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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sure, send me an email to and I'll give you all the details. I sure do love my new car. It drives beautifully!
  • glenfordglenford Posts: 138
    I got quotes for $21275, $21060 and $20280 (!) from three "local" dealers via internet. Going live to a 4th one today.

    The 3rd price is $4 over invoice, I think. All say they include delivery (not tax or registration). In the invoice case, the salesman did not respond to the internet quote request, and I had to follow up with the internet manager (who I assume screamed at him). I did buy a car from them once before. And... the car is "en route, due any day". So I could see that they could make money off holdback, since they would know the car would never sit on the lot.

    Although scanning the forum I have seen other close-to-invoice prices for SIs, can you say skeptical?

    What are the odds the "en route" car will show up with Navi, never show, the price will be a mistake? (Impossible to answer, of course)

    I can wait, but I'd rather not wait long.

    Thanks for your thoughts. Tim
  • vadaivadai Posts: 14

    I was looking for a Civic EX-L and I got some great quotes, a few dealers were even below invoice. I checked multiple times, and every time I was promised they had the car in question in stock, but alas I show up and I was told the car was just sold. In fact, once I spoke to a dealer last friday at 5 PM, and by the next morning at 10, I was told the car was sold. May be the car(s) were sold indeed, but be wary of the prices which are very close to invoice.

    I finally ended up with a civic ex-l at about a 1000 over invoice, but the overall feeling I got was the Honda dealers I dealt with were utter slimy creatures. I am sure there are other users here who have had great experiences with their Honda dealers, but I am so turned off with the few dealers that I dealt with. When it comes to my next car, I am definitely inclined to look at all the other manufacturers out there. I anticipate there will be a lot more choices for these small/hybrid cars in a few years.

  • parkway1parkway1 Posts: 6
    I made an offer on a 2008 Civic. Have a Trade In. I was told an Independent Buyer will be at my next dealership appointment. Does that mean if the Indep Buyer is not happy with my Trade In down the road. . .he could cite Lemon Law or something and ask for his money back? Does any one know how this works?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Total bulls-it and hopefully you didn't buy from these stealerships! They obviously lied to get you into their store and that kind of selling really stinks. Had that happen to me twice when we bought our Mazda and was really pissed off. No way they can sell a car when it was just there an hour previously...and at 2 different stores.
    Isell, what do you think about this sales tactic and from all your posts, I know you would never pull this garbage. Read your posts for years now and I think you are pretty honest with your responces. No reason for you to lie to people who'll never step foot in your door, as most of us live thousands of miles away.

    The Sandman :)
  • glenfordglenford Posts: 138
    Sort of what I expect, although this is a reputable dealership. The one I went to drive was sold today - and it was missing, so I think it really was (no reason to hide a car from a buyer). They had no other Si models.

    I think we are also close to end of model year, so that may affect supply.

    I am not compelled to buy now - I can wait (my wife would prefer that I wait a l-o-n-g time :-)

    Looked at used Mini Cooper S and BMW 330xi, new Sentra SE-R spec V... the Civic Si is fun.
  • cody2007cody2007 Posts: 13
    I agree that the SI was the way I wanted to go until I found out it take premium unleaded, only. But, if I could afford it, that's what I really wanted.
  • cody2007cody2007 Posts: 13
    I had a 97 red prelude that's beautiful! Had to go for the 2.9% finance beings my car was 11 years old.
    The only problem with the new coupe is that it's auto. I wanted the 5-speed but, the at was the last EX and in the color I wanted. I love it despite the fact that's it's certainly not the 5-speed I had. and I'm not used to the AT thing. Can't have everything.
  • dleeedleee Posts: 3
    In sheboygan, WI. $16,100 price + 5.1% tax = $17,058 OTD. Very honorable/forthright dealer. Internet inquiry responded to very quickly.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    As I have said many times. I wish people would ask family, friends and others for a referral instead of frantically trying to wring the last dollar out of a dealer.

    You have slimy stores and slimy salespeople who will say anything in order to get a customer in the door. You also have cheap customers who will lie too as they pit dealer against dealer in their frantic zeal to "save" money.

    As a referral customer, you will be welcomed with open arms and you will be treated well. In the end, you will probably pay no more than you would if you play the game.

    I despise some of the sales tactics I hear about but quite honestly, In some cases the shoppers almost bring this on themselves.
  • motonationmotonation Posts: 34
    I am considering some sort of new car and have test driven an Si. A co-worker has two Jetta TDI's getting almost 50mpg. I've often wondered what "the numbers" would be when compared to an Si at 31mpg (hwy) or an EX at 39mpg. So I made a spreadsheet and posted it for all to use. Check it out:

    Google Docs Gas Mileage Spreadsheet

    If this works correctly, any of you should be able to change the blue cells to reflect your particular situation. The results are interesting, and make it much easier to sift through some of the info learned from this great forum. Keep in mind that the numbers I used are not exact, but just numbers found on this (or other) forums from actual user experiences. YMMV. :P Don't "Save and Close", just exit.

