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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am do to pick up on 12/29/2009 a 2010 EX-L 4dr auto for 19784.00 plus tax, tags and 97.00 in processing fees. This dealer is near NYC in Westchester County. I will name the dealership once I get the car.
  • Just read the last post - $19,784 for 2010 Civic EX-L. Just bought the same car today (w/o navigation) and think i might have paid too would only come down $300 off the $22,515 sticker price ($22,215). Added spoiler ($501) and upgraded wheels to 16" alloy ($1080). They threw in pinstriping for free : ). They setteled for $23,700.

    Traded in a 1998 Civic EX coupe (loaded) w/173,000 miles. Good mechanically, but black paint faded and had a damaged hood and other scratches to body - $1,200 trade in given.

    With trade in of $1,200, walked out paying $22,500 - any comments to help me sleep better tonight?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    What's done is done. So focus on enjoying your new loaded Civic!
  • You may want to try the (2010 Honda Civic prices paid) site, they have actual prices paid for the area you live in, you`ll find that in different areas of the country dealers prices varies, you may find that for your area, that particular car, the dealer is getting what you paid from everyone or you may find that you overpaid.
  • Bought yesterday 2010 Civic LX 4Dr Auto trans for $16,700. (no dealer installed acc)+ 200 for doc fee. Price did not include state taxes, registration fees. I was able to get 1.9% finance rate for 4 yrs. No trade involved-straight sale.

    I started emailing dealers two weeks ago and told them the purchase will be made on 12-28-09 to take advantage of any late month sales goals. I was also able to check dealer web site on inventory of Civic's available.

    Rhode Island dealer involved.
  • Today I picked up the 2010 civic EX-L from New Rochelle Honda in Lower Westchester. The deal was done with the sales manager his initials are JL and is on their website. The sales person was C P. This dealer was the only one in my area that would give this price. My first quote form them was for a leftover 2009 civic ex 4dr auto which was 17575 plus tax and tags. I went to the dealer on Sunday to look at that car and found out it did not have traction control. The sales person informed me that only the EX-L came with Traction control and they did not have any 2009s left. The sales person CP spoke to the sales manager JL and while I was leaving they offered me the price on the 2010 EX-L. I rejected the offer as my wife and I were not ready to commit at the time. I called the dealer the following day after no other dealer in the area could match the price. I went in on Monday to start the paper work. Everything went well and the only thing extra I purchased was a valet key no other pressure to purchase anything else.
  • A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a 2010 Civic Ex Sedan w/ Navi from Metro Honda in Montclair, CA (via Costco Auto Buying Program). I was able to pick up the car with only 4 miles on the odometer. It was literally just dropped off the truck the previous day and had no dealer installed accessories. It was exactly what I was looking for - no more, no less. Interior was practically still covered in plastic! I was offered $500 under invoice. So the final price was about $20,200 (before state taxes, reg fees, doc fees, etc.). I managed to take advantage of the 1.9% financing for 60 months. Plus the manager (initials - CK) threw in a free sunshade custom fit for the Civic! Great experience overall. No pressure to purchase extras.
  • Hello,

    For everyone who bought a Civic LX with alarm, does your alarm beep when you unlock the doors? Mine does not but beeps when I lock it. However, my friend's civic does beep when she unlock the doors.
    I am just wondering if different computer program or else.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402

    NOTE: It is important to maintain the time limits between the steps. Make sure the doors, the hood and the hatch are closed.

    1. Turn the ignition switch ON (II)
    2. Within 1 to 4 seconds, press the transmitter lock button.
    3. Within 1 to 4 seconds, turn the ignition switch OFF.

    4. Within 1 to 4 seconds, turn the ignition switch ON (II).
    5. Within 1 to 4 seconds, press the transmitter lock button.
    6. Within 1 to 4 seconds, turn the ignition switch OFF.

    7. Within 1 to 4 seconds, turn the ignition switch ON (II).
    8. Within 1 to 4 seconds, press the transmitter lock button.
    9. Within 1 to 4 seconds, turn the ignition switch OFF.

    10. Within 1 to 4 seconds, turn the ignition switch ON (II).
    11. Within 1 to 4 seconds, press the transmitter lock button.
    12. Confirm you can hear the sound of the door lock actuators within 1 to 4 seconds, then push the transmitter lock button again, or the code will not be stored.

    13. Within 10 seconds, press the transmitter lock button on any other fob you wish to program. Confirm that you can hear the sound of the door lock actuators after each transmitter code is stored.

