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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The 2012 Civic price was $17800.00 at Gurnee Honda. Did'nt like the 2012, looks cheap and the quality of materials are bad. Cost cutting is evident. I'm going to buy a Chev Cruse, much better car for the money.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    I called Liberty Mutual to get an estimate of insurance for the 2011 LX 4 door automatic. They said comprehensive is going to cost me $30 per year more than what I am paying for comprehensive coverage of my 2011 Acura Base MDX. The agent himself was puzzled and checked with his manager. Apparently since the Civic is high on the stolen cars list, it is more expensive to insure than my MDX.

    You piqued my curiosity, so I decided to do a little research. The following is based on rates for Georgia, using my information (36, male, single, no tickets or claims on record)-

    Liberty Mutual- Comprehensive coverage for 2011 Civic LX is $34 less than on a 2011 MDX and Collision is $73 less annually.

    GEICO- Comprehensive is $40.60 less for the Civic than the MDX. Collision is $100.20 less annually.

    BUT here's the kicker- Liberty Mutual is $766.40 more per year for the MDX and $793.40 more for the Civic LX!!! The annual premium for the MDX is $1878 per year and $1771 for the Civic thru Liberty Mutual! Just to verify that LM is higher, I got a quote for my current vehicle (2006 Mazda3) and it's $351 more than I pay for slightly better coverage from AMICA.

    Rates vary by state, driver and vehicle information, but I would suggest getting quotes from a few other insurers regardless of vehicle. Just some friendly advice. =)

    Here's a short list of the insurance companies that I have dealt with before and would do so again. There are a quite a few that I won't mention because I believe they're EVIL incarnate!!!


    Available from an Agent only- State Auto P&C and Auto-Owners.
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • wbr99wbr99 Posts: 51
    Thanks for the research. I had a feeling LM was ripping me off.

    My neighbor was telling me that he's been with LM forever. He got a quote from Geico and went back to LM to cancel his service. LM matched Geico's rates to keep his business. My dad told me to check with Ameriprise which I think is American Express's auto insurance.

    I'll let you know what rates are quoted after calling a couple insurance companies. Thanks for the recommendations.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    I shop around for insurance every 6 months right before I pay for the renewal. Was with Geico for 3.5 yrs since they were the cheapest for me in Chicago (Progressive would come in at a few bucks more per month, the rest of the big ins co's would come in much higher) -- when I got the 2011 Civic LX, Geico wanted too much so I decided to switch to Progressive since they were the cheapest (Erie came in slightly higher than Progressive, but was cheaper than Geico)

    LM's quote was crazy (they wanted 4x the price of Progressive) and Amica wanted 3x the price. The other insurance companies wanted 1.5-2 times the price.

    I'm fine with using Progressive for the first year since they'll pay for new dealer parts if something happens to your car
  • wbr99wbr99 Posts: 51
    edited April 2009

    Sorry to bother you again about the same thing. But I was doing a comparison of the 2012 LX, 2012 EX, 2011 LX and 2011 EX. Apart from the fact that the '11 and '12 EX have discs in the back, there are other features that are on the '12 LX and '12 EX that are not on the '11 LX or the '11 EX.

    Here is a link to a pic of that compare.

    I realize that the '12 is being sold at full price, but I was wondering if the

    Vehicle Stability Control
    Traction Control
    Brake Assist

    are worth going for the '12 LX over the '11 Civic LX.

    I am wondering if the new features are important for safety over the 11 LX. This is a car I want to keep driving until it breaks down and not something I want to trade in after a few years for the next big thing. I'd rather not skimp on 2-3K now and worry about missing features 5-6 years from now. I want to balance thinking with my wallet and thinking about safety.

    Thanks again for your help.
  • talwaratalwara Posts: 1
    Could you share the name of dealer who is offering you 2011 - Civic LX for $14,743.65?

