have the power of the Chevy and offered even less for the trade. So went for the Dodge Ram 1500 QuadCab, 5.2L V8. Basically just driving to and from work, and doing those weekend projects when you need to haul stuff. Good choice or not. Rebates and dealer incentives played a factor in choice. I did this all through the internet, and even got financing through the internet which was lower than banks or credit unions in the area. Any comments.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Rebates and dealer incentives affect the price, and price can make a good choice into a bad choice, or vice versa. You looked at the big picture, so you probably made a good choice also.
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    Where did you go for financing-just curious. My other question is how much did Dodge compare price wise to the others? Ford and Chevy also have rebates and incentives--maybe other dealers would have helped?
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    Oh, yeah, what kind of trade did you have?
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    Did you have some extra time at the Chevy dealer waiting for new brakes?
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    That recall was for the older models not the 99s
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    I want to reinvogarate this great topic by bashing the following: Dodge and GM (like there is any real difference between Chevy and GMC). Now thaT Toy-O-Truck has made a full-size--they will be bashed by me as well. See, inclusion is a great thing!
    Driving in a bow-tie? Wouldn't you rather be driving sheep?

    Serious matter: How many guys today driving those pretty ;) Dodge sheep had trucks prior to the re-design?? Let alone guys who actually drove those butt-nasty ones before the new girl friendly style?
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    F oreign
    O bjects that
    R esemble horse
    D roppings
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    There's a 16 year old Dodge W350 at my dad's job - it has outlived quite few Fords and GMs purchased after it. At one point, the bed was so beat up from use, the tailgate wouldn't open. It has since had the bed straightened and a bedliner added, and was fully repainted a couple of years ago. Still starts every morning, and passes inspection every year. I had driven it a few times, and it rode like a brick, but it was as tough as one, too - it thought nothing about backing up over curbs to get to where it needed to be, without having to floor it to do it.

    When I was shopping for a heavy duty truck, that W350 told me "Dodge".
  • f220swiftf220swift Posts: 103
    G ood
    M echanics
    C ompanion
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    We've been down this road before....

    That Dodge is the exception-not the rule. There is always some guy in Tinbucktu that had some old VW mini-truck and he has 300,000 miles on it and those stories sometimes ring true. However, I wonder how many of those rams tore their tranny after 60k miles?
    My expierence at my firm is that the newer Rams have outlasted the Chevys-but that isn't a great accomplishment. It's sad. I had loved Chevy growing up and the first truck we started with was an old c50. The axles and suspension were always giving us problems which in turn sent us to the Ford dealer.
    That first Ford was so damn ugly in my eyes! I let my partner buy it and regretted immediately. That was 12 years ago. Now we have 18 light-trucks in which 12 are Fords and I couldn't be happier.
    I vowed that I will never be blind to brand again---big fan of Ford--but not blind. The Rams have given us some problems but no major ones and we have noticed the new Toy Tundra since we will be buying two new trucks at the end of this year. My personal truck is a F-150 w/5.4l and I've been completly satisfied.
    By the way, those new additions,(whatever they will be--haven't decided yet), will be replacing our remaining Chevys.
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582


    ask Albert
  • smsmith1smsmith1 Posts: 2
    Rocles, got the financing through Rate was 6.88 which was better than what was being offered by local banks and dealership. (even though Ford and Chevy had good rates). The Dodge was priced about the same as the Silverado with a V6. The Ford was the same but with a V8. The Dodge I chose didn't have keyless entry, powerseats and a CD player. But for $3,000 less I could always put in my own Alarm System and CD player. Afterall it is a truck. For the record I have own GMC, and my father had a pain in the butt Ford.
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    It's getting old.

    Say no more, 6.88 was a great rate offer!
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582


  • sd99sd99 Posts: 65
    I'm sure I've seen the two pictures that Dave40 showed us somewhere. I've got it, they were working on a truck, a Chevy truck.
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    we should publish the mature, witty exchange.

