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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    Nobody got "ripped off" so you don't have to rain on anyone's parade.

    Paying cash get's you nothing. Dealers don't care if you pay cash or finance.
  • Just started shopping around for a new Civic LX. So far two OTD offers came back from some dealers in southern Arizona. Haven't been to the actual locations yet to check out the cars. Dealer B actually provided a breakdown of the quote. What is a doc fee? Obviously Dealer A is high, but how does Dealer B's quote compare with the average?

    Dealer A: (Dobbs Tucson)
    For a 2009 Civic: "MSRP is $18,965.00 but at clearance the total including window tinting and splash guards and one time fees is $19,323.80"
    Also a 2010 Civic LX w/same equipment for $20, 610.54

    Dealer B: (Chapman, Tucson)
    2010 Honda Civic LX sedan:
    selling price - 17,790.00
    tax - 1440.99
    regitration - 329.50
    doc fee - 399.00
    Total OTD - 19,959.49.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    You have to get the list of all factory and dealer's installed options. Then you can compare apples with apples. Edmunds charts are there to help you.
    Sometimes colors also play a role as some colors are more desirable than others, depending on region where you live.
    Tinting should not me more than $ 100 or 150. Splash guards might be part of the package that the car has on from the factory - same as trunk liners or upgraded floor mats.
    From your description it's not clear what is on the car. Doc fee (title processing) as well as destination charges (inland freight from point of import or distribution center) you have to live with and pay.
  • ais2003ais2003 Posts: 11
    I bought a 2009 Honda Civic LX sedan for $17,300 at 2.9% for 60 months. Car rocks!
  • Hi all,
    I'm looking to buy a 2010 Civic EX-L in tango red. I am a USAA member in Virginia, and the lowest price I have been quoted OTD is $21,700. It looks like a good deal; the base price before TTL is $20,603. The $21k is a bit of a shock for a smaller sedan. However, I intend to run this sucker into the ground over the next 10-12 years, so I'm getting what I want :).

    The base price before TTL is $20,603. Thoughts/suggestions appreciated!
  • What that 17,300 out the door? Or before TTL?

    sounds like a great deal....
  • e2002e2002 Posts: 1
    For 2009 new Civic LX with auto transmission, quotes me $17,739. This is for Los Angeles area, and not the OTD price.

    By "quote" I mean I entered all the data online, and their website spits out the $17,739 number. However, Carsdirect wants me to take the next step to talk to one of their sales reps who will also give me a "quote".

    Will keep you guys updated. If anyone had good/bad experiences with carsdirect, would love to hear it. Thanks!
  • Scrolling through five pages of posts on this forum helps me "get my feet wet," and reading about Southern California and Palos Verdes brings back surfing memories and listening to the "All Stars" at The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach.

    To the east, a local Honda salesman seemed to be offering a "Buckeye bargain," here in Toledo, asking $18,300 for a 2010 LX-Auto with no extra accessories.

    Would a "final offer" of $17,000 be out of the question? :confuse:
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Well, The Lighthouse isn't there any more, I've heard that it burned out a few years back....but Hermosa Pier is busy at night as always although somehow I did not fit in the crowd (age-wise) when I was there in August this year visiting my 2 sons.
    I could not believe when I saw all the new development (shopping mall) in Manhattan Beach but the time seemed to stop in El Segundo - it remained as charming as it has always been - an unbelievable enclave South of the LAX.
    What has changed a lot is the amount traffic on PCH both ways. I don't remember seeing it so crowded way back then.

    $ 17,000 would be a nice try but I don't think they will go for it. You have not indicated if it's a 2 door or 4 door.
    I would go for 2 door $ 17,500 - 17,700 OTD and for 4 door $ 17,800 - 18,000 OTD.
    That should include destination charges. They will slap you with "dealer's prep" another $ 200 to 300 when you reach their F&I dept. along with tax and license fees so you will end up paying around $ 19,000 - anyway you look at it. But it's a fine car although the styling and drive is a bit boring.
  • You mentioned destination charges, which a bystander might think are related to the distance involved. The destination charges quoted at edmonds for the 2009 4-dr. LX are $710 and, according to,, there are c. 100 miles between Marysville, Ohio and my dealer. The charges sound high, but who knows?
  • Bought a civic Lx-s for 18000 OTD in Maryland
    6% tax.
  • Hi, I shopping around for Civic LX-S and EX and wondering what kind of deal you guys got recently. I got quote from one of the dealer for 09 EX and it was $20,600 OTD, which I found little high. Is $18,575 OTD good price for 09 LX-S?
  • Just got an offer for a 2009 Civic Sedan LX Automatic for $17,200 OTD from Lee's Summit in Missouri.

