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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rustumrustum Posts: 100
    edited October 2010
    Thanks for the info. Today i have been to Macdavid Honda. Test drove the LX (Polished Metallic) and LX-S (white) in the morning. Dealer was willing to make a very good deal considering month/quarter end. He told me the price of $16500 + 600 (extras) + TLL for LX-S.He further told me that they have a target of selling 20 vehicles by end of the day.

    Considering his eagerness, I spent some time during the day getting pre-approved financing from CU. I went there again in the evening. He quoted me LX for $17150 + TLL and LX-S for $17850 + TLL. I told him that, my range is between 16-17k on the road price. He did not negotiate anything further. Any other dealers/suggestion to get LX around 17k on the road in Dallas area.
  • Looking at LX 2010 Sedan Auto Trans owners.. in NJ/NY/CT/PA area.. what $$ did you pay? Im willing to drive upstate (NY) or to South Jersey and points in between and aside for a good deal...recommend me a dealership!

    I've already received quotes from some dealers but want to compare thanks.
  • rustumrustum Posts: 100
    Are you able to receive quote along with the price of for extras. I have received one quote. But dealer asking me to come down to showroom to discuss the final price along with the price for extras.
  • I had a good experience with the internet sales department at Rusty Wallis Honda in Dallas. Unfortunately, the salesperson I used is no longer there.

    I would suggest reading back through this forum for ideas on how to achieve the best price. I've had good success with obtaining quotes and negotiating via email. Others on this forum have offered helpful insight into other purchasing techniques.
  • allawallaw Posts: 15
    Made a killer deal off gbomd1's recommendation (15100 on Civic LX). I was not able to get as good a deal as he did, I showed the post to some sales/managers and they thought I was stupid (crazy) or mocking it as fake (ppl can post to the internet easily). Some of the sales didn't even talk to me and send us off. Really disappointed with a few dealers in the East Bay of the SF Bay Area including, Hayward Honda, San Leandro Honda, Concord Honda. SL even said they usually charges $300-400 more than other Honda dealers around the area but STILL get lots of business (??? beware readers, claiming they sold more Hondas then others around). Worked out some numbers with Dublin Honda but they low-ball our trade-in so we left. We ended up at Oakland Honda receiving superb service, we got there almost 8pm and they took time to explain everything in detail to us. Got $15.6 (pre tax, reg.) on 2010 LX 5A Silver off a MSRP $19115 car, really happy with our time spent there, definitely will recommend that dealership. The only thing is the finance manager tried to sell us a $2740 ext. warranty (100k 10yr)which is almost 20% of the car price which we didn't take.
  • Looking for Civic LX Auto sedan in North New Jersey. Got a couple of internet quotes around $14,700 not including any fees or taxes. Is this a good price? With destination fee, taxes, etc. I think it will come out to be around $16, 600.
  • Hey man,

    That beats my lowest price (contacted 7 dealers in NJ).. mind telling me which dealership and person you're using? I'm in market for same exact car - thanks, much appreciated.
  • I got the prices from VIP Honda and Planet Honda. What prices did you get? These are prices when you pay cash. If you finance with 0.9%, then they told me that it would be $17, 600 I think.
  • billdadbilldad Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    Went to dealer in NY to lease and salesman steered me to buy a 2008, 20k mi., 4dr sedan w/o nav. Gave a price w/o tax or any other add ons of $17872. Seems like an ok price, any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • Best price I got was $14,899 from Garden State Honda.. Planet Honda quoted me at "under $15,500" which is weird.. I'll try and e-mail Planet Honda again to get an actual number like you did...

    I also want to pay cash, not interested in financing as it seems they slightly jack up overall price as you've noted.

    If not TMI, have you looked at average destination/doc/DMV fees?? From the 1st quote I got

    Destination = 750
    Doc Fees = 300
    DMV Fees = 300

    Is this normal for NJ? Also, do you calculate sales tax as Price + Destination fee only?? I hear different things. Thanks a billion.
  • xyraxyra Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    Congrats on the deal. What did Dublin Honda offer for the 2010 civic LX 5A? I assume you have a sedan. Also did you buy on the last day of the month?

    Concord, Hayward, and Winter quote prices 1000 or more than others. They all keep calling and emailing to ask what I thought about the price. I emailed Winter that they were way too high, and they came back with their "lowest price offered all year" and dealer taking a "1000 negative deal." I replied they were still 500 higher than the best, and never heard from them again.
  • allawallaw Posts: 15
    Yes I have a sedan, Dublin's offer was $200 higher and no trade-in. We went 10/3, originally going to take the offer from Dublin, but at the last minute got a call from Oakland saying they could go lower so we went there.

    During my research I noticed that Honda has a $1000 marketing rebate for dealers so I mentioned that to Concord and the manager immediately said they're not going to give out money reserved for the owners and go below invoice. They offered me $400 over invoice. But I don't understand how NJ ppl can get 14700 for the same car.
  • rustumrustum Posts: 100
    edited October 2010
    Following are the email offers i have received so far for Civic in my area.

    2010 LX AT - $19110 Drive out price. Extras are tint at $299 and the Honda Protection Package for $999.
    2010 LX-S AT - $19695 Drive out price. extra equipment on car includes cargo tray, mud flaps and door edge guards
    2010 LX AT - $15470 + Destination + Extras if applicable + TTL.
    2010 LX AT - $15784.00 plus TT&L.