  • I got an offer of $17,900 OTD from Buena Park Honda.The bad news is that they already run out of stock. Diamond Honda and Spreen Honda still have some 2011 LXs left. Their OTD is a little bit higher than then one I got from BP. If the dealer tells you that 2011 civics are running out fast that's why they are sold at a higher price, don't believe them. I had several dealers telling me that they can get stock from other dealerships. I would say that the 2011 Civic LX OTD should range from $17,900 to $18,500. Avoid Honda Westminster. Their sales people are very bad. I was given an OTD price of $23,500 for a 2011 Honda Civic LX sedan ($1,900 is for the protection package). Even without the protection package, the OTD would have been the same as that of the CRZ or 2011 civic EX. Good thing, I know the numbers. They called me up again and promised that they will give me the deal I want. When I arrived there, they were convincing me to get a lease. They ran a credit check and was given almost the same price that they gave me the previous day. I told them the DP and monthly payment I want. They tried to convince me by lowering the monthly DP but instead of 60 months, it will now be 70 months. I refused. Then they told me that they can't give me the APR I wanted because Honda issued a new APR for their graduate promo. I told them other dealers are offering me that APR. To make the story short, I wasted almost 2 hours (2 trips) with them. Also, I hate it when this other vietnamese sales guy who is not even part of the negotiation (he was sitting at the next cubicle), made an unsolicited comment that the quote I got from other dealers 3 months or 2 weeks ago is not applicable anymore. After that, I drove another 10 miles and bought a 2012 civic LX from another dealer.
  • 1. Use the internet. Get price quote from dealers within 50miles radius. Ask for the out the door price. Don't be afraid to tell them that their quote is higher than the others. They might lower the price eve more.
    2. Narrow down the number of dealers in your list to maybe 10 (those that gave you the lowest OTD).
    3. If you are paying it in cash or will be financing it with other banks, you can just choose the one that gave you the lowest OTD. If you are gonna finance it with Honda, know your credit score and the typical APR that you can get with that score. Go to #4.
    4. Email the dealers your offer. Tell them what you can only pay. Say $2,000 down payment and $270 monthly payments (interests inlcuded) for 60 months.
    4. Before you visit any dealer, you should already have an idea of the OTD of the car, the APR you want and the length of financing.
    5. They will run credit check and will come up with a lot of story to raise the final OTD price. They may offer you lower OTD, but might give you higher APR because of your credit score. They might even suggest increasing the down payment or increasing the length of financing from 60 months to 72 months. Don't be fooled. Don't be afraid to walk away. Chances are before you exit the door, their manager will quickly run after you and offer you another deal. If they don't do that, go to another dealer.

    I got my 2012 civic at a higher OTD price and APR. But it's a 2012 civic that was just released this 3rd week of April and the 1st model of the 9th generation civics. :)
  • gekko86gekko86 Posts: 1
    Would you please tell me the OTD of your 2012 CIVCI?
  • $20900. it's expensive. but consider the fact that it was just released late last week or early this week. the car that I got arrived at the dealership 2 days before I bought it. It's like an additional $40 per month but you're driving next year's model and the first of its kind (9th generation civic). If you could wait until October later this year, the OTD might drop to $19K or even $18K. In my case, I really needed a car since I am already spending a lot of money for the repairs of my old car. That, I pay in cash! Hope this helps!

    By the way, the 2011 EX OTD is around $21-22K. But the 2012 LX is more like a 2011 EX minus the moonroof, alloy wheels, external temperature indicator (and maybe some features you dont need). With the 2012 LX, you're getting the new design, better mileage, mpg meter, iMid display,USB.
  • Hi Jatan,
    Can you send one to my email also? i am in Houston and I am trying to get a similar deal here. Thanks a lot!!.
  • wbr99wbr99 Posts: 51
    It is Criswell Honda. Now they upped the starting price to $15,443 so here is the break down now.