    Sounds good, but I will not be able to purchase until I get back to the States in December.
  • reading through posts here makes me a bit confused. I was under the impression that OTD means the total cost. does OTD not include Tax, title, license, etc?
  • My uneducated guess is that it includes: (1) the amount the dealer wants for the car, (2) taxes, (3) title processing, and (4) registration, whatever this is.
  • It is suppose to include it all...Out The Door
  • Don't put Toyota in the same boat as Honda. Get your facts correct. NO Toyota dealership has a "Mark Up Sticker" in 5 states. The Whole region for Toyota has no 2nd sticker. So for most of the post about MSRP. If you can't find a deal in at Honda or in Bremerton then Drive your but to Seattle or Tacoma. Toyota has no "Market Value Adjustment" (Same Owner) as the Honda store. I agree with 1jacob about other West Hills stores not doing 2nd stickers. But MSRP is on the window. LOOK WITH YOUR EYES NOT WITH YOUR MOUTH. ;)
  • sri8sri8 Posts: 1
    I recently bought 2009 honda civic ex 4 door in Tampa FL ,
    the otd I paid is $19,800 with 3.9@60 months financing.
    It include splash gaurds and leather wheel steering cover .

    Don't know whether I got a good deal or not ?
  • In the market for a Honda Civic LX Sedan Auto here in Socal Los Angeles also.
    Back in July before the cash for clunker, I got an offer OTD for $17,800, but I did not pull the trigger.
    After the program, they jack up the price quite a bit. 2009 is pretty much out of sight and 2010 is around $18000 + taxes and fees.
    Anyone find a good offer recently? Please share more detail and I'd like jump on it.
  • here is the deal i just got a week ago. i ended up leasing because i felt it was a better fit for me and i don't drive more then 12k a year. 2010 civic LX-S sedan. priced at $17,122. i was going to purchase but decided to lease. 36 months @ $ 223 a month with $443.86 due upfront/at signing. i could have purchased for $18,706 otd. most places wanted $18,200 before taxes/title ect.. this is in dayton, ohio. i got 5 internet price quotes from five different dealers and only one came close to the dealer i got mine from and that was a 2009 model. my salesman stated he had a guy come from colorado to purchase from them about a week before me. i guess the guy had family in the dayton area and he flew in and stayed with them and then drove his new car back to colorado. if anyone would like the dealer info just ask. i love my civic
  • hooopshooops Posts: 64
    Paul Miller Honda.
  • Just bought a new Civic and wanted to share with everyone to help in your purchase. Bought for wife a 2010 Civic Sedan EX-L with rear wing spoiler, moon roof visor, mud guards, trunk tray, pin striping. We transferred a tag and our OTD price (all expenses included taxes, fees, etc.) was $23,750 and 2.9% for 60 month financing thru Honda.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I got a quote for
    2010 Civic LX sedan Auto for $17500 including destination charge.
    This is in SF Bay Area. Is this a good eal?
  • A big hello to all the members.This is my first post and I hope to get all the assistance and tips.

    I plan to buy a honda civic sedan LX 2009.As I am a recent graduate I am going for the 2009 model as I have a better chance of getting a good deal towards the end of the year.

    I have received this quote from a dealer in houston
    2009 civic LX sedan - $16,761.00
    Tax - $1047.56
    Inventory Tax - $42.04
    Document Fee - $50.00
    Title Fee - $33.00
    License Fee - $72.30
    Inspection Fee - $23.75

    Total Drive out - $18,029.00

    Is this a fair deal ? If not , how much more can I bargain for?
    And is the dealer omitting any other price ?I know it is the OTD price , just wanted to confirm.

    Thanks a lot.
  • Uhhuduga,

    What dealership are you getting that OTD price from. I have tried a few around Houston and best I've gotten is $18,600 OTD. Thanks
  • Im not in Houston but I would say you can get that lower. I am looking at the same car in DC area and got OTD offers of 17.8k and 17.9K and I am sure I could work them lower
  • wegotthewhip1,

    I got this internet quote from russell and smith honda.
    Did you get a different quote from the same dealer?
  • yeah justin, I was hoping to settle somewhere around 17.5 k .
    But taxes vary across states right ?How much is the difference between texas and DC area ? That may impact the OTD price?
  • Dear All,

    I am getting quotes on a 2009 LX which matches the quote for a 2010 VP .
    Has there been any significant modifications made by honda from 2009 to the 2010 model ?
    I did a comparison of the 2 on the honda site .This is what I found.

    a) The 2010 VP has a MacPherson Strut Front Suspension for the front and a Multi-Link Rear Suspension for the rear as compared to the independent suspension for the 2009 LX.

    b)Stereo Anti-Theft is a standard on the 2010 VP and not available on the 2009 LX

    c)Armrest Storage is Not Listed on the 2010 VP and a std on the 2009 LX

    d) The DX-VP weighs less

    I do not see any major enhancements on the LX when compared to the DX-VP and also the DX-VP would be a 2010 model.

    Any inputs and suggestions you guys would like to share on which one I should be going for?Also , do mention anything that I may have missed.

  • Hi All,

    Anyone bought a Civic LX recently in Los Angeles area? Please share. Thank you.
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