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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    You got a pretty good deal on urban titanuim civic LX-S. The difference in OTD price you are seeing is because of sales tax: 9% in CA, vs. only 5% in MA. This 4% difference in tax mean about $800 in OTD price. So your real difference is probably $200 but you got the most sought after hottest color (Urban Titanuim). $200 is a very small price to pay for the color you really want. Enjoy your new ride!
  • boston84boston84 Posts: 10
    They moved me from polished metal to atomic blue. In retrospect, I would rather have kept the polished metal and paid the extra 40 bucks and save 30 minutes of haggling. The blue looks real nice, but I'm not a teenager.
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    Color is a personal preference but you may find the info below helpful, that blue is a sought after color and is not just for teenagers. Check out DuPont's 2008 Automotive Color Popularity Report published Jan.2009 in LA Times:

    Dupont makes car paint and their report shows the colors they are selling the most. Here are results if link above doesn't work:

    White ...........20%
    Black ...........17%
    Silver ...........17%
    Blue ............13%
    Gray ............12%
    Red .............11%
    Green ...........3%
    Yellow ..........2%
    Other .........<1%
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Both the LX and EX models are great values. If the EX's added features appeal to you, then it probably is worth the extra $2k or so.

    The main upgrades are:
    Power Moonroof
    16" Alloy Wheels (LX has 16" plastic wheel covers)
    350-watt Premium AM/FM/CD with 7spkrs/subwoofer (LX has 160-watt with 6spkrs)
    Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls
    4-wheel Disc Brakes (LX has front disc/rear drum setup)
    Remote Entry with Trunk Release (LX doesn't have the remote trunk release)
    60/40 split folding rear seat (LX has one-piece folding rear seat)
    AND Exterior temp indicator, USB audio interface, Ambient Console Lighting, Rear Cupholders and Passenger Side Seatback Pocket.

    In my opinion, the EX looks like significantly better because of the standard alloy wheels. The moonroof and stereo upgrade are also features I would want. I also prefer black interior, so that makes the EX even more attractive to me. All LX models have Gray Fabric interior, and the EX interior colors are as follows:

    Alabaster Silver and Crystal Black- choice of Gray or Black Fabric
    Atomic Blue, Polished Metal, Taffeta White & Royal Blue- Gray Fabric
    Rallye Red- Black Fabric (Rallye Red is the only color not available on the LX, just the EX)

    Using my Zip Code (Georgia), the Edmunds TMV (True Market Value) and pricing info is:
    LX- MSRP: $17,924, Invoice: $16,571 and TMV: $16,260
    EX- MSRP: $19,975, Invoice: $18,432 and TMV: $17,961

    Both models are available with 2.9% APR financing for 24/36 months or 3.9% for 60 months (if you qualify). The difference between the two is only $1700 according the TMV figures. The EX Coupe has a lot to offer for a few dollars shy of $18k. It would definitely be my pick for the extra features...and because I'd probably want Rallye Red.

    Hope this helps! I'd suggest calculating the TMV price using your Zip Code and color choice. Here's the link to do that- Civic Pricing
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    I think the Atomic Blue looks great. I like it because it's not a bright "Electric Blue" but not as dark (and boring) as Royal Blue. I had an '89 Accord LXi years ago that was a similar shade. I think is was called "Medium Blue" or something close to that. It didn't show dirt nearly as bad as most darker colors, so that's a plus...even compared to the Polished Metal. Besides, Blue is a calming color and never goes out of style! See- there are a number of reasons NOT to regret your color choice! ;)
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • Thank you - that's a brilliant start, and very helpful !!

    Has anyone out there recently purchased a 2009 LX or EX Coupe? and what type of pricing were you able to get for this vehicle ??
  • What is a good target price for a Civic LX-S auto in CT? I have a quote for $17,539.00 but it does not include tax, doc, and DMV. I am still waiting for another internet quote, but not sure how to evaluate the first offer.
  • kodoyumekodoyume Posts: 9
    Hi! Thanks to the forum and especially tarbagan and pjtip for all the assistance, I was able to buy my automatic 2009 Civic LX today! So here's the results:

    16400 OTD

    includes: price of car, tax, tags, fee, splash guards, wheel locks, floor mats, cargo tray, optional pinstriping, lifetime state inspections, free first oil change
    also, we were able to trade our 97 cadillac for a very reasonable price!

