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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems



  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    could be the intake manafold it self have used light oil or choke cleaner and spray around intaje and head do when cold so as not to start fire
  • sanewcombsanewcomb Posts: 3
    Okay- first of all I'm new to this site but I am so happy to have found it and I'm hoping that you all could shed some light on an issue I'm having....
    I've never had a moments problem with my 2006 Jeep GC until now. It's a Limited 5.7 Hemi with 78k and she's been really good to me but I'm getting a strange sort of sluggish shake (best I can describe it) when I am steady on the gas or push the accelerator for an incline. It comes and goes but seems to do it more in the 30 to 40 mph range. It also seems to have lost a little of it's get up and go. Had the plugs changed and it helped a little but it's still there. It's not throwing any codes other than a very random/occasional 'service 4x4 system'. Not sure if that's related to this issue or not. I've had my beloved mechanic (not a Jeep Dealer) look it over but he was at a loss.
    Anyone out there with similar issues or some advice before I break down and take it to a dealer?
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    if it's doing it when giving it gas on an incline, my first reaction is that it's the overdrive output unit. do you have a manual switch to disable your overdrive? if you do, try disabling it and see if you get the same shaking in your drivetrain.

    as far as the get up and go, with 78K miles it might not be a bad idea to get a fuel-injection service done. i have 144K on my '98 5.2L V8 and noticed a slight improvement afterwards (bumped me back up almost 1 mpg on the highway too).

    good luck!
  • I have a 01' Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo which I love but I think the thrill is leaving if not gone. :cry: It was running fine until the other day. In the same day the transmission started sticking and would not shift until I ran up the RPM to about 45000. After that it would run fine until the next stop where I had to do it again. The cooling system seems to be at odds with as well, shortly after this episode our overflow for the coolant began to spit out coolant everywhere while we were in park. It looked as if a hose had come loose but it was all from the overflow. Since then our fan doesn't come on and we were only able to drive it without any more trouble if we kept it moving. If we stopped then without the use of the fan the engines temp would begin to rise. As of today, only two days later, the engine after startup, maybe a minute or two begins to overheat. This is becoming a huge thorn in my side. Are there any sujestions as to what may be causing these two problems? Thanks
  • sanewcombsanewcomb Posts: 3
    Thanks for your advice! But I don't think it's the overdrive. I would compare the issue to the slug you feel when you need to downshift for more power in a manual. I can shift manually too and even if I leave it in 3rd it still does it.
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    ok, well it was worth a try :). i'm not an expert, but i still suspect it's a drivetrain issue, and it smells like it's still transmission-related. your transmission pump might also be bad, but it's hard to say without a road test. i highly recommend taking it to a trusted Jeep dealer (if you have one) or your trusted mechanic for a road test. an experienced Jeep mechanic can usually diagnose common issues quickly. the only other possibility that comes to mind is a throttle positioning sensor or vacuum seal, but i think that's a stretch.

    otherwise, someone else here may have some good advice for you. please do keep posting so the rest of us can benefit from your experience, and good luck.

