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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems



  • helixmanhelixman Posts: 3
    Sounds like a fuel pump. Check your fuel pressure. You can buy a kit for around $15 with gauges, fittings and hoses. Go online for correct pressures of your engine.
  • knew1knew1 Posts: 1
    I had Goodyear give it a tune up and they replaced the coil. Then they also switched the injectors around to test . The check engine light went off now, but it still idles rough and a computer still says cylinder 3 misfire. They told me to take it to the dealer, that it might be a computer issue. Before I go there(!), any ideas?
  • bill202bill202 Posts: 4
    My Jeep has a misfire on the number 8 cylinder. I have had it tuned up, the coil checked and replaced the cam and crank sensors. The truck drives normal except when I start a cold engine. It runs rough for about five minutes and sometime idles rough at traffic lights. It takes about 100 miles for the engine light to come back on after being reset. My mechanic has had it about four times and wanted to eliminate the listed work and replacements. Now he says I have an internal problem, possibly a cracked head gasket. He said the fix is going to be expensive. Any ideas or similar experiences?
  • I recently had the engine replaced in my jeep. When I picked it up I was told that the fan wasn't working but that it should be okay to drive home (where I planned to look at the fan myself). I drove the jeep 4 mi. and it stalled. We towed it to a nearby gas station where we managed to hotwire the fan to the battery. The fan worked but the engine still overheated.The gauge on the dash also didn't seem to be working. There didn't seem to be any coolant in the system. The hoses, radaiator cap, were not hot and there was no pressure in the hoses. Now the shop is saying that I need a whole fan, radiator, motor, and wire harness (they are only sold as an assembly). My question is... If the fan works hooked to the battery is there a sensor of some sort that could be bad rather then spending $1000 on a new fan assembly?
  • dmelrosedmelrose Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 grand cherokee lorado and had to change the water pump after it gave out on the highway. After I got it back I now have a check engine light codes that tells me a cylinder is miss firing and vacum or electrical problem. Where do I start
  • mjameymjamey Posts: 1
    thing will not start changed fuel relay, crank shaft sensor, and still will not start. not getting spark, what else is there that im not doing to solve my problem?
  • tx_tomtx_tom Posts: 1
    mine had the same problem i had the injectors cleaned with cleaner and did the same with the manifold took about an hour and havent had another problem since
  • My 2000 Jeep cherokee has been overheating esp. when my air conditioner is on it also makes a squealing noise for a little bit when my air is on too. A few days ago it leaked out a great amount of antifreeze onto on driveway when parked and I have no idea what to do? What do you think is the problem? And what should I have checked? :mad:
  • kev21kev21 Posts: 1
    I have got a 2000 V reg JGC and I am trying to find a replacement engine for it, the one in it runs on a coil pack but I have been told that I can change it for the older distributor type. Is this correct? and if so what is involved do I have to change anything else?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Any time you have something leaking from a motor vehicle you should have it checked out.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • ste_rexste_rex Posts: 2
    I'm a 23 year old female, and I know very little about cars. I have a '99 Cherokee Sport, about 170k on it. My oil pressure has always ran at 40. My buddy changed the oil 3 months ago, and every since it's ran at 80. They said it was probably because they put 10W30 in it in instead of 10W40. (I have no idea why this would change anything, as stated, I don't know much about cars.) Other than running at 80 psi, I haven't had a problem out if it. No noises, no burning oil smell, etc. About three weeks ago, I found a small amount of oil on my driveway, but can't find where it's leaking from. HERE'S MY MAJOR PROBLEM: Today while driving, my oil pressure dropped to 0 and my check engine light came on. Then, like nothing happened, it shot back up to 80 and the light went off. It continued to do that the entire time I was driving. I checked my oil, and it was a little low, so I added a quart. It drove fine for about 20 minutes, then it started doing it again. It will drop all the way to 0, stay there anywhere from 1-20 seconds, then go back to normal.

    I have found things online about people having similar problems to this, but theirs usually involves the oil pressure dropping when they're stopped, and rising again as they accelerate. Mine happens regardless of acceleration or stopping, and I have no clue what it is. Could it be the sensor? Could it be caused by the leak? If so, where should I check for said leak? Please help. It's not just my car, it's my baby. :(
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    You need to get this checked out ASAP. Even with oil in the engine, low oil pressure can do serious damage to an engine. First, I would have the oil changed back to what's recommended in your owner's manual (either 10w30 or 10w40 or whatever). Only use the proper oil as recommended in your owner's manual. Second, with the mileage that you have, I would have the oil pressure sending unit checked out. A good mechanic should be able to check this out for you. Good luck.
  • ste_rexste_rex Posts: 2
    I actually looked at it today, and it was definitely not in good shape. It was basically falling off, and I could see the oil inside of the sensor on the wiring. I went and bought one at Autozone and had someone put it on. As soon as I started the car, the pressure gauge went back to 40 like it was originally. I drove it around for a little while, and the pressure never went higher than 40, and it didn't drop to 0 once. I'm going to keep an eye on it, but I think that fixed the problem. Thank you!
  • lori34lori34 Posts: 1
    My 07 Grand Cherokee is now on its 3rd tow to the dealership with the EXACT problem that you had and i was hoping before i replace the starter (which they are assuring me that is the problem and i doubt that it is...) if your car is now running fine after replacing the solenoid wire end. Thanks for your list though! When i speak to the dealer tomorrow im quoting it verbatim!!

