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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rdw9876rdw9876 Posts: 3
    I got my '13 Black Civic LX coupe for $17,100 OTD. I qualified for the 0.9 percent interest with Honda Financial so I put down $10,000 and financed the other $7,100 over 36 months. All in all, the internet sales department at Pohanka was great to deal with and made the process very painless.
  • lakerskobelakerskobe Posts: 31
    So you're claiming you got the 2013 Civic LX automatic for $16,400 +TTL?????

    Sounds like BS to me.
  • lakerskobelakerskobe Posts: 31
    Sounds like the last few posts were made by spammers.
  • rdw9876rdw9876 Posts: 3
    No, there are just a lot of high-volume car dealerships in the DC/Northern Virginia/Baltimore area....thus a lot of competition. If you do your homework and are willing to put in the time to pit dealerships against each other, you can get a great deal.
  • birdyspikebirdyspike Posts: 3
    Don't brand us as spammers just because we scored a great deal. I did my research and put in quality time to make the deal happen.
  • 858smith858smith Posts: 2
    birdyspike, i got mine for $18,500 OTD b/c i took months to research & learn the tools. i was in & out, no negotiating, nothing. the sales manager simply said, "okay". hard work paid off, right?!
  • goku705goku705 Posts: 5
    Just wondering is anyone just purchased Honda Civic EX sedan in Il Chicago?
    I'm looking for that car now, I wish to know how much the cost is the best price to buy.
    Please help. Thanks.
  • rdw9876rdw9876 Posts: 3
    Go to and price out the Civic EX that you want. That will give you a good starting point in terms of what sort of deal you can get. Once you have your quote, email the internet departments of the dealerships within a 50 mile radius of where you live and see who will beat/match each other's price for the car you want. Also, you're bound to get a better deal if you're flexible with the color of car you're willing to buy.

    The best time to buy though would be when the 2014 Civics start rolling out (if you're willing to wait that long). When the newer models arrive, dealerships are eager to clear out their older stock. Hope this helps. Good luck on getting a great deal on a great car!
  • lakerskobelakerskobe Posts: 31
    Just like rdw said, Truecar is an excellent way to purchase a car. I bought my Civic through them and got the lowest price possible. But make sure to use the Amex version of Truecar cause prices are a bit lower.

    Also tried Carwoo, which has dealers email you their best price. Their best price was about $800 more than the one I got at Truecar.
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 247
    The DC area seems to have very competitive pricing, especially from the Honda dealers. If interested send Criswell, Sport, or Pohanka an email request for pricing. Probably better to avoid College Park or Ourisman Honda in the DC area, IMHO.
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 247
    It is good to remember True Car does not provide the lowest price possible. In all cases True Car receives $300 from the dealer for all new cars sold through a True Car lead. Any price obtained from True Car should be viewed as the maximum price not the best price.

    Recently bought a new vehicle and got it for several hundred lower than the TC target price.

    A good way to estimate a price is to start with the OEM invoice, reduce the invoice by the dealer holdback, then reduce by any incentive both customer and dealer incentives. Of course the invoice price is likely not real as dealers get many other considerations from the OEM. However, this method at leasts assures the buyer won't be hurt too badly.
  • lakerskobelakerskobe Posts: 31
    You've obviously never purchased through Truecar.

    I've purchased several cars through Truecar and the prices were ALWAYS the lowest!

    I got my 2013 Civic LX automatic for $17k via Truecar...... the lowest from Carwoo was $17.8k...... Carsdirect was $18.2k.... and others were $18k-$18.5k range.

    They all receive referral fees from dealers so it's irrelevant.
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    "You've obviously never purchased through Truecar." I'm curious how you know that.

    This forum is for buyers to share their experiences. I'm happy you had a good buying experience and believe you got a good deal. That doesn't make everyone else on here stupid, though.

    I've responded to you once before when you were bashing someone for their doc fee. Now, I see that you're perfectly content paying (albeit indirectly) a referral fee. Seems to contradict your previous point, don't you think?

    Lighten up, man. We're all here to help each other.
  • lakerskobelakerskobe Posts: 31
    Um, the referral fee is paid by the DEALER not by me. Doc fees are paid by YOU the buyer!

