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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jjh220jjh220 Posts: 12
    Hi redrover1,

    Jim Coleman was one of the last dealers I sent a quote request to (it was somewhere above $16k + tax + tags). Based on what I've read on this forum it seemed quite a few people have reported getting good deals from them so I was unwilling to discount them so easily. I emailed Jim Coleman with the 2 lowest quotes I had by then and asked them to beat them. I got a reply from the internet manager saying that he will beat both of those quotes but no actual numbers.

    After my visit to Pohanka, I've had a list of 4 dealerships who (I was reasonably confident) would be ready and willing to sell me a car for $15,600 with everything but the tax and the tags included. I still believe that a visit to a dealer in person is very helpful in order to get the very best price possible. I saved an additional $400 over Pohanka (and a free pin stripe that I actually got to like now) with Jim Coleman so I guess it was a trip worth taking for me. So to answer your question, I wasn't really "saving them" but I had a hunch that they would be willing to meet my terms. My original plan was to go to Sport Honda in Silver Spring after Pohanka but they've closed earlier on that day.

    It's too bad your daughter's car suffered the same fate at the hands of the cleanup guys as mine did. I too was offered a free detailing if I made an appointment to come back later but I won't be taking them up on their offer. I have tons more confidence in my local detail shop in Rockville.
  • jimin327jimin327 Posts: 17
    Just bought a Civic LX-S last night. 16,700 negotiated price. Minus clunker rebate of $4500 and $50 salvage scrap value = #12,150 + TTL

    How did I do compared to those who got the same model?
  • Interesting lindy! I just got basically same price quote from Babylon Honda for same car. Now I talked to another dealer that would be maybe 25 min. drive away, and they said they could do $17,965 out the door including everything, with regular NYS tax, because I said I didn't want to be paying more than 18k with taxes and everything. I wonder if that was the right thing to say? I'm new at this! I would just have to pay the DMV pricing on that. I'll go to Babylon Honda later and see what it would come out to with taxes.
  • redrover1redrover1 Posts: 16
    Just a suggestion - negotiations should be price of car + destination = price you are willing to pay. taxes are a percentage of that price. the lower the price the lower your taxes. Don't muddy up prices with extra fees. Also, get internet quotes and negotiate off of those. Read through at least 10 pages of notes on this thread to see what others have paid and how they went about it especially look at conversation 8735, 8736 and 8804. Lots of useful information if you look. good luck.
  • redrover1redrover1 Posts: 16
    Hi jjh220,

    She picked up her car today and all went well. they fixed up the scratches where the bird dropping was so you could not see anything. We did notice that the driver's side door mat had a grease spot on it so her salesman (he was there tonight) went and got another one from a different car.

    About 30 minutes later I realized that no one mentioned about the wheel locks and where are the little devices to unlock the wheels? the salesman was not available so my daughter left a voice mail. He calls back a little while later and says we got the LX and that does not have alloy wheels so therefore no wheel locks. However he does remind us that he told us we were not going to be paying for the "extras" the dealership adds on. I was actually glad she has no wheel locks because years ago we had them on a car and once forgot to leave them with our mechanic when he was going to rotate the tires.

    All in all they were very nice there but are lacking in cleaning up the car. Nobody even goes over all the features and how to use them . Luckily we live in Columbia so the extra trip back the next day was not bad. I see that for you living in Rockville it would not have been a good thing.

    I must say that even though things could have been much worse they also could have been better.

    Enjoy your new car!
  • pivzpivz Posts: 1
    Very informative thread.
    I live in Atlanta, GA and want to know your opinion on the following deal: 2007 Civic LX Coupe, 32000 miles, clean carfax. Priced 11900$. Took it to the mechanic today - everything seems to be fine besides the rear tires, which are weared off. They made some noise when driving, but the dealer agreed to put new tires. The car is still on warranty.
  • jikjik Posts: 120
    There are some here who claim to get around 15500 which would be 648 below dealer cost almost 2000 below invoice.

    LX auto sedan
    -- invoice incl freight 17528
    -- factory to dealer 1000
    -- 2 % holdback 380
    = 16148 which is the dealer cost.