    p.s. i love my V8, with 144K she runs like new and i still get 21 mpg on the highway, but i'm still jealous of your hemi ;P
  • Hello all,
    I am not mechanicly inclined. The jeeps check engine light stays on and my airbag light/chime goes off at random intervals. I will be driving along then ding ding ding then it goes off or sometimes just stays lit. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. :confuse:
  • slaught1slaught1 Posts: 8
    I have an 05 which sounds like the same issue, mine unfortunately started around 30k and I am still living with the issue. The dealer has no clue but there is a long list of things I have replaced so far that haven't helped. The service manager claimed it was an issue with the transmission and Chrysler knew about it and was working on a flash for the Transmission PCM. There are only a couple of places I have left to check on the engine side... Fuel Pump, Filter, Fuel rail , injectors and then I will have to focus on the tranny. Enjoy the problem while it is little, it gets worse with time.
  • yeats66yeats66 Posts: 5
    Hello...I am new to this group. I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 4X4. I just had the engine rebuilt by NAPA. The new engine is installed and connected. I started it up and it was idling rough. I noticed some vacuum leaks on the injectors so I replaced all of the O-Rings. That seemed to fix some of the problems. I checked the onboard computer and there are not error codes. The engine sounds great when you run in above 1000 RPM. It just when it idling is when it is rough. There are no air leaks. All of the sensors are connected. Before the engine died(before it was rebuilt) it ran and idles normally. Does anyone have an opinion?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    sounds as if you still have a vac leak
    i would get a vac gage and see what the vac is at idle should tell if have vac leak
  • I have an 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee which intermittantly starts. The dealership just tells me they can't do anything until it is NOT working and, as life would have it, everytime they have it, it starts. I replaced the ignition switch and still have the problem. What do I replace next? What other parts could be the problem? I turn the switch and nothing happens. There is no sound, and the engine does not turn over. Thanks.
  • sanewcombsanewcomb Posts: 3
    Thanks for all the replies... You have to wonder exactly how anything gets fixed nowadays with so much stuff that could go wrong! Anyway, I had another reply from another site. This is from a 15 yr certified Jeep/Chrysler mechanic. I'm going to try this first and go from there. Maybe it will help someone else too... "'this trans had problems with the dipstick tube letting water into the trans-usually need lots of water for this to happen--my suggestion is get the trans serviced--make sure to use the mopar fluid-this trans is picky-you may have to have it done twice if the fluid is bad--when they pull the pan if it has water in it the fluid will look milky--if that is the case you will need an overhaul--the clutch discs are glued on with water based glue--if not then try driving it for about 100 miles if the shudder is still there you will need a new torque converter-also make sure the trans controller is up to date'
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    I had been getting a check engine light for some time and poor performance, sputtering, etc. (2001 4.0L) The codes read as a misfire on cylinder 6. I changed plugs, looked over the wires. No good came of that. The Jeep was in for another issue (radiator hose burst) and the guy working on it said he was a dealer Jeep mechanic for 15 years and that the problem was always the ignition coils that are in the long bar that plugs into the spark plugs. He was great: said I should do it to save money. The coil pack was about $125 and I installed it in about 30 minutes. Now it runs great.

    Still the check engine light is on. Will the light go off eventually? How do I reset the codes so it goes off? or Does the fact that it is still on (only driven 10 miles) mean that something else is wrong?

  • stanbostanbo Posts: 1
    My misfire only happens when the throttle is barely open, when I stomp it it's gravy. The other day it shut off when pulling up to a stop light, started back no problem. I have had a few codes come through, random cylinder misfire and misfire in cylinder 8. I changed the plugs, TPS, and coil-pack for cylinder 8. Over time the misfire has gotten worse the codes have changed slighty, random cylinder misfire, fuel system too lean, fuel system too rich. Just took it to a dealer, they said to change the plugs, and run a fuel induction service. Any thoughts?
  • Help. I purchased a 92 jeep Cherokee for my grand daughter since her parents could not afford to buy jer a car. I am 66 years old and on a fixed income as well as being in poor health, but she could not hope to get a scholarship to college without transportation. This jeep had multiple issues which i repaired. The reason it was sold to me for $500 was a lot of noise in the engine when it was running. All the torque converter bolts except one had fallen out and were in the inspection pan. Not the water pump is squeling and i have no clue how to replace it. Please help me with some advice. I am mechanically inclined but have limited mobility, but can not afford to hire this out.
  • yeats66yeats66 Posts: 5
    Well I after trying to figure out why I was having idling problems...I realized that one of the spark plugs had oil on it. So I am assuming that it was not firing correctly on that cylinder. Also, before I could do anything else....I started to have white smoke come out of my tail pipe..head problem? Also I noticed that there is coolant leaking between my engine and tranny (around the bell housing) I could not find a leak on the back side of the head...just in case it was leaking from the gasket and seeping down into the bell housing. Any ideas anyone?
  • yeats66yeats66 Posts: 5
    The water pump is pretty easy to replace (Easy on an inline 6 cylinder 4.0) Take both the fan shroud and the electric fan off. Should be 4 screws. Then you have to loosen the power steering pump so you can free the belt. Then there are 5 bolts on the water pump. Remove those then clean up the surface to prepare it for the new one. Make sure it is very smooth..this way you have a good seal when you put the new pump and gasket on. I always like to take a little bit of RTV sealant and apply a thin layer to the new gasket before applying. Also while you are messing with stuff...I would go ahead and replace the thermostat which is located above the waterpump. You will see the radiator and heater hose connected to the inlet. Take both of those off and remove the two bolt. Clean both surfaces and install the new thermostats. Hope this helps you.
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  • mikk1mikk1 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 JGC and I recently installed a new water pump. It was an easy job and all went like clockwork, however, since then it idles ruff and almost stalls when it idles down. I did disconnect the battery while I doing the job and I have checked the engine to see if and wires or anything had gotten disconnected or what not. Is there anything I needed to do after reconnecting the battery?
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    havin a problem with my jgc1998 4.0 litre. got the iac replaced & fixed that problem, now whenn i go to take off it sounds like its backfiring through the throttle body. replaced plus, wires, cap, & button. gapped plugs to specs, replaced wires one at a time not to get them crossed & made sure they fit tight on the plugs and cap. after it warms up to normal operating temp., its worse. from a stop sign for example, when i push on the go pedal it doesnt want to go. replaced the map sensor also. could it be my tps sensor ?no check engine light on ? if i cant fix this problem im going to be forced to sell it. please help
  • I had exactly the same problem with my jgc 4.0 litre. Changed the coil, mps,etc. I also did not have a check engine light. Symptoms were just the same as yours. Finally I had the fuel tank removed and cleaned and a new fuel pump put in. The old one was running at 50% capacity.