    $17k isn't an excellent price? It's lower than anyone here has paid, after their outrageous Doc fees. I paid $17k + $80 doc fee. No one here has paid lower.
    And I didn't even have to negotiate at all, just printed out the certificate and showed it to the dealer. Not 1 second wasted on negotiations.

    The second lowest quote was $800 higher from Carwoo. It's still a good price since the invoice is $18,423.

    Maybe know what you're talking about before opening your mouth, mmmmkay?
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    edited May 2013
    "Um," if a dealer is paying a referral fee, you don't think they are passing that along to you?

    Once I know what I'm talking about, I'll open my mouth. Until then, I'll just keep typing. "Mmmmkay?"

    You seem like a need-the-last-word kind of guy, so have at it.
  • raaawrraaawr Posts: 2
    Here's the breakdown of my recent purchase:

    Honda Civic Lx 2013
    only added accessories are door edge film and splash guards
    MSRP: $19755 which includes destination fees
    Invoice: $18,599
    Negotiated price: $17,999
    doc and title fees came out to about $378
    OTD price was $18,377

    I live in a no sales tax state btw.

    And got 1.90 for 60 month financing.

    I've checked truecar, kbb, edmunds, and nada and they all range from 18.2k to 18.9k for fair purchase price for my area.

    And I tried the Costco buying program, but the purchase price of the car would have just been invoice.

    Kudos for those of you getting these cars for around 17k. I couldn't get any dealership to budge once I got down to 18k. Mind sharing some negotiating tips?
  • ninissniniss Posts: 7
    edited May 2013
    Wow, no sale tax? I want to move to your place.

    I bought 2013 Civic LX two days ago. Similar added accessories like yours plus trunk floor guard or something like that, it has total MSRP of $20,650 (obviously very inflated price for accessories). My negotiated price is $16,800. Pretty good price, i know, but i got killed by $499 doc fee and almost $1.4k sales tax, so final OTD is $18,682. Was hoping to pay with my credit card, but they would add the 3% fee to it so i settled with their 36 month 0.9% financing.
  • raaawrraaawr Posts: 2
    no sales tax, but income state tax here is very high. I'd rather pay tax on things I actually buy than just have a bunch of money taken out of my paycheck just to make up for it.

    How were you able to talk them down to $16,800? That's such a good price, great job on that deal!
  • ninissniniss Posts: 7
    well, long story short - i went to Honda dealership with no intention of buying it because my heart was set on a well-equipped Hyundai Elantra (i was able to get a GREAT price quote from Hyundai with all the rebates). But my confidence on Hyundai waved after i talked to a sales guy at Toyota dealership. He seemed to be genuine and knows a lot about cars. He advised me "go with Honda or Nissan even if you don't buy from us (Toyota). Just don't buy Hyundai, not yet." So i went to Honda just for a test drive. I like the new civic better than the new corolla, but still i wasn't excited about the exterior look and how heavy it is (i kept thinking about the Elantra and was wondering if i should call the Hyundai dealer back). So when the sales guy sit down with the sheet, i was frank with him and told him i liked the Elantra better and the price that Hyundai already offered me. He said there's no way they would sell me for Hyundai's price but asked what price i would take, so i just threw him a number, $16,800. He came back with $16,900 written by his manager and highlighted with "TODAY ONLY." He said his manager agreed for a below invoice price because they want to meet their weekly quote for bonus. I wasn't comfortable with the "had to sign today" pressure (plus thinking of the Elantra) so i was ready to leave, but then the sales guy just pull up two $50 bill from his wallet and put in front of me. He said he's willing to give up his $100 commision on this car to meet my price of $16,800. He explained to me if he meet his quote he'd get $300 bonus for that week so net he'd gain $200 so still worth it to him to give $100 to me (of course i don't know how much truth in what he claimed). I still think the Elantra is a much better deal or better fit for me but since there's the nagging uncertainty of long term reliability issue I decided to just buy the Honda and get over with it. It has been a torture and long process for me trying to decide what kind of car that i really want or need, and i was so sick tired of my indecision. It was a huge relief to finally sign the pape and be done with my car searching.

