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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,167
    This means total "out the door", doc & any other fees the dealer can come up with. The price you were given is not an "otd" price.

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • Hey, I've received a quote of $16,147 + the 6.25% sales tax + $299 doc fee + $29 sticker + 125 license plate by email. Is this a good deal?
  • The quote on the car is excellent. The 299 doc fee is high (i paid 99.00).
  • In this case, since it would be an out of state purchase and Tax, Title, License would be paid to my state, not the dealers state, it is an OTD price - from the standpoint of leaving the dealer's door. Based on some additional research I did today, I would have 2 business days to get to the WI DMV and apply for License and Title as well as pay Tax.

    Other dealers are coming in with a few suprises....
    $17785.00 + Doc: $199.00 + Title: $89 + Tax: $909.04 = 18980.04 OTD.
    (from a WI dealer - so OTD means what you would normally think).

    Thats $1,373 below Edmunds TMV and $1578 below Edmunds Invoice - looking good to me. That's first email request for quote. Nice.
    - L
  • lakipallakipal Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    Hello All,

    First off, thanks for all the useful information this forum provides.

    We finalized on the following deal:

    $14690 (Invoice) + $710 (Dest.) + $100 (Processing) = 15500
    Plus: 6% (Tax) + Tags/Title

    No Add On's, No Service Incentives and no Low APR (invoice was going up for the special APR).

    Most of the invoice pricing on the internet and a little discussion at the dealership.

  • Ok, was your quote within 16,347? Also, is the pricing in the post above me just a maryland thing?
  • cfragocfrago Posts: 11
    MRSP 18915 (with dest), about 1,000 more for FL sales tax. Can I get it OTD in the Vero Beach FL area for 16,500 or is that too aggressive? Starting March 2, there is 1,000 mgf to dealer cash on the car. No trade-on, paying cash. If, 16,500 is not enough, I think the max might be about 17,500 (2415 off total). thanks in advance.
  • Hi All,
    Get the following quote from dealer in north CA:
    Selling price: 16,191
    License fee: 258
    CA tire fee 8.75
    DMV ET: 29
    Doc fee: 55
    9.25% tax
    OTD: 18,045
    APR: 3.9%@ 36month
    Is this price reasonable? Thanks
  • chelliredchellired Posts: 13
    I've gotten a few internet quotes in the Baltimore MD area - all for a Civic sedan EX auto. Here are the two best I've gotten:

    Dealer X's original offer was 16800 + dest, 98 doc fee, 237 MD tags, plus tax (yes, this is for an automatic)

    Dealer Y's original offer was 17888 + dest, 99 doc fee, 237 MD tags, plus tax, this price INCLUDES wheel locks and mud guards. Plus their "extra mile plan" for free (includes lifetime $9.95 oil changes, free car washes for life - unlimited, free towing, free inspections, and more).

    I sent X's emailed quote to Y. Here is Dealer Y's response (in bold):

    If I offer you $16800 plus all of the fees they are charging you you would come here instead of there?

    Their price breaks down like this: $16800 + $710 = NET Sale Price with Destination.

    $17510 + $348 (Wheel Locks and Mud Guards which they WILL charge you if not more)

    $17858 + $99 (Processing Fee)

    $17957 + $1077 (Tax) + 237 (2 year MD Tags) =

    19271 ON the Road.

    This is the best I can do and it would leave this deal at a negative profit.

    What are your thoughts on this? Am I getting a good deal. Thanks so much for the help. When I leased my current car (Civic) this forum helped tremendously!
  • badabada Posts: 1
    I'm not feeling as confident about my purchase after seeing that last post. Now that I know about the dealer cash, the price should have come down considerably.
    2010 Civic Sedan EX with Navigation MSRP 22,965 + mud guards 249 already installed.
    TMZ price w/o mud guards 20,551
    My price 20441.00 + Tax + 231.50 title fees = OTD price 22512.19
    Honda of Slidell, LA

    What do we think?
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,167
    First of all, have you ever heard of paragraphs? Makes reading the above post difficult without them. Why on earth did you ever buy a 2nd Civic if you hated the 1st one? Get yourself another make of car and just move on. Life's way to short to have to go through all this. Lastly, use your brain when always get more with honey than vinegar...makes life so much easier.

    Love my '06 LX and did have the rear work done on the suspension and also got reimbursed 1/2 the price of my 2 ruined tires. But I tried to be polite and professional...guess what, it worked!

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Have you checked with Holmes Honda?
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    I saw the 0.9% APR and 1.9% APR available on I'm in california.
  • I just bought a 2009 honda civic sedan and I get maximum 29mpg city and 39 mpg hwy.I drive the speed limit and don't accelerate rapidly.I also use cruise control on the hwy. and also go speed limit.I think driving at a steady pace will help to improve your mileage.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    edited March 2010
    Most neighboring States have mutual agreements when it comes to collection of sales taxes.

    Normally, you pay sales tax in the State, where you purchase the car. If the sales tax is more there, you get a refund in the State, where you register your vehicle. If the sales tax is lower, you pay the difference in the State, where you register your car.

    That's how it works here in NW Florida where many people buy cars in neighboring Alabama or Georgia. It's a tri-State sales tax agreement.

    In some States, you buy a car without paying sales tax, you get a 30-day temporary license plate and you pay sales tax, when you register your car in your city/State.
  • ickick Posts: 16
    Can you share with me the dealer and the contact person please? thank much!
  • banshabansha Posts: 4
    Does the selling price of $16,191 include destination ($710)? If yes, I think the selling price is pretty good. It's on the lower end of the prices I've been seeing on various websites (see details below).

    Can you tell me which dealer you're working with? I'm planning to buy an LX next month.


