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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • si_chipssi_chips Posts: 5
    MSRP 18390

    price: $16273
    OTD: 17865 (8.25% tax, $55 doc fees, etc)

    It's what I paid 13 days ago. not sure if the price is still the same now.
    Manly Honda in Santa Rosa
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    I don't understand how can some Honda dealers ask for MSRP for the 2008 Civic? They claim low inventory but almost all the dealers have at least a dozen of them in stock. There is no waiting list for the Civic. I know some dealers even hide some Civic in the back and only show 2-3 to the customers at a time.

    Beware smart shoppers!!!
  • mikielmikiel Posts: 1
    Base Civic Si (meaning no add-ons), 22.3k OTD in NYC. Bought a few months ago.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    " I don't understand how can some Honda dealers ask MSRP for the 2008 Civic"

    Why not? They are well worth MSRP. Used 2007's are selling at auction for MSRP now.

    " All of the dealers have at least a dozen of them in stock"

    So what? A dozen Civics is nothing even for a low volume dealer.

    A lot of stores don't have ANY at this point!

    And what are they 5 speed coupes that don't sell well?

    " I know some dealers even hide some Civics in the back"

    Yep, it's a conspiracy. That's for sure!

    I'm raking no pleasure in this situation and mis-information doesn't help matters.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    No, mis-information doesn't help, nor does the opinion of a Honda sales rep that Civics are "well worth MSRP." Civics are worth what the marketplace says they are worth. It's a market that includes lower-priced competitors. If you haven't noticed from this discussion, lots of people are buying Civics for less than MSRP. That will be tougher to do as more people turn to small cars and the supply of 2008s dries up. But it is nice to know that you don't get pleasure telling buyers that they will need to pay full MSRP, or above, for their Civics, even though it means more profit for your dealership. No doubt you would prefer to give everyone a 10% discount, if you could.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    I'm just telling you what the current market is like.

    At a recent Honda auction 2007 Civics were getting 2008 MSRP prices from dealers. These dealers will then have to pay to transport them, inspect them and they will mark them up from there.

    I've never seen a market turn like this.

    And, you're right. The market will always determine prices.
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    As a Honda owner since 1989, I must say our new 08 Civic LX is the best Honda we've ever owned. This car does leaps & bounds over my '90 Civic, my '99 Civic, and our '02 Accord. The 16" tires & improved suspension make a HUGE difference in ride and handling. ABS = awesome. I LOVE THIS CAR!! Seats are WAY improved as well. Love the height adjustment on the driver's side. Nice lumbar support - very comfy. This car makes a lot of sense. Everything well laid out/displayed. Easy to use. Nice amount of trunk space, as always. This is a lot of car for the price. And as we've always done - we'll be driving this for many years to come.
  • The MARKET determines the price...There is no conspiracy....No theft....Just free hand economics.....There are fewer civics in the popular models because now that gas is $4.00 people have realized this is here to stay and they are changing their priorities when it comes to what they drive. Civics are a best in class economy car...Demand has risen suddenly...Demand goes up and unless supply goes with do prices........No conspiracy.......It happens when hot new models come out as well....remember when the Acura TL came out.....Same thing MSRP for the first few months....Supply and demand that's all.......However, having a good relationship with your dealer helps....

    I just signed for an EX-L Navi...Auto.....21,800 + TTL....NO fees.....And, my dealer spent a week locating the car and negotiating a trade for it.......Normally he sells to me at cost...But in this market this was the best he could do.....I have NO problem with that...Last time I checked there were no crosses hanging over the dealerships.......They are their to earn a paycheck and turn a profit.....Would you go to work for no $$.......
  • tbm4530tbm4530 Posts: 7
    What if everyone who put there purchase price on this blog breaks it down to an easy to compare break down,i.e
    car price $18000
    dealer fee $250
    tax 7%
    Tag&Tittle $255
    total out the door price$

    this would make it so much easier to compare car price and dealer fees. Also think these dealer fees should be explained in detail by the dealers. they vary from $50- 400 Why?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    As coincidence would have it, the cnet automotive podcast for last week is titled "Car Tech 72: Just TRY to find a Civic or a Corolla in these $4 days!". You can listen or subscribe free via itunes and the link to that cast as an mp3 is here.

    They reference an Automotive news story from the June 16th issue which you can read for free at this link (and other places online).

    It starts:

    For two days last week, Honda dealer Rene Isip stalked the lanes at the Manheim auto auction in Orlando, Fla., in search of used Civic and Fit cars for his store in Katy, Texas.

    Isip's dealership, one of the top 100 Honda stores in the nation, was almost depleted of new ones.

    "We're out of Fits," he said, "and our days supply of Civics is in the single digits."

    Getting used models was brutal, too.

    "I'm standing here looking right now," he told Automotive News via cell phone. "A 1-year-old used Civic is running about $1,000 over sticker of a brand new 2008. And the dealers are paying it."

    So lest anyone was thinking you were just some car dealer telling them some story, they can go read all about it for themselves.