    p.s. - The sales man told me not to tell people how much i paid for this civic. He said if i told other people of $16.8k he'd just deny he ever sold for that kind of price. lol
  • charles_guycharles_guy Posts: 55
    --- No, there are just a lot of high-volume car dealerships in the DC/Northern Virginia/Baltimore area....thus a lot of competition. If you do your homework and are willing to put in the time to pit dealerships against each other, you can get a great deal ---

    confirming this. va dealers beat waymouth bigtime for sell. but on outofstate lease for civics or accords or crvs they were jus ok so went local pa
  • charles_guycharles_guy Posts: 55
    --- The sales man told me not to tell people how much i paid for this civic. He said if i told other people of $16.8k he'd just deny he ever sold for that kind of price ---

    yeah thats why its crazy for people to ask bout salesperson/dealer (day-week-month qotas)

    right time, right place

  • ninissniniss Posts: 7
    Thanks. This is first Honda for me, hope i will not regret.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,216
    My '06 LX had been good but with some problems with Honda only paying 1/2 the repairs but to be honest, I won't purchase another and will go with the Elantra Limited for my next vehicle. Our current Accent has been a great vehicle and Hyundai is a very good company, think the Honda guy was way outta line here! After driving the new Civic and Elantra, I just think the Elantra is the better choice! I still like my Civic and plan to keep it a few more years, but no more Honda's for this family...and it was our first one!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • ninissniniss Posts: 7
    It was a Toyota sales guy actually (not Honda guy). Well, i tried to read the consumer reviews here and in other forums to find out as much info as possible before my purchase, but to be honest, you were the only one gave clear preference for Hyundai. I couldn't make up mind for a long time and that was a really sickening feeling, so finally i just had enough and forced myself to get it over with.
  • smdewartsmdewart Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2013 Civic EX-L with Navigation at Carr's Honda in Chicago. Great salesperson (Keith). $22,800 before $500 financing credit (not publicized or widely available) so basically $22,300 -- not bad I'd say.
  • xdyangxdyang Posts: 1
    You paid only 17K+$80? Includes tax or not?
  • goku705goku705 Posts: 5
    edited May 2013
    Thanks smdewart. So I have some idea how much can talk to the salesman for the EX.

    Is that price $22,300 is OTD price?
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 247
    You are correct, I have never purchased a vehicle through True Car. The reason being I have ALWAYS got a better price on my own.

    Most recently, last month, I purchased a new Ford. Got the True Car price to use as a starting point. Contacted several dealers and mentioned the True Car price during the negotiations. Got the Ford for about $1,000 less than True Car.

    True Car is best viewed as a tool. At a minimum any price from True Car is overpriced by the $300 each dealer pays. However, if you feel you found the lowest price using True Car, so it goes. Both True Car and the dealer are pleased as well.

    The truth is simple, while car buying services like True Car, Costco, etc. provide a discounted price and some ease to the buyer, they never represent the lowest price possible. Those services negotiate bulk prices with dealers which are designed to provide a buyer with a price low enough for the sale to be made. This process provides the buyer a false idea of the lowest price. Such services are good for many people but not all.

    The fact is the best price will ALWAYS be attained through research and face-to-face negotiation with the dealer. Any idea to the contrary is wrong and self- serving.
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 247
    The truth is any fee paid by the dealer is in included in the price of the vehicle. Basic cost accounting dictates the price includes all costs plus profit.

    Documentation fees are added by the dealer to confuse buyers. They use the word fee as it sounds official. Truth is such fees are simply part of the selling price.

    Overall you seem quite concerned about whether the price you paid was actually the lowest price possible. Truth is since you did not negotiate but simply used some certificate from True Car, I am certain you did pay too much. If only by the $300 you gave True Car by presenting its certificate to the dealer.

    And yes, I do know what I am talking about.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 152
    True Car provides a reasonable price for buyers who do not like to negotiate. True Car never provides the lowest price possible. Example, recently leased an Acura. Used True Car's target price as the starting point. Negotiated the price about $500 less, really only $200 considering the $300 fee the dealer would have paid to True Car had I printed and used the True Car certificate. Used the negotiated sales price as the capitalized cost for the lease.

    People who use True Car should recognize they did not get the lowest price but they got a good price. For many that is sufficient, for others not so much.

    A car deal cannot be judged solely on price. All aspects of the deal including financing, trade value, dealership must be considered. People who concentrate solely on price are destined to lose elsewhere.
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