    I've been tracking the pricing of this car on various websites on a weekly basis since November 2009. The selliing price (including destination) as of 3/6/10 are shown below.

    Edmunds (17280)
    Truecars (17619)
    Overstock (16150) [zip code 94804; dealer appears to be Grace Honda, San Bruno]
    KKB (18554) (17459)
    Carsdirect (16828)
  • pricewpricew Posts: 18
    Bought 2010 Honda Civic auto LX-S with Tint (need that in Texas heat) 2 days ago
    16,200 including destination and handling
    +TTL + 50 documentation fee.
    = 17579 OTD
    Dealer tried to sell mudguards , tinting, pinstriping, wheel locks, all weather mats etc. for another 1500. Had been negotiating with couple of dealers for couple of weeks on email and phone.

    One common tactic is that a dealer will promise to beat the others offer. What they do not elaborate on is that it has to be written. So you got to use email to negotiate but the dealers also know this. The dealer I went with quoted 16400 but I counteredt with 16000 and he said to come to dealership and make that offer and it would be upto a GM to accept. We finally agreed on a civic LXS auto 2010 for 16,200 which included shipping and handling.

    I was thinking about buying a Corolla and the incentives are great but ultimately I like the look and interior of the civic better. Also did not want to always wonder when the corolla will "take off "

    Anyway the dealer who did not sell to me said he would have beaten my deal and sold to me the LX-S for 15800. Not sure I believe him but who knows.

    Finally getting genuine new Honda mudguards and wheel locks online from Bernardi Honda for 55 for set of 4 + 29 for set of 4 and key. Total 105 with shipping. Supposedly one can install the mudguards oneself with included screws. Wheel Locks my local Discount tire store says he will put it on for free if I buy hazard insurance and wheel balance for 65 bucks.

    Now you the whole story.

  • ickick Posts: 16
    edited March 2010
    Me too. My best offer OTD on a LX is now 17950. ($16141 before tax and doc fee)
    But with $1000 dealer cash back now until 5/3/2010. we should be able to get even better price.
  • philo22philo22 Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    Hi All,

    If you opt for the special financing are you also eligible for the $500.00 loyalty cash and either the $850 or $650 dealer cash that's apparently available? Has all of this been superseded by the $1000.00 marketing incentive?

    I'm trying to get the dealer to drop at least $750 below invoice (with 1.9% financing) on an Civic Sedan EX-L. Is this a realistic deal?

    Thanks for the help!
  • beezer86beezer86 Posts: 13
    Can anyone in north or central jersey recommend an inexpensive dealer for a Civic?

    Jacknibbs - did you buy a car?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    No, it's not realistic. You are trying to use "double coupons".

    If you take the 1.9 financing the dealer loses his incentive.

    It's one of the other. Not both.
  • bkgravesbkgraves Posts: 1
    Atlanta, GA area
    Dealt with 4 local dealers lowest quote $16,666 before taxes/fees. Jerked us around, wasted my time, wouldn't stop calling.
    USAA Car buying service lists $16,200 "no haggle" price for members before taxes/fees. (interestingly, same dealership as the $16,666)
    Went with a $17,000 drive off price request to dealers, got laughed at by everyone, but got an email back from Willett Honda South in Morrow, GA about an hour away. Offered $16,873 as drive off price "internet special".
    $15,299 car price, 950ish taxes, 600 dealer fees (I didn't bother negotiating this because the salesman didn't waste my time and was the only one to meet my price, you could get it lower if you wanted)
    They want you to use their financing to get that price, but we paid with our own with no issue.
    Great experience there, probably had more to do with the salesman than anything.
    Love the car, came off the truck the same day we bought it with 9 miles.
  • chelliredchellired Posts: 13
    Bought a 2010 Civic EX sedan AT last week at Norris Honda in Dundalk, MD (Baltimore area).

    Vehicle: $17650
    Dest: $710
    Extras: $130 (wheel locks/mud guards)
    Doc fee: $99
    Tax: $1115
    Tags: $237
    OTD: $19941

    Edmunds TMV: $18853 --- Got mine for $18360 :) (or 18490 incl extras)
    I used the special APR and got Atomic Blue. Love the color!! The deal was worked out online so no hassles when I went in. They even had my tags in stock (I got the "bay plate" and I didn't expect them to have the special ones on site but they did).

    Also, Norris has an "Extra Mile Plan" that is FREE and includes lifetime engine/transmission protection, free unlimited car washes, $9.95 oil changes and others.
  • notoriousrodnotoriousrod Posts: 16
    edited March 2010
    I went to Freeway Honda in Tustin, CA and was about to sign the paper work for this car for $18,200 + Tax + DMV Fees.

    My Sister just for a 2010 Civic LX. She said she thought she got a good deal with $17,750 + Tax + DMV. So I thought I should start there, so I knew that the difference with the LX and LX-S was $600, so I negotiated down to $18,200.

    I thought I was getting a deal, but luckily they left me in the office for a while, and I went HERE, and have been seeing crazy lower prices. After seeing this forum, I decided to walk.


    What prices should I be expecting (in CA) for a 4 Door LX or LX-S?

    Thanks In Advance.
  • There's $1000 dealer cashback right now? I looked all over the Honda site and didn't see anything?
  • ickick Posts: 16
    They won't tell you on the website, and it very by model. Civic you get $1000 dealer cash back. check out
    the deal is good till 5/3 according to the website.
  • ickick Posts: 16
    lower than $18.5k OTD for sure.
  • I've gotten some quotes back and the lowest they offered was $16,711 for an LX-S.

    They said they've already applied the $1000. Does that sound right? Or should I be able to apply this after?
  • I've gotten some quotes back and the lowest they offered was $16,711 for an LX-S.

    They said they've already applied the $1000. Does that sound right? Or should I be able to apply this after?
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