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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bostonbenbostonben Posts: 68

    That's very competitive.
  • irizeririzer Posts: 6
    I received the following quotes including a EX-L Sedan with Navi. Also this is minus the $670 detination fee. After talking to them on the phone they said they would take another $150 off. So the EX with Navi would be $19,169 before tax, tags and doc fees. What do you think? It is pretty good, but it seems in line with what other people are getting this month. Haven't pushed the button yet myself. I don't care about Navi that much, but I want bluetooth and Navi is the only way to get it.

    2009 Civic EX w/navi Sedan auto:$18,649*
    (MSRP: )$22,105*
    2009 Civic EXL w/navi Sedan auto: $20,071*
    (MSRP: )$23,655*
    2009 Fit sport w/navi auto:$18,285*
    2009 Civic SI w/navi sedan auto:$20,484*
    MSRP is $24,105*
  • hc09hc09 Posts: 3
    do i take it as , i could have bargained for less?
  • Man, some of you guys are getting spectacular deals prices compared to what I'm seeing. I'm in Seattle and have been to two dealerships so far. For a LX Sedan AT, Lynnwood Honda, gave me an initial quote of $17500+T&TL. I then approached Bellevue Honda and gave them that price, they didn't have an LX in my color, so they offered an LX-S at $17,500. With Seattle's 9% sales tax, I'd be paying over $19k OTD.
  • tyhd91tyhd91 Posts: 10
    i agree with the fact that some of you guys are getting great deals.

    I just recieved an OTD price of $19,706 for the Honda Civic LX Sedan model.

    Do you think i should negotiate to bring the price down. Whats a good price range for this model?
  • bostonbenbostonben Posts: 68
    Are you asking for quotes online? I used to submit to 5 local dealers. Then I chose another zip code that's local and submitted to a few more. That's how I got the best prices. The dealer incentives *could* be regional; I am honestly not sure. The only problem using Edmunds is that they did not get my request on the first try from the comments field--I had to resend it via email. Not a huge problem. Be very specific about model and color and then ask for their best price including a breakdown of all taxes and fees.
  • jukordsjukords Posts: 14
    Hi everyone,

    It is my first time to buy a car and this is my first post to the forum.

    I am planning to buy 09 Civic LX auto and already contacted several dealers here in Maryland tru internet.

    Best BASE quote I have so far is $15660 from Pohanka.

    Do dealers change and increase base cost/offers if you have not so good credit rating or will they just give you higher APR? :confuse:
  • Where are you located?

    The minimum price I've seen on this board seems to be around $15.5k + Tax and Registration for an LX Sedan AT
  • tyhd91tyhd91 Posts: 10
    I'm located in las vegas.
  • I'm also in Seattle and have been shopping around for civics. Speaking to some guys at Honda of Seattle, I am convinced that I could get an LX model for under $17K before T/T. How much below $17K I don't know. Nonetheless that does seem a lot higher than what I've been reading on this forum. I suppose if one were to roll up his/her sleaves and really haggle, you could probably get $16.5K in Seattle.
  • What pricing are yiu seeing in Vegas?
  • tyhd91tyhd91 Posts: 10
    the dealer is letting me negotiate the price for the 2009 Honda Civic LX Sedan.
    Where should I start at?
  • Yeah, I'm starting to email some more dealers the quotes I've gotten. I hope to get some actual prices and not the usual "why don't you schedule a time to come down." It's such a pain to drive 10-20 miles only to get further jerked around.
  • 750 below invoice. What dealer are you talking about?
  • warmonked, if you don't want to drive someplace just to begin negotiating, tell them your price over the phone (or via email), and ask that they send you an email confirming acceptance of your offer.

    Just say, "if you can sell me a car at $xxxxx, send me an email with the full breakdown, and I'll be there later today, checkbook in hand."

    If they can't handle such a straightforward manner of doing business, then they weren't going to be fun to deal with in person either. When dealers give me signals that they aren't equipped to do business in a normal manner (such as refusing to give quotes via email, lying about invoice prices, or failing to respond with a complete breakdown of fees when asked), I just ban them from my email account. Why even pretend that a loser like that is going to turn it all around and become a pleasure to deal with later on?
  • gtz99gtz99 Posts: 4
    Watch out for changes with pricing of the Civic. I had two firm written quotes from Buerkle Honda and Hopkins Honda for a Civic EXAT at $17,344. When I went in to purchase the car last night they said they were no longer able to meet that price and was now $18,300. I walked out and contacted the other dealer who sent me the quote and said he was no longer able to meet my price. I then called a third dealership who said they would be anybody's price by $100 and he could not do it either. I think some changes are coming at Honda and I now think I may never buy a Honda again and this contractual breach borders on unethical behavior.
  • gtz99gtz99 Posts: 4
    What was the name of the dealership and in what city? Thanks
  • tyhd91tyhd91 Posts: 10
    750 below the base invoice?
    im talking about findlay honda henderson
  • That would be a good place to start. Almost positive they sell at 500 under. . Let me know how you do.
  • swafunswafun Posts: 2
    Just picked up my 2009 Atomic Blue 4dr Auto Honda Civic LX-S.
    My OTD Price was $18,100 which I thought was great. I sent out e-mails to local dealerships and received quotes back went with the best OTD Price and the dealership matched it. Do you think I could have done better?
  • Yes, you could have done better. Next time look for a forum like this one to see what people are getting.