    Thanks again!!
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    By now you may have already reviewed the postings from a few days ago that some people have bought LX-S for $16,950 in MA (sales tax 5%) to $17,900 in CA (sales tax 9.25%). These are out the door (OTD) prices that include destinatino, doc fee, TTL, sales tax etc. I am not sure what the vehicle sales tax is in CT, but you can adjust the sales figures above for that.
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    wow! thats the lowest OTD price I've seen for LX. Congratulations on your new Civic!! Would you please provide the details of your buying experience and breakdown of the OTD price? Thanks.
  • joey0307joey0307 Posts: 6
    I go to the showroom and negotiate the price of civic sedan LX AT with the dealership today but somehow they could offer me no lower than 17700 unless i show them other dealership email or quote that they can match with the price. Sacramento is too far from where I live, I live in southern california. Could you please forward the email from your local dealers to me so that i can try to bargain the price with the dealership over at southern calif? my email is [email protected] Thank you. :)
  • boston84boston84 Posts: 10
    That's amazing. Much better deal than me, especially with the included accessories.
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    You and kodoyume got the exact same deal. The difference in OTD price is based on two things:
    a) You got a LX-S and Kodo got LX. The car you got invoice $700 more than LX
    b) Sales Tax: 5% in MA, 3% in VA. This 2% diff means you had to pay $330 more in tax

    Here is a side by side comparision of the two deals, yours and Kodo's. Also, the dealer doesn't give away the extra stuff for free, they always factor its price into the sales price.

    ................................LX-S ..... .............................. LX....
    Base ...................$ 15,751.00 ..................... $ 15,051.00
    Tax ................5%.... $ 787.55 ...............3%..... $ 451.53
    Title & Reg ............. $ 111.00 ......................... $ 111.00
    Misc ...................... $ 299.00 ......................... $ 299.00
    Accessories ........... $ --------. .......................... $ 500.00
    TOTAL .......... $ 16,949.00 ..................... $ 16,413.00
  • boston84boston84 Posts: 10
    At the dealer where I bought, the difference in base price for LX and LX-S was only 500, not 700. The LX would have cost me 15263 and not have included the accessories.
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    The final price a dealer offers depends much on how desperate they are to sell the car. I mean, if the car has been sitting at the dealer's lot for months they are losing money on it (they are having to pay interest on the loan they took out to get the car on the lot) so the dealer would then drop the price waay to low to get rid of that car that is costing the dealership money.

    If you look at the paperwork you received with the car, somewhere on the inspection checklist it should say when the car first arrived at the dealership. The car Kodo got may be sitting the dealership for a lot longer and so they offered a really low price. In any case $200 is a small difference for a sleek new civic. Its a beautiful car and should last you a long time.

    btw you can get the trunk tray, splash guards, wheel locks etc all online or at the parts dept of dealer at less than half the price and install it yourself. You'll save tons of $$ (at least $300-$400). Since you are in north-east, I would recommend get the splash guards for driving in snow/salt/sand. It will save your car. Costs $200 to install at dealer. Get it as part for $55 and install it yourself with one philips screwdriver and 1 hr. of your time.
  • kodoyumekodoyume Posts: 9
    Sure, I contacted the NC dealership from Tarbagan's recommendation to get my first quote and emailed several dealerships from VA with the quote to see if any of them would match or go below, as VA is closer. Then bidding war b/t them starts, then I only went in person to talk to them after I was satisfied with the final quotes and to finalize any last negotiations like my trade-in. I highly recommend Pohanka which was a great suggestion from Pjtip.
    15488.49 (base) + 476.62 (tax - little more than 3% but not a big deal) + 399 (doc fee) + 35.89 (misc fees like title fee) = 16400.30
    The complete accessories were mainly something offered for that particular dealership, the other ones I was talking gave a few of them plus some other perks, it's dependent on preference I think. Like one of them offered 2 years free car washes. They also offered 2nd lowest w/ 16450 but too far away for reg use of car washes & lower $ for trade-in.
    Hope that info helps!
  • kodoyumekodoyume Posts: 9
    Thanks! We thought about getting an LX-S too and the dealers gave me an impression that you could get it for $400-500+ (think difference on Honda website was $600) whatever price you get for the LX after haggling but it's easier to negotiate it if in the beginning I had shown more interest in it.
    Like it would have been better if I had started w/asking for quotes for both LX & LX-S. But I showed interested in an LX-S only right before I was about to sign the papers to buy LX and at that point the dealer wanted to renegotiate from the beginning again to try to get a higher sell. I was happy with my LX and didn't feel it worth my energy to restart that.
    I think you got a great price for LX-S for a higher tax state.
  • Hi joey0307,
    I just forwareded you an email from Autowest Honda Roseville that I got a quote yesterday. This was for Urban Titanium Honda Civic LX Auto sedan. Good luck.

