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Enjoy Riding in my New Enclave!

beetle8beetle8 Member Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Buick
For anyone speculating on getting an Enclave or negotiating your deal for your new Enclave, I just want you to know that the Enclave is worth every penny! I have my new 2008 Enclave for just a month and it is a joy to finally ride in a quality vehicle that makes driving fun, comfortable, classic, innovative, stylish and safe! I was fortunate to get a great deal at my dealership and they have treated me and my family very good!
Recently, we took two family vacation trips (over 10 hours each way driving) and the Enclave performed smoothly, comfortably and entertaining all the way!! My three kids especially enjoyed the ride because each sat in their seat which they described it as their "own private airplane." With all the basic amenities to the Enclave, it was well worth every penny!


  • lazolazo Member Posts: 4
    Hi there, Do you mind if I ask you, how much you ended paying for it and which accesories and style did you get on it?
  • beetle8beetle8 Member Posts: 6
    The total package came to $38,5000 which includes OnStar Navigation (voice), Hands Free phone, XM Radio, DVD package, automatic lift gate & 5 year warranty on all parts. The style is Cocoa Mettalic which looks great in good weather and in the rain!
    Let me know if this helps.
  • lazolazo Member Posts: 4
    Cocoa Mettalic is a beatifull color.
    Did you get CXL front-wheel drive? Luxury Package? Driver Confident Package? Sunroof? what kind of wheels?
    thanks for your help. I am really interesting on buying one pretty soon. I am wating for 2nd center console, it will be ready by september.
  • beetle8beetle8 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the question.
    I got the standard Enclave with Entertainment Package #2. Here are the other particulars:
    1. Engine 3.6L V6 Engine
    2. 1 Yr Onstar Directions w/turn by turn navigation
    3. Powerliftgate
    4. 18" Painted Alum Wheels
    5. 7 pass seating w/2nd row captain's chairs & 3rd row
    split bench seat
    6. Leather wrapped steering wheel/audio controls & wood
    7. XM satellite radio
    8. *DVD Rear Seat Entertainment
    9. Rear Seat Audio Controls
    10. Bose Speaker Sound system

    Let me know if this helps and I'm sure you will enjoy your particularly luxury package!! I love mine just the way it is!
  • lazolazo Member Posts: 4
    thanks again. your info really helped.
    Enjoy it :-)
  • gaawb1gaawb1 Member Posts: 11
    Am seriously considering buying the Enclave but am very worried about the lack of power (i.e. pulling out into traffic, passing cars, etc.) I have been reading about in the forums. I'm not trying to get anyone down about their purchase - it's a beautiful vehicle and a no-brainer if power is not an issue. My local dealers are out of them so I can't test drive one. Would love to hear from as many owners as possible. Thanks very much.
  • beetle8beetle8 Member Posts: 6
    Great question! I was a bit concerned about this issue before I purchased my Enclave YET when I drove it for over 10 hours on a family vacation trip on the major interstate highways, it PERFORMED BETTER THAN EXPECTED! I got up to speed faster than I anticipated with this V6 engine! Once I reached my MPHs, the Enclave cruised through traffic! Overall, the Enclave has THE POWER!!
    Let me know if this helps.
  • stetsonbustetsonbu Member Posts: 14
    My wife and I test drove the AWD CXL and it has good power overall. It probably isn't as fast as the Acura MDX, but it does the job. Why spend an extra $10K on the MDX, which has less options and just a little more power? We have researched and driven just about every SUV on the market and the Enclave is our top pick! You get tons of standard options, lots of cargo space (more than some of the largest SUVs on the market!), 5 star crash ratings with tons of safety features, 3 rows of seats that can comfortably fit 8 adults, and much more!

    The only two (very minor) things that I'm not crazy about is the wood steering wheel and the rear visibility. I'll probably get used to these things and will forget after a while.
  • 4huskers4huskers Member Posts: 2
    I drove a CXL AWD a few weeks ago as a rental in CA and it drove great. I did not notice any problems with power or the tranny trying to find the right gears. Highly recommend this vehicle. I plan on getting one in the next year.
  • mrbinsermrbinser Member Posts: 4
    I just bought mine and four Buick sales people and the service manager could not get the GPS signal to be received. The navigation manual only lists a few temporary reasons why this should be. Has anyone else had this problem?
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