    The prices do range by market...but I would think for an LX-S sedan auto, you could have seen a base price of around $16,000 if you shopped around enough.
  • I was wondering if this was the right forum or not to find out what people are paying for manufacturer certified used civics?? In particular 2007 LX AUTO models? I live near Philadelphia, PA, and one of the local dealers here in West Chester,PA...has one listed for 15,422....just wondering how low should such negotiations start becuase how do you find the invoice on a used car?? thanks for any info you can provide or steer me in the right direction.. thanks so much
  • 2009 Honda Civic VP Automatic
    Bought today in Cleveland.

    $15,040 base price
    $16,500 out the door

    I found this forum very helpful in figuring out what I should pay.
    Thanks to everyone!
  • albireoalbireo Posts: 1
    Re: Honda Civic LX AT sedan, red (Northern California; San Francisco Bay Area).

    I’ve been browsing this forum, and it was a significant help to me, so I wanted to post my numbers for reference. Thanks to all who share their info. Although I’ve seen OTD prices that were lower, I think my price falls within the reasonable deal category –especially for Northern California / San Francisco Bay Area [final base price w/ dest. fee $15,938; OTD $17,750].

    I shopped around with about six local dealers in my area and made a few counter offers to the final contenders. I was in a bit of a hurry to get a new car and didn't necessarily have the time to push for the absolute bottom price. I just didn't want to feel like I was getting ripped off. The price variations were significant -especially with the face-to-face dealer encounters. One guy (the highest quote) told me that his $16,900 base price w/ dest. fees was “cutting to the bone.” Another guy quoted $16,600 base price w/ dest. fees and tried to push the same day impulse buy (“just walk around the block and think it over”). One Internet sales quote came in just under $16,000, but he left out the destination fee and then wouldn’t come down when I showed him other lower offers.

    Going through the Internet sales reps. was absolutely the way to go. Make sure the “extras” are included in the email correspondence (Once at the dealership, I had to show the sales rep. copies of my email correspondence which included all-weather floor mats since a different guy handled email negotiations). Still, overall, when I got to the dealer (Walnut Creek Honda), there were no last minute games and the sale was handled expeditiously.

    Final Numbers: Honda Civic LX AT sedan, California / San Francisco Bay Area (Alameda County / East Bay):

    Sticker MSRP w/ $670 dest. fee: $18,825

    Final base price with $670 dest. fee: $15,938
    Doc Prep. fee: $55
    CA Sales Tax + Alameda County Local: $1,559 (ugh!)
    License fees: $103
    Reg., title, transfer: $85
    CA tire fee: $8.75

    **Total OTD sale price: $17,750 with all-weather rubber mats (front and back).
  • boston84boston84 Posts: 10
    16950ish :-/

    It's hard though. Not too many places were willing to match.
  • fourfourtwofourfourtwo Posts: 13
    I am in Cleveland too, and am looking to buy a Civic Coupe. Could you tell me which dealer you went to as that sounds like a great price.

    Thanks much.
  • Just bought my auto Civic LX Sedan, and I got the price I wanted, but WOW was it not a fun experience. Literally 5+ hours of waiting, arguing, lying, chasing me into the parking lot, me demanding a new salesman to work with, etc. I mentioned my price on the phone in advance, and brought in my offer on paper and handed it to them right off the bat, so I'm amazed that they told me up front they could do the deal and then still let it come to this.

    Anyway, my out the door price with 7% NJ tax was $17,443.05. I know readers like the full breakdown, but it's meaningless in my case because we worked backwards from my out the door offer. My thinking when I made the offer was $15.3k + $670 destination + $100 doc fee and standard NJ TTL. On the actual receipt they wrote it up with a lower base price and higher fees.

    Now it's time to put the unfortunate and unnecessary waste of time behind me, and enjoy the car I wanted at the price I wanted.
  • I think there's a forum for used vehicles, but let me say this-

    That's the base price you should be paying for a 2009, maybe a few hundred more.

    Scott Honda is an ok place to buy, my girl's parents bought their pilot there. I personally just bought from Martin in DE.

    If you want to make an offer on that vehicle take the blue book price and knock off a few grand...But that 15,422 has been attained in our market (Greater Philly), on a NEW 09' LX SEDAN AUTO.

    I'm willing to bet the incentives are even bigger this month, so wait til the last week and you may find that a new vehicle isn't as bad of a choice as you think. Oh, and use the internet for pricing/negotiating, it's the bee's knees. Just my $0.02.
  • earsofcarsearsofcars Posts: 6
    I would recommend a 09 compared to an 07 if you are ready to shell out $15000.

    The used car market is wacky once you cross $10000 mark.

    It's your choice end of the day.
  • mllewellynmllewellyn Posts: 25
    Hey guys,
    Do any of you know what May has to offer as for incentives and rebates. I got a quote back saying as of May 1, the incentives/rebates are gone from April.
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