    BTW, my wife is really happy with her Civic LX-S so I'm happy. Its good to see others are getting really great prices! Thanks Edmunds!!!!
  • boston84boston84 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the tip crazyfly. I've been living in Boston for close to 2 years now and dread how my car will look after the snow hits after seeing the ones in the street around me. You think wheel locks might be a good idea with the LX-S? I've not seen them online much cheaper than dealer price.
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    Kodoyume, thanks so much for the details. You got the best deal possible and the buying experience and info will help many on here. Congrats on your new car!
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    You are welcome boston84, glad to help. I have lived in MA and midwest so know what you mean by the look after, long after snow. I personally think mud-flaps are a must have on any car, wheel locks not so much unless the area you live and move around makes it a good idea to get the locks. Check ebay and amazon for the OEM civic mud flaps.

    If it is helpful here are a couple more suggestions for living in snowy areas:
    a) If your car didn&#146;t come with snow mats for driver and passenger side, get a set before next winter. It will save the original mats and carpet of your car from the salt/water/sand/pebbles.

    b) Move your hand on the outer surface (paint) of your new ride to see if it feels smooth like a glass or rough. In latter case apply a clay bar treatment (cost $15 if you do, $200 if get done at a detail shop). That will not only protect the paint and finish for a very long but the car will stay glossy!! You'll love the look.

    Congrats on the purchase and enjoy your new car!
  • Hello I got this website from one of the Edmunds discussion board and have ordered nice fog lights kit/rear passenger cup holders/mud flaps for my wife's car. It was cheaper than the dealer's price (Sacramento area anyway).
  • kodoyumekodoyume Posts: 9
    Thanks! I truly couldn't have done it w/o the help of the forum.
    I forgot to mention that during the negotiations, I always only asked for OTD price even when they tried to push lots of diff #s to make it sound better, OTD price made things less confusing and easier to compare. But I also asked specifically what accessories and perks came with the car so I could compare things like w/ or w/o splash guards, etc.
    It was the first time I've bought my own car and I can only hope that I help someone like everyone here has helped me.
  • bostonbenbostonben Posts: 68
    Hey boston84, I was just wondering if you would mind sharing which dealership you got that price. Also, if you have an emailed quote, that'd be awesome. Looking into buying the same model.
  • scfscf Posts: 3
    $18,000 OTD for a 2009 Civic EX (4dr, auto) no accessories....

    Good deal / bad deal?
  • boston84boston84 Posts: 10
    Honda Village. How do I forward the email quote? If you're interested, there is also a $300 reference bonus that I wouldn't mind splitting. My main advice would be do NOT accept their first offer when you're there. They will say you have an awesome price (which you do), but the dealers around here are willing to match so they should play ball to get the sale. Supposedly their incentive is only good till the end of this month.

    I have no advice on what your target price should be but I am guessing they're near the bottom on what they're willing to sale at (but not quite there :-))
  • bostonbenbostonben Posts: 68
    Thanks. You can email it to me at [email protected] I'll reply offline so as not to have to post my real email address. And yeah, that sounds pretty bottom pricewise. I'm just starting to look, but I could make a decision by end of month if that's going to save me a sizable amount with the incentive.

    Also, did you trade anything in? Get your own financing? I know that can affect a deal's price.
  • pjtippjtip Posts: 10
    Congrats on the great deal and I'm glad you also had a good experience with Pohanka.

    I think the tax amount, btw, was 3% of the car and the doc fee together.
  • Hi all,
    Can you all check to see if the inside of the trunk lid has any cover (gray insulation attached to the metal) ? or youjust see metal with connections for the lights ?
    I think only the EX and above models get it, can you all please check and post results ? Specifically the LX and LX-S.
  • abchin486abchin486 Posts: 78
    I got prime honda in MA to go down to 16,600. It was a 2 door auto. My gf decided on a corolla b/c she got it for 2K less.
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