    I also received $21000 drive out price for Accord 4dr LX AT.
  • xyraxyra Posts: 2
    Concord's owner/manager is a d**k. I told him about the 14700 offers and he says thats less than he pays for them, and he doesn't believe the offer, saying its prob the VP, not LX. But he was also fishing for the dealer making the offer. I just said thanks and left.

    The NJ prices seem to be without destination. Usually when prices are quoted on the forum, destination is included. Tax and dmv license and dealer add ons vary locally and are not used in comparing prices.

    Might go to a dealer when i visit LA. Got lower prices there, but still above the magic 15000 mark.
  • Re: one of the 14,800is offer I received, it seems that was a lowball.. one dealership wants me to come in and work out "the details" and won't quote me a FINAL price in e-mail PRIOR to me coming into the dealership..

    It seems that it was too good to be true - so maybe your dealer was not lying as other dealers I showed gave me same WTF response.. Prices seem to be around 15500's or so as others have noted.
  • rustumrustum Posts: 100
    Do you think $15750 + TTL is a good price for Civic LX. This is the least quote i have received in my area.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,216
    Sounds very good. Is this without destination?

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • How is $17,300 Final OTD for NJ?

    I see some prices quoted lower below (ie NY at $17,101 and VA at below $17k both OTD prices)

    Should I wait until end of month to get a better deal or are the 2010 inventory basically dwindling so I should move fast for my color (per dealer of course)..

    How large is the 2010 inventory so that I can wait until Halloween (end of month) to make a new offer so they can meet their quotas and price lower? Thanks
  • rustumrustum Posts: 100
    That is including destination. But these cars might have some extras added. If we do not want to pay for it, they are ready to remove it. May be we can bargain for some extras and see if they can give something.
  • allawallaw Posts: 15
    I think most dealers still has quite a few 2010 civics left. If you are looking for LX, it's very likely that they may still have them by the end of month, but you might have to pick your second choice color. A dealership I went to only has 6 2011 models so they are only starting to come in. [Scoobie3] you should ask dealership's inventory to have a better idea of whether you might be able to get a better deal by months end. But I think most dealers are just trying to get rid of their old cars at this point.
    The only extra that came with my Civic LX 5A sedan is the protection package which includes the strip at door edges and wheel well edges and they charge $485. Which I think is totally excessive, you can get that plastic thing for probably $30. The only think I miss on the car is remote opening of the trunk, only EX or higher models get to have that.
  • Good points allaw,

    However as Im sure you know most dealers I ask will tell me yes I have the LAST 2010 LX in that color in order to force me to move, can't blame them though that's how the marketing game works - so I never really get a real answer except for final OTD price..

    may I ask what your OTD price for the LX sedan was and what state you're in? PS I don't want any options on mine. Thanks again.
  • I totally agree with you. The dealers prices with installation is out of control on the extras. The door edge guards to me are useless. The doors are so small I never hit anything. You can usually get a better price on add ons from another dealer or buy online and do it yourself. I did the mudflaps and cargo mats way cheaper then letting them do it. I'm all for people making a profit but please be reasonable....
    I to miss the remote trunk release on the FOB and the audio on the steering wheel.
  • jamtracyjamtracy Posts: 75
    edited October 2010
    I got my LX Auto at Dublin Honda at the end of May for 15150. They ended up being the cheapest beating Oakland by 150 dollars. I didn't have a trade to deal with so that made it easier. I do go to Oakland Honda for service.
  • nice price man, what was your Final out-the-door price on it..
  • rustumrustum Posts: 100
    LX AUTO for $15150 (+TTL) is a very good deal. Best price i got is $15750 + TTL.
  • just an update I got the $14,709 price for LX sedan (w/out $750 destination).. final OTD came to $17,190 in NJ.. gluck to all.
  • OTD was 16973 give or take a couple of dollars.
  • ethan1205ethan1205 Posts: 3
    edited October 2010
    Can anyone explain to me why are so many people post so many good prices on here and what dealer they were getting the car from but when I call and meet them , they all said that all of you are FAKE ? I dont see why would you guys lie about this ? I even get many quotes thru out 2 months from Spreen Honda with $ 15,000- 15,285 . Now that I call them they said that they out of 2010, after 2 days they still can't locate any more 2010 . All dealer around Orange coutny said for an LX Sedan aleast over 16,000 +TTL. Can someone help me pin point What Dealer - Sale Person name, and What is the best current price in So Cal. We have a 10 months old son and my old car just brake down so I need a new car quick. Thank you ver much for your help.
  • I think a lots of these offered are fake just to get you in, because I get the same offered 15,285 but when I call them they said they out of the cars !! I love to hear from the real person in here who just buy a car within a month or two but then the dealer would like oh " we dont know could they het that price " . they'll say 16,500 after the $1000 incentive they give awaay. I really dont where to listen or how to deal with the dealer. Help anyone . thanks
  • hi, I call just up to Dulin Honda and mention your deal and they said that they NEVER have such deal ? I would not mind paying 15,500 but not over 16,000 like they ask.Will you give us the name of your sale man please. thank you so much
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