    base $15,443.65
    shipping 750
    processing 100
    tags ~ 80
    sub total $16,373.65

    tax @3% for VA $491.21
    out the door $16,864.86
  • bdeyesbdeyes Posts: 4
    We had our choices narrowed down to the Civic EX or the Cruze, but the dealers in our area ran out of the 2011 EX models before we decided. This was to be my wife's car and she really wanted the sun/moonroof, so that pushed the minimum trim level for the Cruze up to the 2LT. There was only one 2LT in the nearest dozen Chevy dealers without several thousand dollars of additional options. So we were left with the choice between a just-delivered 2012 Civic EX or the single acceptable 2011 Cruze for about the same price. We bought the Civic yesterday. With the car being brand new to the lot (it was the first 2012 they had sold), they were unwilling to work with the price. MSRP $21255, $199 splash guards, and a $129 doc fee made the out the door price $21583. Tax will be paid when we register the car. I don't like paying MSRP, but we needed the car and considering the circumstances we were neither surprised or too disturbed by their position. My wife loves it, by the way.
  • accordguy0325accordguy0325 Posts: 169
    Congratulations on your 2012 Civic... I completely understand your concern regarding having to pay MSRP - Regrettably I did the same thing in late 2007 when I purchased a brand new 2008 Accord EX coupe just as it became available, and, at the time I didn't care about having to pay sticker price.

    Having just purchased a 2011 Accord EX-L V6 navi coupe, I received more than 4600.00 off, 0.9 financing for 60 months, plus 750.00 in Honda loyalty money which paid my first payment.

    While I prefer getting a bunch of money off, in the future if there is something I really want and I am not able or willing to wait, I wouldn't hesitate to complete the purchase regardless of the discount (or lack there of) I receive.

    I am sure your 2012 Civic will provide many years of trouble free service and stellar fuel economy. :shades:
  • bdeyesbdeyes Posts: 4
    Thanks. The 2012 EX is replacing a 2002 Civic LX with 193K miles that I passed down to my son, so I am expecting the new one to last a long time.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    I was in my old store yesterday and I learned that the situation in Japan has severly limited inventorys.

    I wouldn't look for any deep discounts on cars they can't even get.

    Not just Civics either.
  • stardy1stardy1 Posts: 2
    Hi embeedee, did you get 16,700 from Criswell Honda, MD? They gave me a quote for $18,294 + $100 processing + T/T. Please advise how you get yours. Thanks!
  • civilguy9civilguy9 Posts: 1
    I have a quote for $20,500 OTD. Is that a good price? Or do you think I can do better? The location is Southern AZ.
  • embeedeeembeedee Posts: 5
    Hello, stardy1

    Yes, I got $16,700 OTD along with 0.9% financing but that was on March 31. I recently inquired about the same car for my sister and was given a quote more than $2000 higher now.

    Literally, I drove 4 hours to make the deal that night as the person with whom I was dealing told me that incentives were changing on April 1. I thought he might be bluffing, but he was not. With the quake and high demand, things have deteriorated rapidly for us buyers - not just from Honda but it seems from all of them - even Kia and Hyundai who were not directly affected by the quake.

    Unfortunately, I now have to replace another car but will be limping along until the fall or later.
  • stardy1stardy1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response embeedee. Were you able to quote for $18,700 for your sister's car at Criswell? I'm trying to negotiate with different dealers in NJ and it seems impossible for them to get down to less than $19,000 at this point.
  • embeedeeembeedee Posts: 5

    The unofficial quote they gave me for a potential car for my sister was $17.2K before destination fees. I think destination fees are about $700 now, so that takes it to $17.9. With TTL, you are probably looking at a bit more than $19K at this point, probably similar to what you are being quoted.

    I think Criswell was a high volume dealer that may have gotten more dealer cash than some other dealers and they were willing to pass that on. - that's purely speculation but it seemed to make sense to me. With everything going on now in Japan, they are probably no longer getting that dealer cash.

    What is aggravating is that many other manufacturers, even those not directly impacted by the quake and tsunami, are falling in line and cranking up prices.
  • Hello,

    I just had a few questions regarding your post. If they are still building 2011's, how do I search for a specific model? I want a manual transmission LX-S. So far, I have been searching on and the manual LXS is very very limited (I got 6 cars total when I searched the whole database).