  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    Bought 08 Civic LX Auto Sedan at invoice this afternoon. The dealer has a large selection of Civics in stock and I got the color I have been looking for. On the flip side, the dealer added a pro pack, wheel lock and tinted windows. The total is still about $500 lower than the MSRP ($18,430). I also got a reasonable deal on the trade-in at the blue book trade value. The total process took 2 hours (from the minute I walked into the dealer to the time I drove the new Civic away).
  • suio, which dealer was this?
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    I HIGHLY recommend Honda Cars Of Boston in Everett MA, on Route 99.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Thank you Dennis.

    They will quickly find out for themselves when they go to buy one.

    I have never seen the market change like this. It's like someone flipped a switch!
  • lithiamanlithiaman Posts: 2
    From reading this forum, seems as if some buyers are (still) getting "invoice pricing" on new Civics while others are getting MSRP quotes. Is this a regional phenomenon? Or is it because some dealers have more coming in from the factory than others? Just curious. Also wonder what will occur once the special financing goes away after the 7th of July.

    Interestingly, I recall that starting in the 1999 model year the first Honda-build Odyssey was selling at MSRP--mainly because supply couldn't match demand based on production limitations; once the Alabama plant came on line (late 2002/early 2003?) Odysseys suddenly starting appearing on dealer lots en masse and prices went south. I reckon the moral of the story is that dealers aren't going to "deal" when they can't keep the model in stock. :cry:
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,387
    04 Civic (67,000 miles) is going for 1,500 more than I paid new on the local craigslist.
  • ski353ski353 Posts: 4
    I am looking for a 2008 Civic LX-Auto in NYC area. I was quoted a price of
    $17,169 (inlcuding dest.) plus tax and DMV fees of $160 (no dealer prep. fees). What is a reasonable OTD price for this car in the NYC area? Also do you think Honda will extend the low financing? Thanks.
  • "if your a AAA or Costco member you can get a no haggle price. usually a few hundred bucks under the msrp for those looking for a deal."

    Only works if the dealer actually contacts you back. Both my friend and I (living in two different states) have found that if you make a request about a car that is in high demand, they often won't reply to you.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    "going for" ?

    Anyone can ASK any price for any car.

    Of course someone panic stricken over gas prices could pay that much I suppose?

    Pretty doubtful.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    We were the "Costco" store in this area for years.

    No big deal. People would just get our "Costco" price and go shopping with it.

    I would guess that Civics are probably on their DNQ list now.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,387
    Absolutely. Just as dealers frequently can ask MSRP and much higher.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Lest folks think I am a "dealer hugger" :D I should point out I don't have a lot of sympathy for the dealers.


    Say last year it took a dealer from May to August to move 800 Civics - all they were allotted for the time frame. A lot of these may have been sold well off of MSRP or just over invoice.

    This year the "poor dealer" moved 700 in May and June and has to wait for the others to come in to sell them and they are getting at or near MSRP for all of them.

    In both cases they will sell 800 Civics, but in this year's case they make more money per unit and sell more of them earlier in the year. In an ideal world they would get an unlimited supply and could sell 1,600 by August - but they are limited to the current production and their allotment of 800 Civics. So while the sales folks may have little to do down the road they are blowing out cars now and making more money than last year.

    So "poor dealer" indeed :D .

    The flip, flip side is that all the other products on the lot may not be selling as well so by the end of the model year total sales may actually be down compared to last year.

  • reddikr1reddikr1 Posts: 1
    What dealership in Houston?
  • cuysecocuyseco Posts: 45

    What dealer in Houston? I live in Dallas but I am willing to go to Houston if they give me good price. :)
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    Sorry for getting you guys back late. It is the Honda Cars of Katy. A few things to be aware of:

    (1) They add extras to every Civic they sell. But the final price is still a lot better than the MSRP without the extras. If you are not looking for Civic, you will get very good deals.

    (2) To get the special financing rate (0.9%), you will have to buy the Honda Care with it. I paid cash.

    (3) They will add $399 for oil change for 5 (?) years to your final price. Tell them to take it off.

    (4) They like trade-ins of high demand used Honda cars etc. You will get good dollars on these trade-in.

    (5) Overall friendly and reasonable people.
  • frankcariofrankcario Posts: 28
    It might be Honda Cars of Katy, and based on their web site they seem to have the largest Civic inventory of any Houston area dealer. They are a relatively new dealer (owned by John Eagle Honda, I believe) and have offered very aggressive pricing to build future allocation. Other Houston dealers seem to have pretty well depleted their Civic inventories, at least for now.
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    I got this first hand info that most Honda dealers in Houston got a large delivery of Civics this week.
  • cuysecocuyseco Posts: 45

    What is the Honda care? Did you pay the whole car price in cash? :)
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    Honds Care - Extended Warranty. I did't take financing as I can get a much better deal on Honda Care. Check the warranty forum.
  • ycheng2ycheng2 Posts: 5
    hi suio, could you please tell me your sales people name? and your final OTD Price? thank you
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