    I side with Rocles on the old Dodge debate, I think KC's dad's work's truck was the exception not the rule. I can't tell you how many farmers, ranchers, mechanics, etc etc, i've saw struggle with the "old" dodges. they couldn't get thru a wet paper bag. any heavy duty company who attempted to work one of the trucks usually learned fast and hard. one thing about them, they always had great engines. it was everything around the engine that sucked. couldn't pull a trailer without scary handling or slipping tranny. I remember my grandfathers dodge in particular...the 360 would run like a scalded ape, BUT, any slight load in the bed would cause fishtailing going down the road, the front end shook horribly over 65 mph, tranny didn't last, you needed a parachute to get the thing to stop, AC never worked for more than a week at a time....I saw many an old dodge with these same symptoms. Even the older model Dodges with the Cummins were crappy. People were buying those trucks because 1)it had a Cummins, and 2) thats the only thing that mattered. Well, a couple of long distance heavy haulers I knew were cussing Dodge because their Cummins wanted to pull that 10000# load, but their clutch was slipping going up hills, or their rear end was burning out, or all their electronics weren't working, etc.

    sorry, didn't start out meaning to get into that kinda detail
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985

    Ditto. Dodge hardly got rid of the few trucks they made back then. I remember Dodge always being the cheapest in price and that will always get some guys in the door. Good observation on their engines--solid work-horses but the overall truck was inferior to Chevy and Ford.
    I always point out to Dodge fans that when the cummins showed up--the dealers still had to find new ways of selling the truck. Ask any Horse man--they always stuck with Oval and Bowtie for their haulers.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Rocles and cdean,

    Not disputing your observations on the previous Dodge truck, and yeah, that W350 is probably not representative of the total production. My point in bringing that unit up was imply that a good truck will always last forever, properly maintained. Fords and GMs more often last by default, meaning they're built well enough to take more abuse and less maintenance. Everybody comments on, and DC certainly is aware of, the Mopar 47RE automatic behind the Cummins, and its problems with handling the oil-burner's torque. Yet mine has been flawless. Then again, I also spend the $90 every 12,000 miles for the dealer to do a full tranny service (fluid, filter, gasket, band adjustment), as the owner's manual states.

    DC certainly had to learn to match the initial build quality of Ford and GM after 1994. GMC used to sell double the number of Dodges, now Dodge is 2-1/2 times more than GMC, and 70% of Chevy production. They've won the JDPower APEAL award 4 straight years over Ford and GM. They must have learned SOMETHING by now :)
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985

    The production figures proved a new low for the American consumer. It proved that they didn't bother with the suspect Dodge rep and bought the product simply for the looks. I guess Ford and Chevy shouldn't be rewarded for quality.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    What quality from ford or chevy are you referring to? If you read thru the various topics you will find that all three has had a lot of problems. They all make good ones and bad ones. As far as the dodge reputation is concerned, take a look at the complete turnaround that dodge has made since the mid '80s. The company almost went under and now they doing quite well. Look at the minivan sales. Look at the improved quality across the board. In the '60s thru most of the '80s they were junk and that is why they almost went under. Dodge does not have it all together yet. But ford and chevy dominating the market for years they haven't got it together yet either. I'm amazed at the number of problems that keep coming up on these boards with these trucks-especially chevy.
  • unsureunsure Posts: 2
    so what is the best truck to buy...Dodge, Ford or Chev?...or is it best to just put the names in a hat and draw one out? Which one and why?
  • blugillblugill Posts: 36
    Your asking about some peoples religion you know. In the end there are differences, but they are not that important.

    Chevy rides the most like a car in my expirence. Their gas engines seem to be the best (after the latest re-design). Put a heavy trailer on the back end, or a big load on, and your head lights become yard lights for the man on the moon. If you want a truck for a plywood once in a while the chevy is good.

    The best engine overall is the cummins diesel in the dodge. The Ford power stroke is right behind though, and has more power. Either one need more gears than you can get, as my friends with the double max weight trailers tell me. Get the 6 speed transmission if you can stand a manual. May have to wait on the dodge, but it is wroth it. Automatics don't stand up to diesels well. (though some have has luck, so long as you don't overload things, but then I consider overloading the point of a pickup)

    Ford has the nicest overall suspention, but it rides like a truck. Dudge has problems with suspention and body quality. The old folks towing the 5th wheeler swear by their dodge, or swear at their other brand.

    Hey dave40, can you know off that propaganda. My religion is christian, not Chevy.
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