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Volkswagen Beetle Maintenance and Repair



  • muncymuncy Posts: 10
    hi i know its been awhile sence your stalling problem but did you ever find the problem with it
  • muncymuncy Posts: 10
    stalling problem, stalls then need to wait 20 mins or so till it starts, got codes that my evap emission control sys malfunction, please help
  • cassi2cassi2 Posts: 3
    I would like to know what the VW dealers are trying to do to the buying public. I had to have the rotors turned on my Beetle, I call the dealer $438 to turn the front rotors. ,I called a second dealer $486 to replace front rotors. New rotors on Internet about $150. Took my car to a local mechanical asked if he could work on my Beetle's brakes he said sure. Left my car 2 hours later he called said my car was ready . He turned all four rotors for $130, $60 labor. So you tell me, what a rip off the dealers doing. How an you continue to sell cars on rip the public on maintenance. Had the same thing happen on replacing headlamp. Owners manual just throw it away all it will tell you is take it to a dealer. VERY, VERY unhappy with VW.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Noone is twisting your arm to take it to dealership. However, at the same time, VWs do need an 'experienced' mechanic because they have some unique maintenance requirements. (Most of the fluids are unique)

    Personally, I have always changed my own rotors/pads. For less than $200, I can have VERY high quality Zimmerman rotors and Akebono pads on all 4 corners. My wife helps bleed the hydrolic system by pumping the brake-pedal as I crack open the bleeder-nipples.

    When your 2003 VW needs timing-belt change ... do NOT go for the cheapest offer out there. While it is apart, EVERY moving part needs to be replaced... lest you may have troubles later. If you do some research, you will find some competent VW mechanics to perform this critical job.
  • cassi2cassi2 Posts: 3
    I never said anyone was twisting my arm to take the car to the dealer. What I was saying was the dealers are ripping the costumers off with their high labor prices. It would be nice to take your car to the dealer to have work done at a fair price. Not a problem for you guy's that can do your own work, but for people who can't or don't have the time it makes a big difference. What is honest about charging or $300 labor to change out 2 rotors.
  • jimbo142345jimbo142345 Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    hello my 65 vw isnt getting any spark, i replaced the tranny and when i put it together it wouldnt crank, it was fine before.ive tried everything ive replaced the condenser idk if maybe i got a bad one, im pretty sure the points look fine and the cap and button and wires are brand new. ive tried different coils and the wiring is pretty self exlpanatory,ive checked it over a million times this has been driving me nuts for weeks.and then i thought about the ground from the tranny, and i d guess that grounds everhything on the motor. so i found the strap on my old tranny and couldnt find a metric nut to attach it to the screw where it goes so for temp. i ran a ground wire from the battery, ive tried it many ways tryng to make just the coil spark. and havent been able to, ive tried many coils, i have a new style alternator and internal regulator. if you got any ideas please help me. i feel retarted but this is a tricky one and i cnat figure it out. ive got a test light but im gonna get a 9volt for my multimeter to figuure this one out
  • dee119dee119 Posts: 2
    I Just bought a used 2005 turbo convertible and I'm having the same probs. I took it to the dealer after reading all the blogs on the possible problems and at first the mechanic tells me there is no fix. Then I mention the recall, which expired in 2011. And suddenly he knows what I'm taking about. My car stalls and recovers even on the freeway at 80mph. He wanted to replace the fuel pump at first, his diagnosis, but I told him that from what I've read, others have replaced the MAF, fuel filter and fuel pump but and the problem still exist. I wasn't comfortable guessing at what the prob could be. Of course, there are no error codes which I already knew that because I had taken it to my own mechanic. The dealer tells me to try to call customer service and maybe they will help me. I do call the and get a rehearsed answer from the rep so I call corporate and get a very nice lady, Emily Goga but when she calls the dealer they tell her they suspect a different transmission problem other than the valve recalled part! And I have to pay $120 for the dealer to diagnose the problem, she won't take my mechanics word. But that VW in no way could help with the cost because the extended warranty has expired. On top of that my airbag light has come on and they want $600 for a module that has gone bad. In my opinion, VW is ok with having unsafe vehicles on the road.
  • My VW beetle is acting up.... Occasionally when driving the steering wheel begins to shake with or without pushing B. pedal, and at the same time, the brakes pedal feels hard when pressed plus the brakes are grabbing the rotors eno9ugh to slow the car down to a stop.
    While stopped with car running, the car does not roll down a hill at all. But once I turn the car off for a few seconds and re start it, all is fine no shake in the steering wheel and brakes are fine and car will free roll if desired.... until the next time it happens...
    When the problem does happen , I can smell the burning of pads.
    Any feedback would help.
  • Your CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK problem is CAN be an easy fix, your turn signal relay (part of the hazard light switch on your dash) is malfunctioning because of excessive dust build up in the turn signal switch (lever).
    Try using compressed air to clear it first, as it's the least expensive solution.
    (Free - $6.99)

    If that doesn't do it the next step is to replace the turn signal relay/hazard light switch. I bought the part for $36 from our local vw dealer. If memory serves you will need a phillips and flat blade screwdriver. (If you have hex keys you may want to have them handy but those might have been for adjusting the headlights. I did both the same day!) It took about 40 minutes.

    If that also doesn't work, you've gotten so much dust and gunk in the turn signal selector that you'll need to replace it. I did not need to do this step, so I have no idea of the the cost, or what is involved in swapping it out. There is, however, a video on You Tube that shows the whole process!

    Good luck!
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