    What am I missing here ? Anyone?
  • redrover1redrover1 Posts: 16
    You're not missing anything really. I think that dealer cost is not really dealer cost. they have a lot of cars on their lot and are trying to make room for 2010 models. Car dealers are hurting. There are only a couple I think that have gotten $15,500 or so. we got $15,600 (car + dest of $670). People should have no problem buying for under $16,000 right now as long as the factory to dealer incentive of $1000 is still in affect (or is that effect? :confuse: ).
  • jikjik Posts: 120
    thanks redrover1.
    The lowest internet quote i am getting now is 16278 (incl freight)

    Now I know my target should be 15.7 or lower
  • redrover1redrover1 Posts: 16
    You will always get your best quotes if they know you are ready to buy now. If your internet quotes are 16,278 then there is more room to negotiate. email back and say your interested in 15.7. Can they meet that? If not see what they offer and then email another dealer and say that you got an offer of x but are interested in y. Can they meet that? You can go down a few hundred dollars that way if you are in an area with a few dealers. Good luck.
  • rav4sportrav4sport Posts: 4
    I contacted a couple of dealers around boston. The best price they quoted me for a Civic Ex-l 4 door automatic was 19,306. That price include the $1000 dealer incentive. I believe you can get one for $19k or less. The dealer that quoted that price didn't have it in stock so a dealer with it in stock should be cheaper. That was the price quote, I believe they can go a little lower.
  • jd77jd77 Posts: 4
    I live in the Chicago Area.

    Paid $15,475 (including destination) for the 2009 Civic LX Sedan plus tax, title, doc fee, etc. Luckily I was able to get $4,500 for our clunker trade-in before the govt put the CARS program on hold. Was this a good / bad deal?
  • jikjik Posts: 120
    can you send me your dealer and agent at

    chicago is a 3 hr drive for me but price seems quite reasonable. How much was the OTD?
  • Just bought 2009 Honda Civic Ex. I email all Honda car dealers with in 100 miles range. Rossi Honda quote me $18,056 (not including destination, tax and document fees) and the rest are pretty high. First, went to Boardwalk Honda (5 miles where i lived) for test drive and see if they can beat Rossi Honda price. I had really bad experience with Boardwalk Honda. Buyers beware! beware! They try and fail to rip me off. The whole idea is to have your Target price and stick with it. My Target price plus destination, tax and document fees minus your down payment or your trade in value of your car. Don't be afraid to walk away. And finally went to Rossi Honda in Vineland. My salesman is Dan Pio. I had a very pleasant experience. He's nice, courteous and no pressure at all. I brought my clunker which qualify for $4500 put in as down payment.
  • Check out It will show you the actual dealer cost (lowest, which I paid for my car), Average paid, factory invoice (overprice) and sticker price (rediculous price). Or you can offer them $300 or $500 below actual dealer cost. I find very helpful and of course this site. Just my 2 cents.
  • mllewellynmllewellyn Posts: 25
    What was your final OTD price for your civic EX. Oh and was it a coupe/sedan and man/auto.
  • jikjik Posts: 120
    that site does not include the factory to dealer incentive of 1000 and price paid look much higher
  • nap84nap84 Posts: 1
    Bought a new Honda Civic LX-S from DCH Paramus Honda. Here is the break down.
    Negotiated Price- 15900
    Destination- 670
    NYS sales tax- 1388
    Doc charge- 250
    Reg/ title- 195

    OTD Price- 18403

    Got a few internet quotes and ended up going with the lowest one I got. Definitely get in touch with Yajaira at DCH Paramus. She will not push you into getting unnecessary options and will try to get you the best price possible. Hope this helps.
  • midway54midway54 Posts: 11
    I picked up my 2009 Civic Sedan LX AT from Tampa Hondaland Wed. and as usual the whole process was smooth and professional . They have a big selection of styles and colors and I think I made a good deal and was in and out in no time..
  • eric2eric2 Posts: 14
    from, I suppose can use this credit in combination with manufacturer’s rebates and discounts "The CARS Act requires the dealer to use the credit under the CARS program in addition to any rebates or discounts advertised by the dealer or offered by the new vehicle's manufacturer. The dealer may not use the credit to offset these rebates and discounts" , I got couple quotes from 3 differnet Honda dealers days ago for 2009 honda civic, all about 2.5 to 3k below the msrp (which include $1000 honda incentive to dealer), everything went fine they just remind me to hurry up before the end of month. However when I decide to go for it today with CFC program(they said cfc program last 9:00PM tonight, will suspend this weekend until sometime mid-week), none of them honor their quotes, they said if I use CFC , there would be no discount at all MSRP+tax+fee, the second honda dealer gave me only $300 off msrp instead of original $3000 off msrp. What is the
    point is if I need to pay $3000+ tax more to get $4500 rebate? of course they have right to sell their cars in full msrp price and also keep the manufacturer to dealer incentive, then the CFC program can benefit the dealer to sell all their overstocks in full MSRP price. One dealer explained to me the paperwork involved in a cash-for-clunkers deal is 6 times heavier than a regular sale, so they are not willing to lose money when doing that much extra work. :mad:
  • jakitchjakitch Posts: 1
    Has anyone had XM Radio installed on their Civic? My dealer quoted a price of $559 to add it to the existing sound system. Seems like a lot of money but perhaps not. What do you think?
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,334
    I would say think very long and hard about this one. Essentially, if you put this XM radio in will be an annuity generator for the life of the vehicle. The additional difficulty is the next buyer might not agree with the set up and in effect see it as a liability. Either ignoring it in the purchase offer to downgrading the purchase offer.
  • I'm in NY and today I was able to get a quote of possibly $16,500 if I'm ready to put a $1k refundable deposit on it this weekend (trading in for cars for clunkers). It would come out to around 17,900 OTD price excluding DMV. Is it true NY dealers don't seem to budge? They originally wanted $16,763. This includes the 1k rebate. Can I do better? I said $16,400 and he said no way will that offer be accepted.
  • Bought a Civic LX-S AT Sedan today in Marysville, OH:

