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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yes it was a 4 door sedan LX the internet manager is Mike Lents
  • OK,y'all, check it out. I obtained these numbers from a very knowledgeable source, I just can’t say "who" cuz I don't wanna get sued!

    All these prices are for "COUPES" only - not Sedans (4-door)

    MSRP: (incl. $670.00 delivery fee)
    DX: 15,875
    LX: 17,825
    EX: 19,875
    EX-L: 21,425
    (But, you guys already know this much)

    Dealers Price
    DX: 14,691
    LX: 16,480
    EX: 18,360
    EX-L: 19,781

    Minus the following "Dealer Holdback" the Honda dealer receives NO other "incentive" from Honda, regional, etc.

    DX: 304.00
    LX: 343.00
    EX: 384.00
    EX-L: 415.00

    Soooo, your starting bid should be:
    DX: 14,387
    LX: 16,137
    EX: 17,976
    EX-L: 19,366

    And of course, add $800.00 to this if you are wanting an automatic trans.

    Hope this helps! Good luck out there!
  • I too got a very low quote ($500 under invoice) from referring me to Honda Hollywood for a Si w/navigation. Will check them out to see if they'll honor the price.....
  • For a 2009 Civic EX-L AT, I just got an internet quote of:

    -$19,395 car
    -$670.00 for destination
    -$89.00 for dealer processing fee
    -$1.209.24 for 6% MD sales tax
    -$222.00 for 2yr new tags
    = $21,585.24 OTD

    The Edmunds invoice is $19845, so it doesn't seem too bad. However, this is my first car buying experience so how do the added fee costs sound? Is there is any wiggle room in there to negotiate and which should I try to lower?

    On the plus side of being in the area, there's 5 nearby Honda dealerships so hopefully that'll help my ability to negotiate.
  • Hi there, just wanted to let everyone out there see what I have been quoted so far for two different models as I have not made up my mind which way to go yet. First was a Honda Civic EX Coupe, 5 speed for 17,976 plus 300 for Doc. Fees and of course tax and registation. The other was an SI without Nav. for 20,309 plus same fees. This was quoted by Boch Honda in Norwood MA. and was a no hassle price the first time. I live near Albany, NY but think it is worth the drive because I do not think any local dealer will match it (I will try them first). But for anyone who lives near the Norwood, MA area I think this is a great deal. Good luck everyone and enjoy your Honda's!
  • So I got the exact car I wanted (Civic Si sedan w/nav/summer tires) at a great price from DE at Honda of Hollywood internet department. At first I was skeptical about the quoted price of $500 under invoice at Honda Hollywood but I decided to give it a try. Well turned out DE is a true no BS guy and what you quoted was what you pay! (well my car has wheel locks and mud guards which I paid additional $250 over the price which was fine with me, but my guess is you might be able to get that reduced.....I didn't bother because I felt $500 under invoice was already such a great deal with no huggle). Anyway once my quote was sent to DE and I confirmed with him the next morning he has the exact car I drove there in the afternoon today and he already had the car parked in the front all washed and clean. It had only 8 miles on it and I took it for a short spin to make sure it drives alright then we were back to the dealer to finish the paperwork which was straight forward. However watch out for the finance guy as he was trying to sneak in a $165 fee for some kind of security system which was not part of the deal (had nothing to do with DE, it's just like every other dealers that those finance guys would always try to get you to buy those LoJack, extra warranty etc and I declined all of them). So anyway if you're in Southern California you owe it to yourself to call this guy DE at Honda Hollywood (I would definitely recommend using to get the price first as it automatically forward your request to him and you get a printout of your quote no BS price). I'm so glad the previous poster mentioned's car buying service otherwise I wouldn't had discover Honda Hollywood (they are 40 minutes away from where I live and I wasn't even considering them at first). Well I've tried most of the other Honda dealers (and their so called internet departments) and none of them can compete DE at Honda Hollywood for straight price and no BS great service.
  • tupuctupuc Posts: 27
    Hey there,

    I'm about to seal the deal, well not really seal it but give a deposit for a 2009 Civic LX-S sedan and manual.

