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Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems



  • Well, I must say I am not satisfied. I get my car back with a report saying that the transmission responds the same as a 2011 transmission and that there is no issue. No computer codes are being generated by the transmission.

    So I am left with monitoring my car and calling Infiniti Canada Customer Service 1-800-361-4792. The one thing I do not want to do is be reminded about how disappointed I am.

    I am glad this is a lease and I will be returning it next year.
  • I also have (had) a 2010 G37xS. Nissan bought the car back for 90% of the purchase price !! :)
  • ljelawljelaw Posts: 17
    Congratulations! I just took my 2009 G37XS in for transmission hesitation and flaring, and they said they couldn't replicate it. Either they are insane, I am, or they've gotten me that way. The disconnect is unbelievable. How did you persuade them to buy you out?
  • Document, document, document, then when Nissan tells you repeatedly after many failed reprogrammings that the transmission operates normally, if you are in Canada, use the Canadian Automobile Manufacturers Vehicle Arbitration Plan (

    I received an Arbitration award, and Nissan was ordered to buy the vehicle back. Nissan resisted all the way, 'defending' the operation of the transmission as normal, and criticizing my driving style. The Arbitrator saw it differently.

    I had my vehicle over 1 year and the entire ownership experience was hell. Many times I felt like giving up and trading or selling the vehicle. Perhaps that was the Nissan strategy.

    Everyone with this issue, in Canada, should use the CAMVAP process. Good luck to all of you, and don't give up !! I hope to see more postings like mine in the future.
  • lusozicilusozici Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    Sadly, I have an '09 G37x, 34k, same issues, although my car has thrown in an additional wrench which puts me in a very precarious position. Three times my transmission has disengaged (yes disengaged) from the motor at speeds between 60-75mph, leaving me unable to do anything but throw on blinkers and coast to the side of the road. The car is still at the dealership, and though they've been able to duplicate parts of the problem (bucking/jerking, bad MAF) they have yet to duplicate the disengaging.

    This is more than a little disconcerting, very unsafe, and I have no confidence the car can be fixed. I'm working with Infiniti consumer affairs, but don't really have many options at this point except to wait and see what the dealer comes back with. I've been an avid Nissan fan for many years, beginning with my first 300zx, but this may well be my last Nissan.
  • Hi Mike, I have had mostly the same issues w/ '11 G37X Sedan 7AT. It never did any if this dopey stuff until AFTER 3,000 Mi. from new delivery.
    I just filed a NTSHA Safety Complaint yesterday. You may be able to access it as per the "ODI# 10448934". Apparently when filing such, one agrees that the text of the complait becomes public-domain record. SO-BE-IT.
    I am truly disgusted that Infiniti seems to be either un-ABLE or ... UN-WILLING to eat the cost to resolve this GLARING GLITCH with the JATCO 7AT ROM data & control architecture. Even if it required replacing ALL Computing elements in each so-equipped VIN, it should be reqiired by Law. :lemon:
    Please advise as to ANY progress on VIN specific issues per your dialoog with Nissan USA & Infinti Consumer Affairs. THANKS, Mack
  • Message from a new guy with same the car but a different story: I own a 2010 G37 Journey that I bought new two years ago (build date of Feb. 2010), and based on value, performance, appearance and comfort, I consider it to be the best car I have ever owned. I've had lots of them too, and I'm a dealer's worst nightmare when comes to demanding that a car operate as it should.

    I was surprised when I stumbled onto this forum last night and read all the complaints about the seven-speed transmission. It took awhile, but I read every single post. I had errands today so I made many attempts in several hours of driving to replicate the engine stumble or pause that is so thoroughly described by many of you. I couldn't make it happen. My routine was to brake moderately or hard down to approximately 25mph and accelerate quickly back to 60mph or so. I tried other speeds also, but it wouldn't happen. It doesn't hunt for gears either.

    What this tells me is that I am lucky and that this pause or hesitation problem is not prevalent in all 2010-2012 G cars with the automatic transmission. This would seem to discredit Infiniti representatives who suggest this condition is somehow normal. It seems more likely that batches of transmissions, but not all, are faulty for what could be many reasons. If it was just software, you would think they would have it figured out by now. The fix may be a software patch, but it sounds like there's more to it.