    Negotiated price (incl. destination) - $16551
    Document fee - $250
    Title/Filing fees - $25
    OH sales tax - $1134
    Total Price - $17960
    Less CARS Voucher - $4500
    OTD price - $13460

    I think I did pretty well. :D
  • I am no expert but he should not be refusing to put your offer through. He might think this is a negotiating tactic to make you think you can't get lower and will accept his offer. Can you go to another dealer to tell them you have been given an offer by another dealer which is too high and would like them to beat it. the thing is, if you live in an area where there are quite a few dealers you can negotiate the price down between them by asking if they can beat the offer.

    With that kind of price it sounds like they are not giving you the $1000 factory to dealer incentive. The best way to get better prices is to make them compete by going to different dealers and negotiating down from a previous offer. If you have time it is best to get quotes through the internet dept through edmunds. It is easier to do this from your home instead of driving around. You can negotiate through email and the phone and then go to a few dealers and beat them down as the internest pricing will not be their best price.

    good luck.
  • jmasjmas Posts: 1
    Same thing happened to us! We got an internet price today of $18989 for the EX coupe from a NY dealer. Went in ready to pay cash...spoke to salesman. Waited over an hour ...then the manager came over and said that that since they needed to wait for the "approval" from the CARS program (which would take up to 10 days and beyond Monday when their special incentive program ends from Honda....he'd need to charge us $1500 more for the car!! Personally I think it's rediculous. The trade in will be a Ford Explorer...and we meet all the other Gvmt criteria. THe manager just didn't want to deal with the paperwork. I don't mind paying a little extra but $1500??? Rediculous!
  • SOrry, the $16,500 includes everything like destination tax excluding NYS tax and DMV (it would be around $17,900ish with NYS tax). I put a $500 deposit down today for it. Is that not good? I did have dealers call me the other day through, and none of them went that low. I did have one tell me he can get me $17,900 OTD, but I really didn't like the way he was talking.

    They are not going to have me sign the contract and take the car until in about 2 weeks because they are going to make sure my 'cars for clunkers' application is approved first.
  • just purchased my black lx-s manual for $16,525 (including $670 destination) at lujack honda in davenport, ia. otd was $12,943 after $4,500 cfc & $100 scrap. no pressure sales & very personable. i highly recommend asking for the guy whose name is the first part of lujack's.
  • I just purchased a honda civic LX auto for less than 17,500 (out the door including NJ tax and all the fees) through Kay Honda in Eatontown, NJ. I had been shopping around the NJ area but many would not even negotiate or go below 18,000 (OTD). I saw a posting about someone purchasing a civic from Kay Honda, I contacted them and they had the best price, although I did have to travel 50 miles.
    With the $4500 CFC deal and the scrap value, the total cost for the new car was less than 12,400.

    The salesperson that helped me was Mike Fabian. I had the car the same day and I would definitely go to him at DCH Kay Honda in the future.
  • Yeah, I had read about NJ dealerships on here having good prices. It would be hard for me to drive to get out there though. If you can drive there, better for you to get the good price!

    I'm a little worried I won't be able to get my Civic. With my paperwork to trade my truck in, my title still has a bank on there as the lienholder because I don't know what happened to the release that we would have gotten years ago. If I can't get the bank to provide me with a release tomorrow, I won't be able to trade in and get the Civic. :(
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