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Mercury Mountaineer Maintenance and Repair



  • There are 4 sensors and they are a pain to replace. O2 sensors should be goot to 100k. Get a code reader and verify. It may just be a the gas cap.
  • Get a code reader that monitors the injectors. Or feel each injector when its running, if you can't reach it with your hand, get a stethascope and listen. Make sure they are all firing.
  • My 2000 Mountaineer has only one fuel line coming up to the fuel rails on the drivers side, no PRV there. Pressure must be developed in the tank with the fuel pump. So like this is getting more expensive. 5.0 L engine, this may mean that I will have to drop the tank to change the fuel pump. Any more thoughts on why a fuel rail would get air in it?
  • HOws it going a few days back i just bought a 2002 Mountaineer 4.0L V6 2wd with 97k miles, very well maintained(has all the records), nice ride with all the bells and whistles. After doing some research I have a few questions i hope will get answered.

    1st: The transmission is sealed with no dipstick. I've heard some things that you cant service this transmission, some people talk about draining and filling it yourself. Can i take it to a shop or dealer and get it flushed? Do i ever need to repalce the filter?
    2nd: After looking through all the records the previous owner had I cant find anythign about the differential being serviced. What are the service intervals for the rear diff? I always did it around 30k miles or so in previous trucks.
    3rd: One last thing real quick. This vehicle has the rear air option, when you have the rear air on and the thermostat/temp control set all the way to HOT or COLD there is a loud clanking noise(like someone holding the unlock button) coming from the driver side rear cargo side panel. If the thermostat is set in between hot or cold it does not make this noise, only when it is all the way hot or cold?

    I appreciate everyones time and knowledge. Any comments or suggestions would be great. Tell me anythign and everything i should or need to know about this ride, i need it to last as long as possible!!! :shades:
  • its a sponge or somthing down on the c converter,if u get under their ,run your hand around the c converter,because that was the problem on mine
  • dealership,or you might wanna think about getting rid of it,because that transmission is alot of money,and if its not giving you any problems take it to the dealer for a trns flush
  • i have never bought a F.I.X..O.R.REPAIR DAILY until few years a go when i bought a mercury mountaineer.the truck seemed to be fine until after a couple months went by when my tranny started rattling,and they got me for a $500 torque converter and now i think that its about to go,because its holding its shift to long in 2end ,3rd,so the tranny shop told $3400 for a brand new tranny,and i figure for that much i could get another suv,but no more fords for me
  • I have a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer 5-speed automatic with All Time AWD and 160,000 miles. Recently it has begun to 'shudder' and sometimes 'slam' into gear when shifting gears. It only happens occasionally (usually when I'm accelerating quickly but not always). I took it in and the mechanic flushed the transmission (or at least he told me he did) and it didnt fix the problem. The vehicle runs fine for the most part and I'm not getting any check engine codes, but something is obviously wrong.
    Any clues before I take it in to a transmission shop? I'm wary of doing this since I never know if I'm going to be swindled or not...
  • How do you replace a starter in a 1997 Mountaineer and how hard is it to replace?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,504

    F87Z11002CARM $178.42 (from dealer)

    Labor 0.8 hours (for a mechanic)

    1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
    2. Raise and support the vehicle.
    3. Remove the starter motor solenoid terminal cover.
    4. Disconnect the starter wires.

    1. Disconnect the starter solenoid wire.
    2. Remove the nut.
    3. Remove the battery cable.
    5. Remove the starter motor.

    1. Remove the bolts.
    2. Remove the starter motor.

    5. Connect the battery ground cable. NOTE: When the battery is disconnected and reconnected, some abnormal drive symptoms may occur while the vehicle relearns its adaptive strategy. The vehicle may need to be driven 16 km (10 miles) or more to relearn the strategy.


    1. Position the starter motor and install the bolts.
    2. Connect the starter wiring.

    1. Install the battery cable.
    2. Install the nut.
    3. Connect the starter solenoid wire.
    3. Install the starter motor solenoid terminal cover.
    4. Lower the vehicle.

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  • I am wandering if any one out there has any idea where the temperature control sensors for the heater and A/C are located? I have replaced the air blend door actuator, thinking that might be the problem. That was not the problem. The blend door works fine. I am only getting one temperature out of my heater or A/C. When I had my air blend door actuator out so I can see if it is moving when I change the temperature from hot to cold, the actuator is not moving. I checked the voltage at the contacts while changing the temperature and there is no voltage. I am thinking that there should be some kind of sensor to sensor the temperature to send the voltage to the actuator. If I am right, I need to know where that sensor is. Anyone have any idea where it could be?