    My heart goes out to all of you who love their cars and have to live with a problem that is much more than a mere annoyance. It would keep me awake at night. If it's any consolation, I do experience moderately harsh down shifts when stopping quickly. It's like the tranny doesn't have enough time to sequence down smoothly. But it's not going back to the dealer for a reflash because of the risk of coming back worse than when it went in.

    It has been mentioned before, but one thing I would try is to disconnect the negative battery cable for several hours to let the ECU and TCU return to their original state. Then reconnect and drive the car. If it has made any difference whatsoever, then it might well be just a software issue.

    Best of luck to you all!
  • joefrisjoefris Posts: 2
    To all,
    I recently leased a new 2011 G37XS. In the past I owned several Nissan models and other GM, Ford vehicles as well. It was not until I "upgraded" to the Infiniti (top of the Nissan line) that I had a hesitation in the transmission. This occurs when the vehicle is downshifting from 4th to 3rd gear and if I try to accelerate there is a brief hesitation. This has occurred several times when trying to change lanes on freeways creating an unsafe condition.
    I took the vehicle back to Infiniti and was told this is a normal condition. I vehemently disagreed and was told this is called TIP (which I interpret as Transmission In Pause). I spoke with Infiniti Consumer Affairs and was assigned a case #. After 6 attempts to get through to them again I got the number of the National Vehicle Safety Administration. I called them at 1-888-327-4236 and filed an official complaint. This took under 10 minutes. This is the agency that issues recalls when safety complaints are brought to their attention. I urge all of you to call and file a complaint and perhaps Infiniti will fix the issue.
  • joefrisjoefris Posts: 2
    edited March 2012
    Mine happens when the vehicle downshifts from 4th to 3rd gear at 20 - 23 MPH.
  • amojebaamojeba Posts: 17
    Hi Joefris

    I can assure you that the National Vehicle Safety Administration does NOT, I repeat, NOT issue safety recalls. They can investigate the matter if they choose, and make recommendations. But that's about it.

    But it is ultimately up to the manufacturer to issue recalls. A company's decision whether to recall is purely a financial one. They calculate the math, and decide if it's cheaper to issue a broad sweeping recall, or deal with each complaint and repair (if there is one) on an individual case by case basis.

    In this case, there will never be a recall, b/c there's no "fix" for it.

    I'm not saying I agree with it. But those are the facts of how it works. I've contacted NVSA myself regarding another vehicle in the past, and no matter how many complaints they get, nothing can prompt a recall.
    Your best bet is a class action lawsuit. That's how Honda settled their defective rear brake design that wore out after only 12k miles.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    I have posted here numerous times. I am also a labeled complainer on BUT I am pissed now. I've had the District Mananger from Infinti test drive my car after the first complaint filed. Read my earlier posts of the results and comments from them. My second attempt resulted in a Factory Tech taking a drive conecting his PC to the car while I drived. It did pick up a couple occassions of the Hesitancy in his matrixes. He said that : they have exhausted all avenues and the only real fix would be new Trannies with complete new programming to alleviate this. "My car is working as designed" , that's the standard response. I have demanded via ICA rep to take back my leased car w/o spending another cent in lease paymenst and with NO FURTHER OBLIGATIONS. They refuse. I need to try to negoatiate now with Infiniti Financial with whom I have leased the car. ICA will not supply them a copy of the entire transcript of the two complaints. So here I am, voicing my disgust. Now I will take this up with the Financial people and see if I can out of this lease early and Move on....
  • palmer12palmer12 Posts: 7
    I can say that I had my tires on my G37XS replaced with a set that gives a softer ride, and it has greatly improved the driving experience. So without any knowledge of the Accord, if you go with the G25x, I'd suggest considering those softer tires, constantly checking with the dealer for computer software updates for the transmission, and a shorter lease (like 24 months), in case you can't stand the transmission after all. Good luck.image
  • llanosteve,

    Your idea about disconnecting the battery made logical sense to me. I decided to try it and it has actually made a night and day difference! I will not say it's totally fixed it - I still notice a tiny hesitation (though only sometimes) when accelerating from around 5-10 mph (rolling start, 1st to 2nd) - but, it's probably 95% better overall. :shades: I would recommend everyone try this fix. Below is what I did but first a little background.

