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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jamtracyjamtracy Posts: 75
    If you have not finished the deal your price with destination 16475 is atleast 1300 to much. Mine was 15150. Some others on here got their LX's in the 14XXX range. But if you like the car and you feel you got a good deal that is all that counts.
  • legacy87legacy87 Posts: 10
    What state and dealer did you go to? It seems the area I am in, NY/VT, some of the dealers are hard to bargain down.
  • The 1000$ incentives are there right now, i am also looking to buy a Civic LX , which dealer are you going to. I want the 0.9% APR
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The 1000$ incentives are there right now, i am also looking to buy a Civic LX , which dealer are you going to. I want the 0.9% APR

    You can't have both. Unless you have a super low rate from your bank or credit union (say 2%) it will work out better for you to take the rate and pay the extra $1k for the car. Get your rate and run the numbers yourself, but this is one case were taking the financing is a better deal than taking the cash.

    $1,000 Dealer Cash available towards the retail purchase or lease of a new 2010 Civic (excluding GX). Cash can be combined with Special AHFC Lease/Purchase Plan or Zero Due at Signing Leases, but cannot be combined with Special AHFC APR Financing. Please see your dealer for details.
  • jamtracyjamtracy Posts: 75
    I live in Northern California. 2 local dealers offered me the same price. 15150 for the auto coupe and 15197 for the auto sedan. Took a black Coupe. Added the mudflaps at another dealer, bought the all weather mats and trunk tray online, and had the windows tinted at a local tint shop. I got a quote for Honda care, 6yr 100K for $700 form college hills honda. I have a few thousand miles to make that decision. I was thinking about trying to hold out for another couple hundred bucks buy I didn't want to lose the color I wanted.
    I'm sure for every car they don't make much profit on they just make it up with another.....
  • Hi,

    Can you please tell me the name of the 2 dealers who gave you that best price? I too live in North california and like to take a civic LX today.

  • cwalk1cwalk1 Posts: 13
    Hi there,

    I have some questions that I hope someone can help me with. I had planned on helping my sister buy a car in Sept/Oct (in Eastern NC) and wondering the following:

    1. are there only sales incentives for end of month? how about the beginning of the month?

    2. Does the Honda clearance end in September? Will there be 2010 civic models in October and would they be considered new? Having the 3 year bumper to bumper is important for us.

    3. The lifetime powertrain warranty- Is this just a marketing ploy or is this a really good deal if we are considering other car brands?

    4. Is the internet manager really the way to go to buy a honda?

    Thank you for any help!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    1) The current dealer money is all month long as it was last month. Honda never has REBATES but often does have dealer money, but not as much on Civics - most of the time on Accords. There also are often quota based incentives for dealers that come on in steps, they reach a certain number then they get $xxx per car bonus, sell that number + xx more and get more. Catch them at the end of the month when they either need to sell a couple more to get to the next level or have already made their number for the month and you can save several hundred dollars. Some dealers offer low prices all month KNOWING if they do they will make quota.

    2) My daughter's 06 Civic was MADE in 09/06, but September is normally the launch of the next model year (2011 in this case) but you could still find some new 2010 models arriving on dealer lots. 2011 is a redesign year for the Civic, so I would expect lower than normal sale prices and a harder push to get rid of the 2010 models before 2011 models arrive. Now the new 2011 may blow away the current car, so you may be happier paying more for the new model. If you think that way and can, just wait a few months more and by the end of the calendar year you should find deals on the new '11 models (not as cheap as now, though). Also buying at the END of the model run nets you the most reliable car and buying the FIRST of the new models nets you the least reliable car - even Hondas. Whenever you buy a new, never-titled, non-demo Honda it is considered new on the day you buy it and full warranty from that point on applies.

    3) What other brands? Honda is 3/36 bumper to bumper and 5/60k (right?) power-train. You can also buy a Hondacare warranty to extend those numbers, but it IS a Honda so you should expect a long lasting, reliable car no matter if it is under warranty or not.