    Second, are you saying that is is good to buy a 2011 LX during/after memorial day?
  • Hello,

    WOW that's an amazing deal you got. I am in the same boat, and am looking for a 2011 LXS. There are two in the entire San Francisco Bay area that match by criteria (color, transmission). What do you recommend? Or, how did you approach the situation? The reason I am asking is because the LXS models themselves are limited. And where did you find this model? Lastly what was your total, OTD out of the door price with everything?

  • iwemeadaiwemeada Posts: 3
    edited May 2011
    Is it a good deal, OTD $18500, it's less than 30000 mile, one owner. :surprise:

    2010 Honda Civic LX Sedan 4dr - Automatic
  • wbr99wbr99 Posts: 51
    That price is too high for a car with that much milage. If the car was actually built in 2009, then we're talking about 30k miles for a less than two year old car. I wouldn't pay that much.

    On the last day of April I paid, 16.8K OTD from Criswell Honda for a new '11 LX sedan. The starting price was 15.5k which was what Zag and Truecar quoted as the starting price. I don't think you should pay more than 12-13k for a car with that much mileage, but that's just me.
  • iwemeadaiwemeada Posts: 3
    12-13K? OTD price? i'm at WA. 9.5% tax rate.
    I found someone is selling a salvage titled car called $14.5K, i guess if it is not a salvage titled, he will sell it more, so you mean i can try to offer 12-13K for this better car, it is clean title.
    Thank you for the response. :blush:
  • photog4funphotog4fun Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    Today I paid $18,800 for a 2012 auto 4d Civic Lx plus California tax. They gave me the best deal by $400 compared to other local dealers that quoted internet prices. Poway Honda near San Diego is a wonderful dealership to work with. This is the second new car that I have bought from their internet sales in the past 5 yrs. I feel that I got a fair deal on my 2007 CRV trade-in.
  • newcar45newcar45 Posts: 14
    edited May 2011
    LA Times article on what a bad time it is to buy a car right now.

    Held off buying a new car for a few years. I'm currently driving a 2002 VW Jetta.

    Shopped around for a bit and it was a toss-up between Ford and Honda. Visited two dealerships recently and I'm pretty set on getting 2011 Honda Civic Coupe. The salesman told me due to the earthquake/tsunami that supply had gone done considerably and that they could only take off a small amount of MSRP.

    So....MSRP of a Honda Civic Coupe LX is $19k, at best they can lower it to $18.5k it seemed, and OTD of ???? $20-21k?

    Anyone else getting the same response from Honda dealers in Socal?
  • sportflyer1sportflyer1 Posts: 13
    They treated me just like that at Moss Honda in Moreno Valley, saying you are lucky to be paying MSRP on a 2012 Civic LX auto, and your trade is worth only a few hundred bucks, KBB is only a guide he says. DHC Honda in Temecula was more reasonable close to KBB for the trade a couple Hundred of MSRP. Honda sales think it is the energy crisis of 1973 and that the Civic is the only game in town. That really soured me on Hondas and we own a Pilot EXL 4WD. Use to own a 1992 VW GTI 15 years ago and avoided VW's during the unreliable years which consumer reports says lasted up to 2006? I noticed that the newer VW's have much simpler drivetrains now especially the I-5 2.5L. Test drove a 2011 Golf 4 door and decided this would be our second car. I got it at $100 over invoice and 2.9% for 60 months, plus close to KBB for the trade. So we got a shark blue metallic Golf 4 door last week. The Honda Pilot is our last Honda, thanks to their salesmen.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Hopefully the salesperson wasn't rude to you but don't be down on him if he was simply explaining the current supply situation. I can assure you, the salespeople aren't happy either since they have little inventory.

    And, KBB isn't gospel. It's true that it is a "guide". Some cars are worth less and some will bring more. You won't get more than a dealer can buy the same car for at a local auction.

    There is also a possibility that your trade was a car they didn't want for a number of reasons.

    Again, no excuse for a salesperson to be rude and no doubt the current market situations have been very frustrating for both sides!

    Good luck with your VW. Hopefully they have a grip on their quality problems. I guess time will tell.
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