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BMW 3-Series vs Audi S4

quattroporte12quattroporte12 Posts: 178
edited April 2014 in BMW
The new i-drive on the 3 series looks a lot like the mmi, anyone tried it?
Okay, so i have a decision that hopefully some of u can help me with
I had an x5, 4.4i sport pkg, it was awesome but it got totaled unfortunately (car saved my life, any other suv would have flipped)
So i am now looking at either: a 2006 bmw 330i, or a 2005 audi s4. I really wanted awd because i ski often, but the 330xi's are a lot more expensive than the 330s, around 4000 more believe it or not. So, which do you think drives better, im a bmw fan and i know that they are unmatched in terms of the communication the drive gives to the driver, but it seems like the audi does more things that i need (awd, a little cheaper) and its really fast. So, anyone have an opinion on which one i should get? I really appreciate your help i have no idea what to do. Thank you so much!!!


  • jmarounjmaroun Posts: 151
    Now, I leased an 06 330i for 3 years. I know that car well.

    2006 330 Vs 2005 S4? Wow, ..Are you kidding??? It's hard to even compare..however I'd imagine that these cars are priced comparitively. I'm half amazed that I haven't thought much of such a possiblity before. Interesting..

    06 330 Vs 05 S4
    255hp Vs 340hp nice..and that's not the most important factor...

    the S4 is more beautiful by FAR, The S4's V8 does not lack in low end torque like the 330i severely suffers from, and the S4 is built AWD by default to suit your needs perfectly. Heck for your needs or anyone's..
    I'd say the S4 all the way. Don't even think twice. The 330's days are over.. I'd get the newer 328 or 335i instead almost the same price.

    An 06 330's warrantee is probably comming to a quick end. Audi and BMW both have high maintainance.. so keep that in mind.

    Only real drawback is that the S4 probably weighs near 400lbs more than the 1hp/10lbs.. we're talking a 40hp in reality it's more like BMW's 255hp Vs Audi's 300hp, weight taken into account. Consider also that the 330i is probably more nimble. Steering feel on the 330i is nice also. A purist may have an argument for the 330i to be 100% honest..but once you throw in xi... the Audi gets the advantage since that is thier forte..and the 330xi's weight will go up at least a couple hundred pounds compared to a 330i. A key advantage to Audi's V8 is not really hp..but rather it's inherently superior low end torque. Both cars handle exceptionally well.

    Interesting choice. I'd probably choose the S4 since the 330i was great but... a tad bland. Please get the S4 and send picks. :)
  • Thanks jmaroun i really appreciate your advice
    I actually was just kinda iffy on the s4 until i read your reply, then i decided to give it another drive.
    That thing is SO fast, the engine is really its best attribute. Awesome, awesome engine. It just pulls. The suspension is also really great it feels really stable and the quattro does give it a stable feeling (i know thats a cliche).
    However, :) , the 330 has that unmatched, perfectly balanced feel. The steering is dead on, and so communicative, where as the audi was lacking in feel and was calibrated strangely i thought. The 3's suspension is perfect, it has that sporty ride yet still feels composed and not jumpy. And in terms of handling, the bmw has a 50/50 weight distribution where as the audi is 61/39, so its got that plow when u go into turns (but, the S4 does a great job of hiding it that car really is great) I think that while the 330 engine doesnt have as much torque, its just so smooth (bmws been making that I6 for more than 30 years now, theres a reason) and the power delivery is so linear, and personally, i dont think its lacking in power.
    In terms of styling i like both, i actually think the newer, more contemporary 3 looks a little nicer (i was looking at the early 2005 S4, the one thats the same as the 2004 not the 2006) and inside, the 3 feels light and airy, and while the s4 is cozy and definitely focused feeling with the huge recaro seats, the backseat is a little chlostrophobic and the black headliner just makes you feel a little closed in.
    Dont get me wrong i think the s4 is an AWESOME car, and if i hadnt driven the 330 i probably would have gotten it, but i think theres a reason car and driver put the 330 on their 10 best list for 16 years so far. It just a really, really awesome car in so many respects
    Thank you so much for your imput you really helped my decision
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