    In case it ends up mattering, I have a 2011 G37S sedan. I understand the G has an algorithm that learns your driving habits. With this assumption, it's important that you drive aggressive and try and duplicate the problem during the fix - as many times as possible. For example, I would drive down a street at 25, 35, 45 and highways at 55, 65, 75, etc. Instead of keeping a smooth throttle, I purposely let go of the gas and then instantly punched it again at all of these speeds - I would do this punch-and-go around once or twice every 1-2 minutes and I mean floor it so it goes above 5,500 rpm. I kept doing this over and over again, sometimes also hitting the brakes and sometimes just letting off the gas. You might look like a bad driver to those nearby but, it will be worth it as you teach the car not to do / learn the problem anymore. I did this for half a tank of gas. Now, for what I did…

    Make sure you have half a tank of gas as you'll want to do the above paragraph for at least half a tank. Disconnect the negative battery terminal and keep it disconnected for at least two hours. When you reconnect it, your automatic window up feature may disable - mine did. To re-enable it, simply open your driver's side door and start the car - after the car starts, then close the door. Push the button to roll down the driver's door window automatically. Then, pull up and hold the window up button - keep holding it in the up position for a full five seconds after the window has closed entirely. This will reprogram the one-touch up feature to work again. You may have to duplicate the steps for each window. I only had to do it for the driver's side front and rear doors (two doors) and it fixed it for all windows (four doors). Note that disconnecting the battery will also reset some data on your dashboard readout - it didn't reset any navigation or stereo settings on my car, just the dash.

    With that completed, start driving - do the steps in my second paragraph to drive aggressive. You don't have to finish the whole tank in one sitting. Just make sure each time you get in and restart the car that for the remainder of the half a tank of gas you drive aggressive and try and reproduce the problem as often as you can. I've now refilled the tank again and have resumed normal driving and the car drives as it should - no noticeable transmission lag - except for a tiny but somewhat acceptable lag from a rolling start of 5-10 mph. Hopefully once the software patch does come out it fixes this problem too. However, this process has made my car as enjoyable as I expected it to be.

    I wonder if this problem happens because during the engine break-in period we are all driving the car like grandmothers and so it learns to behave the same way??? It's absolutely dumb that Infiniti has not figured this out - it will be interesting to read if this works for anyone else. It actually makes me wonder if Infiniti is even trying to address the issue since it would seem testing of the issue would have led them to find this fix - one would think their engineering team would be savvy enough to figure this out. Anyhow, good luck and, again - please do post if this works for you too. :)
  • g37tng37tn Posts: 1
    Bought this slightly used G37 in 2009. It had shifting issues in low gears right away. I took it to the Infiniti dealer and was told this was normal for this car. They changed the transmission fluids and sent me on my way. I continued to have shifting issues periodically. Now that I have just over 60,000 miles on it, it shifted VERY hard several times this morning, (feeling as if being rear ended by someone). Then, suddenly started to take off on its own while stopped a couple of times at stop lights. I pulled into a parking lot and tested it so I would not be broken down on the road and it got much worse and now has a jerk and buck between every shift and upon acceleration. Called the dealer and had them look at my 2 time history there for this issue. They say to have it towed in for computer updates? Of course at my expense.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Isn't it still under warranty?
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    mouseclick, after two weeks, has the lagging returned? I reset my car last year, once or twice, I did NOT follow your protocol of Aggressive Driving in the pattern you describe. BUt I was more aggressive, afetr a while, the lagging / hesitation returned. I have followed the recommendation of the Factory Tech who looked at my car afew monthe back: Drive it DS mode for a week or more in all scenarios. That did not correct the problem, maybe a just a little better response. But as I have posted here and at, it continues to perplex me, that this problem can vary from one day to another. It is the outside Temps, baraometric pressures, etc...that appear to affect the ECM's software AND it's the crappy JATCO Tranny too.