    The final price including TTL is 18800 do you think is a good price? :confuse:
  • tupuc,

    That sounds like a much better price than I got, and the only difference is I want automatic. Where were you quoted that price?
  • tupuctupuc Posts: 27
    njp142 thanks for your response

    This was quoted in Texas and New Mexico. Both dealerships gave me that price and NM was unwilling to negotiate any lower and the reason why I chose TX is because I don't have to drive a lot to get it,

    I've been checking and pretty much the price they gave me was $800 more than what other dealerships here in Texas quoted for an LX before I settled on the LX-S.

    I don't need it right now, do you think prices are going to go down after the new year? I can easily wait a couple of monts :confuse:
  • My mistake tupuc, I accidently misread and thought you were buying an EX-L. I actually don't know if that's a good price for the LX-S.
  • Everyone please take my advice and before you buy from any Honda dealer in the U.S., call Gunn Honda in Texas and get a quote from them first. I found out that they are only 1 of about 8 Honda dealers nationwide where all the salespeople are on SALARY (yes you heard me correctly). And since they're not on commission they just give you one rock bottom price with NO negotiation. Their pricing is strictly based on how long certain vehicles have been on their lot. And right now they have a bunch of 4 door LX Civic sedans in stock. If you live in Texas or within driving distance of Gunn Honda then you should go there to buy it. I'm in N.C. so it doesn't make financial sense for me to buy there. But I'm using their low quotes to help me get a great deal here in my state. Texas has a much higher vehicle tax than in N.C. Ours is just 3%. I spoke with a gentleman there who has been with Honda for 5 years and he gave me some great advice. He said I should be able to get a 4 door LX Civic sedan with automatic transmission for 16600. He's got 1 or 2 left that he can sell for that price because they've been on their lot for a while. He said I should be able to get a 4 door LX Civic sedan with manual transmission for $16200. He also said that all car dealers will waive the doc fees if you push them hard enough. Gunn Honda only charges $50 for doc fees. Once I end up purchasing my Civic I'll post the pricing details on here. Hope this helps.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Fitzmall is the same way. Do a Google search and you'll find most auto manufacturers available at a Fitzmall dealer that are just as you described.
  • amkingamking Posts: 16
    let me know who you end up buying from in the carolinas... i'm looking to finally pull the trigger on an 09 EX sedan by year's end. ;)
  • tupuctupuc Posts: 27
    Thanks for the advice goheels2! I haven't really signed or paid anything yet here in town and Gunn Honda is located in San Antonio, I'd still have to fly/drive over there to pick it up but it's possible since I live in TX.

    I just sent them an inquiry, let's see if they can beat my lowest quote of $18,800 total for an LX-S considerably. So far, I haven't had any luck w/3 dealers from NM, and 3 dealers from TX, they just wanted to give me a total price of $18,670 and I still had to drive 8 hrs round trip to pick it up. :P
  • tupuctupuc Posts: 27
    I contacted GUNN and asked for a quote on the LX-S

    They answered within a matter of minutes, $19,355.56 total, I asked them if they could beat the $18,814 offer and no response, pretty much that's what I've been getting, the dealer in town is offering a good deal I guess :)