    4) Depends on the dealer, but that is usually the way to go. Get the price for the car including destination, dealer fees, and their out the door price. Compare the price w/destination + dealer fees to invoice - known incentives and against other dealer prices. Any dealer that will not give you a firm price over the phone or e-mail pass on them. If you have to go on the lot for a price, do not bother. Be prepared to range far from home to find a better deal - my local dealers seldom can touch what a dealer 3 or 4 hours away can do.
  • jamtracyjamtracy Posts: 75
    edited July 2010
    I made a mistake on my last post. The 2 dealers were Livermore and Dublin. I got my mudflaps in San Leandro. I ended up buying the car in Dublin. Ask for the the internet sales guy.
    If you email me I will give you his name.
    All of the Norcal Honda dealers all had the same DOC fee $55.
  • cwalk1cwalk1 Posts: 13
    Thank you so much for your help!

    We are looking at the Hyundai because of it's 5 year b2b and 10 year powertrain. My sister has a lemon (Nissan Sentra 2002) and needs something reliable. I can sleep better with a good warranty.

    one more question - if we went with used honda, how can I find out the best cost of additional warranty and what types do they sell - 3 years and more?
  • cwalk1cwalk1 Posts: 13
    Does anyone have experience on what the pricing for 2010 civic could be in October when 2011 models come in?

    What would be the best strategy in buying this model when new models roll in?

    Thank you,
  • raiderinnyraiderinny Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    @ legacy87 -- wow. Total: $17.709?

    Damn -- I went to Hillside Honda and tried haggling with them. I saw someone posted they got theirs, or a friends, a 2010 Honda Civic LX Sedan in the $14,000 range? That's sick.

    Well, I'm in need of a ride and went today, and I'm trying to gauge the pricing. I really don't want to pay, including taxes and everything else more than 16.000. You think I can pull it off?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Nothing wrong with a Hyundai, they keep making their cars better and better. I think you will find (as I did getting a car for my son) that once you put AC, ABS, and a stereo on most any cheap car you are getting close to the price of a Civic with the current deep discounts. I did the cheap least with a payment including taxes under $200 a month with 1st payment and tags paid at signing. Hard (impossible?) to touch that. After 3 years you can buy the car, sell it to a dealer like CarMax, or just turn it in a walk away.

    There is a Honda extended warranty forum here on Edmunds, you can find info there on getting a discount HondaCare warranty on a new or used Honda. The dealers can no longer sell "on the Internet" but you can still buy via a phone call. If she gets a lemon Honda, it will be one of the very few that were made.
  • matt712matt712 Posts: 6
    I've been haggling numerous dealers in my area for a honda civic lx auto. The best price I've been able to get is 15728 w/dest. which translates to 17657.00 OTD (7% sales tax). This is a little frustrating because in June prices were at 15150 w dest. and less than 17000 OTD. Does anyone have any price quotes or prices paid for the month of July?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Civic LX auto SEDAN or coupe? I will assume sedan...

    What is your area? Perhaps someone could suggest a dealership to work with for better pricing? Also, try dealers farther away for better prices. Around here it can be hard to deal, but drive 3-4 hours and you can get much better prices.

    $15,728 w/dest is a nice price. How much is the dealer doc or prep fee? I paid $15,999 + $398 dealer fee last month and thought I got a really nice deal. Remember that the $1k dealer money goes away if you do the cheap Honda Finance deal, but stays if you do the discounted lease, pay cash, or do any other financing.