    I think I will file the complaint with the National Vehicle Safety Administration as others seem to have done. Maybe we ALL should. My pitches to Infiniti Financial for a No cost release from the exisitng lease fell on Deaf Ears...They don't care. Just make your payments or I will be in delinquency...
  • ejzinnejzinn Posts: 12
    Welcome to the unhappy G37x owners club! I think we can try all means possible but the only thing that will get their attention is a drop in sales from unhappy customers. When they upgraded from the G35x to the G37x they screwed up with the transmission, and will not admit it. For my part I will go back to a BMW,(as soon as my lease is up or sooner), even though I hate the runflat tires, I would rather have an engine that performs impeccably, than one that is as unsafe as this one is!
  • So far, so good. I still only notice a lag from around 5-10 mph but not at other speeds. The responsiveness has improved. Now, I still want a fix for the 5-10 mph part because that is still annoying (going over speed bumps and then accelerating out of them; rolling stops; etc.). I guess I could try and reset the battery again and try and repeat my procedures with an emphasis on that part. But, I'm going to wait another month. I nag Infiniti Consumer Affairs monthly about a fix - last they told me 2 months ago was that it was 6 months away. I honestly think they're not in a rush, which is sad treatment. I've purchased four Infiniti cars in my time and they've always been more than responsive until this time. Not sure what happened - what change in management or something else…
  • kja21kja21 Posts: 4
    I just got a new 2012 G37x last month. I've been driving it every day for a few weeks and I've not had any transmission problems at all. Do they start after a while or am I just lucky? :confuse:
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    Before you make that move, check the BMW forums too....It seems that a number of cars with 6 or more speed Auto Trannies are griping about the hesitancy/lagging. Some more that others, but that's b/c of software develeopment as sick as that sounds. I'm NOT disagreeing with you on the G, it has been frustrating, aggravating & very disappointing. I don't want to sound like a Whiner....but I work hard all day, and when I jump into my car to commubnte home 40 miles, I want that to be invigorating NOT frustrating. Am I Right?? Still puzzling : is that one day it can very close to my 2007 G35X in it's ride and response & then change completely.
  • gatordangatordan Posts: 4
    I just updated my 2009 G37 to latest engine and transmission software. It has improved the hard downshifting especially at 20 mph. Car doesn't seem to downshift at all and is really smooth. Acceleration side is fine with little smoothing on shifts.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    Do you have any idea what date this latest update has? I am wondering if this is the one that has been around for a year and a half, or something that has just come out.
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  • gatordangatordan Posts: 4
    Look at ITB10-075a at

    Looks like April 2011
  • jeiljeil Posts: 1
    Just came from the dealership. They said this April Flash Update will not address the "shift hunting pause". They did however reset the idle and re-flashed the original TCU. Hoping this will give me the chance to re-teach the vehicle. (I baby'ed it for the first 2,500 miles. Maybe that was the cause.) Going to drive in DS mode ONLY for the next three months.
  • stimpsonjcstimpsonjc Posts: 2
    edited May 2012
    I had my 2011 G37 flashed by the dealer with the
    latest software just released 5/15/2012.

    I am THRILLED to say they finally fixed the problems!

    Two days of driving and I have tried to duplicate the problem that I've experienced frequently over the last 10 months and which I have lots of practice duplicating.

    The lag/delay/hesitation is now GONE. Yeah, it's a miracle, I know!

    Folks, there's a new TSB out, and it's a good one.

    I recommend that everyone who experiences lag or hesitation head over to their Infiniti dealer, tell them they have shift lag and request that ITB-027 be applied. Problem FINALLY solved! :)

  • wjv1wjv1 Posts: 3
    Great news about the new TSB. I've also been experiencing flaring going from 3rd to 4th and especially 4th to 5th. Anyone know if the TSB fixes this phenomenon? Thanks
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    Can you check the TSB number, it is missing some numbers.
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  • stimpsonjcstimpsonjc Posts: 2
    Sorry, I got the number right in the subject but not in the message.

    ITB12-027 is the TSB number. :)
  • mouseclickmouseclick Posts: 10
    I updated mine May 24... Prior to that, I disconnected the battery terminal to reset everything and it improved except for under 20-25 mph. However, this latest update is like driving a different car altogether - it shifts up and down like a champ, with no hesitation and at any speed. It's like I have a new car - the way it was supposed to be all along. It makes me glad :) and mad :mad: at the same time - glad that I have a G that I expected to have all along but mad that it took them more than a year to provide a fix. For the record, my invoice states:

  • bobbyzjrbobbyzjr Posts: 15
    PLEASE help!
    I brought my 2011 G37 sport convertible in yesterday for the update and after 6 hours of "downloading the software", they call and tell me that " my ECM and tcm does not work with the new update" and that they are working on more codes, what the f@CK! Are you kidding me?
    This is what they said my code is;
    Your Ecm: 1NY2B
        Tcm: X359E
    And does not work with Bullertin:ITB12-027...

    Can those of you that got the update send me your ECM and TCM numbers so I can see if they match up with mine and if my dealership is just a bunch or morons?? Please send as soon as possible...
    Thank you.
    I was so f ing bummed yesterday after 6 hours!!
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