    Enjoy; feedback appreciated!

    (Posted in the "Prices Paid" forum to help others considering one particular vehicle over another crunch the fuel cost numbers)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    I didn't look at your spreadsheet but did you factor in the fact the SI requires premimum gas?
  • motonationmotonation Posts: 34
    ^^^^ Yup, sure did. Fuel price is a cell in the spreadsheet so an accurate comparison can be made from one car to another, no matter the mileage, fuel type, or price/gal.
  • blipp39211blipp39211 Posts: 13
    Where are you located?
  • kmybeankmybean Posts: 3
    What area do you live in? Judging by your user ID, I assume you must live in NorCal. Well, can you name the dealerships from which you are still able to get Civics at invoice? I am trying to get a EX-L Coupe. What do you think is a fair OTD price considering the current supply shortage? Is it better to just wait for the 2009 models if I am not able to get under MSRP, let alone close to invoice?
  • rlee14rlee14 Posts: 1
    Could you email me the name of the sales guy you talked to? or give me his initials?
    Did you buy this car from Honda on Grand on 7/13/08? I'm talking to them right now to try to buy a civic lx at and they are telling me 19,901 otd.
  • cuysecocuyseco Posts: 45
    I am very mad because I can not get prices close to invoice in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas.
    Anyone in the same area? I am looking for a LX sedan :(
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    Last December, we purchased a 2008 LX sedan from Rusty Wallis Honda in Dallas for $100 over invoice. They had the best price in the DFW metroplex at the time. I don't know what prices look like now since I'm no longer in the market.
  • faykfayk Posts: 11

    Don't know if you got in touch with Marcus but I was the original post about Willett Honda (post #7150). There's another post #7165 which details the breakdown of the costs for my daughter's car along with the first name of the internet sales manager she used. Good luck. She loves her car. :)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    "I am very mad" Why?

    Just a reflection of the market and inventory levels in your area.
  • voidvoicevoidvoice Posts: 24
    Dealer offer 17259 for a civic LX sedan auto (MSRP 18340 ). how is that deal? it is close to invoice according to edmunds.
  • cuysecocuyseco Posts: 45

    Did you make the deal over the internet with Rusty Wallis?
  • kmybeankmybean Posts: 3
    I am getting a Civic EX-L Coupe (no Navi) for $23,000 OTD. Am I overpaying or is this a reasonable deal considering the current market conditions? Thanks in advance for your input!
  • kmybeankmybean Posts: 3
    Did you pay $20,200 OTD or before TTL?
  • kravonkravon Posts: 30
    Gracious 23k for a Civic. Do the math on average MPG for that versus an Accord over 5 years and see if it makes sense.
  • reggc0reggc0 Posts: 4
    In my opinion some people seem to be over-paying for Civics. Why not look at other makes and models instead of dealing with the hassle?
  • nortcronnortcron Posts: 3

    What style did your daughter get? Was it a Civic LX Automatic factory equipped without any major options missing (i.e. power windows)? Let me know when you can. I am going to begin the process of dealing and all help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • faykfayk Posts: 11
    Hi Nortcron:

    She got a 2008 4 dr AT LX Civic in the Galaxy Gray which had 3 miles on it when she took it on a test drive. It is equipped with all of the options listed as "standard" on the Honda website (ABS, airbags, power windows, power locks etc). She did not get any sort of appearance package or dealer option package. She did not get anything fancier like leather seats, navi etc. It's what I refer to as the "basic" LX.

    She bought the car on June 30. Since that was at the end of the month, I don't know how that will impact your negotiations. Dealerships usually seem to give more aggressive pricing close to the end of the month.

    The internet manager she dealt with was Mr. Tryan B. If you mention that my daughter (Marissa) recommended him, she gets a thank you gift!

    Other dealerships called Willett liars and told my daughter that the deal would never materialize when she went to buy the car. As I said in my first post, they gave her a price, stood by it, no hassle, no pressure. What more could you ask for. Good luck! :D
  • xmomxmom Posts: 4

    I am in the Atlanta area, I need help in getting a good price for a LX Sedan AT. Can you tell how your daughter got the OTD price so low. So far my best offer has been 19391. Did she just randomly email the dealer? Also, would appreciate feedback from anyone, on atllanta area current prices. I would like to buy next weekend jul-25-27. thanks
  • faykfayk Posts: 11

    Not sure how she got such a good deal and yes she did just email the dealers. But she also started out with a list of over 20 dealerships and then worked from there. It's also been a little over a month since she first asked for the quotes. Maybe pricing has gotten much worse since then. I do know that she got her second best price from Carey Paul Honda.

    Most of the in town dealerships gave her extremely high quotes and even though they said that their pricing "wouldn't be beat," when she gave them the quote from Willett they totally backed away. I would recommend asking for quotes in at least a 50-100 mile radius of Atlanta. If you can save a thousand dollars or more it would seem to be worth it to drive to get the car. All you need to do is go to and they can give you a list of all the surrounding dealerships. I'd start from there.

    Good luck with your search.
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