    Keep in mind this is mid-month and some dealers will not get highly motivated until the end of the month. Last month there was an additional stepped incentive available that combined with the $1k dealer money to let some dealers (that met or exceed their quota) to offer some really nice prices.
  • matt712matt712 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply Dwynne. I forgot to mention that the price I got was for a coupe and that I'm in South Florida. I'm paying cash so I'm taking the $1000 over the special financing. I will take your advice and start contacting dealers that are farther away. I plan to make my purchase during the last week of July so hopefully that will help. Has anyone heard whether or not the stepped incentive has returned this month? Thanks again.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    edited July 2010
    Looks like invoice on the coupe is $17,522.63 - the $1k would be $16,522. $15,728 sounds like a good price already...

    Something else you can do as well - get online dealer quotes from places like right here on Edmunds. They are all no obligation and the dealers will all know you are shopping for the best price and comparing all their quotes. Try it here, some folks report getting some nice prices. Also try overstock and carsdirect to see how those numbers compare.
  • jamtracyjamtracy Posts: 75
    The end of the month could stand to be better for you. I got my LX auto coupe May 28th for 15150. That was in Norcal. Your price is good. That is around the price they were sitting at till the end of the month and then lowered the price. Good Luck! I love my coupe.
  • plovertplovert Posts: 3
    I got yesterday a Civic sedan auto for 17500+sales tax OTD. Looks like slightly under invoice, didn't get the 1000 credit as I preferred the 0.9% financing. Perhaps could have bargained harder and got a better deal but what the heck.
  • windgracewindgrace Posts: 84
    2) Actually, the next generation of the Honda Civic has been delayed one more year with a release date sometime in 2011 as a 2012 model year. The reasoning seems to differ from article to article, with writers claiming that the designers were displeased with everything from the growing length of the car and that it had to be resized to disappointing fuel economy numbers to simply taking another year to fine tune the vehicle...I'm sure the new Civic will be similar in size (perhaps larger interior with similar exterior dimensions), standard safety features will increase (stability and traction control...), increased mpgs, etc to keep up with the competition like the new Focus, Cruze and Elantra (isn't a new Sentra due out soon, too?) that have finally caught up and surpassed the Civic that has defined the role of the compact car for the past 5 years.
  • Hey guys,
    I am at San Diego. I got a quote for ex-L (auto, w/o NAV), the OTD price is 21626 (8.75% tax) for the car itself is 19534. I think it is kinda pricy, but the dealer said he already cut 1550 off from the invoice price...I don't know, I think it could be lower, since it is summer clearance now.
    What do you guys think, Is it a good offer? Thank you!
  • Hey guys, I got a quote for EX $19150 at 8. 75%tax, is that a good deal? Sounds like a good offer, Or it could be lower? Thank you!
  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    2010 EX Sedan, Automatic. $18,000 flat with fog lights. Includes destination. Plus tax, tags and $399 processing fee. Is this a good deal? Is Urban Titanium and popular color?
  • nitehawk1nitehawk1 Posts: 4
    where was this price??
  • jamtracyjamtracy Posts: 75
    edited July 2010
    NO, I had a quote for an EX auto sedan for 16800 in northern cali.
    I didn't want to pay an extra 2K OTD for the extras for the EX model. The only things I miss is the radio control on the steering whee, The outside temperature, and the trunk remote on the key fob....Not worth the 2K for me.
  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    Washington DC area dealer.
  • tphan1tphan1 Posts: 4
    which dealer did u get the car?. i got offer from honda of irving 15, 275 w/out dest :(..trying to get a better deal
  • tphan1tphan1 Posts: 4
    I;ve been getting price quote from different dealers around arlington, TX. My uncle told me that do not believe in internet price quote, so is there anybody got a deal by email and already bought the car? the lowest quote i had untill now is 15,275 w/out destination fee.. Thanks
  • jlin22jlin22 Posts: 5
    Hello everyone. I just wanted to share my recent purchase of a 2010 Honda Civic DX-VP SDN Automatic. Purchase price was $14,277 so with doc fee ($100) tags/registration and sales tax (6% in PA) OTD price was $15,345. I had my own financing lined up (2.99% for 60 Months). I think I got a pretty good deal, but what do you guys think?
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