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Honda Civic Owners: Meet the Members



  • thaniathania Posts: 1
    Hi All!! I just purchased my new 2005 Honda Civic Coupe this Saturday and I love it. It a drastic change from the Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo I used to drive, both financially and size wise. I have been driving every where since Saturday and it still has not gotten to the 1/4 mark on the gas gage. In the Cherokee I'd be pulling up to the gas pump right about now. Getting use to being so low to ground is going to take some time but it'll be worth it soon enough. I bought the VP model so I am looking for a good security system that can accomodate regular locks and turn into keyless entry. I also need the security because it's a Honda and I live in South Florida.
  • Hi everyone. I'm seriously considering buying a Del Sol but I've read a lot of things about the roof leaking. Does anyone know about how much it costs to repair (the seals I assume) and how long I can expect to go before I experience roof problems?
    Any other issues I should look out for?
    Also, is there a way to tell the S,Si, and Vtech models apart just by looking at them?

  • I have a green 99 civic ex... auto (yea im a loser, i cant drive a stick), z3 fenders, niche rims, etc etc

    i wrecked the darn thing! does anyone know where i can find prepainted honda parts (i need a front bumper)... my boyfriend has a bmw and he found a site that sells prepainted bimmer parts. he said i should look for a site that does the same for hondas. anyone know one?
  • I recently bought my first Honda. I bought a 2005 Honda Civic LX SE in magnesium metallic. I bought it from a Milwaukee dealership for under $15,000. I love it!

    My parents own a 1993 Honda Civic DX and they want to get another one. They have well over 100k on it and there is absolutely no rust and no major problems with it.
  • My name is M. Douglas Hockett, better known as Shadow to my friends. I have a 2004 Honda Civic Si that is about to be built out into a Tuner Racer and Show Car on the Hot Import Nights Circuit. I am sponsored by, and a number of other companies through them as well as through my own searches for sponsors. It is equipped with a GReddy Boost Kit (Turbo, Intercooler, BOV, etc.) and a GReddy Cat-Back Exhaust System. It is about to get a new coil-over suspension (Tein Flex or H&R Racing), rims (Konig 17x7.5 Tuner II's), tires (Nitto 215/45ZR-17's), a Verticle Doors Hydrolic Door Lamborgini Door Kit, a Blaupunkt Stereo System (twin 12" subs in a chamber box with 6x9"s, 6.5"s/1.10 tweeters, and a pair of amps), Buddy Club II Body Kit, and a few other nicks and nacks......I am a prospective member of the Shadowz Car Club International as well. I hope that this describes enough of me to give you an idea of who and what I am about. I intend to tour the HIN Circuit to show the youth of this day and age that one can be into the Tuner Scene and the Clubs without being into the gang banging scene and set - hopefully that will be a positive influence on them and help them to avoid mistakes that we adults made in our pasts ourselves. Dark Blessings be with you all (no offense meant - just that I consider myself of a darker faith than most as a Pagan Druid and Shaman).
  • grehcegrehce Posts: 7
    Hi there! I'm new to the board and wanted to introduce myself, my name is Grace and I own a 1998 Honda Civic EX Coupe in Silver. I absolutely love the car and am a huge fan of Civics. Not only are they the most reliable cars out there on the road, but they are amazingly well designed and handle beautifully! I've only driven this one 73k miles but it has not required any major repairs and very minimal maintenance.

    What does everyone think about the new 2006 Civic? I'm not sure that I dig the style, I still love the 1997-2000 coupe styling--its totally Honda's flagship car and the look is even better than some of the newer coupes released from other brands (Toyota, Ford, Chevys, etc).
  • timguytimguy Posts: 1

    This past week, I brought my 2001 Civic EX (200,000 miles!)to the dealer because the car does this litle jerking thing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear at low speeds. I thought that the clutch might be slipping. As it turns out, the dealer's rep told me that the clutch was OK, but the mechanic found non-Honda spark plugs (I had installed these some time ago), and that Hondas REALLY run better with genuine Honda plugs. Of course, each plug is $25 , and with labor the cost would have been $145 (I live in California). I told the guy I'd take care of it myself.

    Does this sound bogus? He said the car needs platinums, but I did install Bosch platinums...for about $4 a piece, not $25. Can anyone recommend a good spark plug?

  • litezoutlitezout Posts: 4
    Hello. Just wanted to introduce myself and my car. My name is Jeff and I drive a 1995 Honda Civic. I made it to 205,552 miles before the motor gave up. Back in January I put an imported 1.5 L with 35,000 miles on it. I've done quite a few mods to it. Greddy header-back exhaust. Iceman cold air intake. Centerforce clutch. Bigger tires and wheels. It's been a constant work in progress. Next up is to upgrade the suspension.
  • litezoutlitezout Posts: 4
    Honda recommends you use NGK spark plugs. You can get them for about $3-$4 each. I have Denso Iridium plugs in my Civic. They are about $12 each. I haven't really noticed the difference and will probably go back to NGK.
  • I Own and Civic VP 04. This does not have power windows and power locks but has a power moonroof. Is it advisible to get power locks and windows done. if yes, from where can I get this done, also what would be approx. cost of getting this done.
  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    I go way back with Honda to 1978 with the first ACCORD,then an 80 Civic wagon,then an 82 ACCORD,moving upscale I had
    a 90 Intega,and on and on.I never put more than 90k on them
    except for the 82 which I ran to death. Anyhow I got this 06
    Civic mainly cause gas was over $3 a gallon thinking my wifey would drive it.She hates it because she has long legs
    and has difficulty getting in and out.I was just at the car
    show and tried many cars on for size and the Civic is the
    roomiest of all the cars that get 30mpg city excluding
    Hybrids.So lesson learned when you go car shopping take your spouse so you both are happy.One of the easiest cars
    to get in and out of is the Scion Xb but she thinks it is so ugly.I believe form should follow function but then I am a guy,DUH! ;)
  • Hello everyone. I live in London (United Kingdom), but drive a Honda Civic EX sedan 2004 model. I find it a lovely car and have been driving Civics for a long time. What I need is an owner's manual and service book for the car. Any ideas??? Please help! Car has 14,000 on clock!
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