  • abkvideoabkvideo Posts: 2
    I just bought a 99 Cherokee Spot 4.0 Liter with 38,000 miles on it...
    It has a smooth idle but it seems to skip a beat or miss and I feel it it, and hear it. Then it is smooth, then it misses a few times and runs smooth... It will do it in Neutral and in gear. If in neutral and given slight acceleration, it will not "miss". I did a few bottles of injector cleaner (chevron) and the problem seemed to have stopped, but it returned again... The stuff I put in is 6 bucks a bottle and the way this thing chews up gas (16 mpg) adding a bottle w/ every fill up is too expensive... Is it a clogged injector? Is there another issue? Any one else have this problem? Is it a sensor? Any and all ideas are welcome!!! Thanks in advance... ABK
  • tom1969tom1969 Posts: 1
    I just bought her a month ago she was hard to start when I got her and she start missing after 3000 rpm I've replaced the dist, cap, rotor, wires, spark plugs, coil, and I've checked the fuel psi 38 psi in idle and about 32 psi when giving it some gas and only lost around 10 psi after shutting it down and letting it sit for 20 mins. And then friday she got worse can't drive her she starts missing after 1200 rpms very hard to start! thou some times I can start her again and she will run like when I first got her so won't start missing until 3000 rpm! so what else can I chk before I send her to the shop!!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    sounds as if you have junk on the plug that goes in to your computer just disconnect the battery and then plug and unplug the connector a couple times to clean the connector see if takes care of problem
  • cjs811cjs811 Posts: 4
    My son purchased this Jeep yesterday. He put it on the road only to find out it is powerless. It idles perfectly but once you give it gas or try to pull a hill--it has very little power--it gives a big jerk or two and then takes off good for awhile. He is very disappointed. It is the 6 cylinder version with the automatic transmission. Any body here have the same problem with an answer for him?
  • greene02greene02 Posts: 1
    Hi Lori,
    My jeep is having the same problem as yours along with several other people. I am wondering if you got your problem fixed with the Jeep transmission over temp and not starting.
  • mattdugmattdug Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    We have an 04 limited with a clicking noise that the mechanic can't figure out. Just got it 4 months ago and had in to the dealer three times and he said that nothing was wrong and now it is out of warranty and still making that noise. Any suggetions as to what it can be? It is an in line 6
  • josegbjosegb Posts: 1
    i ran my jeep unknowing it was out of oil, i need a short block asap. i'm from dominican republic and it's hard and expensive to get. i'll appreciatte your recommendations
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    ticking noise where
    by engine when running?
    front or back of engine
    pep boys
    or auto zone sell a mech stescope with a long rod on the end, touch parts of engine (BE VERY CAREFUL THAT YOU DONT TOUCH MOVING PARTS) as it is running and the tapping will be isolated then maybe able to help you find prob.
  • intermitten starting problem replaced fuel pump still the same,any ideas?
  • js93js93 Posts: 1
    Have the same problem. Any luck with your problem? I need to know how to fix it please help.
  • hi I have problem with grand cherokee its dont whona start ?
  • hi my grand cherokee dont whona start its problem with baterry????
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I think you need a new battery.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Still have the problem. No help here as of yet. You have any ideas?
  • I just bought this truck, and it drove fine for 500 miles, I got near my home and the truck started sputtering like it had no gas in it. I let off the gas and it just cut off. The truck started right back up, but once I placed it in drive and tried to drive off it wouldn't get over 20 mph and sputtered then cut back off.

    Once I got it home and let it sit in the driveway for about 40 minutes the truck would idle just fine then it just cut off on it's own. It has no codes or check engine light, can anyone please tell me what steps I should take?

    Thank you
  • Just wanted to see if you ever found out what was wrong with your Jeep?

    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee Special Edition Laredo. Sounds like I have a similar problem like yours but mine is misfiring in cylinder 1.

    We replaced the coil and spark plugs, and then found out wrong "type" of spark plugs. My husband replaced the spark plug #1 on Saturday with the correct one, even though I think they all should have been replaced. Engine light went out but only to come back on today.

    He also noticed my reservoir for the anti-freeze/coolant was empty. He just put some in about a month ago, when he put the new spark plugs in. No leaks on the ground/white smoke coming from the tail pipe.

    I'm taking it in for inspection tonight since it's due, hopefully, they can tell me what is wrong with it.
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