    14. Turn the ignition switch OFF, and remove the key.

    15. Confirm proper operation with the transmitters.
  • Hi there, so what did you end up paying for that 2010 Civic, without taxes and fees?

    Also can you please list all the fees that you had to pay.

    My brother bought his 06 Civic from these guys as well.
  • I thought that some cars are sold BELOW the invoice.
  • 2010 LX with auto is listed at MSRP $18,405 and you got it for $15,999, can you please tell me how did you negotiate to get that price, it seems like an absolutely AMAZING deal.
  • I just bought the 2010 Civic LX Auto out the door price for $18200.

    Base price in the invoice was $16600+Doc Fee+6% CT Tax+$173 for new Plate.

    Negotiated on the Out the Door price thru internet. CT Dealer was involved.

    Internet Sales manager was little bit rude, I gave him a price of $17850 against his $18650 OTD. I forwarded his rude mail to the General Manager. General Manager agreed upon $18200 after few mail threads and the delivery was smooth. Got the 0.9% APR, but they tried to make the life miserable. Initially my wife applied for the finance and they told she got 2.9% and they called me back and I applied separately. Next day I found that she was also approved for 0.9% :mad: .
  • banshabansha Posts: 4
    Hi, I'm in the market for a civic lx and have learned alot from reading the postings from the past year. I've been keeping an eye on incentives and came across a recent incentive posted on Edmunds.
    From 1/5/2010 - 3/1/2010, there's a manufacturer to dealer marketing support of $650.

    Details are available at

    Hope this helps.
  • I think it all comes down to the fact that this Fall there will be a brand new 2011 Civic, its a complete redesign.
  • banshabansha Posts: 4
    That's possible. The incentive is higher than the one offered in early 2009. In reading the posts from 1/09 - 2/09, the incentive was $500. However, there was a $750-$1,000 incentive (depending on style) some time in 4/09 (as best I can figure out).
  • Hi,

    I've learned so much from this forum that I wanted to give a little knowledge back...
    I just purchased a 2009 Civic 4Dr LX Automatic from a dealer in Syracuse, NY. It was a new car (2 miles on the odometer). My pricing was as follows:

    MSRP $18,965
    Honda discount on 2009s - $750
    Negotiated discount - $2,015
    Net Price $16,200
    Application processing fee + $75
    NYS Sales Tax + $1,296
    NYS Inspection + $10
    Waste Tire Fee + $12
    TOTAL $17,593

    I also got 1.9% financing. Obviously, it's a prior year car, but I think $2800 off sticker price isn't too bad.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    You did well....congrats and enjoy your new Honda!
  • Sorry for the late reply I was not on Edmunds for a while. The 2010 Civic EX-L was 19,784.00. That price included destination.

    Additional Fees
    10.00 NYS inspection
    12.50 NYS tire fee for new cars
    75.00 Doc Fees
    170.00 for NYS Title and Registration

    all except for the Doc fee should be the same at all dealers in NYS.
  • Does the 2010 exl come with fog lights, side molding, or window tints?
  • Damn that's a grand below invoice, nice man. I got mine @ invoice had a feeling I could've gotten @ least another 500 off.
  • Does the 2010 exl come with fog lights, side molding, or window tints?

    The EX-L does not come with fog lights or window tints. The car has side moldings but they are low and useless. Fog lights are optional and I am sure the dealer can get window tinting.

    The EX-L has Traction control while the EX does not. That was why I got the car.
  • Thanks man, I got an exl too, I've been paranoid the last couple weeks. You've got a coupe or a sedan? According to the dealer the coupe doesn't have side moldings, but its got this design on the side that juts out like molding, so im trying to figure out if he's lying.
  • Is the sales tax included?
  • I just bought a 2010 Civic LX Coupe this past December for $16,795 (not including tax, license, and doc fees). This was at Rock Honda in Fontana, California.
  • My price did not include the sales tax. Sales tax varies from state to state and county to county so it may not be a good measure of price.
  • Hi Midtowneast,

    Can you tell which tri-state honda dealer you got you EX-L from (what color)?

    I got offer a much higher price today at a NJ dealership and I left exhausted and upset.

    What was you true out of door price BTW, if you dont mind? : D

    much thks in advance
  • Someone keyed my car, I have no idea who it could've been. The scratch is not deep, but goes from the door handle to the bottom of the car. I'd like to get it fixed as soon as possible but have no idea how much it would cost, I'd appreciate any help you guys can give.
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