    Taxes here in TX are high 6.25% on new vehicles, I guess that's what drives the price up :(
  • The only reason that Gunn wouldn't beat another quote is they probably don't have many LX sport versions in stock. They price low only when they've got excess vehicles they're trying to move. And right now they have a ton of regular LX 4 door sedans in stock so they're pricing those very aggressively. Look up the invoice price on (including destination), and then subtract the dealer holdback (2% of MSRP). Take that figure and and add taxes and tags (no doc fees). If you're firm enough with a dealership you should be able to get very close to that figure. Dealers try to act like doc fees are non-negotiable which is BS. You name your out the door price you're willing to pay and then call dealers until one says they'll do it. Eventually you'll find one that's motivated to move a unit at cost if they have to. The guy at Gunn Honda told me that many dealers are hurting big time right now. So don't let them bully you.
  • The guy at Gunn Honda told me has seen LX-S 4 door sedans with manual transmission sell for as low as $17000 (ones that had been on the lot over 120 days). The problem is that at Gunn if they don't have many or they haven't been on their lot for long then they don't mark them down as much. Based on what he told me I believe you should be able to get what you want out the door for $18200 or very close to it (mudguards adds about $109). I would keep calling dealers and tell them you're ready to buy if they'll get the OTD price to $18000. I'm in sales, so I've developed good negotiating skills over the years. In negotiations, as the buyer if you don't give a price that's refused by a dealer then you didn't go low enough. You never want to commit until you've found the absolute rock bottom. The way to do that is to throw ridiculous low ball figures at dealers and see how they respond. Hope this helps.
  • I've actually decided to purchase a Toyota Camry instead (much roomier). But the lowest quote I got on a Honda from a NC dealer was from Crown Honda in Greensboro for $16400 on a 4 door LX sedan Civic with manual transmission. I believe you can get a Honda now for invoice ( less the dealer holdback (2% of MSRP). Also I believe you can get the doc fees waived. If I were still interested in an LX Civic sedan with manual transmission I would be asking for $16900 out the door.
  • I dont have any specific details, but I did see a college grad rebate sign at the honda dealership i visited today in Arlington VA. So yes, they do have one!
  • I'm located in NoVA. What can I realistically expect to pay? I see invoice for the VP is $15626, and for the LX is $16727. MSRP is $16955, and $18155, respectively.
    Can I talk them down to invoice or below? This is my first new car buying experience, so I'm overwhelmed & intimidated. If I cant get them to settle for below invoice, can I get them to pay the destination or processing fees? That alone is almost $1000, according to a quote i got from Brown's in Arlington VA.
    Do I walk in, tell them what I want, and make an offer?
  • I just got a 2009 Civic EX AT down in Hampton Roads, VA for 18,650. Free wheel locks and $69 extra for mud flaps installed. So I would say yes, you can talk them below invoice, but it will be harder to work on the processing fee (an extra $399 in my case). I would have pressed the fee, but I didn't find out how BS it was until after I signed. If they won't go below invoice, work those fees hard.

    It was my first new car buying experience too, but don't let them intimidate you. Get up, walk around, text/call some competitors. It's a great time to be a buyer.

    From the NYTimes, regarding November sales:

    "General Motors, down 41.3 percent, Ford Motor, down 30.5 percent, and Chrysler, down 47.1 percent, hope the ugly numbers will help them explain their desperation as they ask Congress for $34 billion in government-backed loans to keep them alive. Executives from those companies will be in Washington on Thursday and Friday to make their case.

    But while those companies have been losing sales and market share for years, they also can point to Tuesday’s reports from their foreign competitors as evidence that their current woes are not entirely self-inflicted. At Toyota, which was offering loans with zero percent interest on 11 of its normally popular models, sales fell 33.9 percent. Honda’s sales dropped 31.6 percent and Nissan’s plunged 42.2 percent."
  • I just purchased a Civic LX with a manual transmission today for 16,400, no destination or other fees. I went to a total of four dealers all on Long Island...the highest was almost 1,000 over MSRP. I also had a quote for 16,700 and was ready to pull the trigger but decided to try one more dealer. The dealer only had one Civic LX with a manual and it was not the color that I wanted but I figured for 16,400 I had to take it.
  • Just wanted to share my recent experience. not sure if this was the best deal on earth but would appreciate your feedback. Had I known the economy would go so far south maybe I should have waited?

    2009 EX-L Coupe manual no NAV, preordered and pre-negotiated price back on 9/29. Car finally arrived this week.

    $200,20, plus TTL and $250 doc fee (standard for Cincinnati area).

    Also purchased a discounted 5 yr int/ext warranty and took the 1.9% financing with nothing down.

    Had the car two days and absolutely love it. Guess that's what's most important!
  • First off, I am happy I found this forum while doing my research etc. It was a great help, thanks!