    My Jeep is now running like a dream and has been for months.

    I have been told, subsequently, that this is not uncommon. It took me weeks however, to finally find the solution.

    I hope this will help solve your problem. Good luck.
  • kokomowjkokomowj Posts: 1
    I began having an issue where the motor would die randomly regardless of speed or gear. After research on these forums I opted to replace the Crank Position Sensor, Cam Position Sensor and PCM. I opted on my own to replace the Fuel Filter/Regulator and O2 Sensors.

    After all is done I can finally turn the ignition over which it would not do previously but now I get no spark, In fact I pulled the fuel line off the new filter and get no fuel flow. I hear the Fuel pump do it's 'hum' for the second as I turn the key but no fuel flow. I pulled the Air Ductwork off the Throttle Body and turned it over while spraying starter fluid into it to see if I could at least get a hit on the engine to try and start but no luck. Yeah, I know, a little Old School but I had to try. I am at the point of towing it to a dealer and that is gonna kill me. I did check the fuses and relays.

    I am at a loss... Does anybody have ANY suggestions?

    It is the 4.7L non-HO Gas Engine.

    I did try shifting to neutral to start just in case it was the switch in the shifter as I have read can happen but no luck.

    Thanks guys and girls for any advice!

  • rnevillerneville Posts: 1
    Last fall my engine light came on, and I took my Jeep to the dealer to get it repaired. $100 later I was told that I needed to replace my gas cap. Before I could replace it, the light went out. I bought a new gas cap, but continued to use the original after cleaning and lubricating it as it appeared to be in new condition. About a month ago, the engine light came back on, so I then replaced the original gas cap with the new one I had previously purchased. But the engine light is still on, and I'm reluctant to take the vehicle to the dealer for another $100. Is there a way to reset the engine light, or could something else be the problem?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    take it to auto zone they can read fault codes for you prob no charge
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    how does it run with the check engine light on ? details
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    check your charcoal canister, unbolt the canister and take off the hoses on top. pay attention on where they are taken off from as they need to go back on in the same order. inspect hoses for cracks or deteroration, if so replace them. check the canister, if it smells like gas, replace unit. i had a similar prob with my 98 jeep 4.0 and found out by trial & error that it was that. other things you might want to check are the crankshaft positioning sensor & camshaft positioning sensor. let me know how it goes, good luck
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    being in your situation, i would go to a local parts place & pick up a haynes manual for it. the average price is roughly 20 bucks. it has how to for the shadetree mechanic. with basic hand tools & time/patience you should be able to get it running for her. let me know, good luck
  • kh75kh75 Posts: 4

    I hope your are recovering okay. I was rearended in my Jeep and I am now permanently disabled because of the accident, but thats besides the point.

    I have heard of this problem, Jeeps are known for having problems with the transmission suddenly lunging forward even when they are in park. The car wash I go to regularly recently redesigned the entire layout of the wash after a Jeep Grand Cherokee lunging forward(while in park) onto a 4-lane road and flipped over the cennter median.

    Now no one but a manager at the detail shop is even allowed to drive the Jeeps.

    Jeeps have problems with the neutral safety switch and most models have had a recall on this part. My 99 Limited had this recall. I was told that it is this part that causes the Jeeps to jump out of park.

    I know your jeep was totaled out but if you have your paperwork you can contact jeep to see if there was ever a recall on this part and if you had it replaced. If you did and you still had this happen I would contact a lawyer.

    I hope this helps.
  • kh75kh75 Posts: 4
    Try replacing the crankshaft sensor. We are on our third jeep and had this same probelm with all of them. On our very first jeep the dealship told us the same thing and after several months it finally died and then they figured out it was the sensor.

    We have also had problems with the camshaft sensor also.
  • asceasce Posts: 3
    Can someone help me with some troubleshooting?

    I have a 1996 Grand Cherokee V8 and it won't start.

    I've had both the battery and altinator checked at Auto Zone and they were fine.
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