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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aceboyaceboy Posts: 1
    Can you mention the dealer details in Houston where u got the civic 2012 LX for 18100 OTD !
  • rushrrrushrr Posts: 2
    Hello All, I am looking for honda civc used car and found a 2009/2010 model with 30k miles, and price coming to 15,000 + taxes. please let me know if this is good price to buy used car.
  • Not telling you what to do but for 3,000 more, you can have a brand new Civic.
  • rushrrrushrr Posts: 2
    thanks for the response broken_tine, i am looking at used cars only and don't want to invest in new car at this time (maybe selling in 1 or 2 years to get new car) I see above posts people are getting 2012 model at $18,000 + tax which is really good deal..

    please let me know what you think of price of $16k total (incl sales tax) for 2010 model and 30k miles.. is it good, bad or in the range ?
  • associatexassociatex Posts: 3
    edited July 2012
    Sure, here is the breakdown of the $ 23,995 for the Honda Civic EX-L w/ Navi and LoJack:

    (Descriptions come directly from the Invoice):

    Price of car: $ 22K
    Sales Tax in NY (8.625): $1,897.50
    License/Title(Doc Fee?): $ 75.00
    State Inspection: $10
    Tire Fee: $ 12.50

    Total = $ 23,995.00

    I ended up getting new plates, which cost an additional $ 178.50 so the total price on the invoice came to $ 24,173.50. Originally, I was going to transfer the plates from my old Civic to this one but I had to sell my old Civic quick so I added the new plates a few hours before I signed the financing paperwork (which happened a day after I posted my first message).

    I brought a cashiers check for $ 13,995.00 and financed the remainder ($ 9,178.00) at 0.9% APR which I plan to pay off in full in about 6 months. My monthly payment is less than $ 260/month so the only reason I want to pay it off is just to clear off my debt.
  • Thinking of getting a 2012 4Dr LX soon

    What are you guys paying OTD lately?
  • Thanks Every1 for the contribution. Just picked up my car today in SoCal 18450 OTD (8.75 % Tax Rate... It hurts Ouch...) with Clear Guard Protector which was already applied on the Doors. So far loving the smell of a new car... It was a little unfortunate that i missed on the 0.9 % apr because of the color.

    On second thought the other grey color looks equally appealing. Could have done the deal 3 days back and got the 0.9 % APR.
  • martz11martz11 Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    I just paid 17400 OTD for a 12 civic LX which included weather tray mats, lux paint coverage and scotch guard on interior. From chicago burbs. Got it on the last day of .9
  • martz11 Did you give your toyota matrix for the car ? What was your price before TTL ? I got it at around 16500.
  • tomcatt630tomcatt630 Posts: 124
    edited July 2012
    Used cars carry higher interest rates, think of that when shopping. Also, 1 to 3 year old cars are scarer than ever, don't expect 'bargain prices', unless the car is beat up. :sick:
  • tomcatt630tomcatt630 Posts: 124
    edited July 2012
    for a used 2009-10 for $15,000 ish.

    If it's an EX, that is a good price, has more std features.
  • Hi All,
    I'm new to the site but found a lot of useful info on here. I got the following price quote so far, should I shoot for below 18k ? I saw someone on here got there's in the 17k range... I"m not sure if they'll offer the 1.9 rate / 60 months for the price below also, I have yet to go that far and ask since this was the first price quote i got.

    Car: 2012 Honda Civic Sdn LX auto
    Price - $16,165.52
    Honda's Destination (a lot of dealers are leaving this charge out of their initial quote, only to hit you with it at time of purchase) - $790
    Taxes (assuming you are registering your vehicle in NC and you have no vehicle you are trading) - $508.65
    Title, Tag, and Registration - $179
    Documentation Fee - $699

    Total: 18341.65
  • wefitwefit Posts: 7
    Here's the car we closed. It's a 2012 honda civic LX 4dr auto

    sale price is 15,594.00
    Hondas destination is 790.00
    processing fee is 189.00
    VA tax @ 3% is 497.19
    VA tags new two year 130.50
    OTD TOTAL: 17,200.69

  • jhuggins754jhuggins754 Posts: 4
    edited July 2012
    Care to share which dealership you bought it from? I'm from NC so I do not mind shopping in VA. What's your finance rate? or did you cash? Did you trade in any vehicle ?
  • buyingciviclxbuyingciviclx Posts: 3
    edited July 2012
    I got this deal from the Honda dealer for 2012 Civic Sedan Lx auto:

    MSRP: 19595
    Adjusted price: 16450(including all taxes and title)
    Monthly payment: 157/35month
    down payment: 2000 (includes first payment)
    residual: 61% (11952.95)
    Included: Pro pack(cargo tray, mud guard), Nitrogen filled tire, pin strip, 2oil change, 2 tire rotation

    I don't know the money factor. Do you think its a good deal?
  • Closed on one last night. Paid $17169 OTD, but had to fight for it. Dealer (Hendrick Honda of Charleston, SC) quoted an Internet price of $16785, but (typically) added dealer options, dock fees, etc. to get it back up to $18800. After three hours of negotiation, with lots of drama from the sales manager and wife and I threatening to walk out twice, we finally got them back down to something reasonable. Buy off the lot from current inventory. They're more likely to negotiate. BTW, South Carolina caps sales tax on new cars at $300, so that helped a lot with the price. Good luck.
  • Do you mind breaking down the numbers? I'm from North Carolina so I sure my tax would be around the upper 400s range. The best I've gotten is 17900 OTD. Did you finance through them @ 1.9 or what was your rate?
  • mojacmojac Posts: 1
    Paid 17250 for 2012 civic coupe lx in arkansas
  • No problem. Here's the breakdown:

    Price paid - $16446
    Tax - $300
    Tag, Title, Registration - $39
    Dealer Closing Fee - $384
    Total - $17169

    LX came equipped with dealer prep items: nitrogen fill in tires, tinted windows, trunk liner, door guards, mud guards, pin stripe.

    Didn't pay for dealer prep items or destination fee of $790.
  • I've got a 2010 civic lx with the standard metal wheels and hubcaps and would like to upgrade with an OEM alloy rim and was wondering what my options might be. Current tire size is 205 55r16

    Is it possible to move up to a 17" alloy from the Accord with a tire size 225 50r17?

    I'm trying to accomplish this by using something second hand off CraigsList.

    thanks for the feedback
  • Browse it should help you determined if they fit and get your size accordingly
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,169
    I was lucky to score a nice set of used oem wheels from an '05 Civic SI for my '06 Civic LX and they look great and I didn't have any fitment problems. Thought about doing a plus 1 like you are but decided I wanted to stay with the 16" size so I could use the current tires. I found mine on Ebay and the whole process went very was my 1st time on Ebay and I won the auction and have never looked back! The seller was very easy to work with also.

    Good luck on whatever you decide.

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • I have monitored with interest the prices paid by the writers here. The dealers in in Louisville area must not be motivated to sell their wares: even pitting several dealers against each other I could not get out the door for under $18400. Our state tax here is much higher than many states, and the actual price of the car was $16938 according to the purchase order [including the normal mats, tray, etc.]. I asked one other dealer to lower their price by $300 to match that price--I actually showed them the written offer from the other dealership--and they let me walk. So while I would never believe I got the best price, that a dealer let me walk over such a nominal amount leads me to believe that I got close to the best price available here. But no way did some of the lower prices--such as $15600 to $16200--seem possible here. Or, did I do something wrong? Thanks all for your help.
  • I have a meeting with Dealer in 2 days. Can someone please advise if this is a good deal or not? Thank you so much.
  • sanjaycarsanjaycar Posts: 2
    I am from Charlotte,NC, i was looking to buy the civic, yesterday i went to 2 dealers but no one is giving for 17900 OTD, could you post dealers details who has given 17900 OTD, does it include nitro , mudgaurds, carpets?
  • sanjaycarsanjaycar Posts: 2
    Could you share the details of the dealer
  • saabpilotsaabpilot Posts: 4
    Leased '12 Hybrid today for $280/mo + $1000 otd, DFW area.
  • Location: NJ (7% tax and $300+ for reg. and tags, I hate this state!)
    Dealership: DCH academy Honda, Old Bridge, NJ
    Car: 2012 Civic LX with automatic, no other options.

    I did all the negotiations over the phone prior to walking in.

    Negotiated vehicle price: $15,800

    OTD: $18,400

    This was the lowest I could get after looking for 3 weeks and talking to 15+ dealerships within 100 miles.

    Financed through Honda at 1.9 for 60 months.
  • jetfanjetfan Posts: 55
    Trying to figure out your math. If the price of the car is $15,800, how did you get to $18,400 OTD? Tax is 1106 & 300 for registration (actually should be less in NJ) that gets you to 17206. What am I missing? Document fee? Should be about $299 at this dealership. window etc? Destination?
  • Could you share the dealership details
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