    Secondly, just wanted to let you know about my deal. My wife and I just go back from Rensselaer Honda in Troy, NY (close to Albany, NY). Got a new 2009 Civic LX Sedan Automatic for $16,700 + tax + title / dmv. Pretty good deal as far as I can tell. Great dealership too, they really didn't balk at the quote they gave me over the phone.
  • After a difficult time deciding we finally jumped on this deal.

    2009 Honda Civic LX 4 Door Auto - Atomic Blue

    $17600 - OTD
    includes: Handling, Doc Fee, Tax 6% & Title & Registration

    We opted for the 1.9% APR.

    Think this is the best price we have seen so far !!

    Let us know what you guys think.

    It was a tough experience avoiding all the service contract/security system and stuff.
  • Hi Chief, I am in Rochester, NY . Did your price of $16,700 include the destination charge of $670. I was quoted a price today of $16,600 then add in dest for $17,270. This was also for the LX. Any information would be helpful.

  • Poway Honda in San Diego gave me a quote for $17600 plus fees for a 2009 Honda Civic LX Sedan with Automatic Transmission. Is that a good price? Should I start my negotiation at $16400 (Edmunds invoice $16727 - $334 (2%))? Or what's the good price to start my negotiation at? Thanks!
  • tupuctupuc Posts: 27
    I just sealed the deal for a Polished Metal Metallic 2009 Civic LX-S for 17500 plus TTL and a free window tint ;) with a dealership in-town.

    This was one of the lowest quotes in TX and I even contacted dealerships in 2 other states; AZ and NM. Others offered me lower quotes but just by 100-130 dlls and still had to drive a couple hundred miles to pick it up and it just didn't make sense.

    I'm really happy with my purchase and my salesman
  • Lousy dealer: Carr's Honda in Chicago. I was ready to buy an LX, though I had some misgivings. The salesman said he could give me a great deal, we went to a desk, and he asked me how much I wanted for my trade. I said I didn't want to go through that dance - just give me a price for the car, and then we can deal with the trade, because I wasn't sure I wanted to trade.

    He insisted, so I gave him a ridiculous price. He had to talk with his manager. he came back and told me my trade expectation was ridiculous, and I agreed. I repeated just give me a price for the car, and then we can deal with the trade. He again asked what I wanted for my trade.

    I started to walk out, and he said he had to talk to his manager before I could go! I asked if his mgr would give me a price, and he mumbled something that sounded affirmative, so I waited a few minutes.

    The salesman came back and again asked what I wanted for my trade. I walked - accompanied by the salesman, who kept insisting he had to talk w/his mgr before I could go. As I expected, I didn't need his mgr's permission to leave....

    I understand this is one way car stores are run, but I don't want to deal with people who treat customers that way.

    Good dealer: Castle Honda, Morton Grove, IL - very straightforward. They had a couple of Fits, and they didn't pack dealer-added options on them. They insisted on MSRP, but since Fits were few and far between, I couldn't blame them.

    As it happened, my wife and I took another drive in the Civic, and it just didn't fit right, so we didn't negotiate price. I bumped my head entering and leaving the car, for one thing.

    Next time I need a car, I'll probably check out the Hondas at Castle. I expect I'll never enter the doors of Carr's again.

    These experiences took place at the end of September, 2008.
  • I am trying to quote 09 civic Ex Automatic with no other options in NY state.
    SO far researched about dozen places. Between NYC and Albany area - lowest that I am getting is $18,350 and no other fees but TAX/DMV and registration. (it does include delivery) . We don’t know if we should wait until January/February of next year or pull the trigger now?

    I heard that PA/NJ dealers are giving 09-civics away well below invoices – because people stopped buying them, and just are desperate to move them out. Also, heard that poor Toyota was trying to get rid of Corollas (LE-auto) 09 for low 15k with 0% interest.
    It sounds that people almost stopped buying and dealers are running out of storage-parking spaces for them.
    How low can I get Automatic 09-EX civic? You think Honda will have to offer 0% next month to motivate some sales?
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