    Pleasr Help.
  • I guess it never fails...i lent my bro my 2004 Mountaineer AWD Premier to go to Pa.(about 2hrs) because his vehicle is a POS!..anyways he is driving back and he smells what he thought was propane??WTF then he hears something like a pop and then its starts smoking he pulls over to the side of the highway and then he calls his father in law to pick him up and the wife and 2 kids i couldn't i was working so we go back in morning luckily he was almost home but not quite we tow it back to my house and so i drive up and down the drive way and it makes like this rattling noise coming underneath WTF! there is fluid all along the driver side coming from the front to the back underneath i mean the back driver side wheel well is drench with fluid any ideas or suggestions what this might be? i wont be able to take to the dealer until Wed so i would like to have an idea before i tow it has 67,000 miles on it this is the 1st serious thing to happen since i bought in 07,
    Thanks in advance

  • I just had the rack and pinion (power steering) replaced it may be the pump making the noise...
  • brhartbrhart Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Mountaineer with a 5.0. I haven't driven in 5 months. Decided to get it running again. I replaced battery, and spark plugs. It cranks but won't start. I shot some starter fluid in the air intake, and will start for a second or two, then die. I am guessing fuel problems, but not sure what to do next.

  • i'm interested in buying a 2003 awd v8 mountaineer. it's clean, runs quiet, and looks great and they're asking 4995.00. the problem is it has 150,000 miles on it and i'm concerned. any opinions on if i can get my moneys worth out of this vehicle. i really like it but can't afford to take a loss on this one. they also offer a 3-year 45,000 mile warranty for an extra 900.00. help!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I have an Explorer with 130,000 and it's still going strong, however, 150,000 is about when I would sell it. I'm not sure of one over that mileage. I would probably pass. For sure, if you do buy it, don't bother with the warranty. Aftermarket warranties are fraught with fraud and disappointment. Some work, most are not there for you if you have a claim, either the fine print doesn't cover what is wrong with yours, or they will only cover part of the cost, or they want to put in a used engine or transmission, not a new one, or rebuild yours, etc. Factory extended warranties are the only ones I trust, and it's too late to get one of those on this car, for good reason.
  • neeceyneecey Posts: 2
    edited April 2011
    I just bought a 2003 Mountain with 107K miles on it (4.6L V8, AWD) last weekend. 1/2 way home (about a 3 hour drive) I backed out of a parking spot and it felt like my E-brake was stuck on. Shook and Grinded while backing up.. Does this at very low speed turns as well....I have been running around to shops all week and keep hearing different answers.. Have heard the E brake pads are sticking and have also heard possible rear or transfer case. Next, the tingy noise..sounds to me like a heat shield rattling. On a test drive, one specialist said sounds like the Torque Converter. Someone else said it sounds like its coming from the front pump/converter area of the trans. And last...the Roaring whooshy noise (pardon my impersonations). I only hear this when idling. Vacuum hose maybe?

    My husband drove it today and he said when he got on it the RPMs dropped way low very fast which did not seem normal. Driving is probs shifting.

    Anyone have any advise? I do not know whether to bring it back for a refund or keep it if repairs are minor. I realize that certain things need replacing, but I'm not spending thousands within a week or so of owning it. Thanks to anyone that can help...
  • mike420mike420 Posts: 2
    TAKE IT BACK! Sounds like a clutch plate. TAKE IT BACK
  • neeceyneecey Posts: 2
    Are Mountaineers known for problems? I really like the way it handles. I have baby #5 on the way and need the 3rd row. I don't have tons of money to spend. Steared away from the Yukon because it's worse on gas than even the Mountaineer. I'm afraid of buying something I'll have to sink tons of money into right away...
  • I had a similar issue a couple years back (the shake and grinding noise while backing)......I took it to a trusted transmission shop, and all they did was change the fluid in the rear diff. It's been fine for ~ 15K miles since then.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Are Mountaineers known for problems?

    No, they're generally excellent vehicles, in my experience, and I've owned 7 of them, still have an 07. Yours sounds like a mess, and I would take it back if I were you. It's got a bunch of issues, none of them sound good. I've never had one do any of those things.
  • misskatmisskat Posts: 1
    Just purchased 1997 Mountaineer, check gauge light came on. Is this a fuel pump issue? Seems to happen when gas gets to quarter tank even though gas was just put in.
  • dbild427dbild427 Posts: 1
    I just recently bought a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and the Moon Roof leaks when it rains. I had a mechanic look at it he said that all he could do is to clean out the tracks/gutters. He told me that he has seen this problem before and dont have a solution other than to replace the whole unit. I took it to a Auto Glass Shop that actually installs moon roofs and he told me the same thing. Anyone out there who might have an answer to this problem? I am not counting on it too much, because I've noticed that there aren't too many answers to problems in this forum. I'm hoping for the best and that someone may respond. :confuse:
  • djg131djg131 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998. Awesome vehicle. It has served me well since I purchased it in 2000--though I am probably more attentive than most when it comes to regular service. I believe that maintaining an older vehicle is a great trade-off when compared to new car payments and higher ins., etc. I think what your problem needs is a 'soft parts' tranny rebuild. If it is still under warranty, you should insist on this!! The problem is common around 100,000 to 120,000 miles. You can drive it as is for MANY more miles, especially if you do not use overdrive, but that can be a nuisance. The problem is primarily in the high range shifting area, but once the trans is down, you should do the other 'soft parts as well. Hope this helps. Don
  • Check all fuses !!! Do u have at least 1/4 tank of fuel ? remove rear end connection of fuel filter- does gas flow out rear of filter from tank ? U can blow air thru gas :shades: line to tank! Take fuel filter front connector off -does gas leak out ? Now blow air thru gas filter from rear to front! If ANY resistance get new filter Never a purilator!!
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